Kohler vs Honda Engine Pressure Washer – Detailed Comparison 2023

Kohler vs Honda Engine Pressure Washer: The Ultimate Showdown for Power Washing Supremacy! Find out which engine brand comes out on top and get ready to revolutionize your cleaning game.

A Kohler Vs Honda engine pressure washer competition is always intense for me, a pressure washer enthusiast for life.

So it is kind of normal for any potential buyer to get confused while choosing the one among these two engine giants.

But at the same time, it’s the right of any customer to get the best equipment that is available at a reasonable price. Therefore, here I am helping you out.

Kohler vs Honda Engine Pressure Washer – Overview

I have been in the power washing business for over 10 years now and have had the opportunity to work with many different pressure washers.

Gas pressure washers are my first priority most of the time depending on their engine performance. As I am in this business, I know that Honda and Kohler are two major engine manufacturing brands in the competition with each other.

It’s safe to say that I have seen a fair share of Kohler and Honda engine pressure washers in the market. Both companies have a long history of providing quality products to the home improvement industry.

These two companies are the leading engine manufacturers and have been around for over a century. If you’re looking for a pressure washing machine that will last you a long time and get the job done right, then you can’t go wrong with either of these two brands. In fact, you may want to consider both!

I am going to compare the differences between the Kohler and Honda pressure washer engine in this article.

In some scenarios, one may take lead over the other and vice versa. So let’s take a dive into both of them to know who makes the difference.

Kohler vs Honda Engine Pressure Washer: Which is Better?

Best Pick

Simpson MSH-3125 Megashot – Honda Powered

  • Premium Residential Performance
  • Power and Durability
  • Lightweight and Portable
Best Pick

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot – Kohler Powerd Engine

  • Easy-to-start with its Kohler RH265 Premium engine
  • A powerful, reliable, maintenance-free OEM Technologies
  • Compact design is lightweight and small
Best Pick

SIMPSON PS3228 PowerShot -Honda Powerd Engine

  • Easy-to-start with its Honda GX200 premium engine
  • PowerBoost Technology delivering higher pressure
  • Sturdy and Portable:



Kohler Engine Pressure Washer- We give the world power

A premium American manufacturer of high-quality engines, generators, and other power products is no other than Kohler.

The power giant started manufacturing engines in 1920 with a vision of designing powerful engines that run for long and deliver outstanding performance. It quickly gained attraction in the market with its high-quality engines.

Kohler engines are made to perform all day long duty as you do. Its heavy-duty air cleaner and forged steel crankshaft provide fuel-efficient operation without any extra maintenance required.

Made from high-standard cast iron, its cylinder and combustion chambers are made to stay long with you. Kohler uses cast iron in its high-power pressure washer engines instead of aluminum to ensure extra durability, safety, and protection.

Many top pressure washer brands like Dewalt, Simpson, Karcher, and Craftsman, use a Kohler gasoline power washer engine for their machines. The best part of these pressure washers is the Kohler engine that ensures strength and stability to their customers.

Some of the Features Kohler Engines has:

  • Highly protective engines made for tough weather conditions
  • Capacitive fuel tank provides extra time
  • Low oil-change requirements due to its integrated oil cooling technology to reduce oil temperature
  • Strong and powerful air filters provide high performance
  • Long service intervals
  • Many Kohler engines have large sleeve bearings to commercially perform at best
  • Smart-Choke™ and Easy-Pull™ technology ensures easy to start without any delay
  • Cylinder liners made from cast iron are strong and durable
  • Fuel tanks are designed so well to reduce oil spilling
  • EFI engines from Kohler are great to reduce gas bill

So, making a decision to buy a Kohler engine pressure washer is always worthwhile for it will save money in the long run.

If you’re looking for an engine that will provide you with years of reliable service, then the Kohler engine is the way to go. It’s a proven engine for power washers that have been in the industry for a long time.

