How To Install A Pressure Washer Replacement Pump

There are several reasons why someone might need to replace their pressure washer pump. A faulty or leaking pump, engine problems, a dirty filter, or a worn-out impeller are some of the major reasons that force some people to know how to install a pressure washer replacement pump for their pressure washer.

Choose the Right Pressure Washer Replacement Pump

Choosing a pressure washer replacement pump is not always easy. There are several brands, types, models, and manufacturers to choose from when purchasing your replacement pump.

Pressure washers are usually marketed toward specific professionals or homeowners so they vary in quality and price compared to one another. Before you choose a pressure washer replacement pump it is important to know what type of components are included with each style of pump. This way you can determine which type of pressure washer replacement pump will best fit your needs based on the components provided.

Installing A New Pressure Washer Replacement Pump

Replacing the pump is an easy job for a handyman, but you should read all safety instructions before proceeding with work.

What tools do I need?

You will only need basic tools to remove the old pump and install a new one. Here’s what you’ll have to have: socket wrench, screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, pliers, and torque wrench (optional).

How To Install A Pressure Washer Replacement Pump

Step 1

Put on some protective gloves before even touching the pump or any of its parts! You’ll be working with sharp metal pieces and you don’t want to get injured during work.

Make sure you put on safety goggles too, especially if you’ve got long hair because it could get pulled once you start turning the screws off the pump. Safety first, always!

Step 2

Turn off the power to your electric pressure washer, and be sure all connections below are loose from the unit for safety before any disassembly. If you have a gas-powered washer, then disconnect the fuel line from the tank. 

Step 3

Disconnect the pressure washer hose from the trigger gun. Also, make sure that there’s no water supply connected to your unit’s pump in order to avoid making a mess all over the floor!

Step 4

Remove all electrical terminals, bolts, or screws that hold your old pump to the frame of your pressure washer and set it aside with its wiring for tracing or rewiring later.

Step 5

How to remove pressure washer pump? Be aware that this process can be done both and vertically and horizontally. Before you get started, just make sure that the pressure washer pump is completely turned off. If not, turn it off by turning the engine off.

After that, simply remove all bolts from around your pump’s housing using a socket wrench. Once you’ve removed all bolts from the pump’s housing, carefully take it out of where it was installed.

Step 6

How to install a pressure washer pump? Now that you’ve successfully taken out your old pressure washer pump, it’s time to put in a new one! First of all, place your new pump over the hole where the old one was installed. Make sure to align it properly with your unit’s pump housing.

Once you’re done putting the new pressure washer pump back in place, simply secure it by tightening four bolts on each side of your engine’s housing.

Step 7

If you have a leak, make sure to check the condition of the gasket. Replace it if worn down with age since that’s what keeps water from leaking between the pump base and motor housing. Reinstall new components in reverse order for safety purposes when finished.

Step 8

Before replacing your old pressure washer parts, always clean them thoroughly with a degreaser or cleaning agent. This will protect the plastic materials so you don’t accidentally cause more problems when reinstalling the same part(s).

Then reconnect all wires to their terminals on both components before testing for leaks & reinstalling back onto the unit.

Step 9

Once you’ve finished reassembling everything just remember to check if there’s no leaking water anywhere on your machine. If everything checks out, all you have to do is reconnect everything and turn your machine on for a test run.

A test run should only take about 5 minutes with no tools required.

Note: Please contact your local pressure washer retailer if you have any questions or need help before attempting the repair yourself.

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn how to replace a pressure washer pump successfully and without making too big of a while doing so! Please share the post if you like it. Thanks!

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