Best washing machines for RVs. When you are living in an RV, condo, or sharing space with your roommates, you need to make sure that each appliance occupies less space. Hand washing is very difficult and often ineffective when you are traveling.

That is why most people look for a smaller washing unit that they can accommodate easily on their ride. There are various types of washing machines or tools devised to help people get rid of handwashing easily while on their RVs and campers.

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Can I get a cheap and best washing machine for RV?

It is important that you find a cost-effective and affordable washing machine for RV or condo. When you are living independently or moving for adventures, you don’t need one of those fancy units that cost hundreds of dollars. You can easily get a cheaper, smaller, and very easy-to-use washing machine for personal use.

However, it is quite a tough challenge to find the best washing machine for an RV without any experience or information. That is why we are here to help you through the process. If you don’t know what variety you can get at what price, you are more likely to choose the wrong product – something with great advertisements but substandard quality.

Do compact and portable washing machines for RV last long enough?

Affordability is obviously a top priority, but you need to choose a machine that also lasts long enough. Finding something that works best for your laundry and allows you to keep up with your schedule is also important. We have tested hundreds of different portable washing machines to come up with the most lightweight, cost-effective, and durable ones for you.

Best Washing Machines for RVs

When you are living in an RV, you have to remain on the move most of the time. That is why portability might be the most important aspect to you because you need something that you can just pick up and take anywhere with you. So check our top 10 best washing machines for RV to find the one that will suit your particular needs.

1. COSTWAY 6.6 lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Best For Campers And RVs

COSTWAY 6.6 lbs. is one of the most compact units on the market that give you an amazing performance during your trip. It comes with a translucent design that we loved a lot. Being a single tub washer, it comes with a spin function too. Costway is also one of the quickest machines in getting the job done – only 10 minutes of wash time and 5 minutes of spin time.

COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

Clear Lid for Easy Monitoring

When you are using a washer that has a clear lid to help you monitor your laundry, that makes things much simpler and smoother. We loved the entire design for its great quality and durability. The look is also great, it will complement your RV very nicely.

Super Quick – 10 Min Wash Cycle

With COSTWAY 6.6 lbs., you will do your laundry in a reasonable time and easily enjoy your camping. It has the shortest wash cycle among all of the washing machines that we have tested, and it will never let you down in terms of efficiency as well. We also loved the affordability and cost-effectiveness of COSTWAY 6.6 lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine; it is quite a bargain.

Rubber Foot Caps for Perfect Balance

Stability can be a problem especially when you have to run the washing machine in an RV instead of stable space. That is why COSTWAY 6.6 lbs. is well-liked for its rubber foot caps that keep it stable despite the regular vibration caused by the wash and spin cycles.

Easy to Use Drain Tube

The drain tube is high quality and really easy to use, you can connect it to a drain and make sure that all the dirty water is out as soon as you are done. COSTWAY 6.6 lbs. is one of the easiest to use washing machines for RV.

2. Best Washing Machine for RV and Camping ROVSUN 16.6LBS Twin Tub Portable Washer

ROVSUN 16.6 lbs. is one of the most capacious units that you can use in an RV, condo, apartment, or a smaller laundry column. It will help you take care of enough laundry to last you longer if you are the only user. You can also share it with 2 to 3 people and still get by pretty easily.

ROVSUN 16.6LBS Portable Washing Machine

You can also adjust the timer according to your needs to make sure that you can get the job done quickly. For example, sometimes you just want a light wash cycle to make sure that the clothes have a neater or fresher feel. So, you can use a shorter wash or spin cycle for lightly soiled clothing.

1300 RPM for Great Speed

That’s quite a lot of speed for a washing machine that is so compact and designed for an RV or condo. You will usually get products with RPM around 300 in this range of affordability but ROVSUN 16.6 lbs. just made everything so much better.

360 Degree Bidirectional Rotation

When your clothes are being rotated at the right speed and in the right way, that ensures maximum cleaning efficiency for you. You can trust this machine to keep you happy with your laundry in every way.

Easy to Operate

You will have one of the easiest control panels with ROVSUN 16.6 lbs. Using it is as easy as a quick filling, dumping the clothes in it, and just setting the timer to your preferred cycle. The twin tub design is perfect for doing more in less time.

Best for Delicates

ROVSUN 16.6 lbs. is the best choice for washing delicates like baby clothes, socks, undergarments, and nightwear. It takes care of all the stains very gently and perfectly.

3. Giantex 13lbs Best Twin Tub Mini Clothes Washer For Campers and RV.

Giantex 13 lbs. is the best washing machine for camping because of its capacious interior and highly durable design. It can be moved around very easily and is very lightweight. We loved the usability and the cleaning efficiency as well.