Honda Engines Pressure washer- The Power of Dreams


Honda is a well-known brand of automotive products that sets the standard for reliable, quality, and efficient engines. It designs engines to perform optimally in even the harshest environments around the globe.

There are a lot of reasons to invest in Honda pressure washer engines. They are tough and reliable with less downtime and have easy maintenance. Honda power washer engines can easily withstand cool and wet climates to give you real dependable power.

This brand has a reputation for making engines that can quickly and easily start even in cold conditions. Honda pressure washer engines are designed to start immediately due to their unique automatic mechanical decompression system and heavy-duty recoil ropes.

This company knows its products and therefore firmly stands behind its GX engines with a 3-year commercial warranty. The company promises its customers that their hard-earned money will not ruin.

The Honda engine is the benchmark for superior performance and reliability. The unmatched quality of Honda engines ensures their high power output, excellent fuel efficiency, and quiet operation.

Honda engines are truly built with top-quality craftsmanship, the most advanced engineering and technology, and a relentless focus on safety. Therefore, Honda performs best under pressure.

Why Honda Is A Famous Engine Manufacturer

Honda engines are becoming more and more famous because:

  • Fuel mixture intake is much smoother
  • Quick and complete exhaust
  • Cylinder distortion is decreased exceptionally
  • Emissions performance is highly improved
  • Oil consumption is reduced
  • Enhanced service life

This is the reason different power washing brands prefer honda engines for pressure washers from the series GX, GC, GCV, GS, GSV, and iGX.

So, investing in a pressure washer that is powered by a Honda engine means you are getting a quality product. That is why Honda engine pressure washers are efficient, durable, and long-lasting.

They are able to generate a lot of power while still being fuel-efficient. This means that you will save money in the long run by using less fuel.

Overall, investing in a Honda engine-powered pressure washer is a wise decision. Rest assured you will get a quality product against the money.

Kohler vs Honda Engine Pressure Washers – A Comparison

2 Best Honda Powered Gas Pressure washers

1. Simpson Cleaning MSH-3125 Megashot 

Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson cleaning Megashot is the best gas pressure washer with a Honda engine. The reliability durability and stability of the Honda engine make this pressure beast one of the most selling Honda-powered pressure washers in the USA.

With the sheer power of the Honda GC190 engine. it can produce 3200 PSI of pressure at a 2.5 GPM flow rate to blast away tough dirt and grime. Simpson Honda-powered gas pressure washer has a two-year engine warranty, 1-year pump warranty, and 5-year frame warranty to prove that it cares for your investment.

Where at the one hand Honda engine provides easy starting, flawless performance, and no head gasket issues. While on the other hand, the reliable OEM Technologies axial cam pump provides powerful performance to produce 3200 PSI of pressure with limited to no maintenance required

Simpson cleaning Megashot is the best gas pressure washer to clean your house sidings, driveways, patio furniture, vehicles, and sidewalks. Overall, we can say that is the pressure washer that can single handedly wins the comparison of Honda Vs Kohler Engine Pressure washers. 

  • Best pressure washer with 3200 Psi and 2.5 GPM
  • Strong build quality
  • Easily portable with big wheels
  • Quick and easy to start
  • Low oil shut down feature
  • Extremely Low emissions
  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Great for outdoor cleaning
  • No onboard detergent tank
  • Slight vibration issues

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2. Northstar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer – 4200 PSI


This is a power packed high profile Honda engine pressure washer best for large scale commercial pressure washing businesses. That is the reason I have not used it still. This review is from a friend of mine who has used this beast for his business in New Orleans.

He said: “I had been tasked with pressure washing a commercial building last year that had accumulated months of dirt and grime. With a project of this size, I knew that I needed a heavy-duty pressure washer that could handle the job effectively. That’s why I invested in this Northstar gas-powered pressure washer with the Honda GX390 OHV engine.”

He further explained that upon receiving the package, I was immediately impressed by the unit’s size and weight. The multicolor pressure washer was compact enough to fit in my work truck, but still sturdy and heavy enough to feel like a high-quality piece of machinery.

