Top 10 Best Washing Machines For Camping, Traveling And RVs

Like any other equipment, you pick before planning a camping trip with your friends or family, picking the best washing machine for camping is essential if you want to make the most of your camping trip.

Following are the 10 best washing machines for camping, traveling, and RVs which we have reviewed after testing more than 25 washing machines from the market. These are the best ones according to their sizes, functions, and features they offer in their price range.

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1. Ransmile Portable Folding Washing Machine – Best Camping Washing Machine

Ransmile designed this mini folding washer to offer the most comforting laundry experience to any person who has limited space. It is the ideal camping washer and dryer in many ways, not just one. In addition to being lightweight, it is highly durable.

Ransmile Portable Folding Washing Machine

The stain cleaning performance was amazing, and we enjoyed the easy-to-use controls. All in all, it offers great value for the sum you would pay for it.

Very Compact with Ecofriendly Design

The material that it is made out of is eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can trust it to give you the best experience with its compact body and lightweight design. It is a third-generation portable washer which means that the company added a lot of features and made a lot of edits to the customary portable washer.

360 Degree Blue Light Irradiation

With the Ransmile mini folding washer, most of your camping-related stress will be gone. You can trust its 360-degree, double-sided blue light to give you a highly reassured and relaxed experience. It is also not the noisiest of machines with an average of 58 dB of running noise.

High Durability Despite Folding

Ransmile mini folding washer has been tested and proven to last much longer than any other comparable product. It can be folded 5000 times without a single scratch on the body. The voltage supported by the Ransmile mini folding washer is 100 to 240 volts which is the ideal range for 90% of the world.

Very Comforting User Experience

Along with an innovative and beautiful design, it has a very quiet running and easy portability. That makes the overall user experience worth the money spent on it. It is the ideal machine that you would buy for a very calm and relaxed atmosphere on your camping trips. However, it may be a bit smaller than most others and hence less capacious.

2. The Laundry Alternative – Best Non-Electric Washing Machine For Camping And Travelling

Washing clothes while camping can be a highly stressful process when you don’t have many options except hand washing or an expensive, smelly laundromat. We’ve all been there, and having a portable washer can solve most of the problems for people who can’t afford or accommodate bigger variants.

Laundry Alternative Non-electric washer

Wonderwash offers you this hand-operated alternative that you can use without going out of your way with using an electricity supply or anything. It is a very simple tool to get rid of handwashing and laundromats both in an effective and much more efficient manner.

Ecofriendly – No Electricity Required

Since Wonderwash Laundry Alternative does not require much electricity to run, you will never have a lot to worry about. It is highly economical as a laundry option, and it does not strain your budget either. Get ready for affordable laundry and say goodbye to your regular laundromat any day.

Compact and Lightweight

The size is the best part since many people living in RVs, camps, apartments, and condos don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to a washer. Managing laundry becomes easy with Wonderwash Laundry Alternative which has all the efficiency that you will ever need. It does not occupy much space or cause a lot of hassle.

Easy to Operate by Hand

Operation by hand is one of the most preferred methods for people especially when they are out on a camping trip. The reason is that having a source of electricity is very rare on such an occasion and laundromat trips become inevitable because of that.

Best for Delicates

You can easily use Wonderwash Laundry Alternative to wash baby clothes, undergarments, socks, and nightwear along with anything else that is lacy or too delicate for a rough and tough wash cycle. It is not designed to deal with tougher or more heavily stained fabric too often.

3. EasyGo Hand Powered Clothes Washing Wand – Best Camp Washer

EasyGoProducts has introduced one of these revolutionary washing tools that offer you much easier laundry than a hand washer and much cheaper laundry than a standard washing machine. It is a Hand Powered Wand that you can use to suck water in and out of your clothes while they are placed in a tub or sink.

