Safety Tips Before Washing Vinyl Siding With A Pressure Washer

Safety Tips Before Washing Vinyl Siding With A Pressure Washer. Take the following safety tips before washing the vinyl siding of your home to ensure the safety of yourself and your property to completely enjoy this task.

safety tips to Pressure Washer Vinyl Siding

Major Precautions To Follow Before Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

When you are pressure washing a vinyl siding it is important that you take some safety measures first. It is important to take the necessary safety precautions before pressure washing a vinyl siding because if the pressure washer is not used properly, it can damage the vinyl siding.

Some of the safety measures that should be taken before pressure washing a vinyl siding include:

Stay Focused Always

Water pressure from your pressure washer is dangerous if not handled properly. Don’t ever underestimate it. Even the smallest objects can cause accidents if they are hit with this pressure. So always keep your focus on the task and use this force and pressure wisely.

Use Safety Gears

Always wear safety shoes and if possible rubber gloves. Rubber gloves can provide safety from heavy detergents and chemicals used during the washing and cleaning process.

Watch Out For Electric Circuits

Water is the friend of electricity but not yours when they are together. They are lethal. Always check for electric wiring in the siding of your home. If there is any, make proper adjustments for safety. The best option is to power off the main circuit if you are using a gas pressure washer. Moreover, unplug all of the electric devices in the house.

Don’t use a ladder

Using a ladder for pressure washing far-reaching areas at the upper end of siding can be dangerous. The reverse pressure of water is able to unbalance you resulting in serious injuries. You can use telescopic attachments to reach those high areas.

Another way to wash far-reaching areas is to increase the pressure of your washer if you can manually do this through a regulator in the machine. Some pressure washers have pressure regulators and others have separate nozzles for different pressures like Simpson Megashot MSH3125.

Don’t Shoot Directly

Don’t wash vinyl siding by exerting straight water pressure on it. The water jet can damage or rip off the vinyl siding which ultimately can hurt you and can cause damage to your property. So always point the nozzle slightly downwards while washing.

This tip works for pressure washing anything, be it a vinyl siding, a car, a motorbike, etc…

Protect The Plants

Plants and grass cannot bear the pressure of this machine. Always protect your little plants and grass by covering them with a tarp so neither water pressure nor any chemicals from pressure washing detergents can harm them.

Watch For Windows Ang Glass Panes

Watch for windows, always close them if they are open. Do not spray directly on glass panes because by doing this you are under-estimating the power of your pressure washer.

Always water reaching the crevices and crannies of your siding can damage the insulation underneath.

Always Start With Low Pressure

Keep the pressure low at the start because starting at sudden high pressure can damage the exterior of the house. Increase the pressure slowly and gradually according to your requirement or until when you see its perfectly cleaning the siding.

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