The multicolor design made it stand out from other pressure washers. Moreover, its rugged 1-1/4in. aircraft-grade aluminum tube frame and 10in. flat-free tires made it easy to move around the job site.

Power and Accessories

He was looking very pleased while saying this: “The Northstar pressure washer came equipped with a 50-foot hose, which gave me plenty of range to move around the building without having to constantly move the pressure washer.”

The power and pressure was my favorite part, so I was also in hurry to hear about this. The Northstar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer’s Honda GX390 OHV engine started easily even in below zero temperature.

Not only it started efficiently but also ran smoothly, providing quiet and reliable performance. He also said that the CAT 66DX direct drive crankshaft triplex pump was efficient and durable, allowing him to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease.

One of the best features of this pressure washer was the Easy Start system, which prevented pressure buildup and made recoil pulling much smoother and easier. This allowed him to quickly and easily get the pressure washer up and running without any hassle.

About its easy maintenance he also said: “I also appreciated the cutouts in the base of the pressure washer, which made oil changes quick and easy. This feature saved me a lot of time and hassle, as I was able to change the oil quickly and get back to work.”

Overall, he was extremely impressed with the Northstar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer’s performance and durability. It made pressure washing a large commercial building much easier and more efficient than he could have ever imagined.

He would highly recommend this pressure washer to anyone who needs a powerful and reliable machine for commercial pressure washing jobs.

3. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Powered by Honda GX200


The Simpson Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer is a high-powered pressure washer that can tackle any cleaning job. It is powered by a Honda GX200 engine and can generate up to 3300 PSI of pressure at 2.5 GPM to blast away tough stains, dirt, and grime from your surfaces.

Its Honda GX200 engine has an oil alert that warns you when the engine is low on oil.

This Honda Powered-pressure washer from Simpson features a solid and durable aircraft-grade steel frame. With 10-inch premium, pneumatic wheels allow you to move on any terrain without any difficulty.

This pressure washer also includes a 25′ high-pressure non-marring hose, an ergonomic spray gun, and five quick-connect nozzles. Its AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump w/ PowerBoost Technology provides higher pressure at the nozzle consistently.

If you want to change its recoil starter to electric starter, read our complete guide on How To Install Electric Starter On Honda GX390? 

  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Noise-less working
  • 5 quick connect nozzles for variety of tasks
  • Big wheels for rough terrains
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Good warranty
  • Easy engine starting
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No detergent tank

2 Best Kohler Engine Pressure washers

1. SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer


The Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer is a top-of-the-line pressure washer that is perfect for any cleaning job, big or small. This pressure washer features a Kohler RH265 engine that provides plenty of reliable power to tackle any job.

Its Kohler RH265 is a premium high-quality residential engine that can produce 3100 PSI of pressure and 2.4 GPM of water flow. This massive power makes it one of the best gas pressure washers in demand for garages, driveways, sidings, sidewalks, etc.

The Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot 3100 PSI has a maintenance-free OEM technologies pump to produce non-stop water pressure. It is equipped with a thermal relief feature to protect it from overheating after hours-long usage.

The SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S also includes a spray gun and extension wand, so you can easily reach hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the 6 QC nozzle tips allow you to customize the pressure washer to your specific needs.

This power washing solution has a welded steel frame for superior solidity and top-quality materials for lasting durability and great performance. The machine also has brass valves and stainless steel pressure washing gun which makes it super durable than many of its competitors.

The powerful Simpson 3100 PSI machine also comes equipped with a convenient cart design with 10-inch pneumatic tires. This makes it mobile so you can take it anywhere despite its 64 pounds of weight.

  • Premium residential engine with extreme power
  • Maintenance-free engine
  • High quality material used overall
  • Low fuel cost
  • Easy to start
  • 0.5 Gallons tank
  • Little bit noisier

2. Simpson 61085 MegaShot 3400 PSI With KOHLER SH265


The Simpson MegaShot 3400 PSI 2.5 GPM is equipped with a powerful and noise-less KOHLER SH265 engine. The KOHLER SH265 engine runs cool and smooth ensuring a long life for your power washing machine.