EasyGo Hand Powered Clothes Washing Wand

The rinsing is exceptional and offers great stain removal while sparing your hands much of the struggle. It does not use electricity and also conserves water and detergent, unlike washing machines. EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand would be the first choice for anybody who is hesitating to buy a proper washer just for camping trips.

Hand Operated

When you hold your washing machine in your hand and operate it, things are much more under your personal control. You get to decide what gets lots of rinsing and what gets a gentler wash. You can also set the pace and don’t have to wait around.

The Most Portable Design

After all, what more could you ask for if your washer fits into a box measuring 8” by 8”. There is nothing that can be more compact or easy to carry around than the EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand. You can trust it to give you lots of space for other appliances that you may want to carry along anywhere you go.

Affordable and Easy to Use

When wondering how to wash clothes when camping, you would be thinking about long periods of hand washing and rinsing. Then you would be worried about switching from hand washing to an expensive appliance that consumes expensive resources like electricity, detergent, and water.

EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand takes all that pain away by letting you wash easily without using electricity, investing a lot in a washer, or getting your hands bruised.

Shovel Shaped Handle

The handle of the EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand is just like that of a shovel that you would use on your lawn. It allows for a very comfortable grip while you apply suction on your laundry. While it may not be the most efficient, it certainly is the cheapest way to do laundry while camping.

4.  SUPER DEAL 5.7 lbs Compact Mini Washer – Best Portable Camping Washing Machine

Camp laundry can be one of the toughest jobs to undertake when you don’t have the right washer to take along. SUPERDEAL has introduced a compact machine weighing a mere 11 lbs. with a single tub design, you can use both for washing and drying.

SUPER DEAL 5.7 lbs Compact Mini Washers

That is a feature that differentiates it from the hand-operated machines we have discussed above. It is completely automatic and takes all of the burdens off your shoulders at little cost to your budget. That makes it a very cost-effective option among portable washers that you can consider buying for camping trips.

Saves Water, Electricity, and Detergent

While it is not hand-operated and runs in a completely automatic fashion, it certainly doesn’t add much to your electricity, water, or grocery expenses. Conserving all kinds of resources is something that SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs. is really good at. It won’t add much to your bills and make your life easier anyway.

Compact Countertop Design

While the design is compact enough to be used on countertops, it comes with all the required accessories and functionalities are to be floor-mounted too. You can trust the pump that comes with SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs. to draw up as much water as you need.

Faucet Hooking Hose

The hose hooks directly to a sink faucet, and you can just turn it on and off to start and stop filling water in SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs. washer automatically. There is ultimately no hassle involved in water filling or drainage. SUPERDEAL has made this product worth the money you invest in it.

Detachable Spin Basket

The spin basket is detachable, and you can use it for a dry or spin cycle anytime. SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs. is the perfect companion that helps you in both washing and drying your clothes – but it can’t do both at the same time like twin tubs.

5. SUPER DEAL 9 lbs Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine – Best Camping Washer Dryer Combo

9 lbs. are sufficient capacity to help you get rid of all the laundry that you have accumulated in a few days. SUPERDEAL 9 lbs. won’t let you down even if you have to share the washer with a couple of roomies. It is the ideal machine with sufficient capacity to help you forget all about your laundromat. All in all this is the best budget washing machine for all purpose.

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

The accessories are durable and perfectly easy to use. You don’t have to worry about any noise or vibration either. SUPERDEAL 9 lbs. has an amazing balance. It won’t let you down in terms of energy efficiency or stain removal power either.

Separate Wash & Spin Timers

That is one feature that distinguishes SUPERDEAL 9 lbs. from various other competitors in the market. You can set a timer separately for the washer and dryer and do both things simultaneously. Even the washer has a 4.4 lbs. capacity to make sure that you can do lesser loads.

The wash cycle is 15 minutes at the maximum, while the spin cycle takes 5 minutes at the maximum. Running both at the same time will help you get rid of more loads quickly. You won’t get a more convenient set of features at this price.

