How To Power Wash A Deck With Soap

How To Power Wash A Deck With Soap

How To Power Wash A Deck With Soap. Pressure washing makes life easier with its speedy and effective performance. If pressure washing had solely depended on water pressure, it wouldn’t have been this effective. When you’re dealing with accumulated stains, the power of soap is required. 

With the right soap and the right pressure washer for deck cleaning, you can cut through deep stains with proficiency in no time.

Now, the question arises: how to use a pressure washer with soap on a wooden deck?

Is it safe to use soap in a pressure washer and what to keep in mind while pressure washing the wooden area? 

Is regular dish soap safe to use in it?

You wouldn’t want to harm your pressure washer by using it the wrong way. Let’s dive into the article to know all about the fuss!

Which soap to use in the pressure washer?

Soaps and detergents make it twice easy to remove tough stains. They help the washer loosen up the tough surface to get rid of debris and have a clean, sleek look. There is a wide variety of detergents available in the market that are compatible with pressure washers.

Make sure to avoid any detergent that contains beach in it. As bleach can clog the washer parts if not diluted properly. Always use pressure-washer-compatible soap.

Why these little things are crucial? Let me explain it to you with an example. If you shave with only water, it will do the deed but may also leave burns and nicks if not careful. The same is the case with pressure washing; you have to use it in the right way with the right tools. 

Is Pressure washing with soap on the deck safe?

It is safe to pressure wash a wooden deck with soap. When you pressure wash the deck with a soap nozzle it exerts low pressure. Because soap dispensing nozzles have a wider angle and spray it wider angle.

Which is an ideal situation for deck cleaning. Wooden decks especially composite decks are fragile and can be damaged if high pressure is exerted. 

How To Power Wash A Pool Deck With Soap

All you need is:

  • Soap or detergent (safe to use in pressure washer)
  • Container for solution
  • Injection tube without built-in siphon tube
  • Working pressure washer
  • Soap nozzle usually comes in black color

Choose the right soap/detergent

When you look for the right detergent keep the following things in mind.

  • Use certified detergents safe to be used in pressure washers. You can ensure they are safe to use with pressure washers by looking at labels for taglines like “usable with pressure washers” or “power wash”.
  • Do not use cleaning agents based on bleach. They can be harmful to your pressure washer and can also be fatal for the deck surface. 
  • Do not use granule solutions, they may stick in the parts of the pressure washer

Some people find market detergent quite expensive and opt for DIY solutions, one such solution you prepare by mixing laundry detergent (as it is phosphate-free) in a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. 

Add the soap solution to the pressure washer

When you have found your detergent, the next part is to indulge it in the washer. Most pressure washers come with a built-in soap dispenser but if your model doesn’t have one. You have to buy a soap tank before proceeding further.

After that setup the pressure wash in the following way:

  • Dispense the soap into the tank, if it is too concentrated then add some water to dilute it a bit. 
  • Secure the injecting tube to the water pump.
  • Attach the opposite end to the detergent tank. 
  • Use a black nozzle or soap nozzle and start the washer in low-pressure mode and start cleaning. 

Pressure Washing The Deck With Soap

When you pressure wash the deck without using soap, normally you follow the top-to-bottom approach or from the high end to the bottom end so that dirt does not accumulate on a higher surface.

But when you use soap in pressure washing the travertine deck then you do the exact opposite. You go from bottom to top to avoid any splintering.

Rinse off Soap

When you have spread out soap on the whole deck surface. Let it absorb for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen up the stains. 

When you feel soap is now well rendered on the surface, it’s time to rinse it off completely.

Turn on the pressure washer.

This time swipe the nozzle to high-pressure mode to remove the solution completely out of the washer.

After rinsing off the detergent from the wood, let it dry completely.

Be cautious while walking on it as it would be slippery. 

Sanding (optional)

You won’t essentially require sanding. But if you place the pressure washer too close to the wood or if you keep it in one place for so long, the pressure washer leaves rough spots on the deck.

In such a case, you have to sand after cleaning. Do not be upset this won’t take much of your time. Instead, it will enhance your final output.


Pressure washing the deck with soap ought to make your life simpler and easier. We hope now you are familiar with how to use soap with a power washer for more thorough cleaning of your wooden deck.

But there are a few things to keep in mind: pick the right soap, not just any home soap solution; think about the kind of pressure washer being used, and keep in mind the best cleaning direction to prevent unsightly streaks or splinters on surfaces. Happy scrubbing!

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