Giantex Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

Giantex 13 lbs. twin tub portable washing machine is again one of those machines that give you more features than most others and provide you with lots of usabilities as well. It offers great value for money and makes life easier for sure.

More Powerful than Most Others

1300 RPM is a huge amount of power for a compact washing machine like Giantex 13 lbs., and we loved using it in every way. It took all the stains off in no time and gave us a very happy user experience.

Long Drainage Pipe & Inlet

Water filling and drainage are very complicated or troublesome for some small washing machines. However, Giantex 13 lbs. solves the problem by giving you longer hoses for both purposes and equipping them with filter nets. That makes washing much more convenient.

Quick and Compact

It is not only compact and very lightweight but also quick at its job. We loved the efficiency with which it removed all the tough stains even in the 15 minutes wash cycle. There is an option for a spin cycle too, and that takes only 10 minutes.

Great Value for Money

The price of Giantex 13 lbs. matches so well with the features that we would choose this machine any day for use in an RV, camp, or condo. It doesn’t get any better than this, seriously. The durability and ease of use are amazing. We also liked all the features available despite the fact that it is a compact version of the larger, heavy duty sets.

4. TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine For Campers

TACKLIFE created this machine to deal with heavier workloads. If you have a smaller family, you can easily use its capacity to take care of all the laundry. It also offers enough usability and speed to make sure that you are happy with it throughout your experience. Unlike many other machines, it also came with all of the required accessories and basic systems.

TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs Washing Machine

Soak Function Available

A soak function is something that even much more expensive machines might not offer. It is a very important feature of a washing machine that amps up its power to remove tough stains from your clothes. TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs. mini portable washing machine and spinner comes with a soak function to help you wash perfectly in no time.

Capacious and Efficient

TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs. is the most capacious machine that we have reviewed in this article yet, and it is inevitably the best fit for a small family. An individual might be fine with a capacity of around 5 lbs. or so but when there are two to three people living together, more space is required.

Separate Timer Controls for Bath Tubs

You can set the timer of your washtub to any time up to 15 minutes and enjoy stress-free laundry. The wash and dry cycles have different timers that you can use to make sure that everything is on time. TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs. is much quicker and more powerful than most of the rest.

Filter Net, Hose, and Two Water Inlets

As we have mentioned above, it doesn’t lack any accessories that you might need to do your laundry in the best way possible. A filter net, hose, and two water inlets are added to the package to make sure that you can use it easily and comfortably.

5. ROVSUN 10 LBS  Mini Washer for Home and RV.

ROVSUN 10 lbs. is one of the best washing machines for RV  that we have tried so far both with respect to the average capacity and good usability. You can use it comfortably in a camp, condo, apartment, or RV. It fits really well due to its compact design with twin tubs.

ROVSUN 10 LBS Portable Washing Machine

ROVSUN 10 lbs. has more functionality than many others, and it is not a bad deal for its price either. We loved the usability and lack of noise or vibration to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of a home.

1300 RPM Motor

Again, the motor gives blasting performance. You will never be disappointed with the speed of cleaning that ROVSUN 10 lbs. can give you. It takes off all kinds of stains from the clothes in no time and gives you peace of mind.

Twin Tub Design

The twin tubs are perfect for people who want to do laundry faster than fast. You can wash and spin at the same time to make sure that you are always on time. ROVSUN 10 lbs. also comes with separate timers for both – a quick 15-minute wash cycle and a 10-minute dry cycle to make life easier.

Reduces Noise 

When you are buying a washing machine, you need to make sure that it is perfectly balanced and noiseless. Otherwise, a vibrating and buzzing washer will keep bugging you when you are trying to focus and ruin the calm of your domestic environment.

Great Value for Money

ROVSUN 10 lbs. mini twin tub compact washing machine is very affordable for all the specs that it offers. All of its features stack up really well against the competition. We loved the usability and comfort that it leverages for users while on an RV.

If you want to read about a quite larger portable washing machine from the Kuppet brand, click at the link here: Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine 26 lbs. 

6. DENSORS Single Tub Portable Clothes Washer For Small Clothes Like Socks

Densors 1.2 kg portable washer is highly unique in its design. You can easily place it in any narrow space of your RV due to the compaction. It is perfect for smaller families and individuals. You can easily trust it with light and heavy loads of all types.

DENSORS Single Tub Washer

We loved the smart design and easy-to-use control panel. Densors 1.2 kg washing machine is best for delicates like baby clothes, socks, and nightwear. It comes with a great drainage system to complement the great cleaning efficiency.

Conserves Power

In addition to being capacious and easy to use, Densors 1.2 kg helps you cut down on your electricity bill by consuming much less power compared to a traditional washing machine. It has a very simple and quick functioning that saves a lot of power on each wash and spin cycle.

