The best surface cleaner for an electric pressure washer is a fantastic addition to it that makes cleaning surfaces significantly effortless and easier.


When you need to get rid of those annoying old stains on your deck or wash away that nasty grime on your driveway, you need something that has not only the power to do so but also the eloquence so that your concrete remains intact and undamaged. This is where surface cleaners come in.

Surface cleaners are attachments for your pressure washer that help clean stubborn stains evenly without harming the surface. They make cleaning concrete not only easier but also significantly faster since you don’t have to scrub away at those annoying old marks to get rid of them.

This article will be going over 15 of the best surface cleaners available in the market right now. From top-of-the-line industrial models to fantastic budget all-rounders that provide great value, we’ve tested them all. Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or a landscaper looking to expand their professional arsenal, this list of options has got you covered!

But first, a quick refresh on the significance of surface cleaners:

What Exactly Is A Surface Cleaner And How Does It Work?

A surface cleaner looks very similar to modern-day vacuum cleaners. Functionally, it has one (or more) nozzles situated on either side of an arm, which rotates 360-degrees to provide even cleaning. This arm is housed inside a circular body which helps keep the water from escaping.

Surface cleaners use the pressure washer’s engine to power the nozzles inside. The PSI and GPM rate equally divides between the surface cleaner’s nozzle(s). You can think of a surface cleaner as essentially a re-tooled pressure washer with one or more nozzles connected to a spinning arm to provide even cleaning.

Why The Need For A Surface Cleaner?

As effective as they are, pressure washers can often miss critical spots and leave behind nasty stains. This is because a typical pressure washer only focuses on a straight trajectory as the stream coming from its nozzle is unidirectional.

It’s great for washing away excess dirt from larger areas, but when you want to clean particular spots on a surface, you’ll need something that emulates the more conventional scrub, and a surface cleaner does precisely that.

What Benefits Does A Surface Cleaner Offer?

There are several advantages you get with using the best surface cleaner for electric pressure washers. Some of them are:

Time-Saving And Effortless Cleaning

Surface cleaners are a fantastic addition to any pressure washer. They make cleaning any surface significantly easier and effortless. Not only have that, but you also save a considerable amount of time by not having to pressure wash everything carefully.

Damage-Free Cleaning

A surface cleaner can eloquently remove stubborn stains and marks on concrete without the worry or hesitance of the concrete getting chipped because of the pressure. Moreover, the even cleaning potential of a surface cleaner makes it highly desirable for soaping before or after a pressure wash.

Use without Pressure Washer

Even without pressure washing, solo surface cleaning can handle the entire cleaning duty and clean your deck, patio, sidewalk, driveway, or any large surface quickly and in a hassle-free manner that’s perfect for the average homeowner.

Top 15 Best Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

To help you choose the right pressure washer surface cleaner, we have tested so many of them from the market.

But here, we have reviewed the top 15 best surface cleaners for electric pressure washers and tried to give you some great pieces of advice and information to help you make the right decision.

1. Karcher 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

An excellent package that provides a professional-grade machine capable of handling any cleaning job with ease, thanks to its 15” wide coverage enabled by the two nozzles inside working together. The Karcher brand image and quality are on display front and center with this unit.

Karcher 15-Inch Surface Cleaner

  • 15” Wide Area Coverage

This Karcher 15-inch is a no-fluff surface cleaner that offers fantastic cleaning chops due to its ample area coverage. With 15” of the area covered, we found that not only was this unit able to clean our concrete very quickly, but it also worked wonders on the wooden deck and other surfaces.

  • Adequate Power

The two nozzles inside are situated at a fixed height to prevent uneven streaks. This unit outputs 1600 PSI of pressure with each of those nozzles (3200 total), which helped us see a 4x improvement in our cleaning time. The rotating arm is also attached to an actual metal bearing which just speaks to the quality of this fantastic cleaner.

