Gas Vs Electric Pressure Washer – Which Is Better And Why?

A host of factors influence when you set out to pick a pressure washer for domestic use, there are many considerations you must have. The first hurdle you have to face is the comparison of gas vs electric pressure washers.

Electric vs Gas Pressure Washer
Gas Vs Electric Pressure Washer

Both these types of power washers have different features and qualities. On the other hand, both have their own drawbacks. So, the decision depends solely on you, because obviously, you have some expectations from your washer.

Electric vs Gas Pressure Washer Comparison and PROs and CONs

Most people are looking for an easy solution to their day-to-day cleaning jobs. The type of pressure washer decides whether and if you can use it for all types of jobs that you may have. It also decides whether you will have a tough time using and maintaining it or not.

We are here to tell you what you can expect from an Electric or Gas Pressure Washer. It will help you establish your opinion about both. On both sides, there is a little bargain.

Pressure Washers, Electric or gas, have some pros and some cons which we have discussed below. That is why it is better that you should know what the tradeoff really is before you choose a Gas or Electric Pressure Washer.

Electric Pressure Washers

Let us discuss those variants first that run on electricity. Electric pressure washers are a favorite among household users. Those users can’t imagine switching to a gas-based machine

There are important reasons for their preference. The most important thing prioritized about electric pressure washers over gas pressure washers is the overall ease of use. There are many qualities of electric models that contribute to their usability for any layperson.

Emission-free, No Gas Refills

The best thing about electric pressure washers is the fact that they need very little investment in effort and money. You will not have to pay for gas refills in addition to detergent and soap costs.

Having to fill the gas in your pressure washer can be a potential downside if you don’t have time to go through the hassle. Fossil fuels themselves are something that many people disapprove of. However, electricity is a resource that is more readily available and cheaper.

Not only that, electric power washers as compared to gas power washers cause no emissions and little to no noise when running. That is also a major plus if you care about your carbon footprint and the eco-friendliness of your pressure washing unit.


When you consider between electric and gas pressure washers, you are probably expecting a machine that is highly and completely portable.

Fortunately, electric units are not disappointing in that regard. They come in very lightweight designs compared to gas power washers.

Gas washers may be a pain in terms of portability and ease of use. That is why the users of gas variants are those who only need to take their pressure washer out randomly – like, once a year or so.

No Maintenance Required

Due to electricity-based usage, an electric power washer is just like any other electrical appliance at home that has low maintenance requirements. The engineering of an electric power washer is very simple and clean.

Gas-powered variants require cleaning and maintenance. That is easier for users who don’t need to use their appliances frequently.

For a person who is just looking for a routine solution that can solve every problem day-to-day, low maintenance is a major plus. That factor can help them decide whether they want a gas or an electric pressure washer.

Short-term Affordability

An electric pressure washer can be much easier to buy for a person on a tight budget. It requires around half as much investment to offer twice as much power. However, that power does come at a certain cost.

While you may need to replace your electric variant within a few years of frequent usage, a gas-powered washer can last longer and prove to be a better investment in the long term.

However, an electric washer can help you cut down on quite a lot of costs – including gas refills, maintenance, and purchase costs. That is why electric units are preferred by people with short-term affordability when they compare electric and gas pressure washer models.

  • Low noise level
  • No emissions – environment-friendly
  • Gives more power at a lower price
  • Can run on electricity – no gas refills
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for day-to-day domestic cleaning jobs
  • Power cord required – a hassle
  • Will wear out in a few years – needs to be replaced often
  • Can’t deal with professional cleaning or jobs that require more power

Gas Pressure Washers

Gas-powered pressure washers are high-end machines with a lot of reliability and quality compared to their electric counterparts. In a comparison of Electric Pressure Washers vs Gas Pressure Washers, the most important factor that weighs down in favor of gas units is power.

Next come things like reliability, long-lasting machinery, and flexibility. When you compare electric vs gas power washers, you will discover that gas washers have a lot more power – they can go up to 4000 PSI having an 8 GPM of flow rate. That is why people are satisfied with them.

High-end Technology

Gas pressure washers use technology that is much more expensive and better than the one used in electric variants. They offer you a lot of options and better usability and locomotion.

Where an electric variant comes with small plastic wheels that can’t handle many rugged surfaces, a gas-powered monster washer will have automotive-standard wheels. The variant we have named as number 1 in gas-powered washers is SIMPSON PS3228 comes with Honda wheels.