Easy to Use In an RV

The control panel is so simple that anybody can comprehend it easily. This is also very portable machine, and you can always pick it up and shift it whether you are female or male. The process is as simple as filling the tub with water, putting the clothes in, setting the timer, and turning it on.

Translucent Body and Lid

You can monitor each load due to the translucent body and lid of your machine. It makes doing laundry much easier and more convenient. You don’t have to hang around and wait for it to finish. You will get an update whenever you look in to check the condition of the laundry.

High Efficiency Washing Machine For Your RV

Like most of our favorite washing machines, it can do more in less time and take the stains away without much pain or hassle for you. Densors 1.2 kg portable washing machine is an absolute winner among RV washing machines. You can easily accommodate it in a limited space and use it for any laundry-related purpose.

7. Portable Hand Powered High-Efficiency Washer For RVs and Campers

The innovative Breathing Mobile Washer can be the best handheld washer for camping because it is the most portable one that we have tried yet. It is a very simple hand-operated tool that uses a smart air and water suction system to draw water in and out of your clothes and clean their stains.

Breathing Mobile Washer

When you are buying this smart tool, forget all about space and capacity. Just place all of your clothes in a tub or a sink, fill it with water and put it over the clothes to start sucking water in and out of the laundry. Get rid of handwashing and scrubbing with this smart and affordable tool instead of a square unit with a washing tub.

Highest Portability

The Breathing Mobile Washer increases the portability and makes sure that you won’t have any trouble storing or moving your washing machine. It is collapsible and fits easily into any bag or trunk.

Hand Operated

It saves your hands from the usual labor of scrubbing and cleaning as well as exposure to harmful chemicals in detergent. You can use it easily and quickly on any amount of clothes without the limit of capacity either. Spend as much time as you have to, in order to rid the clothes of every stain. Everything is in your control.

Conserves Water, Electricity, and Detergent

When you are operating it with your hands only, there is no electricity that it is going to consume. Another important benefit of the Breathing Mobile Washer is that it conserves water and reduces it to an amount even lower than the one used in hand washing.

Collapsible and Easy to Assemble

Due to its collapsible design and easy operation, you can very easily assemble it and place it anywhere. Laundry is a complete breeze with Breathing Mobile Washer. We loved the curious, innovative design and the ease of use.

8. The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washer.

The Laundry Alternative is a top-notch washing machine for an RV because of its highly stable and easy-to-use design. You don’t need any electricity or even a continuous water source to use it. The hand crank operation is perfectly smooth, economical, and easy to use.

Wonderwash Non-electric Washer

We loved the brilliant idea of having a closed container to wash clothes in but also not having to waste much water, electricity, or energy doing hand scrubbing. The Laundry Alternative is the best idea to get rid of tiresome hand scrubbing routines, and it is also as compact as any other machine.

Non-Electric, Hand Crank

When you are living in an RV, electricity might not be the most frequently or abundantly available resource. That is why the hand crank design of The Laundry Alternative is best for people who want to get rid of handwashing but accommodate a usable machine in their RV.

Water Conservation

Unlike electric washing machines and even hand washing, it uses a lot less water. You just fill it once and you can use the hand crank function continuously to scrub off stains from all of your clothes.

Ideal Option for Delicates

Because of its gentle and easy manage the operation, The Laundry Alternative is the best choice for delicates like underwear, socks, baby clothes, and nightwear. Everything is under your own control and you are the key decision-maker for the amount of scrubbing that you want to subject the clothes to.

3 Year Warranty

3 years of unbeatable warranty helps you make a safer investment and be more confident in using the machine. You don’t have to worry about any breakdowns because of the longer warranty.

9. As Seen On TV Wonder Portable Mini Clothes Washing Machine For Campers

As Seen on TV is a very smart solution to routine laundry when you don’t have space to accommodate bigger units. It takes usability to a whole new level with a lot of innovation and adds durability to top it off. You can trust it to provide you with easy stain removal properties and water conservation as well.

As Seen On TV Wonder Washer

Carrying Handle Included

You can pick it up and take it anywhere you need to, without any hassle at all. As Seen on TV is the most portable washing machine for condos and RVs when it comes to bigger washers with capacious tubs. You can place it anywhere and it will function in a stable and quiet way.

No Water Source Required

As Seen on TV doesn’t need a constant water supply, so you don’t need to connect it to a drainpipe or water inlet, no extra hassle at all. Just fill the tub, put the clothes in it, and turn it on. You can also store it away due to its few connections.

Easy of Use

Since it includes a carrying handle, you don’t have to worry about portability. The controls are also easier to use than most others, and it is a very lightweight unit that you can always carry around.

Great Stain Removal

As Seen on TV takes off tough stains in no time. You don’t have to go through the effort of handwashing or having to manage a larger, more troublesome unit. You can just take out this small and handsome unit and use it for any amount of laundry due to its 10-liter capacity.