  • Splash-free Skirt

This unit comes with a removable brush skirt around its body’s perimeter, which helps keep water from splashing around and on you. Not only that, but it also prevents the water from escaping outside the disk providing maximum cleaning efficiency.

  • Universal Quick Connect

Apart from being compatible with electric and gas-powered pressure washers, this unit comes with a standard ¼” quick-connect fitting. This allows you to instantly connect the cleaner with most pressure washers’ lances within seconds.

We value this sort of versatility as the average homeowner’s experience will be noticeably enriched by small conveniences like these.

  • Covers 15 inch wide surface area with two spinning nozzles
  • 1/4 inch quick connect fitting makes it compatible with a large number of pressure washers in the market
  • High spinning speed at 1500 RPM
  • Side skirt makes it splash free cleaner
  • Streaks less cleaning due to calculated fitting of nozzles
  • Light-weight yet powerful surface cleaner
  • Plastic body

2. Sun Joe SPX-PCA10 10-Inch Patio Cleaning Attachment for SPX Pressure Washer


This Sunjoe surface cleaner can be attached easily to any Sunjoe and other pressure washers spray gun with the included adapter. Despite that it is made from lightweight plastic it is great for many reasons. The fact is that lightweight is ideal for cleaning large surfaces.

Your arms don’t get tired and achy after continuously using it for hours. This is because it has a pretty substantial and ergonomic wand and fittings. As long as it’s not abused, its quality will last for a long time.

We tested it on a big driveway and a brick and concrete walkway and it passed pretty well. There had been no maintenance in two years so they were in pretty poor condition. This was much easier and faster than spraying with our conventional nozzle before, but we were not sure it would have achieved the best results.

3. AR Blue Clean 10” Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner – Ideal for Cleaning Patios

AR Blue offers a fantastic value option for light-duty workloads in the form of this machine. Not only does this cleaner stay under the budget, but it still provides an adequate feature set to tackle any cleaning job you throw at its way. This is our top pick for the best budget surface cleaner you can buy.

AR Blue Clean Patio Surface Cleaner

  • Lightweight And Portable

Coming in at just 2.2 pounds, this is one lightweight unit. This machine also sports a 10” diameter making it perfect for residential cleaning. Add the 2.2-pound weight to the 10” diameter, and you have a robust cleaner on your hands that’s not only compact but highly mobile due to its feathery nature. This makes moving around with this unit much more breezy.

  • Extended Lance

If the weight and size weren’t already enough, a 15” inch-long extension lance is included in the box for free. This lance allows you to stand straight while lugging around the cleaner instead of bending down to get the little corners and crevices.

If your hose or gun lance is a bit short, then this extension will come in handy by saving you some money and hassle on your end.

  • Great Price to Performance Ratio

It is hard to believe that you can get such a versatile and potent surface cleaner for just $20. With its 2500 PSI max pressure and the ability to work with both gas and electric washers, the price is more than justified and, in fact, the most significant differentiating factor for this unit. The value you get out of this cleaner is beyond anything on this list.

4. M MINGLE 15-Inch – Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

A heavy-duty surface cleaner with looks to boast. The sleek all-black design looks rugged, is accommodated by great build-quality and solid performance that will never leave you wanting more.

M MINGLE Surface Cleaner

  • Strong and Sturdy

Constructed out of robust plastic, the M Mingle surface cleaner feels exceptionally well-built, and the 5.5-pound weight definitely alludes to that. It can handle up to 3600 PSI of pressure which is plenty to get any surface cleaned, regardless of how dirty it is. Overall, this surface cleaner operates smoothly, truly feels like a tank, and looks like one, too.

  • Ultimate Freedom Of Movement

If you ever feel hesitant about the reachability of your pressure washer or surface cleaner, then fear no more. The provided wands extend up to 30 inches providing the utmost amount of flexibility, ease of use, and freedom of movement. Both wands are made out of durable stainless steel and have ¼ quick connect aluminum tips, with each wand measuring in at 15 inches.

