How To Use Sandblasting Kit With Your Pressure Washer

You can set up sandblasting kit with your pressure washer in no time. Configure your sandblasting equipment, your surface, sand, and your pressure washer, and you can begin sandblasting immediately.

set up sandblasting kit with pressure washerChoose A Large & Open Space

We recommend the sandblasting procedure in a large and open space to do the task smoothly and effectively.

Since you don’t want the water to linger, your area should have a water drain in the vicinity. If there is no water drain nearby your area, you should carry out sandblasting on the grassy area. Here, the land will soak up the water easily.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t harm the environment or the grass. This is because silica sand contains no chemical substances and cleaning with it does not harm the environment. The water is clean and the sand is natural.

Important Components You Will Require For Setting Up Sandblasting Kit

To set up a wet sandblasting kit with your pressure washer, you will require the following items:

  • A bag or a container of abrasive media like crushed walnut shells, silica sand, corn cobs, filtering sand, baking soda, or any similar media
  • Pressure washer – typically over 1500PSI
  • A sandblasting kit
  • Water-resistant tarps or similar material to collect sand.
  • Some protective equipment for safely sandblasting your surface– Protective eyeglasses and protective clothes, a respiratory mask

Protective equipment You Should Use

You must wear protective clothing and other protective equipment when you are sandblasting. Because there is a mixture of water and sand flying back towards you and it is not at all good to exhale in your lungs.

Moreover, you do not want to end up soaking yourself or damage hearing capabilities while sandblasting. Therefore, for your complete safety, you will require:


Sandblasting tends to cause sand kickback, so care must be taken not to get it in your eyes.

Protective Face Mask Or Breathing Mask

Sandblasting with water significantly reduces sand dust but it is still essential to take precautionary measures to save your lungs from silicosis. It is important because silicosis is a dangerous disease that can heavily affect your lungs and breathing.

Waterproof Clothing & Boots

As you’ll be working with water, you must wear clothes and boots that are waterproof and won’t slip.

Hearing Protection

The pressure washer you have may be very noisy and loud. Therefore, when working with such powerful machines, wear earmuffs or earplugs to prevent excessive hearing loss.

Setting Up The Sandblaster

You need to make sure you’re prepared for stripping off the rust before you get started. Follow these professional instructions and you’ll be fine and perfect while you work.

Set Up The Surface

Obviously, you should finalize your setup correctly depending upon if you’re going to sandblast a car, an old wheelbarrow, or even a metal panel.

  • Work Near A Drain Or Grassy Area

You need a water drain near a pressure washer, or if the drain is not accessible you can operate on soil or a grassy lawn, where the sand and water can freely flow and absorb in the ground naturally.

  • Electric Connection And A Water Source

If you are using an electric pressure washer, you will require access to the electric power(gas-powered pressure washer never require electricity) and of course water to start working

  • Save The Sand For Your Next Project

You can cut down on the cost of your sandblasting by using a large tarp to save sand. Spread the tarp below the surface you want to clean and collect the sand in it.

During the sandblasting process, sand will fall onto the tarp. After completing the task, let the sand completely dry. Now run it through a sieve to clean it properly. After that, use this dried sand for the next project of sandblasting.

  • Always Use Dry Sand

Always keep in mind that you must clean the previously used sand thoroughly because you don’t want hard pieces of rust, plastic, or paint ruining your next sandblasting project.

Therefore, ensure that the sand is dry before you use it again.

Assembling Pressure Washer And Sandblasting Kit

Now it’s time to assemble and get ready your equipment.

  • Start Pressure Washer

As you usually do, you need to start your pressure washer and keep it running.

  • Connect The Sandblaster’s Metal Wand 

Install your sandblaster kit’s metal wand on your pressure washer’s wand. It should work right out of the box.

  • Place The Sand In A Container

Put the sand or any other media into a bucket or a bag, and keep it away from water. In case if your kit has a smaller sand hose, place an umbrella in the sand to shield the sand from water or use a bucket having a lid on it.

It’s of prime importance that the sand is fully dry otherwise this will lead to jam the hose.

  • Insert Sand Tube Into Media

Your sandblasting kit also has a metal or a plastic tube at the other end of the hose.

Tool Daily Sandblasting KitNow dip this tube or probe into the container or the bag of any abrasive media( here it is sand) you’re using for sandblasting. Immerse the wand in the sand so that it reaches the bottom of the bucket. While doing so make sure that the tip of the sand wand is out to get air.

For people who use a bag instead of a bucket, they can simply immerse the wand directly into the bag of sand. While this method is possible, you must remember that the wand tip must be left exposed for air.

  • Keep The Kit In a Proper Position

Always keep your sandblasting kit in a proper position while working. Make sure that the sand wand is always above the washer water wand. This prevents water from entering the sand hose and subsequently jamming it.

  • Keep A Safe Distance From The Surface

Step back a few feet from the surface you are going to clean.

Now you are ready to go!

Stay Safe During Sandblasting

Sandblasting with a pressure washer is no easy job. It takes patience as well as control of your body. This is because powerful sandblasting has a few risks. There are some rules you need to follow in order to keep you and your workplace safe.

Use Sandblasting Kit With Pressure Washer

Start blasting with your Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

  • Whenever you are using a pressure washer, it is important to point the wand downwards.
  • When you are going to start blasting, you should step back a few feet from the surface.
  • It is possible to slowly approach your surface, but be cautious, as a high-pressure spray could damage the surface if it is too close.
  • Always completely dry your surface after sandblasting to protect it from rusting again. Moreover, apply paint on the surface to keep it fresh and to give extra protection from rust.

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