How To Start A Generac Pressure Washer

How To Start A Generac Pressure Washer. Have you a unit of Generac Pressure Washers, and know you do not know how to set it up? It is observed most homeowners are confused with it initially as their setup is a bit different than other pressure washers. 

Here, below we will briefly discuss how to use a Generac pressure washer. So can enjoy your cleaning tasks using your Generac pressure washer instead of scrubbing and putting extra time and effort to do the same task you can wind up in less than half an hour. 

How To Start A Generac Pressure Washer

Go through the user manual

You cannot utilize a power gadget till you have a good piece of information about it. You’ll be hesitant to figure can you do this or that with the machine.

Therefore, before actually starting the setup read the manual given by the manufacturer. Not only you’ll get to know about your tool.

You can also gain tips on safety measures for the pressure washer as well as your own. And which type of fuel is compatible with your washer?

By default, unleaded gasoline is used in the Generac pressure washer. 

Connect all accessories

Pressure washers have multiple accessories which you have to connect to make your power washer workable. Such as:

  • Connect one end of the high-pressure hose to the washer at the point “inlet” is written. Take the other end of the high-pressure hose and fit it with a spray gun. 
  • Or if you want to use a wand with the spray gun attach it to the spray gun and then connect it to the hose. 
  • Take a garden hose, connect one end to your water supply/ tap and its other end to the water outlet pressure washer.
  • At the end connect a suitable nozzle tip to your spray gun. 

Check oil levels

Oil levels should be accurate as per manufacturer instructions. If they are messed up, they can damage your washer. Use dipsticks to record the oil levels. If it is below the required amount add oil to it. also, make sure to change the oil after some time.

Fill the fuel tank

Fill the tank with the compatible fuel type. If you will go for incompatible fuel. It can provide serious damage to you and your surroundings; not only to your washer.

Hence, reading the user manual properly is not just a formality but an essential thing to do. Before starting pressure washing you must ensure you have a sufficient amount of fuel.

Check dipsticks to know the level of fuel if it indicated a low level, it means the fuel is not enough to start pressure washing. If the level is high, it has more oil than it needs. Exceeding levels will also create trouble if not checked for a longer time.  

Some of the fuel requirements are given below to have a rough estimate:

  • Purified, unleaded gasoline.
  • Required minimum rating of 87-octane, 87-AKI
  • Can endure gasohol/ethanol up to 10%
  • E85, gas oil mix is not allowed also.

Attach nozzle tip 

Like other pressure washers, Generac pressure washers come with multiple nozzle tips. choose the one according to the situation and surface to deal with. Then connect the nozzle tip to the end of the hose.

Connect your garden hose to the tap. Remove any add-ons from the wand of the pressure washer by turning them counterclockwise; align the arrows on the high-pressure nozzle and wands so they are in opposite directions then twist them until they are aligning into place.

Ensure that the hose is well fitted with a pressure washer as well as water supply and there is no leakage or clogging issues. 

Turn on the water tap 

Once you have assembled the washer into one unit, now is the time to let the water flow through it. Turn on the tap to maximum water flow, and let it flow through the washer. Wait until the water comes out of it without any fluctuations.

Start the engine by pulling the cord:

Now you can finally fire up your engine by pulling the cord, do it in one smooth fluid motion, and then release the cord so it can recoil back into its place. Initially, you might have to do it, again and again, to turn on the engine.

Do not worry after some practice you won’t have to try multiple times. Even if it takes a few tries, once the engine roars it will be easy to operate. 

A few other things to keep in mind are to on the burner switch, the choke should also be in a “close” position before pulling the cord to start the engine.

Give some pull to the cord then move the choke to the “open” position. After the engine is started fully move the choke back to the close position. 


Whether you’re thinking of cleaning the driveway or preparing the surface for a painting job.

Generac pressure washers provide the power you need to blast away dirt and grime, they have enough cleaning power for any cleaning task around the house or heavy-duty commercial tasks.

To achieve this, you have to set up your washer properly first. Above in the article, we have explained the whole process in steps so that you can put your washer in one unit without any problem.

Most of the models have the same setup process if you have any custom or different models. All your problems can simply solve by reading the user manual provided by Generac Pressure Washer. 

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