Best Commercial Pressure Washer For Washing Business

Are you not happy with your old commercial pressure washer?

Or do you want a reliable industrial power washer for your newly started washing business?

In any of these cases, we understand your problem and we are happy to give you the best solution from our vast experience in this field.

As you know, pressure washers are highly efficient cleaning appliances at the domestic as well as commercial level. However, commercial pressure washers are generally expected to perform better in heavy work. They have more high-end technology, usability, and durability compared to domestic pressure washers.

We have researched, tested, and reviewed all types of commercial and domestic machines in many different ways. That helped us arrive at conclusive results about the quality of each type.

In the domain of commercial pressure washers, there is no other option instead of gas-powered machines. The reason is that gas-fueled pressure washers generally perform a lot better with their high-end technology and power.

Gas pressure washers may require some maintenance and regular fuel refills but they deliver the most value at the commercial level.

On the other hand, electric variants generally have less power and durability. Therefore, electric pressure washers are mostly more suitable for domestic use.  However, both types of cleaning machines come in a wide variety.

Best Commercial Pressure Washers in 2022

Choosing a power washer for your pressure washing business can be one of the most important steps influencing the success of your business. That is why we suggest that you read our reliable pressure washers reviews before buying a new one.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a list of the best commercial pressure washers for pressure washing businesses after vigorous research and testing.

You can consult our list and buyer’s guide at the end of the article to find what works best for you. Let’s start with our top pick.

1. Champion 4200-PSI 4.0-GPM – Best Pressure Washer For Washing Business

Key Specifications: Style: 4200 PSI + 4.0 GPM + 389cc | Power Source: Gas Powered | Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 49.5 x 23.9 x 28.1 inches | Item Weight: 124.6 Pounds | Hose Length: 50 Feet | Tank Volume: 1 Gallon |Flow Rate 4: Gallons Per Minute |Start Type: Recoil

Champion 4200 PSI is an absolute winner and the best commercial electric pressure washer above 4000 PSI. We loved all the functionality and ease of use combined into a highly durable machine.

Champion 4200-PSI Commercial Gas Pressure Washer

It combines a huge amount of power with exceptional cleaning performance and usability to give you the best experience. This power washer will not let you down, no matter what sort of pressure washing services you need to provide.

Versatile Functioning

Champion 4200 PSI can help you wash quite a lot of different surfaces due to its versatility. It comes with adjustable pressure due to its various quick connect nozzles. You can use those to wash everything from farm and lawn equipment to siding and fences.

Highly Economical and Cost-Effective For Pressure Washing Business

It is also one of the most economical units available for commercial use. You can get quite a lot of functionality under 900 dollars with this powerful fellow. Champion 4200 PSI can offer great value for money to anybody who needs to do a variety of jobs for their clients in routine.

389cc Engine For Power Cleaning

This superb commercial power washer will make sure that you face no hassle at all. It is equipped with a 389cc engine to help you exert enough power for optimum performance continuously. Your clients will definitely be impressed by the sparkling surfaces.

Storage Strap Included

You can easily store this gas-powered machine with its storage strap. Champion 4200 PSI also has huge, durable, automotive-standard wheels to help you move it easily as you clean. You will never have to worry about any flaws in portability or storage convenience.

  • Powerful engine for heavy-duty tasks.
  • 2-year long warranty.
  • Big tires for easy movability.
  • Long 50-inch durable hose.
  • Noisy operation.

2. Simpson MS61033-S 3300 PSI  – Best Commercial Duty Pressure Washer

Key Specifications: Power Source: Gas Powered | Color: Black | Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 32.5 x 21.5 x 23 inches | Max. Pressure: 3300 Pound per Square Inch |Item Weight: 71 Pounds | Hose Length: 25 Feet |Flow Rate: 2.4 Gallons Per Minute

2.5 gallons per minute is a huge amount of water spray for effective and quick cleaning. SIMPSON 3300 PSI comes with a lot of admirable qualities in its design. It has a Honda Engine with Oil Alert for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Simpson 3300 PSI commercial Pressure Washer

You can also enjoy financial security with its 3-year warranty on the engine and longer warranties of 5 and 10 years on the pump and frame. It also features Power Boost Technology for consistent water flow and a highly durable and long water hose.

Honda Engine with Oil Alert

SIMPSON 3300 PSI is the absolute best pressure washer due to its energy-efficient and its ease to maintain the engine. Equipped with a powerful Honda CG190 engine, it runs on gas and keeps cleaning and maintenance in check due to its oil alert system. So, there is no need to keep track of your own.