However, there is a primary difference between the users of electric vs gas pressure washers. The ones who rely on electric machines versus their gas counterparts often have more jobs to handle in their routine and no heavy-duty work.

On the other hand, the market for gas washers is mainly comprised of people who only need to use their washers once in a while. The jobs they use them for are usually very heavy and power-requiring. That can help you choose between a gas or electric pressure washer.

Tremendous Power

There is a huge contrast in the maximum pressure limit of Electric vs Gas Power Washers. Due to their tremendous amount of PSI and ability to clean, gas variants can handle everything from wide, unkempt lawns to grease and oil-covered surfaces.

Accumulated dust, dirt, and grime can easily be stripped away with a gas-powered machine. That is one of the most important reasons why users are comfortable with choosing gas variants after comparing pressure washers, electric vs gas.

Reliable in the Long-term

A gas-powered unit has the edge of being usable for many long years. You will not have to replace it for many years to come if you invest in its maintenance and gas refills. The quality of an electric power washer vs gas power washer of the same PSI is rather low.

Therefore, people who grow comfortable with a high-end, heavy yet efficient machine can no longer compromise with a lightweight pressure washer, electric vs gas.

However, If you are buying a pressure washing variant for the first time, you can freely choose between the two depending on your priorities.

That is why this review can help you develop a comfort level and lifestyle with the right type of machine after comparing electric vs gas pressure washers.

Better for Random Heavy Duty Task

As discussed above, heavy-duty jobs are better done with gas vs electric power washers. Gas units not only offer a better PSI of up to 4000, but they also have the required machinery to produce enough efficiency and give more output.

For example, if you are a regular cleaner who needs a machine to just get rid of an occasional car wash or porch cleaning, you can just do it with an electric pressure washer.

On the other hand, if you aim to wash all types of accumulated trash, dust, dirt, and gunk from your plants, furniture, and car engines, we suggest you go for a gas power washer. This will not bother you with a lot of wear and tear or create an emergency for a replacement.

Moreover, it will also help you in terms of speed. It can do some jobs in a much shorter time comparatively –those that would be very time-consuming with an electric power washer.

No Need for Power Supply or Cord

With a gas pressure washer, you can be relaxed about any power connections required for usage. Having to use a power cord reduces stability and portability and increases hassle.

You strictly cannot take your electric washer to a place that does not have any receptacle for electricity. That is why electric units have to feature 35 feet long power cords.

That is to make sure that they are portable enough to clean your entire yard. On the other hand, these gas-powered washers don’t require any power supply at all.

That is why people feel way more liberated and comfortable with the quality and portability of gas pressure washers compared to electric pressure washers.

  • Very reliable in terms of quality.
  • Can deal with the heaviest workloads.
  • No power cord or electricity supply is required.
  • It may not have to be replaced for 10+ years.
  • Can be moved farther away from home and used anywhere.
  • High noise level.
  • Gas refills are required.
  • Heavy to move.
  • Maintenance required.

Gas Vs Electric Pressure Washer: Best Options

Now that we have discussed all the major differences in pressure washers, electric vs gas, let’s move on to the best products in both categories. We have tested many variants and compiled a list of the top 5 electric pressure washers vs the top 5 gas-powered pressure washers.

The specifications and features of these sets can help you decide on a particular model that will suit your needs best – be it in the domain of gas or electric pressure washers.

Top 5 Best Electric Pressure Washers in 2023

According to all the special features of electric-powered variants that can make them preferable over gas-powered washers, here is a list of the best electric pressure washers in 2023.

Discussed below are the most well-rounded machines in terms of PSI, usability, portability, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in the domain of electric vs gas pressure washers.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI – Best Electric Pressure Washer For Cars

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure WasherOne of the best-selling variants in the domain of electric washers, Sun Joe SPX3000 2030PSI offers stunning quality and ease of use. It comes with all the accessories you will ever need to be comfortable using for different types of household cleaning jobs.

Stain Removal Efficiency

With a maximum supported pressure of 2030 PSI, Sun Joe SPX3000 is one of the most suitable machines available.

It is suitable for a lot of different surfaces including brick, concrete, and earth. You can easily use it to clear off all types of stains that you may encounter in your routine.

