When you are going to clean an area rug with a pressure washer, volume is certainly not the most important aspect to note but PSI is. Pressure washers come in all sorts of ranges of pressure and volume. You must use pressure around 1600-1800 PSI at the maximum to achieve the right level of cleaning without damaging the rug.

Hot water is also not a great idea when it comes to cleaning area rugs, so make sure that you set the temperature to an average and ideal level. An area rug can be very soiled and it certainly can’t be washed indoors because of all the muck that it can accumulate. That is why you should find a clean, flat surface to place it on.

What pressure washing accessories will I need?

twistable nozzles for pressure washerMake sure your pressure washer comes with a way to adjust the pressure – be it in the form of attachable nozzles or spray tips, twistable nozzles, interchangeable spray lances or wands, anything.

The pressure has to be variable so that you can use a lower pressure on the area rug compared to hard surfaces like floors, windows, and walls.

Secondly, you can use a rotary brush to make sure that the rug is cleaned in a safer and improved way. That is an accessory that you can buy anywhere and attach to almost any standard pressure washer which supports third-party accessories. Some accessories are designed specifically by a brand for their own products, and they are always preferable.

Pressure Washing an Area Rug – Step by Step

We have broken down everything into steps to make sure that you know each step that a pressure washer makes necessary.

Step 1:  Choose Clean And Flat Surface For The Task

Find the perfect surface. It has to be clean, flat and easily drained. If it is not clean, wash it neatly before you place the area rug on it. Make sure there’s no bump in the surface, the rug must be lying flat on it. Any ups and downs might become potential targets for damage due to pressure.

Step 2: Connect Your Pressure Washer With Water And Electric Source

Connect your pressure washer to a water source – some can use buckets as well, so that’s a plus. Most require a continuous water source. Plug it in and turn it on. Attach a suitable lance if there are multiple spray wands available.

Step 3: Attach Necessary Attachments With Pressure Washer

Attach a rotary brush to the spray wand if you have one – remove the pressure nozzle. Use that brush to remove the dirt and dust from the material of the rug, be it a fabric or something else. If you have an extendable lance, choose a suitable length that you can use to start spraying pressurized water from a distance.

Step 4: Choose Accurate Spray Nozzle

If you have multiple pressure nozzles or spray tips, choose the one that offers the widest angle and lowest pressure. That’s the way it works, usually. The one with the widest angle – let’s say, a 45° nozzle provides the lowest pressure washing. If you have a twistable nozzle, make sure that it is at its lowest pressure level.

Step 5: Start Spraying In A Sequence

Start spraying water at it from a safe distance to analyze if the material can handle the pressure that you are using. Slowly move closer to blow off smaller particles and clean in detail. If you want to use soap or detergent, first make sure that it does not contain chemical substances that can potentially harm the material.

Step 6: Apply Soap

Attach a foam cannon or soap nozzle to the lance. Some pressure washers come with a detergent bottle that can make things easier for you. You can mix detergent in that bottle and use that source to apply it on any surface that you are cleaning. Spread the foam evenly across its surface and let it trickle in.

Step 7: Use Rotary Brush To Spread Soap 

You can attach the rotary brush again and use it to make the foam denser and remove micro-particles from the fibers of your area rug.

Step 8: Spray Clean Water To Remove Soap

After you are done brushing through the fibers with the foam, return to the same low-pressure spray tip. Attach it to the lance and start spraying clean water again from a distance.

Step p: Dry Your Rug

Finally, make sure that you drain all the water from your area rug nicely. Pick it up and let it undergo gravity-based drainage. Let it dry off on its own or use a preferred appliance for the purpose according to the material of the area rug.

That will give you a perfectly clean area rug anytime. The most important things to remember are that you should not exceed the safe pressure limit of 1600-1800 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. It is also necessary to start spraying from a distance and slowly inch closer to see how the material deals with the adjusted pressure.


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