PowerBoost Technology for Water Flow

The water flow is absolutely exceptional. It is not prone to any obstruction or inconsistency due to the modern PowerBoost Technology featured in this unit. SIMPSON 3300 PSI will certainly keep all the needs of a power washing business covered.

Threaded Fittings in Hose For Its Longer Life

The quality and performance of the water hose are very important for a pressure washer. SIMPSON 3300 PSI features Threaded Fittings in its long water hose to ensure kink-free and smooth water flow. SIMPSON certainly did not hold back on any feature while designing this set.

Optimum Performance Is The Key For Any Business

The performance is superb due to its high level of pressure and fluent water flow. You can even connect multiple nozzles to adjust both these things and wash different surfaces easily. There must be no compromise in business.

  • 10 inch big wheels for easy movement on various terrains
  • Powerful Honda CG190 engine
  • Excellent Value in this price
  • Short wand
  • No built-in hose reel

3. Pressure Pro E4040HC 4,000 PSI Best Pressure Washer For Commercial Use

Key Specifications: Power Source: Gas Powered | Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 22 x 26 inches |Max. Pressure: 4000 Pound per Square Inch | Item Weight: 99 Pounds | Hose Length: 50 Feet | Flow Rate: 4 Gallons Per Minute

Pressure Pro 4000 PSI is a commercial gas pressure washer that delivers what it promises. You will never have any complaints about false marketing or lower PSI than mentioned on the package.

Honda Gas Powered commercial Pressure WasherThis power washer also has a tremendous water flow and the highest warranty we have ever seen in commercial pressure washers – a lifetime guarantee on the frame. That can say a lot about the quality and durability of this unit.

13 Horsepower Honda GX390 Engine

Pressure Pro 4000 PSI runs on an engine designed by Honda – a well-known automotive manufacturer with certified quality in its engineering. It can deliver up to 13 horsepower with its tremendous efficiency and power-loaded setup.

Lifetime Frame Warranty

It is a completely safe investment because all the critical parts are backed by years and years of warranty. The company even offers a lifetime warranty on the industrial-grade frame constructed from aluminum. That makes it a reliable pressure washer for the washing business.

50 Mesh Inlet Filter

The inlet filter has a mesh to make sure that no dirt and dust enter the fuel compartment. You don’t have to deal with a lot of maintenance hassle due to this feature. We loved all the guarantees and protections that this unit arrived with.

Thermosensor to prevent Overheating

You can trust Pressure Pro 4000 PSI to never heat up due to its thermosensor. There will be no efficiency issues with this commercial power washer. You can easily entrust any cleaning job to it, and it will exhibit amazing performance.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely powerful yet quiet operation
  • Professional quality gun and wand
  • Padded Shock absorber to reduce vibrations
  • A special Thermo-sensor protects the engine from overheating.
  • Quite heavier to move
  • A little bit Pricier as compared to similar models

4. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 Honda GC190 – Best Honda Powered Commercial Pressure Washer


Model Number: Simpson MSH3125 | Power Source: Gasoline | Drive Type: Direct Engine: Honda CG190 | Pump Type: OEM Technologies Axial Cam pump
Maximum Pressure: 3200 PSI | Maximum Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
Hose Length: MorFlex® 1/4 in. x 25 ft | Hose Thread: M22 | Quick Connect Tips: 5
Product Weight: 65 lbs | Gun: M22 connection | Wand: QC spray lance
Water Capability: Cold | Detergent Tank: No | Foldable Handle: No
Product Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 35 inches |

SIMPSON has a knack for producing the best variants available in the market. It invests a lot in technology and makes it flawless due to its various certifications and protections. In this product, SIMPSON has installed a high-power engine and pump to deliver 3200 PSI and 2.5 GPM.

Simpson 3200 PSI Power Washer For Business use

Honda GC190 Premium Engine

This commercial gas pressure washer is powered by one of Honda’s top-notch engines. That allows it to deliver enough pressure to remove all types of oil, dust, dirt, and grime from different surfaces without any problem.

You can trust it to handle any surface from metal to plastic because of its adjustable yet average pressure. SIMPSON 3200 PSI will not cause a lot of wear and tear in your clients’ articles that you are subjecting to its 3200 PSI of pressure. That is an important factor that adds some extra versatility.