Gravity Friendly Design

The heavy bottom of the beautifully designed twin tubs and the lightweight top can keep it much more stable against gravity despite the vibration that it would undergo during wash cycles. That is a unique feature that you won’t find in many other washers for camping.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can be a major issue if your portable and apparently lightweight machine sucks out enough power to add 20% to your electricity and water bills. That is why SUPERDEAL 9 lbs. has a functioning that conserves power, water, and detergent.

2 Deep Rinses on All Cycles

The True Rinse technology makes sure that your stains are gone in no time. Unlike some machines that flunk the hard parts, SUPERDEAL 9 lbs. did not cut corners with its various wash and rinse functions.

6. ZenStyle 9.9 LB Twin Tub Mini Top Load Washer – Best Washing Machine For RV

Camp laundry has never been easier than it was with ZENSTYLE 9.9 lbs. throughout our experience. While being capacious enough to stomach heavier loads, it gave us a hassle-free experience. The sleek body shape adds to the décor of your domestic space, and the compact design makes it perfect for an RV, apartment, camp, or condo.

ZenStyle 9.9 LB Twin Tub Washer

ZENSTYLE 9.9 lbs. is one of the most power-loaded washers that you can get in this price range and offers great value for money. You won’t find such an amazingly high RPM in many of the portable washers you find for RV, condo, or camp.

6.7 ft. Inlet Hose

The inlet hose is long enough for you to place it at a convenient distance from the water source and still have a great time doing laundry. ZENY 9.9 lbs. is capacious and equipped with the right accessories to maintain maximum hygiene too.

1300 RPM Motor

The motor has an amazing amount of power that it exhibits with a very high speed of rotation. At this pace, you can enjoy stress-free laundry with the guarantee that your clothes will be free of stains in no time.

Translucent Twin Tub Design

With its twin tub design, it can offer you one of the most compact cloth dryers for camping. The body is translucent to help you stay updated on what’s going on inside.

Sufficient Capacity

9.9 lbs. are among the highest capacities you can find in one of our best washing machines for camping and RVs. It is certainly amazing with the number of clothes that you can wash and dry at the same time and in one go – definitely a bargain at such a low price. However, some people might have an issue accommodating it due to its twin tubs.

7. COMFEE’ Full-Automatic 0.9 cu.ft Portable Washer – Best Fully Automatic Camping Washing Machine

COMFEE 0.9 Cubic ft. is one of those few machines that bring you all the comfort of a standard domestic washer and dryer combo while keeping it compact and lightweight. You can trust it to give you the best experience based on the technology that it uses – COMFEE is a well-recognized brand in high-end washing machines too.

COMFEE Portable Washing Machine

The cost of this machine is way too extraordinary for a product with this many features which is still compatible with an RV, condo, apartment, or camp. We loved the cleaning power along with the LED screen and the dazzling exterior.

The Perfect Sleek Look

A metallic finish adds more glamor to its sleek design and makes it perfect for a nicely decorated interior. It certainly won’t look old-fashioned, ugly, or cheap in your living space. The price of this machine is much lower than other machines with such beautiful exteriors, so onlookers will certainly be amazed.

Auto Unbalance Detection

We have heard of suction cups helping washers stick to the floor and gravity-friendly designs preventing them from tipping over but this is again on a higher end. The auto unbalance technology in COMFEE 0.9 Cubic ft. can make sure that your machine does not lose its balance at all through a proactive approach.

2 Built-in Rollers

The built-in rollers ensure improved cleaning for all types of fabric. COMFEE 0.9 Cubic ft. certainly does not compromise the scrubbing or rinsing that your clothes would have to receive for perfect stain removal.

5 Wash Cycles

5 wash cycles are enough for you to enjoy the options you need in your cleaning. You can run any cycle according to the staining level and type of fabric that you are washing. That makes a lot of things simpler for you. However, this machine might cost you a wee bit more than others due to its various functions.

