How To Turn Your Pressure Washer Into Sandblaster

Do you want to remove flaked rust, old paint, or graffiti without exposing yourself to health hazards caused by dry sandblasting? Then it’s good to know that you can easily perform these tasks with your electric or gas pressure washer. And that too without being prone to any lung disease.

Turn Your Pressure Washer Into Sandblaster

A sandblasting kit is used to turn a pressure washer into an amazing sandblasting machine that makes it much more efficient. You can use it for graffiti and rust removal without a problem, moreover, it efficiently removes all kinds of hard-to-leave particles from different surfaces.

Use A Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Components Of Wet Sand Blasting Kit

A wet sandblasting kit contains various different parts that you will need to attach to turn your pressure washer into an effective sandblaster. For example, it has a sand hose that you would connect to a bucket or container full of sand for the suction system to work.

It also includes a brass nozzle that replaces the regular quick connect nozzle that comes with your pressure washer. That nozzle handles a lot of pressure and provides maximum efficiency due to its accurate design. To attach it to the trigger gun of your pressure washer, which is in turn attached to the spray lance, you will need to unplug the housing.

The apparatus basically replaces the quick connect nozzle on your pressure washer. Therefore, you must remove that nozzle before attaching it.

Use Dry Sand As A Media

Make sure that the sand you are using is completely dry. Wet sand can cause some serious problems with the flow and its continuity. The hose in your sandblasting kit for the pressure washer does not suck the sand properly if it is wet.

Use Compatible Pressure Washer And Sandblasting Kit

You can use any pressure washer with any PSI virtually, but make sure that the kit lists a PSI within the range of your pressure washer’s PSI. Anything above it, and the results might be disappointing.

If you are using river sand, wash and dry it before filling it in a bucket or any other container. Then you should put the sand probe in the sand basket.

How Sandblaster Works

Pick a nozzle from the sandblaster kit that has an orifice or opening equivalent to that of your pressure washer’s original quick connect nozzle – it will fit better on the trigger gun. After you have attached it, make sure that there is no air in the hose by connecting it to the water source and pressing the trigger.

How Sandblaster Works

A short test spray ensures no water bubbles. Similarly, it is best if you spray sand on a spare scrap of material and see the results on that before subjecting your precious car or anything else to it. Sandblasting is no joke, especially when it can mold glass too.

You should try spraying from different distances to make sure that you don’t settle on a damaging distance for the material that you are using sandblasting on. Another important thing – and probably the most important one considering how damaging dry sandblasting can be – is safety.

Many wet sandblasting kits include safety goggles to help you keep your eyes safe from flying dust around you. That is a great idea to protect your eyes.

However, remember that they are for wet sandblasting only, dry sandblasting is dangerous to your nose and mouth too. Flying dry sand is much more dangerous than flying wet sand.

Therefore, proper care must be observed to use a sandblasting kit with a pressure washer.  And it is always better to not mess with anything related to dry sandblasting or sandblaster triggers.

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