Up to 5 Years Long Warranties

All the warranties that come with this set are highly reassuring. The frame is guaranteed to last 5 long years due to its durable industrial-grade aluminum. The engine will also be warrantied for 1 year, and the pump can also be used confidently for up to 3 years.

Kink-free & Abrasion Resistant Hose

The hose is highly durable and perfectly crafted with its kink-free and abrasion-resistant material. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary breakdowns and friction in your business when you have this best commercial pressure washer to cover your needs.

Four-ply Premium Pneumatic Tyres – 10 inch

The tires are obviously a very important part of the structure because you have to move your machine continuously as you clean. You can rely on the 10-inch tires that come with SIMPSON 3200 PSI while cleaning your customers’ driveways, patios, porches, and lawns.

  • Powerful and Durable
  • The best product in this price range
  • Maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump
  • No hose reel provided.
  • No onboard soap tank available.

5. SIMPSON PS4240 4200 PSI – Best Gas Pressure Washer For Home Cleaning

Key Specifications: Style: 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM | Brand: Simpson Cleaning| Power Source: Gasoline | Color: Black | Max. Pressure: 4200 Pound per Square Inch | Item Weight: 141 Pounds | Hose Length: 50 Feet | Tank Volume: 1.61 Gallons | Flow Rate: 4 Gallons Per Minute

SIMPSON 4200 PSI has the highest grade, most powerful engine among all the SIMPSON variants that we have tested and reviewed. It can blow 4 GPM of water to make sure that the washing is flawless and thorough. You will be comfortable with the design due to its high usability.

SIMPSON 4200 PSI For Industrial and Heavy Pressure Washing

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

Aircraft-grade aluminum is no joke, judging by the 10-year warranty that SIMPSONS offers on it. The design is super easy to handle and move. The maintenance and skill requirements are very low, so you can use it even if you are just starting out with your business venture.

Honda GX390 Engine & 13” Wheels

We loved both the engine and the wheels quite a lot due to all the power and smoothness that they offered. SIMPSON 4200 PSI will certainly give you a great experience as you go about your job. You can wash and clean hassle-free with its soap nozzle and trigger combined with an extendable wand.

Industrial Triplex Pump

The pump matters a lot for a commercial gas pressure washer because it is the primary mover of the water. Fortunately, SIMPSON 4200 PSI is equipped with an industrial triplex pump to keep you safe from breakdowns and offer optimum performance.

Up to 10 Years Long Warranties

The 10-year frame warranty is a huge relief for businesses who are looking for a durable and cost-effective unit. Similarly, the engine and pump also come with 3 and 5 year warranties respectively. That can ensure a longer life span for your chosen product.

  • Best performance in professional tasks in less time.
  • Powerful Honda engine for smooth operations
  • 13-inch Premium pneumatic wheels
  • A little bit noisy

6. Generac 6924 3600 PSI Gas Pressure Washer – Best Commercial Power Washer

Key Specifications: Style: 3600PSI 49-State/CSA | Brand: Generac | Power Source: Gas Powered | Item Dimensions LxWxH : 40 x 19.2 x 24 inches | Item Weight: 82 Pounds | Hose Length: 30 Feet | Flow Rate: 2.6 Gallons Per Minute

There is little to no maintenance required for this commercial pressure washer. The steel frame is highly durable, and the engine has been engineered flawlessly. Generac 3600 PSI is one of our favorites with respect to locomotion due to its three-wheel design for extra stability. Its wheels are highly durable and quite big as well.

Generac Pressure Washer - Best for business purpose

AR Triplex Pump 

Generac 6924 3600 PSI pressure washer has a heavy-duty AR Triplex pump for highly efficient water pressure. When compared with simple axial pumps, the AR Triplex pump has a long life up to 4 times. As a result, this washer saves you enough bucks for no repairing costs.

5 Gallon Bucket for Detergent

When you are doing a lot of cleaning and washing for multiple customers per day, you will definitely need to carry a lot of detergent or soap around. Refills for a small detergent bottle can become an unwanted waste of time and rhythm-breaker.

That is why Generac 3600 PSI comes with a huge bucket attached on top of it to accommodate all the detergent you will need. You don’t have to waste time in refills due to its 5 Gallons of capacity for detergent or soap. It also has a foam cannon nozzle to spray it separately.