Twin Detergent Tanks

The total detergent you can carry with this machine is nearly 2 liters. Quite a large amount compared to the fact that most electric pressure washers can’t carry over 1.2 liters in their single detergent tank.

Even our best gas pressure washer, SIMPSONS PS3288 can carry 3.64 liters or one gallon despite all its high-end technology and the investment required to purchase and use it.

Cord and Hose

The quality and length of the cord and hose also decide if you will face any hazards while using your electric power machine due to water or electricity issues.

Thankfully, this washer comes with a 20 ft. hose and 34-feet power cord to make sure that you can go anywhere with your powerful and portable pressure washer.

5 Spray Nozzles

5 Spray Nozzles make SPX3000 fit for a wide variety of surfaces. One of these nozzles is also a spray applicator to let you use a detergent or soap as you clean.

2. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2030 MAX PSI – Best Portable Electric Pressure Washer

WestinghouseWestinghouse 2030 PSI is another machine that comes with a lot of functionality at a reasonable price. It is one of the best reliable pressure washers in 2023.

Westinghouse has designed this unit to be highly cost-effective. The operation is very smooth because the technology is exceptional despite the low price and easy controls.

Lightweight and Portable

Westinghouse 2030 PSI is so lightweight that you can use it for hours without tiring yourself. It has a beautiful, modernized, and customized design for easy locomotion.

17.5” Inches Long Extendable Wand

The wand can be adjusted to a comfortable length. It is a metal stick that attaches to a highly user-friendly trigger and channels the spray to the surface. Users can sit back easily as the wand reaches all the corners and washes them efficiently.

Quick-Lock Wheels

The wheels of a portable machine are very important in deciding how well it performs in terms of locomotion. Westinghouse 2030 is one of our best electric pressure washers to buy in 2023 with respect to testing because it has quick-lock wheels to help you move and stop it as needed.

Anti-Tipping Design

Unlike other electric pressure washer designs that have a higher center of gravity and can tip over as you move them – a major problem if the user doesn’t stand tall enough – Westinghouse 2030 has an anti-tipping design. It has a low center of gravity.

3. Greenworks GPW1703 – 1700PSI – 1.2GPM – Best Lightweight Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1703 1700PSI is a machine that comes with a lot of uses and can be used for regular cleaning jobs with mild staining. 1700PSI is just enough for regular domestic cleaning.

Greenworks GPW1703 1700 PSI Washer

Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to your regular cleaning jobs that is highly affordable and cost-effective, you can choose this option.

Suitable Design for Portability

The design is best for all types of use because it can be held horizontally and vertically. It is one of the lightest, handheld pressure washers with a high level of user-friendliness.

Greenworks 1700PSI is our best choice for day-to-day cleaning with a lightweight yet high-power machine at the domestic level.

Smooth Operation & Low Noise

Greenworks 1700PSI is the best usable and affordable electric pressure washer for a car wash, patio, furniture, and other home use. It does not produce any noise and lets you clean in peace without polluting your environment with unnecessary and unwelcome noise.

On-board Hose Reel

The hose reel allows you to hold the 25 feet hose high enough for easy movement as you clean your porch, lawn, driveway, or patio. Unlike many pressure washers, it doesn’t have a hose reel and that is a major downside.

Rotary Brush and Surface Cleaner

The accessories that come with the set allow you to handle different surfaces. Be it a concrete pavement or a grassy lawn, you can finish the job nicely with the rotary brush and surface cleaner that can easily be connected with Greenworks GPW1703.

4. WHOLESUN 3000PSI 2.4GPM 1600W – Powerful Electric Pressure Washer

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Pressure WasherWHOLESUN 3000 PSI is a ground-breaking model in the world of electric power washers. It is a huge turn for an electric machine to surpass 2500 PSI.

Most electric pressure washer brands start releasing lightweight models from 1400 PSI and take the pressure and power up to 2300 PSI at the maximum.

Tremendous Amount of Spray

WHOLESUN 3000 PSI is quite the power-loaded monster in electric pressure washers. It can spray more gallons of water per minute than the average electric-powered unit.

Amazing Pressure for Stain Removal

Very few high-end models like WHOLESUN 3000 PSI have a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver. So much pressure means superb cleaning ability.

It means that it can deal with workloads that other electric variants can’t imagine handling.

