How Long Does It Take To Power Wash A Deck?

How long does it take to power wash a deck? When you are planning to pressure wash a deck, the most crucial thing is to dig time out from your busy schedule for cleaning. Therefore, many people are stuck on the question of how long it will take to pressure wash a deck.

Whether it will take a whole day, a weekend, or just a couple of hours?

In the following article, we have discussed the average estimated time. And how it will vary from person to person and from surface to surface. On what factors it is depended. Additionally, we’ve further explained how to use pressure washers on a wooden deck for your convenience.

How long does it take to power wash a deck?

Although, there is no exact time frame to pressure wash the deck. If we roughly estimate:

A standard-sized deck (20’x20’) made of pressure-treated lumber will take about 2 hours to power wash. A deck made of cedar or redwood will take about 1.5 hours. And a deck that is very dirty or has a lot of mold or mildew will take about 3 hours to power wash.

This time is estimated on the basis of general pressure washing, starting from setting up the pressure washer to cleaning the projected deck area till packing the equipment away after washing.

The total time spent on power washing your deck includes all the minor and major steps taken in this period. The timeline goes in the below pattern.

  • Area selection you want to pressure wash
  • Connecting parts of washer and providing sufficient power supply
  • Spraying cleaning soap/detergent on the wooden deck
  • Time to set the detergent to loosen up the dirt
  • Rinsing the solution off from the deck
  • Pressure washing the deck for thorough cleaning
  • Packing away the washer and tools.

Factors involved in time estimation:

It is important to know how long it will take to power wash your deck before starting the project. Depending on the size of your deck, the type of wood, and the level of dirt and grime, the time it takes to power wash your deck can vary.

Size of wooden deck area

Commonly the deck area lies between 300 to 400 feet. Mostly they are wider and longer sides run along the sides of the home. If your deck area varies from this obviously your estimated time will increase or decrease accordingly.

Moreover, it also depends on how the concerned deck area is. If it is a plain flat area, it would be easier to clean in a flow. If there are bumps and other hurdles to cater to, it will take more time.

The material used in the deck

The timing may also vary depending on the type of material used in a deck. Some materials are fragile while some can withstand high pressure.

If you are dealing with delicate materials, it will take more time and care to clean up. Railing and siding materials also matter, such as vinyl siding can stand high pressure as compared to glass sidings.

The shape and landscaping surrounding the deck

As discussed above, if your concerned area or surrounding area has more bends and angles, then you’ll require more time to pressure wash the deck.

Level of dirt and grime on the deck

If the deck area is cleaned and maintained regularly then it won’t take much of your time. But if you are getting rid of years of dirt and grime then obviously you have to opt for extensive cleaning which consequently will increase the cleaning time.

Ideally, you should clean your deck once or twice a year to avoid layered stains and mold.

Preparing the tools

The last and the most important factor of time estimation is the time taken in preparing the right tools and material. In this particular scenario, you have to determine

  • How you will clean the deck
  • Whether you’ll buy or rent the pressure washer.
  • Cleaning detergent suitable for pressure washing
  • Brushes and scrappers for buildup grime.
  • Extension cords
  • Safety gadgets and clothing

Other time-consuming factors

If you are pressure washing for the very first time then additional time will be required for practicing to learn how to use the washer properly. Do not take it lightly it is a high-powered gadget and must be used after ensuring safety parameters.

Otherwise, there is a high chance of getting yourself injured as pressured water spray can pierce into the skin or even damage the deck or surrounding plants and animals.

Pressure washing is a time-taking job for those who do not have much experience beforehand, it involves multiple precautions and factors. You must start it after reading the manual guides provided by manufacturers.

How To Pressure Wash A Deck Properly?

  1. Arrange all the material and equipment required. Such as a pressure washer with an appropriate nozzle tip, safety wearing and gearing, cleaning detergent, and adequate water supply.
  2. Prepare the deck area; remove all obstacles that might get in your way. Cover power outlets, and plants, and keep the children and pets away.
  3. Test on a small insignificant area, and set the pressure setting. Start from low pressure then move up if needed. Normally, a deck can hold 600 to 1500 PSI.
  4. Use soap/detergent tank spray cleaning solution and let it sit on the surface to loosen up the dirt. It will take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes. After the solution is well rested, now is the time to rinse it off completely from the surface.
  5. Clean the deck surface in a sweeping motion following the grain of the wood. Start from the inside area and then move outward. Do not exert pressure at the same time for a long time it may crack or splinter the wood.
  6. Once you are done with cleaning, let the wood dry properly. It will take up to 24 to 48 hours.
  7. Do small testing to ensure that wood is dried properly. Take half a cup of water and spill it on the wood, if the water stays on the wood, it is not well-dried. Give it some more time to dry up.
  8. After drying, scrub the wood with sandpaper to level any splintered or fuzzy area. Then lastly seal the wood deck with any sealer to protect it for long-lasting life.


It is important to pressure wash your deck at least once a year to keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan.  The months of March through November are ideal for pressure washing your wooden deck.

This is the perfect time to clean and preserve your outdoor space before the harsh winter weather and frigid temperatures arrive. But how long does it actually take to power wash a deck?

The time consumed in pressure washing your deck depends on a few factors. It mainly includes the size of your deck, the type of pressure washer you are using, and your own personal speed. Overall, for a medium-sized deck, you can expect it to take between 1 and 3 hours.

If you’ll follow the proper method, you will get quick and praise-worthy results.

Thanks for reading.


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