  • Replacement Nozzles

The M Mingle surface cleaner comes with two extra nozzles in the box that can replace the already attached ones. Often, nozzles can get blocked with debris, and it can be a pain in the neck to clean them for proper use again; in such cases, replacement nozzles come in handy. You can just switch out the old, clogged nozzle with the new replacement nozzle, and you’re all set!

5. Simpson Cleaning 80165, 3700 PSI Rated Steel Surface Scrubber

Simpson’s renowned dominance in the cleaning industry shines bright with this unit. Substantial build-quality blends with incredible deep cleaning potential to make up a great surface cleaner. Whether you’re a resident or a business owner, this machine is sure to help you clean those nasty surfaces!


  • Steel Construction

The Simpson 80165 is built entirely out of steel, making it highly durable and rugged, ready to stand even the toughest of washes. Apart from the steel shroud, you also get stainless steel nozzles that add to this unit’s sturdiness and help prevent any corrosion.

So you can wash away your heart’s content without having to worry about the cleaner breaking down.

  • Large-scale Operation

With its 15” diameter and a stiff brush skirt, not to mention the incredible 3700 PSI max pressure, this surface will never leave you wanting more. If you’re going to clean vast spaces that haven’t seen any love or care for years, then this is your go-to option.

Seriously, in our testing, this machine blasted water at an exceptional rate on large concrete driveways and our brick walls. Stains and spots stand no chance against this monstrous performance.

  • Deep-Cleaning Potential

The dual rotary nozzles inside wash away any old grime due to their immense pressure. We simulated a 25-year old wooden deck in our testing and found out just how effective this cleaner was.

The whole deck was shining in just under 4 hours, and the process was made effortless thanks to this machine’s powerful streams.

6. EDOU 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

This “Amazon’s choice” surface cleaner packs a punch like none other. With its monstrous 4000 PSI max pressure, you can expect this machine to clean even the filthiest of surfaces, and that too efficiently and with grace. The stainless steel housing further helps solidify this as a terrific option on our list.

EDOU 15-Inch-best-Surface-Cleaner-for-electric-pressure-washer

  • 4000-PSI Max Pressure

There is no deck, patio, sidewalk, wall, driveway, or floor that this machine cannot clean. This behemoth of a surface cleaner can handle up to a maximum of 4000 PSI pressure, sufficient for even commercial cleaning.

The steel and brass construction adds to this unit’s potency, making it one of the most potent surface cleaners you can buy today and certainly the most powerful on our list.

  • Up to 5x Faster Cleaning

Thanks in large part to the nature of surface cleaners, you can see a significant improvement in your cleaning times. In our testing, pitted against a traditional pressure nozzle, this surface cleaner was able to clean the entirety of the surface in just a couple of minutes versus the two hours it took with the pressure nozzle.

That makes it up to 5 times faster than a pressure washer. And not only faster, but also more efficient and easier to work with.

  • Incredible After-sales Support

This unit is backed by a lifetime after-sales support that is accessible via email 24/7. If that doesn’t scream having confidence in your product, then we don’t know what else does. EDOU believes that this surface cleaner can last you for years, and in case of any issues, they are there to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Similarly, in our testing, we found this machine’s quality to be amongst the best, sure to withstand even the toughest of surfaces.

7. Greenworks Pressure Washer Attachment Surface Cleaner

A great all-around option for amateur homeowners because of its excellent value. The eco-friendly look sticks out uniquely and appeals to everyone, all the while its gentle prowess gives peace of mind to owners who don’t want anything intense to clean their surfaces.


  • Mild Scrub

The 2000 PSI max pressure may seem slightly underpowered, but it’s built like that for a reason. The Greenworks surface cleaner appeals to a specific category of homeowners who have newly-done driveways, decks, or really any surfaces in their homes that can be easily damaged if something too powerful hits them.

Here, this surface cleaner shines bright (literally) by providing a gentle wash that takes care of the surface while still scrubbing away any annoying stains or dirt.