Beautifully Designed Trigger & Wand

Both of these accessories are designed to be highly ergonomic or user-friendly. The comfort of the user is prioritized by this best reliable electric pressure washer.

WHOLESUN 3000 PSI comes with a wand of adjustable length attached to the spray trigger with a nice grip.

Foam Cannon for Soap

Without cutting corners with the design, this electric variant has added a soap nozzle with quick-connect technology. This way you save the amount you have to spend on a separate foam cannon for your use.

It has 5 nozzles in total that you can connect to it to adjust the spray. That makes it one of the best electric pressure washers for your car.

5. Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI – Best Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX 3001 added a bit of functionality to the good old SPX3000 and made it even better. It is a more portable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage version of the same machine – SPX3000 – released by Sun Joe.

Hose Reel Added to SPX3000

The hose reel is a great perk with SPX3001. Customers who complained of having trouble taking out and managing the hose of SPX3000 can use this set.

Without a hose reel for easy storage and management of your water hose, you may have to disentangle the hose from the pressure washer whenever you take it out.

Design Improved for Usability

The design of SPX3000 has a high level of portability and quality due to its quality wheels and stable frame.

This Sun Joe electric pressure washer also features an adjustable or extendable wand and 5 pressure spray nozzles including a soap applicator.

20 Foot Hose

The length of the cord and hose decides just how far away you can go from the power source and water source that you are using – while you are cleaning your porch, lawn, driveway, deck, or patio.

Doesn’t Damage Delicate Surfaces

Due to its 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, this set sprays a lot of water at a pressure just enough to remove sticky stains from your furniture, car, lawn, and all types of outdoor surfaces.

It does not exert too much pressure or cause a lot of wear and tear even with frequent cleaning and washing. That is a major plus it has over the gas pressure washers.

Top 5 Best Gas Pressure Washers in 2023

Let us move on to the reviews of the top 5 power-loaded monsters in the domain of gas-powered sets. These best reliable gas pressure washers come with all the quality you can expect from a gas-powered cleaning machine and can also be moved easily.

As gas pressure washers in comparison to electric pressure washers are generally more expensive, we have also reviewed the most cost-effective and affordable variants.

Affordability is one thing where a product comes cheap, but cost-effectiveness is another where your gas or electric pressure washer actually pays off for the money that you did spend on it.

1. SIMPSON PS3228 PowerShot – Best Residential Gas Powered Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Pressure WasherThe best gas pressure washer with superb quality in every way. The technology used is perfect, there is a lot of flexibility, usability, and even portability.

SIMPSON PS3228 has wheels that could beat an automotive and a sturdy steel frame supported atop those.

Honda GX200 for Maximum Power

The engine is one of Honda’s premium, highly-quality engines with superb technology and unbelievable power. It can deliver 3200 PSI of pressure and literally destroy every bit of the dirt you direct the wand at.

Sturdy Wheels for Easy Locomotion

The wheels of this machine are designed to beat motorcycles. They are made of quality material. The size of its wheels is huge for a portable pressure washer that you want to use for cleaning.

That is why SIMPSON PS3228is one of our best portable gas pressure washers with quite a lot of value for money. It is easy to move and will not disappoint you in any way.

Abrasion and Kink Resistant Hose

The water hose is unbelievably long – longer than most of the ones you can get with electric-powered machines. Its quality is bound to help you make your decision regarding electric vs gas pressure washers.

Can Remove Graffiti and Mildew

The best thing about this superb and highly powerful set is all the force it can subject the stains to. It is the best for harder surfaces like walls with any type of graffiti that you may want to remove.

SIMPSON PS3228 is also our favorite for the removal of moss and mildew. It is a highly well-rounded set.

2. Westinghouse WPX2700 – Best 2700 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Westinghouse WPX2700 Pressure WasherWestinghouse WPX2700 is one of those models that are high on usability because of its design, attachments, and accessories. The package comes with all the flexibility and reliability you will ever need from your electric or gas pressure washer.

Tough Steel Frame

The tough steel frame makes it much less likely to ever get damaged. Where other models use plastic and low-quality materials, Westinghouse WPX2700 doesn’t cut corners.

Half Gallon Soap Tank

The detergent tank or soap bottle that you can use on board with your pressure washer counts a lot. Westinghouse WPX2700 has a fantastic design with a soap tank that can carry more detergent than most others – half a gallon or about 2 liters.

