How To Convert Pressure Washer Into Sewer Jetter?

Simpson Pressure Washer

It is a commonly occurring problem that sewers and drainpipes get clogged due to the buildup of different stuff. The reason can be a buildup of objects like sanitary pads that don’t get dissolved or other paper-based sanitary products. It can also be various other types of obstructions caused by dirt, hair, grease. Sewer obstructions … Read more

How To Repair Pressure Washer Hose?

Repair Pressure Washer Hose

Your pressure washer typically uses a gas engine or electric motor. It generates the force to drive pressurized water through your hose and out through your nozzle onto the surface to be cleaned. That subjects the high-pressure hose to a lot of stress. Therefore, when you have been using the same pressure washer for a … Read more

How To Wash An RV With A Pressure Washer?

Wash An RV With A Pressure Washer

Washing an RV can be very different from washing a regular automotive like your good old car. RVs are like an entire house packed into a large bus, and they have a different structure with different washing requirements. Most car washes don’t offer great RV washing service. Hence, it is important for RV owners to … Read more

How to use an Electric Pressure Washer?

How to use an Electric Pressure Washer

Learn How to Use an Electric Pressure Washer For A Fantastic Job of Blasting Dirt Away. With time, like every other household work, cleaning takes more time than we have. Pressure washers are incredibly efficient, and there are many pressure washer uses for household purposes. It is wise spending and speeds up a range of … Read more