how to wash couch cushion covers including some tips to keep them clean and looking great.

When you have kids or pets, spills are unavoidable. Spills on the couch are even more inevitable. Even if you wipe your couches down immediately after a spill, some stains will still remain no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. If you’re tired of the way your couch cushions look, you should consider washing them. But, before you can even begin to wash your couch covers, you must know how to do it properly without damaging the cover.

How To Wash Couch Cushion Covers

If you’re wondering how to wash couch cushion covers or how to clean upholstery on furniture, just follow these steps:

1. Vacuum the cushions

First, you need to vacuum your couch cushions thoroughly. If you have a removable cover, this means removing it from the couch and vacuuming both sides of the fabric. If your couch is covered in cloth or other fabric, make sure to vacuum all areas where stains can accumulate. You should also make sure that your vacuum cleaner is outfitted with a brush attachment or upholstery cleaning wand since these tools will work the best for this step.

2. Mix soap and water in a bucket

When choosing what type of soap to use, you should go with the mildest option available, especially if your couch covers are made from delicate fabrics like silk or satin. When choosing a soap, you should also choose the most mild type of soap. Do not use laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid to mix with water since these soaps are too harsh for fabrics. Instead, opt for something like Woolite or shampoo. Mix at least one cup of soap in every gallon of water that you will be using.

3. Soak the cushions

Next, you need to soak the cushions in water mixed with soap for at least 30 minutes. While sitting in soapy water for this amount of time, the stains will come loose and become much easier to remove. Also, allowing your couch cushion covers to soak can help loosen up dirt that has built up over time. If you let your couch covers soak overnight, this can help even more.

4. Rinse the cushions

After 30 minutes have passed, take a bucket or washbasin and pour clean water inside it. You want to make sure that the water is as clear as possible since any soap left behind will only attract new dirt which you will want to avoid. After soaking your pillow, squeeze the soapy water out of the cover and pour clean water on one side so that it can run through entirely. Repeat this step until you no longer see any traces of soap coming from either side.

5. Dry the cushions

After rinsing, leave your couch cushion covers to dry on a flat surface. Since the couch covers will probably still be very wet, it is best to leave them in an open room with ample airflow so that they can dry completely. Drying your pillows too quickly may cause the fabric fibers or foam inside to develop mold or mildew which can lead to nasty smells and stains. Allow the cushions to dry in a room with windows and fans. If you do not have any windows or fans, make sure to leave your ceiling fan on high during the day and night while the cushions are drying.

Once you finish these steps for how to clean couch cushion covers, you will notice that all of your stains will vanish immediately. If the stains are really strong, you may need to repeat these steps once more to get rid of them for good.


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