10. ZENY Portable Small Semi-Automatic Compact Washer for RV and Apartment.

ZENY 8.9 lbs. has just the right capacity to be a good fit for two people sharing a room, RV, condo, or apartment. It is one of the best RV washing machines that we have had experience with – both with regard to speed and power.

ZENY Portable Mini Washing Machine

It includes all of the required accessories, and we love the ease of use and flexibility. You can trust it to take care of your delicates and scrub all the stains off of your bedding and routine wear. ZENY 8.9 lbs. compact washing machine has a dryer function included in it with a spin basket that you can place in it instead of the washtub.

Spin Basket Included

Having a spin basket makes sure that you can dry your clothes in the same machine after washing them. Often, compact, single tub washing machines designed for condos and RVs don’t have this function. However, ZENY 8.9 lbs. does not disappoint in terms of drying either.

Lightweight and Portable

Due to its 8.9 lbs. capacity, ZENY portable washing machine occupies very little space in your room or apartment. It will certainly not cram your living space or make things hard for you. Any petite woman can carry it around very easily, making it a great machine in terms of portability as well.

Gravity Drain System

A gravity drain system is important in helping you get rid of excess water easily. You have to hold the machine or its pipe over a drain to help it flush out the dirty water after you have washed your clothes. That helps you keep the appliance clean and free of germs.

15 Min Spin and Wash Cycle

The wash and spin cycles are both very short and don’t take too much time. With most machines, the spin cycle is shorter than the wash cycle, and customers can’t enjoy a very flexible experience. However, with ZENY 8.9 lbs., you’re in complete control because you can set the timer for the spin cycle up to 15 minutes too – other machines offer 5 to 10-minute spin or dry cycles.

Best Washing Machine For RVs Buyers Guide

When you are looking for the best option for your RV, you need to make sure that it aligns with your specific needs. Different compact washing machines have different features, so we are going to discuss many of the important features here in this buyers’ guide.

You can use these metrics to compare different products and judge their ability to meet your needs. They are the main qualities of washers that have to stack up against each other to help you derive the value for money. So, doing the calculation of cost-effectiveness will be easier after reading this guide.


The most important thing that will influence your experience with an RV washing machine is capacity. Before you decide on an ideal or suitable range of capacity for your RV, you need to see how many people are with you on the RV. For example, if you are living as an individual, a 5 to 10 lb. capacity will work fine for you. Examples include Number 10 – ZENY 8.9 lbs. and Number 1 – COSTWAY 5.5 lbs.

On the other hand, if you are living as a couple, maybe you should look for 7 to 13 lb. Examples are Number 5 – ROVSUN 10 lbs. and number 3 – Giantex 13 lbs. If you have 3 to 4 people at home who need to get their laundry done through the same washer, you would do well with a washer that can hold more than that. Examples include Number 4 – TACKLIFE 17.6 lbs. and Number 2 – ROVSUN 16.6 lbs.

You need to have at least this much capacity to be able to wash all of your clothes easily. Otherwise, you will be dealing with too many loads.

Design Of the Portable Washing Machine

The design decides just how compact or portable your machine is, how much it weighs, etcetera. You need to decide according to your lifestyle and living space. If you are looking for a machine that can fit in a rather small room or RV without creating a crammed outlook, you will need a single tub washer like Number 10 – ZENY 8.9 lbs. as it occupies less space. It can be the best washing machine for camp.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is decided by various parts of the structure as well as the functioning. For example, there is a washing machine in our list that you don’t have to connect to a water source at all. That’s Number 9 – As Seen on TV 10L. That can be the best option for you if you need to keep a small machine that you can easily store away too.

Similarly, there are hand-operated options both in the form of a collapsible tool which is Number 7 – Breathing Mobile Washer, and a hand crank washer called Number 8 – The Laundry Alternative 5 lbs. Both of these don’t need an electricity source at all. They are affordable and very easy to use, a simple alternative to hand washing.

Final Verdict

All of the machines offer you different levels of ease compared to hand washing when you are spending time in an RV. There are a few options that serve as affordable alternatives to hand washing that can improve things by saving your hands from the scrubbing without causing lots of problems.

They don’t need an electricity source or a water supply, and they can be a delightful experiment to replace hand washing – Number 7 – Breathing Mobile Washer and Number 8 – The Laundry Alternative 5 lbs.

On the other hand, we have perfectly designed, compact twin tub washers that can serve your needs really well if you just want an efficient mini version of the larger washer, dryer combos. They include Number 5 – ROVSUN 10 lbs. and Number 3 – Giantex 13 lbs. If you need something that takes up less space and has a single tub design but still gives you an option to spin dry clothes, you can go for Number 10 – ZENY 8.9 lbs.


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