Now easily wash your hat in the washing machine without fading and shrinking it. Effectively clean stains caused by sweat and body oils.

how to wash hat in the washing machine

Baseball caps and wool knit hats are difficult to maintain in pristine conditions. As you know various types of headgear are prone to staining due to sweat, body oils, and the environment. However, spot-cleaning or hand-washing a hat isn’t an option when time is short. These are the times when the washing machine should be considered as the last resort.

We’ve outlined some guidelines below that will help you minimize shrinkage, fading, or unintended damage when machine-washing a hat. We don’t want you to be angry with your washing machine, so please follow the below-listed steps to make sure you get a new-like clean and fresh hat.

There are a few things you need to know before you start washing your hat in the washing machine.

See the Label

Look for an attached tag that contains instructions for washing. You should only dry clean if the tag says so. If the attached label indicates that it can be machine washed, follow the given instructions.

Know The Material In Your Hat

Always be sure of the material used in your hat before washing your hat in the washing machine. Lack of knowledge of the material can completely ruin your hat.

Straw Hats – Don’t Machine-Wash

The washing machine is the last place you should wash a straw hat. It’s unwise to do that, even if you believe it is strong. If this happens there will be total destruction of the hat.
So always, always hand wash straw hats.

Cotton Hats – Easy To Wash 

Whatever type of cotton cap, hat, or beanie you wear, cotton has the strength to survive several washes in the washing machine. Washing it might cause it to shrink slightly, but not significantly. So don’t worry about this.

Synthetic Fabrics and Polyesters

Generally, you can machine wash cotton-polyester blends, acrylics, or mesh, since they are durable materials and won’t fade.

Woolen Hats

The motion of a washing machine can distort some hand-knit wool hats. If you place the hat in a garment bag or a pillowcase, this will not happen.

Instructions For How To Wash Your Hat In The Washing Machine

If you have decided to wash your hat in the washing machine, after going through the checklist. Now it is time to start washing.

Pre-treat Cotton Or Synthetic Hats

When it comes to cotton or synthetic hats, it is wise to pre-treat them. It’s a good idea to wash your hat’s headband and the inner liner if they have been heavily laced with sweat.

  • Use Stain Remover For Tough Stains

Clean the dirty areas with a stain remover that does not contain bleach. Let it work for at least 25 minutes to take out the grime and stains.

Put The Hat In Safe Custody

To keep the hat safe, place it in a pillowcase or laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine. If you are washing delicate knit hats or wool hats, it is strongly recommended. But as with any cap, it is better to be on the safe side.

The motion of the washing machine can damage the hat, regardless of whether the care instructions on your hat recommend washing it in the laundry machine. So be on the safe end. In order to prevent the hat from falling out in the wash cycle, make sure you seal the bag or pillowcase properly.

Wash The Cap In a Full Load Of Same Color Laundry

It is best to load the washer with a large amount of clothing of the same color to ensure that hats do not get matted up.

Use A Soft Detergent

Mild detergent without bleach is best for hats. When washing woolen or hand-knit hats, use Woolite detergent or a special detergent made to clean woolen items.

Don’t Use Hot Water If You Love Your Hat

For best results, use cool or cold water. Do not use hot water as this can cause the fabric to bleed or discolor. You should never use hot water on hats since it can cause them to discolor.

Soak The Laundry For Best Washing Results

You should leave the laundry to soak for one to two hours, depending on how dirty it is. The water and detergent will get into the fabrics to effectively remove stains and grime from the laundry including the hat.

Wash Your Hat In A Gentle Washing Cycle

Avoid damaging the hat by using the gentle cycle of your washing machine, if possible.

Don’ Put Your Hat In The Dryer

Remove your hat when the washing cycle is done. Don’t put your hat in the dryer like the rest of your laundry.

Simply Air Dry Your Hat After Washing In The Machine

It’s best to air dry hats regardless of their material – don’t dry them in dryers because this can lead them to lose their shape or causing some other damages. In addition, using a hairdryer is not a good idea because this could shrink your hat.

Prevent Your Hat From Direct Sunlight After Washing in the Machine

To keep the hat in good condition, place it on a dry and clean towel on a well-ventilated surface. You should keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Alternatively, you can wear the hat if you aren’t worried about getting it wet.


If you don’t plan to take your hat to the dry cleaners, follow the above steps to make sure it stays in great condition. It is easy to care for your hat in the washing machine once you understand the whole procedure.


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