Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Any tool that’s the right fit for the specific job is always important and a blessing for the owner. Talking of the pressure washers, being the right fit is just the beginning.

What’s important is to also have all the features that are needed for the required washing job.

An example of such a pressure washer is the Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer.

A consumer-oriented electric pressure washer that is extremely well equipped with all essential features and accessories capable of handling smaller to medium-sized household washing jobs.

Karcher K1700 TruPressure Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher K1700 electric pressure washer


Power Source: Electric | Cord Length: 35 Feet | Motor: 1300W Motor
Detergent Tank: Yes | Nozzle Tips Included: 3 | Foldable Handle: No
Maximum Pressure: 1700 PSI | Hose Length: 20 Feet | Hose Thread: M22
Maximum Flow Rate: 1.2 Gallons/min | Decibels (dB): 96 | Water Capability: Cold
Product Weight: 20.7 lbs | Product Dimensions: 17.25″ x 16.5″ x 33″

  • It is incredibly quiet – ideal for residential surroundings or situations where noise reduction is important
  • Cost-effective
  • Its lightweight design and structure are perfect for residential purposes
  • Easy setup in just a few minutes
  • The induction motor has a low maintenance requirement over time
  • The lightweight design of the washer makes it extremely easy to move
  • It looks a little bit bulky due to its durable, strong, and sturdy build.
  • 1700 PSI engine conserves power use
  • No gas re-filling no extra fuel cost
  • Compatible with a typical household 120v electrical current
  • Easy soap usage with a detergent tank
  • Operated without bending over by pressing the foot pedal
  • This high-performance hose has a length of 20 feet
  • Not good for heavy-duty tasks
  • Comes with just 3 nozzles
  • Hose length is a little bit short

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Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer Review

The Karcher K1700 electric pressure washer is a great option for those who are looking for a powerful and reliable machine.

This pressure washer has a lot of features that make it a good choice for a variety of different users. We are going to review this powerful machine step by step.

K1700 Electric Pressure Washer – Means No Extra Gas Cost

K1700 runs on a powerful universal motor which means no chemicals or fuel leakage from this pressure washer. Just plugging this unit into an electrical outlet gets it up and running in no time.

Start enjoying the superior performance and unmatched ease of use of the beautiful K1700 Electric pressure washer.

This stylish Karcher product allows users to utilize it to its full extent without having to worry about re-filling and extra fuel costs.

Moreover, if you plan on using your pressure washer around the house, this is indeed a great choice.

Simple Setup Makes It Easy To Use Pressure Washer For Beginners

Here is a fact. Karcher pressure washers do not require professional installation at all. Therefore, you do not need to call for assistance to set up a K1700 electric pressure washer. It is extremely easy to use and has simple electric and water connections.

A simple and easy setup process makes it perfect for residential users who want to blast away dirt and grime right away.

20 Feet Long Kink & Tangle-free Pressure Hose

Featuring a 20 feet-long pressure hose, this pressure washer is effective for a wide range of home washing tasks.

It has an extended hose that can reach hard-to-reach areas without tripping and tangling. Now wash your car, driveway, and vinyl siding without going short of pressure hose and the hassle of dragging your pressure washer along with you.

There is nothing better than a pressure washer that can be operated without users having to get too close or too far away from it.

1700 PSI Pressure

It’s important to make sure that your machine has enough pressure to remove stains from tough places. A powerful universal motor plays an important role in maintaining such a huge pressure in this Karcher electric pressure washer.

1700PSI of pressure makes Karcher K1700 an ideal tool for most home cleaning jobs. With the addition of the turbo nozzle, we were able to handle even more hard cleaning tasks around our house.

Foot Operated On/Off Switch Reduces Extra Efforts

There is nothing more comfortable than this feature of the Karcher brand. This pressure washer comes with a foot-operated on/off switch rather than a top or side switch for ease of use.

Using this special feature of Karcher, they can always turn on or off the machine without having to use their hands. Moreover, users will not have to bend over when turning on the washer.

A Variety Of Nozzles For Perfect Cleaning Jobs 

Karcher K1700 electric pressure washer enables you to select from a variety of nozzles options which is excellent. There are 3 different nozzles included in this unit so that you can clean a wide range of surfaces.

Most standard jobs are best handled by their standard nozzle. When it comes to tough stains, dirt, and grime the turbo nozzle is more effective.

Moreover, if you’d like to clean something up with soap or detergent, the detergent nozzle is also available.

Removable Detergent Tank For Efficient Use

Most of you know how difficult it can be to work with pressure washers without built-in detergent tanks. In that case, you need to add detergent to the pressure washer.

After washing, you have to drain the detergent out of the pressure washer to clean it out.

Karcher K1700 pressure washer has a removable detergent tank that makes it comfortable and easier to use soap and detergent mix.

You can easily detach this tank after completing your washing project and easily clean it without moving around the whole pressure washer.

Removable Storage Bin

A removable storage bin is also included in this unit which is very easy to remove and attach. It provides a convenient way to store hoses and other accessories.

We thought it would be a good idea for people who frequently lose accessories and hose attachments as they don’t remember where they put them after their last use.

Karcher K1700 pressure washer – Final Conclusion

Based on our Karcher K1700 pressure washer review, it’s a compact and very powerful electric pressure washer. This electric pressure washer typically fits very specific types of consumers. You won’t find another pressure washer with the same features in this price range.

It is the perfect tool to use at home without causing neighbors to get annoyed or putting a strain on the budget.

Although it’s not as durable and sturdy as other high-end pressure washers, it does residential pressure washing well for small to medium-sized households in this price range.

To be true, it’s not made for professional work and it can’t be used on most construction sites. For those who will use this power pressure washer only around their house, this is by far the best option.

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