Simpson 61085 gas pressure washer has a maximum pressure of 3400 PSI and a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM, making it powerful enough to quickly remove dirt, stains, and grime from a variety of surfaces. Therefore, this Gas Pressure Washer is perfect for homeowners who need to clean their driveways, decks, and cars.

The Simpson 61085 MegaShot gas pressure washer is also perfect for contractors who need a powerful machine for tough cleaning jobs. The extreme power from Kohler SH265 coupled with OEM Technologies axial cam pump makes it capable of tackling even the most stubborn dirt and grime from any surface. The reliable and maintenance-free pump is also equipped with thermal relief to prevent overheating.

It has a strong welded frame like all Simpson pressure washers for an extreme level of durability. Moreover, 10-inch pneumatic wheels are perfect to move on any terrain without any difficulty. Other parts include 5 quick connect nozzles, 25 feet long non-abrasive pressure hose, and a stainless steel pressure gun.

  • Powerful and quite engine
  • Great cleaning combination of 3400PSI and 2.4GPM
  • Sturdy Build
  • Long pressure hose
  • Great machine for tough stains
  • Low emissions
  • Little bit on heavier side.

Honda Vs Kohler Engine Pressure Washer- Which Is Fuel Efficient?

Generally speaking, Honda engines are more fuel-efficient and have low emissions than Kohler engines. This is due to a number of factors, including the design of the engine, materials, and the technology used. Honda engines also tend to be more durable, so you can expect them to last longer.

When it comes to choosing between a Kohler and Honda engine, fuel efficiency is an important consideration. If you’re looking for an engine that is fuel-efficient, Honda is the better choice.

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Kohler vs Honda Engine Price: Which is Cheaper?

When talking of price, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Honda engine actually costs more than the Kohler engine. We’ve always found that the Honda engines are the more expensive option, but it’s not all bad news though. The Honda engine comes with many perks that make it worth the extra money.

The Kohler engine is a budget engine whereas the Honda is a quality engine. If you’re looking for a budget pressure washer, then the Kohler-equipped machine is the better choice. This engine is a quality product and will stand up to the elements and provide you with years of service.

Which Engine Has Longer Warranty Kohler Or Honda Engine?

Honda engines have a reputation for delivering non-stop outstanding performance over long periods. Most Honda engines are covered by a 3-year limited warranty, while Kohler engines include a 1-2-year limited warranty.

Honda Vs Kohler Engine Pressure Washers – FAQs

Are Honda pressure washers good?

Honda pressure washers are no doubt the best machines in the market. Pressure washers equipped with Honda engines are reliable, durable, and powerful all at once. Plus, there is very limited to no maintenance required to operate it smoothly.

Does Honda still make pressure washers?

Honda does not make pressure washers on its own but works as an OEM. However, Simpson Cleaning Megashot3125 is the best pressure washer with a Honda engine. It can produce 3200PSI of pressure and 2.6 GPM of water flow with a massive power of Honda CG190 engine.

What Engine Is Better Kohler Or Honda –  Conclusion

So as you have seen both the engines are available in a variety of pressure washer models. To decide Kohler Vs Honda Engine Pressure Washer competition, Honda engines take the lead with their extreme performance, high fuel efficiency, and low emissions.

However, it is also a fact that choosing a specific engine pressure washer really depends on your specific needs and how you’ll be using the machine, and of course, what your price range is. If you need a powerful engine pressure washer for heavy-duty use and you don’t care about fuel cost, then a Kohler engine may be a better option.

However, if you’re looking for an engine that is fuel-efficient and durable, then a Honda engine pressure washer may be a better option regardless of its price.

So overall, the Honda pressure washers outperform the Kohler models in terms of features and performance.

Thanks for reading. If you have liked our effort please share it with your friends and family to encourage us. Thanks again.

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