4-Stroke Engine for Power

The engine is capable of producing 2700 PSI of power which is quite a huge amount. While it is the ideal pressure for tough stains and grime, it is not too much and will not cause a lot of damage to delicate surfaces.

The engine in this gas-powered high-pressure washer is a high-quality model – not like the motors used in lightweight electric-pressure washers. Experiencing this much power will leave you uncomfortable with anything less than this.

3 Year Warranty

The warranty covers labor, manufacturing, and parts. It extends to 3 long years of use. We haven’t seen that long a warranty with electric pressure washers because they are generally not this durable.

3. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot – Best Affordable Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot


Model Number: Simpson MSH3125 | Power Source: Gasoline | Drive Type: Direct Engine: Honda CG190 | Pump Type: OEM Technologies Axial Cam pump
Maximum Pressure: 3200 PSI | Maximum Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
Hose Length: MorFlex® 1/4 in. x 25 ft | Hose Thread: M22 | Quick Connect Tips: 5
Product Weight: 65 lbs | Gun: M22 connection | Wand: QC spray lance
Water Capability: Cold | Detergent Tank: No | Foldable Handle: No
Product Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 35 inches |

With a Honda Premium engine and massive water spray, SIMPSON MSH3125 is a standard, high-quality gas-pressure washer for home use. It has everything from 5 spray nozzles to a soap tank to keep you well-provisioned.

The water hose is long and useful for cleaning surfaces that are far from water sources. The technology is top-notch and covers all the bases nicely. Cleaning with SIMPSON MSH3125 is a hassle-free ordeal.

Honda GC190 Premium – 3200 PSI

The engine is one of the most notable qualities because it allows the washer to spray 2.5 gallons of water per minute with a pressure of 3200 pounds per square inch – a massive workload.

2.5 GPM – Humongous Spray

The GPM matters because it decides just how much surface area you can clean per day. With this blasting, powerful engine, and sturdy steel frame, 2.5 gallons per minute are no problem.

We have seen very few best gas pressure washers like SIMPSON MSH3125 that can achieve this much PSI and balance it with a high level of GPM.

Maintenance-free Pump

Maintenance is an issue big time for the users of gas pressure washers. That is why SIMPSON MSH3125 comes with a maintenance-free pump to keep workload and hassle at bay.

10-inch Premium Wheels

The wheels are huge compared to those of other gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers that we have tested. They’re very sturdy and allow you to drive this power-loaded machine easily.

4. A-iPower APW2700C 2700 PSI – Maintenance-Free Gas Pressure Washer 

A-iPower APW2700C Gas Powered 2700 PSIThis gas pressure washer beats anything else we have tested so far in terms of fuel capacity. A-iPower APW2700C is one of those practically amazing units that help you get rid of grime and dirt without compromising the integrity of your surfaces.

25-foot Pressure Hose

A-iPower APW2700C comes with a 25-foot hose and a hose reel to keep it assembled. The length of the hose is greater than that of all other hoses – even the ones that come with some of the best machines that we have tested.

Pressure washers, electric vs gas, don’t usually invest as much quality in any of the parts – be it a hose or a power cord. This gas pressure washer comes with a hose that will never kink or leak.

2700 PSI for Minimum Wear & Tear

Your porch furniture, plants, lawn accessories, and even your favorite pair of sneakers will not mind the pressure that you can use with A-iPower APW2700C. This is one of our most liked perks that come with this unit.

More Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity is amazing because you can have it carry several liters around. No need to go through the hassle of multiple refills for different jobs. A-iPower APW2700C helps you cut down on the conventional hassle associated with gas-powered engines.

3 Quick-Connect Nozzles

The gas pressure washer has adjustable pressure due to 3 different spray nozzles that you can use to change the type of spray – both the pressure and the amount of water or the size of the spray.

5. SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON MS60763-S MegaShot GasCovered by multiple warranties for quality assurance, SIMPSON MS60763-S is a gas pressure washer that can prove to be a valuable investment. At 3100 PSI of pressure and a massive spray, it can help you clean quickly and efficiently.

The power consumption is not excessive, and it is one of those pressure washers that cut through the clutter to prove their worth. SIMPSON MS60763-S is a highly cost-effective investment for anybody who is looking for long-term affordability.

Maximum Durability

The sturdy metal frame, high-end power engine, and abrasion-free hose are all very durable and certified. They are all backed up with warranties that have different limitations.