8. Koswin 8 lbs Load Capacity Full-Automatic Washer – Best Electric Portable Washing Machine

KOSWIN has designed this machine with the best technology and features available in the market. When you switch from hand washing to this high-end technology and perfectly automated process, you will certainly feel like laundry has become a breeze from being a total pain.

Koswin 8 lbs Portable Washer

While being a very good-looking machine, it is also full of useful features and not too heavy. You can trust it to accompany you on any camping trip and make life easier along the way.

LED Display & Safety Features

The safety features are one of the most important aspects of KOSWIN 8 lbs. because you won’t find them in any other machine in this price range or category. It comes with a child safety lock and features like automatic turn-off when you open the lid. The LED display is another plus that you don’t find in similar products.

6 Wash Programs

You can enjoy a variety of options in terms of wash cycles for your clothes. No need to grapple with the same old wash cycle when you have to wash bedding or delicate clothing like baby clothes, socks, nightwear, and undergarments.

Beautiful Design & Up Drain Pump

The design is perfect for a long-lasting period of use with its durable accessories and materials used. The up-drain pump ensures perfect functioning no matter what sort of usage you find convenient. We loved the usability and cost-effectiveness alike.

Quiet Running with 30-50 dB

30-50 dB is a very quiet hum that KOSWIN 8 lbs. produces. It won’t disturb the peaceful environment of your camping trip and make it all the more enjoyable with its top-notch features. However, it also might be on the higher end of the spectrum with regards to price.

9. DENSORS 1.2Kg Washing Capacity Portable Single Tub Washer – Best Traveling Washing Machine

Waschen 1.2 kg is the perfect solution to light loads that contain delicate clothes like socks, nightwear, and baby clothing. It is very compact and you can trust it to deliver the right quality of stain removal no matter where you are – say goodbye to your terrible handwashing routine and the smelly laundromat.

DENSORS Single Tub Washer

More Compact than Most

A compact design makes it fit for all types of settings. You can confidently choose this as your countertop washer for an RV, flat, condo, or camp. It won’t let you down in terms of portability either. Waschen has all that it takes to be the best washing machine for camping.

Automatic Running

Unlike some hand-operated and semi-automatic portable washers above, you can trust Waschen to provide completely automatic functionality. It will manage all of the laundries on its very own, and you don’t have to hang around all the time or go through any kind of hassle.

Adjustable Timers

You can choose a longer or a shorter wash or dry cycle depending on your specific needs. Waschen has a 15-minute wash cycle at the maximum and a 5-minute spin-dry cycle. That is quicker than quick and very convenient.

Great Stain Removal

The energy efficiency is good but the stain removal was like no other. All of our clothes with light to heavy soiling came out good as new. The scent was also great, assuring us that it is one of the most hygiene-friendly washers. It might be a bit too small for more than 1 person though – you might have to do more loads in that case.

10. Panda 1.34 Cu.ft 10lbs Capacity Top Load Portable Washer – Best Camp Washing Machine

Panda 10 lbs. has the highest capacity in all the machines we have discussed above as our top 10 picks – no joke. It also has the most wash programs in all of the machines above. Keeps getting better, doesn’t it? 2 built-in rollers are there to add another plus in terms of stain removal or cleaning efficiency.

Panda10lbs Washing Machine

The design gave us nothing to complain about, and the hoses and adapters all came in perfect shape for usage anywhere in a standard laundry setup.

10 Wash Programs

With 10 wash programs, you can deal with more types of fabrics – be it something you wear, a towel, or just a bedsheet. You can dump more of the stuff you own in the tub and change the settings to make them suitable for all and any of it.

2 Built-in Rollers/Casters

The built-in rollers and great because they maximize stain removal efficiency. All of our clothes came out neat and clean – good as new. You can use any of the various wash cycles and even give your lightly soiled clothes and bedding touch freshness.