Collapsible Bucket Holder for Compaction

With respect to usability, Generac 3600 PSI is the best commercial pressure washer. It has a collapsible holder for the detergent bucket so that you can easily store it away when you need to transport it. That makes a business a lot easier for you.

3 Wheels for Perfect Locomotion

The three-wheel design is perfect and does not tip easily. You can easily drive your gas pressure washer around as you clean and store it away for transportation. Generac 3600 PSI offers a height of usability at a very economical price.

50 feet Extra Large Hose

The hose is extra-long and highly durable – Generac 3600 PSI has got all the bases covered to provide you with the best experience. We love all of its features and it is highly durable as well.

  • Heavy-duty AR Triplex pump for longer life.
  • Low oil-down for the safety of the engine.
  • Variety of nozzles along with a special soap applicator.
  • The hose length is a little bit short.

7. TEANDE 4200 PSI – Best Commercial Gas Pressure Washer For Concrete Cleaning

Key Specifications: Brand: TEANDE | Color: Black | Power Source: Gas Powered | Hose Length: 20 Feet | Flow Rate: 3 Gallons Per Minute | HIGH PRESSURE: 4200 PSI and 3 GPM of Powerful | ENGINE: 209cc 4-Stroke OHV Engine | Max Water Flow: 3.0GPM | Engine Power (OHV): 7.0 HP | Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.6L

TEANDE 4200 PSI is one of its kind in eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. It also supports a dual detergent tank to increase usability for you. The pressure is immense even for a gas power washer. The water flow is also very high – a massive 3 gallons per minute to help you do more in less time.

TEANDE 4200PSI Commercial Gas Pressure Washer

Dual Detergent Tank – 0.7 L each

This power-loaded machine features a dual detergent tank to make sure that you have space for two different types of chemicals. That is very important on the commercial level where you have to do a lot of cleaning and washing for various different customers.

5 Adjustable Pressure Nozzles

TEANDE 4200 PSI can adjust its pressure to suit the needs of a variety of customers and all the surfaces that they might need to clean. It comes with 5 different nozzles that can spray at different surfaces with variable pressure and width of spray. That can make a lot of things easier for a pressure washing business.

20 ft. Pressure Hose & 11-Inch Wheels

The pressure hose is long enough to go across a wider yard – no matter where the water source is located. TEANDE 4200 PSI also has high-quality wheels that stand 11 inches high. They provide very easy and smooth locomotion across all types of surfaces both rough and smooth.

Unleaded Gasoline Supported

TEANDE 4200 PSI does not emit lead and pollutes the environment. It supports unleaded gasoline to take away the greatest con of having a gas-powered machine – polluting and harmful emissions and added carbon footprint. That was one of the best features.

  • Dual detergent tanks for a perfect washing experience
  • Best quality build
  • Easy assembling
  • The very small pressure hose, limiting movement

8. KranzleUSA K1122TST 1400 PSI- Best Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Key Specifications: Brand Name: KranzleUSA | Current Rating: 15 amps | Material: Alloy Steel | Maximum Flow Rate: 2.0 gallons_per_minute | Power Source Type: Corded-electric | Pressure: 1400 pounds_per_square_inch | Product Dimensions : 35 x 12 x 16 inches; 81 Pounds

Gas-powered variants may be very efficient but electric pressure washers have their own perks. This lightweight and highly portable design allow you to avoid the trouble and costs of gas refills. You can wash safely without polluting the atmosphere as well. It allows you to use electricity as a cheap and readily available power source.

KranzleUSA Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Automatic On-Off System

It is our favorite commercial electric pressure washer with an automatic on-off system that can give you the smoothest running. Unlike its gas counterparts, KranzleUSA 1400 PSI also does not create any noise. You can easily rely on it to be safer, more reliable, and equally durable.

GFI Protected Power Cord

The power cord and plug have a protective GCFI lining to make sure you can complete your job safely. They will not leak or cause any hazards related to electricity and water intermixing. You can sit back and relax while your lightweight electric pressure washer goes about its job.

50’ Wire Braided Hose – Hose Reel Included

KranzleUSA 1400 PSI comes with a highly durable and wire braided hose that is long enough to cross a yard. It also has a hose reel to help you avoid the hassle of disentangling your water hose every single time you take it out. It will keep the equipment assembled neatly and ready for use.