Moreover, the SIMPSON MS60763-S gas pressure washer is very easy to maintain due to its great quality engine work and engineering.

Ergonomic (User-friendly)

The trigger handle is designed for a comfortable grip. The smooth-rolling wheels can handle any surface rugged or paved. The pressure washer is an all-rounder with all the required functionality.

5-Year Frame Warranty

It comes with a high-quality frame to last longer and also a warranty to back it up for 5 long years to come. This gas pressure washer can be one of your wisest investments as a home appliance.

Compatible with Accessories

You can connect many different accessories to SIMPSON MS60763-S and enjoy a lot of additional comfort and flexibility in your cleaning jobs. The machine runs smoothly and gets rid of all types of grease, oil, dust, and dirt no matter how stubborn.

Gas Vs Electric Pressure Washer – Buyer’s Guide

If you are not sure what option to choose after reading our review of electric vs gas power washers, we can help you further by laying out all the important factors clearly.

Read our buyers’ guide for gas or electric pressure washers and arrive at the best decision. Find the pressure washer, electric or gas, that will suit your needs best.


Durability is one of the most important things if you want to make a safe investment. It should be a top priority for people who are apprehensive of investing in a pressure washing unit.

In this regard, we have compared both types of pressure washers and defined our standards. The following things count when you are checking the durability of your machine:

  • Is the frame metal or plastic? Heavy or light? Are wear and tear likely or not?
  • The company that manufactured the engine or motor and any certifications that accompany it
  • The wheels – pay attention to those, they count, big time. What they’re made of, how they deal with rugged surfaces, it all matters.
  • Does the design tip over often or remain well-supported?
  • Is the hose leak-proof and resistant to kinking or abrasion?
  • The engine or motor – its overall quality and technology used
  • Are the cord and plug lined with GCFI?
  • The warranty – check what it covers and for how long?

Thankfully, we have some all-rounders and winners in all these aspects in the gas pressure washers listed above because they are generally very high on durability.

For maximum durability, your best reliable gas pressure washers will be the ones released by the SIMPSON brand because it is high on technology and durability. Here are the best gas power washers that we have listed after rigorous testing:

  • 1 – SIMPSONPS3228
  • 5 – SIMPSON MS60763-S
  • 3 – SIMPSON MSH3125

However, if you don’t have enough investment at hand and cannot buy these machines that have better technology, we have more cost-effective options for you that will prove to be durable enough. Listed below are some best durable electric pressure washers:

  • 1 – Sun Joe SPX3000
  • 2 – WHOLESUN 3000

Price and Affordability

Another important thing that might be influencing your decision regarding pressure washers, electric vs gas, is that one type comes way cheaper than the other.

Affordability is obviously important but it can be long-term and short-term. If you want a machine that will at least last 5 years, you would do well to go for one of our best reliable gas pressure washers.

They are a very good investment and will not disappoint you in terms of durability either. However, you have to consider investing around 300 dollars instead of the 200 or 150 that you were going to spend on an electric pressure washer vs a gas pressure washer.

Given below are examples of gas-powered washers that are less affordable but better in terms of cost-effectiveness and return on investment:

  • 2 – Westinghouse WPX2700
  • 5 – A-iPower APW2700C

On the other hand, if you need something that covers at least 2-3 years of cleaning for you on the lowest possible investment, we have the best electric washers that are everybody’s favorite yet very cost-effective:

  • 3 – Greenworks 1500 PSI
  • 2 –Westinghouse 2030 PSI

Power Range

A pressure of under 2000 PSI or near it might be enough for regular household cleaning jobs. However, it cannot be trusted with very thick layers of oil and grease or very heavy-duty jobs.

The reason is that this pressure cannot break through all that grime like a pressure of 2500-3200 PSI can. That is why different users have different preferences and requirements with respect to the power range.

We have divided all the best electric and gas pressure washers into three different ranges of power that are suitable for different purposes.

High Power – 2500+ PSI

These pressure washers are more suitable for sticky grime and years-old stains that you only have to wash occasionally at the domestic level.

They come with a variety of pressure adjustments that make them the best versatile power washers for cars too. They can be trusted with a wider cleaning area. Most of our best gas-pressure washers fall into the high-power category.

