Honda GX160 Electric Start Kit – Review and Installation Guide

Honda GX160 Electric Start Kit. Honda engines are typically come fitted with a recoil starter, which is a cord you must pull in order to start the engine. This type of starter can be found on pressure washers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, generators, and more.

However, it is more convenient to use an electric starter rather than the traditional method of a pull cord.

Why Is Installing Electric Starter On Honda GX160 Best?

The GX160 is a very popular engine, used on pressure washers, tillers, log splitters, go-karts, and more. It is a reliable engine that starts with a recoil starter. However, a Honda GX160 electric starter kit will make starting the engine much easier.

There are several reasons why installing an electric starter on the GX160 is a good idea:

1. Avoiding Pulling a Cord:

The most obvious reason to install an electric starter is to avoid having to pull a cord to start the engine. This can be difficult, especially if the engine is cold or has been sitting for a while.

2. Easy Starting:

An electric starter will make starting the engine much easier, especially if you have physical limitations that make it difficult to pull a cord.

3. Convenience:

An electric starter is simply more convenient than using a recoil starter. No more worrying about whether or not you can start the engine – just turn the key and go.

4. Reduced Wear and Tear:

An electric starter puts less wear and tear on the engine than a recoil starter, which can extend the life of your engine.

5. Safer:

An electric starter is also much safer than a recoil starter since there is no risk of the cord wrapping around your hand or arm and causing injury.

Whatever the reason, converting your Honda GX160 re-coil engine to an electric start is a project that you can do yourself with a few simple tools and a little bit of know-how.

Is installing an electric starter kit on the GX160 easy?

Installing an electric starter kit on the GX160 is easy if you have the correct tools and follow the instructions. You will need a socket set, wrench set, drill, and screwdriver set to complete the installation.

With our simple and easy Honda GX160 electric start kit installation instructions guide, this is a fun task.

Can you add an electric start to Honda GX160?

Yes, you can add an electric start to the Honda GX160 engine and replace the pull cord method by purchasing an aftermarket electric starter kit. This kit will include all of the parts that you need to install the electric starter kit, as well as instructions on how to do so.

How do I convert my small engine to an electric start?

The process of converting a small engine to an electric start can be broken down into three steps: choosing the right system, wiring the system, and installing the system. Each of these steps can be daunting, but with a little research and some hands-on experience, it can be done easily.

Honda GX160 Electric Starter Kit Review


How To Install Electric Starter On A Honda GX160? Installation Guide

The Honda GX160 engine is a small gasoline engine that is often used in pressure washers, lawnmowers, generators, go-karts, and other small power tools. It is a reliable engine that is known for its fuel efficiency and long life.

The GX160 is also easy to start and has low emissions. It often comes in recoil start models. After reading this article, it will be easy to convert your pull start engine to an electric start without paying the mechanic.

Electric start is a convenience that many take for granted. It’s also one that can be added to any small engine with a bit of do-it-yourself know-how. There are a variety of ways to make the switch, but the most important part is to find the right system for your engine.

How To Convert A Recoil Start To Electric Start?

There are two ways you can convert a recoil start to an electric start. You can either purchase a conversion kit or you can have a professional mechanic do the work for you.

If you want to do the work yourself, purchase a Honda GX160 conversion kit. The kit will include all of the necessary tools and instructions to complete the conversion. Make sure that you have basic knowledge of how to use tools and how to fix engines before attempting this project.

Electric Start Kit For Honda Gx160

The Kit includes the following items:

  • Starter Motor
  • Ignition Box
  • Ignition Keys
  • Flywheel
  • Charging Coil
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Recoil Cover (Optional)

Honda GX160 electric start Kit installation instructions

Below are the honda gx160 electric start kit instructions for quick installation:

Step 1: Remove the Recoil Starter Cap

Use an impact wrench to remove the recoil starter cap to reach the engine. Remove the bolts and cover once they are loose to gain access to the flywheel and flywheel fan. You will need a screwdriver to remove it.

Step 2: Remove the Flywheel and Flywheel fan

To install the electric starter, you’ll need to remove the flywheel and the flywheel fan. The flywheel is held in place by 1 nut while the flywheel fan is attached to the flywheel with screws.

Use a wrench to remove the bolt, then use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the fan in place.

Step 3: Install the Charging Coil

After removing the flywheel and flywheel fan you will see different mounting positions. The charging coil attaches here to the engine to send electricity to the starter. The coil should be held in place with 2 bolts.

Use a wrench to remove the bolts first then install the charging coil. Keep in mind that the charging wires must be facing to the right side.

Step 4: Install the New Flywheel and Flywheel Fan

After you have installed the charging coil, it is now time to install the new flywheel and the flywheel fan. The flywheel goes in first then the fan. Be sure that the fan is attached securely to the flywheel before tightening the nut.

Now. tighten the nut that holds the flywheel in place with a wrench. Do not tighten too much or you may strip the threads on the bolt.

Step 5: Install Starter Motor and Recoil Starter Cap

Finally, it’s time to install the starter motor. The starter mounts onto 2 posts with the help of the mounting hardware that comes with the kit and should be held in place with screws.

Carefully line up the posts on the starter with those on the engine and install screws to secure it in place. After everything is secure, connect the wires from the starter to those of the charging coil and snap-on connectors.

After installing the starter motor, you need to put the recoil starter cap back in place using the bolts you had removed earlier.

Step 6: Mount the Ignition Box and Connect the Wiring

Now is a good time to mount the ignition box on the right side of your Honda GX160 engine. Once the ignition box is in place, connect the wiring according to the instructions.

  • Yellow wire to the oil alert box
  • White wire to the charging coil and connects with brown wire
  • Red wire to the starter relay (positive +)
  • Black wire to the starter relay (negative -)
  • Green wire to Bare metal (Ground on the engine)
  • Connect to small wires, one with the black wire coming from the ignition coil and the other with the yellow wire coming from the oil alert box
  • You’ll also need a set of Battery cables for this installation to work properly.

Now you have done the installation process. Push the starter key to the ON position and start the engine.

Honda GXGX160 Electric Start Wiring Diagram

honda gx160 electric start wiring diagram

This Honda GX160 electric start wiring diagram is a simple and easy-to-understand diagram. It shows the proper way to wire a Honda GX160 engine with an electric starter. This diagram will also help you understand how the engine works and how to properly wire it for an electric start.

Conclusion For Honda Engine GX160 Electric Start Kit Installation Guide

To get rid of the pull start it is important to know exactly how to properly install an electric starter kit on your Honda GX160.

The process is pretty simple and easy which we have discussed above thoroughly. You need a good quality starter kit for your Honda GX160 engine and some tools. Follow the process and start your engine with the simple push of a key without any extra effort.

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