Tips and tricks on how to wash shoes in washing machine that will make you can get optimal results.

Actually, when doing the laundry, our clothes are washed in a washing machine with hot water but do not ever think to wash your favorite shoes in the washing machine. Because all kinds of leather material is not allowed to run in the washing machine.

There are also certain types that should not be washed in the washing machine. The good news is, there are some ways to clean shoes in a washing machine so you can feel at ease when cleaning them.

How To Wash Shoes In Washing Machine

  1. First of all boots or other leather shoes must be protected with rubber protectors so that they can run smoothly in the drum of the washing machine. If it is not protected, the drum of the washing machine will be scratched and that area can no longer be used to just clean shoes in the washing machine or clothes.

There are two types of rubber protectors: hard shells and foam protectors. When you want to use a hard shell, first of all, rub it with soap so that the surface of the shoes will be wet, and then pull on rubber protectors. If you use foam protectors, you should wear them on your shoes first.

  1. Determine whether the shoes are running in washing machine or not is to run a test with an old and worn sock, which has been washed many times. Put it in the shoes and run in washing machine. If the old socks do not fall off during this running, then you can run your shoes in washing machine.
  2. The last thing you should do is to open the lid of washing machine while shoes are running inside so that they will be washed more effectively. After finished, take out the clothes and shoes, hang them on the line. Shoes must be dried in shade with a clean cloth so that you can run them again after drying completely.
  3. There are some types of shoes that are not allowed to wash in washing machines such as rubber boots or leather shoes with metal plates or rivets on them. You should also protect its surface with a hard shell or foam protector.
  4. If you want to wash shoes in washing machine, you should be careful when running it so that the shoes can run smoothly and do not fall off or get caught in the rotating drum of the washing machine. Do not ever think to spread water on your shoes and then clean them after dry because all types of leather material are not allowed to go in the washing machine.
  5. In order to get optimal results, you should clean your shoes in a washing machine every 2 months and then dry them under the sunlight or near a fire source before using it again. So that, your favorite shoes will always look new and continue to serve you for a long time.

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