Sun joe SPX3000 Vs Greenworks 2000PSI Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Greenworks 2000PSI – A comparison that is difficult to make between two powerful machines with almost the same quality but different brands.

Sun joe and Greenworks, both are famous and renowned brands when it comes to pressure washers. Their high quality and steady performance is the reason they have tough competition in the market. Sun joe has its name for affordability and efficiency whereas Greenworks is famous for its portable and easy-to-use machines.

In this article, we are comparing the two best sellers of both brands. Sunjoe’s lifetime best seller-Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Greenworks GPW2000 pressure washer. Both have their own advantages and limitations but don’t forget the price at which they are offering the pressure washing machines.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Greenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

Here is a brief comparison table of these 2 power washers to get a quick overview of their features and accessories:

SpecificationsSunjoe SPX3000Greenworks 2000 PSI
Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure WasherGreenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer
Model NumberSunjoe SPX3000
GreenWorks GPW2002
Power Source
Motor Type14.5A, 1800W
13Amp Induction
Max pressure
Max Flow Rate
Hose Length
20 feet
25 feet
Cord Length
34 Feet – GFCI
35 Feet – GFCI
Product Weight31lbs
Product Dimensions
15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches
14.8 x 25.2 x 13.6 inches
Detergent Tank
Available – 2 tanks
Available – 2 tanks
5 Quick-Connect
3 Quick-Connect
Safety Features
Total Stop System (TSS)
Total Stop System (TSS)
Onboard Storage

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030Psi and Greenworks 2000Psi Comparison By Features

Let’s have a look at where these machines stand on some of the prominent and in-demand features:

Power and Efficiency:

SPX3000 is powered by a comparatively bigger motor than its competitor. It has a 14.5A motor while the Greenworks 2000PSI pressure washer has a 13A induction motor. This difference has a little impact on the PSI of both machines but when we consider GPM, Sunjoe has far better GPM than GPW2002.

The water flow rate of 1.76GPM gives an edge to SPX3000 because it ends in higher cleaning units(CU) for perfect washing. Greenworks has a total of 2400 CUs while its rival SPX3000 has 3572 CUs which is enough to clear the story.

So when it comes to cleaning power, SPX3000 is a winner in the run fr Greenworks 2000 electric pressure washer.

Easy To Use and Store

Greenworks GPW2002 pressure washer is a clear winner here with some of the powerful features that make it an easy-to-use machine.

One of the defining factors is a hose reel. You don’t get a hose reel with an SPX3000 electric pressure washer. Whereas you have a flex of easily storing the hose onboard the Greenworks 2000 PSI pressure washer.

Pressure hose length and quality are other features that many people consider before choosing a pressure washer for home use. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030psi has a great quality, flexible pressure hose but with a length of just 20 feet which is 5 feet shorter than its Greenworks rival. So you can cover more space to work without moving your Greenworks 2000 psi pressure washer due to its 25 feet long hose.

As far as maneuverability is considered, both electric power washers have almost the same size wheels. But it is too easy to move the GPW2002 as compared to its arch-rival Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer. The quality and design of wheels make this little difference here.

However, there are many similarities between them too. For example, both are extremely hand and easy to assemble. Assembling these machines just get you 3 to 5 minutes. Both electric pressure washers have dual detergent tanks to allow you to use different cleaning solutions according to your needs without emptying the tank. Sun Joe SPX3000 and Greenworks GPW2002 have the same length of electric cable with GFCI protection.

Both machines have a TSS system installed in them to protect the pump and increase the life of the washer. A separate soap nozzle is available for soap dispensing on hard-to-clean surfaces.

Quality Of Material and Components

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030psi electric pressure washer is no doubt made from high-quality material. This is evident from its durable garden hose adapter and brass connectors. It is truly an impressive electric pressure washer with is high-quality quick-connect nozzles and a 34-inch spray gun.

Greenworks is a little behind its rival in this case. It gives a plastic garden hose connector with its machine while the material used in the spray gun is not of great quality.

Price and Affordability

Sun Joe SPX3000 at $169 is a little bit more expensive than GPW2002 at $141. But this price difference is rightly justified by the quality, efficiency, and power Sunjoe offers. Spx3000 2030psi pressure washer has durable built and huge power to blast away any type of dirt, grime, and mildew from your surfaces.

While on the other hand, Greenworks 2000PSI electric power washer offers slightly lower cleaning power justifying its low price.

Final Verdict

Sun Joe SPX3000 is way more forward than its competitor Greenworks 2000psi electric pressure washer in this comparison of both machines. The power, efficiency and stability, and ease of use make it one of the best electric pressure washers for home use. Spx3000 2030psi power washer will never fail you whatever you throw at it.

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