Maximum Capacity

It is the right one for you if you aim to do more business in a shorter time and support the laundry requirements of more than 2 people at home or at a camping site. That is to say, without dealing with a lot of loads or having to do laundry too often.

Durable Stainless-Steel Tub

The tub is perfect for anybody who wants to make sure that the washer is durable enough to last several years to come. It is non-corroding, stainless steel that will keep everything going for a much longer period of usage.

Its inner drum is made from perfect quality material and is quite easy to clean after use. However, It is another fact that you have very little to maintain this machine to work properly.  That’s why this washing machine is more protected from a bad smell, unlike others.

Buyers’ Guide

You might be a little confused about the best camping washer and dryer at this point due to a multitude of features that you have read about. When you step into the market to look for the best machine, you will be facing many dilemmas.

That is why it is good to have a quick overview of all the features that you must consider when you are trying to buy a machine that makes it easier for you to wash clothes while camping.


The first and the foremost thing is capacity. You must keep in mind three things when you are looking at the capacity of a washer or dryer:

  • How many people’s laundry is that washer supposed to handle in the same go?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to a single session of laundry?
  • How often do hope to be able to do laundry and how much of it will have accumulated by then?

You will need a larger capacity if you have more people’s clothes to wash in the same session, less time to do laundry and wish to wash less frequently. That way, you can put it all in and get done in fewer cycles. Examples of capacious machines are Number 10 – Panda 10 lbs., Number 5 – SUPERDEAL 9 lbs., and Number 6 – ZENSTYLE 9.9 lbs.

Tub Design

You can choose between three types of mainstream designs among portable and lightweight washers for camping. They include:

  • Single tub with wash function only – like Number 2 – The Wonderwash Laundry Alternative
  • Single tub with a spin basket included as a dryer – like Number 4 – SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs.
  • Twin tub with washer-dryer combo – like Number 6 – ZENSTYLE 9.9 lbs.

The first kind costs less and is more compact – only enough to keep the basic laundry-related purpose fulfilled. Drying will require a more innovative solution. The second type – single tub with interchangeable basket and tub – is perfect for people who don’t need to do both at the same time but do need both functions. A twin tub can help you do both simultaneously, which is a plus.

Energy Efficiency

A camping washing machine must be able to deal with lesser resources depending on your needs. If you don’t have electricity available in abundance where you are going, you can choose a hand-operated machine-like Number 2 – The Wonderwash Laundry Alternative.

If you are dealing with even fewer resources like limited water, space, or investment to make in a washing machine, you can try an even cheaper tool like Number 3 – EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand. Similarly, other washers are designed to help you cut back on your electricity and water bills while keeping you well-provisioned.


Portability is something that you should always look at. Some washers weigh a few pounds only and those that weigh up to 50 pounds. There is a lot of variation in what is available in the market. If you want something that occupies very little space and is easy to carry, you can consider a very lightweight washer Number 4 – SUPERDEAL 5.7 lbs.

Ease of Use

The ease of use depends on the accessories and the designs alike. You will have to take several factors into account including:

  • The hoses and adapters
  • The stability
  • Noise-free running
  • Twin tub or single tub
  • Shovel shaped handle (as in a hand-powered wand)
  • Whether it is foldable or collapsible
  • Whether you can mount it on a countertop
  • The weight and portability

Final Verdict

Different machines have different plus points and downsides. You need to make sure that you choose an all-rounder washing machine that covers all of your needs.

If you are looking for a machine that creates a great impression with its looks and also comes with a lot of features for ease of use, you can go for Number 8 – KOSWIN 8 lbs.

If you just want a solution to hand washing and laundromat options while camping, a cheap and easy-to-use tool is available in the form of Number 3 – EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Wand. However, if you have a standard compact and portable washer with average functionality in mind, Number 7 – COMFEE 0.9 Cubic ft. offers great value for money.

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