  • EPW 4 – WHOLESUN 3000 PSI
  • GPW 2 – Westinghouse WPX2700 (2700 PSI)
  • GPW 3 – SIMPSON MSH3125 (3200 PSI)

Medium Power –2000+ PSI

Regular cleaning can easily be pursued with a Medium Power of more than 2000 PSI. Most of the stickiest stains at the domestic level – porch, lawn, patio, driveway – will come off at medium pressure too.

The major plus that these pressure washers can offer you is that they have pressure enough to destroy stains but not your valuable surface. They don’t cause much wear and tear like high-pressure washers, be it electric or gas.

  • Electric Pressure Washer No. 2 – Westinghouse 2030 PSI
  • EPW No. 1 – Sun Joe SPX3000 (2030 PSI)
  • EPW No. 5 – Sun Joe SPX3001 (2030 PSI)

Low Power – 1500+ PSI

Some users are not interested in pressure nearly as much as others. The reason? They clean their surfaces frequently and don’t have accumulated grime, mud, and muck to deal with. For such users, we have this low-power jet spray to make sure all the stains come off in minimum time.

  • EPW 3 – Greenworks 1500 PSI

Water Flow

If you have more surface area to clean in your routine, you may have to look for a gas-pressure washer with a high GPM. Don’t worry, all types of regular cleaning can be pursued with high-power machines that have GPM over 1.5.

Examples of pressure washers with regular domestic cleaning levels of water flow include:

  • 3 – Greenworks1500 PSI
  • 1 – Sun Joe SPX3000 (2030 PSI)
  • 5 – Sun Joe SPX3001 (2030 PSI)

However, when it comes to the fulfillment of special needs that may require you to go for hours cleaning a single lawn, it is better to pick one of these variants that can spray over 2 gallons of water per minute:

  • 1 – SIMPSON PS3228
  • 5 – SIMPSON MS60763-S
  • 3 – SIMPSON MSH3125

Hose, Cord, Detergent Tanks

The parts, attachments, and accessories of your pressure washer are vital for your personal comfort and convenience while you use it.

A hose that is a few feet longer than average like the one in some of our best gas pressure washers like A-iPower APW2700C might be the best thing for you – if your water source isn’t too close to the surface you need to clean.

A detergent bottle like that of our  SIMPSON PS3228 that can carry a full gallon or nearly 4 liters of detergent or soap will also be a major plus if you need to do more work hassle-free.

Similarly, the longer power cords that are included in the packages of Sun Joe SPX3000 and Sun Joe SPX3001 are necessary for people who want more portability and flexibility to go further from the power source.


Do you want a gas or electric pressure washer for cleaning driveways?

Gas pressure washers are more powerful so they are the best option to clean driveways if your budget allows it. They have a higher amount of PSI which is helpful in removing tough stains, dirt, and grime from the driveways.

Why are gas-powered pressure washers more powerful?

Gas pressure washers are more powerful due to their gasoline engine and durable built quality. This is why their engine provides more PSI and GPM compared to electric pressure washers.

Are electric pressure washers powerful enough?

Electric pressure washers are powerful enough for light to medium cleaning tasks. However, gas-pressure washers are generally better suited for heavy-duty tasks as compared to electric washers.

Is an electric pressure washer strong enough to clean concrete?

Yes, electric pressure washers are strong enough to clean concrete, but it depends on their PSI and water flow rate. If your electric pressure washer has 1500 PSI of pressure than you can easily clean your concrete surfaces with it.

Final Verdict

Concluding our discussion, we believe that all of our top 5 electric pressure washers can serve the following types of needs really, really well:

  • In case you have less money at hand to invest in the purchase
  • If you prefer less noise, low emissions, and maximum portability with a lightweight
  • You find gas refills annoying and costly
  • If you are comfortable with replacing the machine within 3-4 years

Our all-rounder from the category of electric pressure washers is WHOLESUN 3000 PSI.

Similarly, people who have the following needs will love one of our top 5 best gas pressure washers in 2023:

  • 5+ years of warrantied comfortable cleaning due to reliability and durability
  • High-power engine with maximum quality in a high-end metal frame
  • Maximum locomotion due to mega wheels of high quality
  • Not having to be limited by a power cord and getting a better, longer water hose
  • Willing to make a safe investment in the purchase
  • Willing to handle gas refills, a bit of noise, and some maintenance too

Our all-rounder among the best gas pressure washers is SIMPSON PS3228.

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