Turbo Nozzle

The turbo nozzle allows for faster cleaning. You can easily resort to this specialized nozzle to deliver to your customers on an urgent basis. That will be a major addition to your business services that KranzleUSA 1400 PSI can help you with. Also, the pressure of 1400 PSI is ideal for domestic cleaning jobs.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide

You have gone through many commercial pressure washer reviews above, and all of them have different features and specialties. Now it is time to compare their characteristic features and value for money in real-time.

You might have realized at this point that there is an ideal set of features that you need in your pressure washing unit. All of these power washers come with different pros and cons for different users according to their business scope and requirements.

We can help you discern among the pressure washers reviewed above in terms of need fulfillment with respect to each one of them. Let us see what machine works best for your business based on your individual and unique set of requirements.


A commercial gas pressure washer must have a high power – that is the common belief. However, it may not hold in all cases. You need to thoroughly review your market and its needs to find a machine that suits them.

You will need a high power machine only if:

  • Your customers prioritize power
  • You often face stubborn and sticky oil and grease
  • Most of your work involves surfaces that are tough and not very prone to wear and tear
  • You are expected to deal with dirty concrete pavements more than you need to deal with dirty porch furniture
  • Your customers don’t judge on the basis of resultant wear and tear

If all these points apply to your market, you can easily choose one of our best and highest-powered variants like 1# Champion 4200 PSI, 7# TEANDE 4200 PSI, and 5# SIMPSON 4200 PSI.

4200 PSI is an immense level of pressure that can tear through the most stubborn grease and deal with the hardest surfaces. It will give your clients ultimate satisfaction and relief from all the grime-coated surfaces.

However, if your market seems to be inclined towards the washing of mildly stained surfaces that are more prone to wear and tear, you may need a different unit. One of our average or light pressure variants is the best choice for you in that case. Examples include:

  • 4# SIMPSON 3200 PSI
  • 2# SIMPSON 3300 PSI
  • 8# KranzleUSA 1400 PSI


When you are going to choose a suitable commercial electric pressure washer for your business, you need to consider many different features. These features can affect your level of customer retention and acquisition. They can decide just how useful your service is, for your clients.

Some of these important usability related features are listed below.

  • Does your machine have detergent tanks – dual or single? Attached or not? How capacious?
  • What is the quality and size of its wheels?
  • Is the design easy to move and store for relocation?
  • Does it require frequent maintenance?
  • How noisy or energy efficient is your power washer?
  • Can you adjust the pressure with nozzles?
  • Can you increase the speed of your work by a turbo nozzle?
  • How long and durable are the power cord and hose?

Locomotion is a very important part of every business that is offering service to clients at their houses. That is why all these things contribute a lot to the quality of experience you have both on your end and your customers’ end.

For higher usability, you can resort to variants like 3# Pressure Pro 4000 PSI, 6# Generac 3600 PSI, and 7# TEANDE 4200 PSI. All of these can offer a highly satisfactory experience for a business.


As we explained in the power section, your clients may have highly versatile requirements in terms of pressure washing. They may have anything from lawn and farm equipment to grass-stained sneakers and barbecue grills ready for a spray.

That is why you will need a machine that is compatible with various different types of surfaces. 1# Champion 4200 PSI is our top pick with respect to versatility. It can adjust the pressure to wash many different types of surfaces and performs well on all of them.


There are 6 things you must note when checking the quality of technology in your pressure washer. All of them come in various different types and efficiency levels.

  1. Engine or Motor
  2. Frame
  3. Pump
  4. Wheels
  5. Cord and Hose
  6. Wand, Trigger, and Nozzles

Our best variants are equipped with Honda engines with several horsepower that they can potentially generate. You can try 5# SIMPSON 4200 PSI, 3# Pressure Pro 4000 PSI, and 2# SIMPSON 3300 PSI for the highest quality in all of the aspects listed above.


The durability can easily be judged by the warranties available with the machine. For example, the 3# Pressure Pro 4000 PSI comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame. That means the company is confident about its product.

Similarly, many other products in our list come with specifically mentioned 3-10 year warranties on different important parts. That means you are investing in a highly durable machine that will not let your service become substandard at any point.

Final Verdict

Different businesses serve different types of markets. Their needs are customized according to market demand. That is why we are recommending different products for different businesses.

If you are just starting out and have a limited investment, 1# Champion 4200 PSI can serve your needs in a highly economical yet perfect way.

If you need the best you can get, you can confidently choose 5# SIMPSON 4200 PSI. It is the absolute winner in terms of both technology and usability.

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