Best Abrasive Media For Wet Sandblasting

Wet Sandblasting is a term that describes a finishing or cleaning process that involves spraying high-pressure water with an abrasive material or media onto a workpiece.

Abrasive blasting or wet sandblasting process removes contaminants, previous coatings and helps in changing the shapes, and smoothing or roughening the surfaces.

There are different types of sandblasting and abrasive blasting applications which require different blasting materials, commonly known as blasting “media.”

It is not recommended to use traditional dry sandblasting that uses dry sand. It is because sand contains significant amounts of silica, which can cause serious respiratory problems if inhaled.

Moreover, many people find it too costly and unhealthy to blast with dry sand since it takes twice as much material and time which increases cost. Therefore wet sandblasting with a pressure washer is becoming more and more popular because it uses water with sand or other abrasive material that is safe to use.

At Washwith we have reviewed a few best sandblasting media to help you choose the fittest and appropriate sand media for wet sandblasting.

1. BLACK BEAUTY Abrasive Blast Media Fine Abrasive 20/40 Mesh Size

Black Beauty is an aggressive and powerful blasting media. It works wonders on steel and cast iron to easily clean rust and paint from the surface with any good sandblasting kit. This product works well on harder materials but you should use it with extra caution on aluminum, copper, and brass.

BLACK BEAUTY Abrasive Blast Media

Do not use it with Plastic. It will destroy it!

Despite its small size, it is sharp and aggressive. It has a quite reasonable price and it holds up quite well. You can again use Black beauty abrasive media for finer works after completing a task.

We have even used it as a cleaner for painted parts under low pressure being it more pulverized. Before using it for anything valuable or important, take some tests to check how it is working.

  • Highly aggressive
  • Re-useable product
  • Best price
  • Less than 0.1% silica
  • Not suitable for plastic surfaces

2. ALUMINUM OXIDE #100 – Fine Abrasive – 25 lbs – Sand Blast Media

This product is ideal for pressure washer sandblasting for a variety of substrates: granite, glass, steel, and marble. Therefore, it can also be used to prepare surfaces before painting or coating as it can deeply etch surfaces.

Designed for Cerakote preparation and fine profile blasting, this product is manufactured in the USA. It works excellently on paint removal and refinishing metal as well as efficiently removes graffiti.

Sand Blast Cabinet BLASTING MEDIA

25 lb bag has a fine blasting media with a fine-grit inside it. The blasting media is extremely sharp, very hard, fast-cutting, and long-lasting. It has an even and consistent gradation which has the best cleaning and abrasive results on every inch of the surface.

This fine-grade aluminum oxide is extremely useful for special and regular maintenance, repair, and light painting applications. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly product that perfectly meets industry specifications for abrasives.

  • Quantity is sufficient to do tasks easily
  • Can be used again
  • Fine quality product
  • Almost no silica
  • Not good for plastic

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