  • Highly Convenient

Where this unit lacks in power, it makes up for its flexibility. Being a moderately powerful cleaner sheds a lot of the weight that its bigger rivals have to carry with them, making it incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at only around 1.8 pounds, that makes it the lightest unit on our list.

This lighter body allows you to be very mobile with the cleaner; you can even lift it to get particular corners cleaned up, and it barely takes up any storage space due to its compact footprint and small size. All this flexibility makes this unit the most convenient option on our list.

  • Eco-Friendly Look

As the name suggests, this surface cleaner is green in color. And not just accents of green, the entire body has been given this bright green finish, similar to grass. This makes the unit stand out distinctive amongst its rivals, another USP of this cleaner.

If you fancy a little color in your life and don’t like the drab all-metallic or dark looks of other surface cleaners, then this one is sure to grab your interest.

8. Twinkle Star 15” 3100 PSI Rated Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Another great unit that provides sufficient cleaning to any kind of surface you want. This machine works flawlessly on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and the 15” wide area coverage helps earn it a spot on our list.

Twinkle Star 15-best-Surface-Cleaner-for-electric-pressure-washer

  • Efficient Cleaning

Seldom you will find a surface cleaner that can handle any orientation of any surface possible. While most cleaners only work effectively on horizontal surfaces, the Twinkle Star 15” does an excellent cleaning job on even vertical surfaces such as stuccos and walls. The adequately-named cleaner has a 15” wide diameter to make sure cleaning is quick yet effective, making it highly efficient.

  • 3100 PSI Power

To drive this machine, you need at least a 2000 PSI pressure washer. However, the 3100 PSI rating allows it to utilize more powerful pressure washers to provide more effective and powerful cleaning. Each nozzle operates at a maximum of 1550 PSI which helps scrub away all kinds of dirt and grime.

This machine was more than capable enough to wash our age-old concrete driveway and do some spot treatment on our deck in our testing.

  • Universal Compatibility

Apart from cleaning both horizontal and vertical surfaces, this surface cleaner is compatible with 99% of pressure washers out there. With the provided quick connect tip, you can attach it to most modern pressure washers effortlessly. But, if your pressure washer doesn’t support ¼ quick connect, then this surface cleaner includes a standard ¼ plug as well to ensure maximum compatibility!

9. Generac 6132 Surface Cleaner For Electric Pressure Washers

An exceptionally well-built surface cleaner that does its job effortlessly and helps cut down significantly on cleaning times. We recommend this unit for the complete package it offers at a very reasonable price.

Generac 6132 Surface Cleaner

  • Heavy-duty Body

If there’s ever a product built to last years of intense usage, it’s this one. Featuring a plastic, stainless steel, and genuine brass construction, the Generac 6132 is a well-made machine that can bear the weight of rigorous surface cleaning for the years to come. This unit looks and feels solid the moment you take it out of the box.

  • Joy To Work With

The bristle skirt that perimeters this surface cleaner makes life so much easier. Instead of getting all wet and dirty while pressure washing, the skirt prevents any water from escaping out and onto you, making it a joy to work with this machine.

We tested this unit on a somewhat uneven concrete surface to see how well the skirt holds up, and to our surprise, it held its ground incredibly well with little to no water escaping at all.

  • 75% Improvement In Cleaning Times

Want to reduce the time you spend cleaning and washing away your home? Invest in a surface cleaner that works in tandem with your pressure washer to do your job for you. This unit specifically cut down our cleaning times by 75% compared to a conventional pressure washer, sparing us a crucial opportunity cost.

10. Ryobi RY31SC01 15 inches 3300 PSI Surface Cleaner – Best for Gas Pressure Washer

This highly versatile unit provides superior handling, a robust 3300 max PSI operation, and 15” wide area coverage, all bundled with solid construction. The no-compromise feature-set of this surface cleaner is perfect for homeowners and landscapers alike.

Ryobi RY31SC01 15 Surface Cleaner

  • Full Package

Ryobi is a household name, so it’s no surprise that this surface cleaner offers excellent value. With everything from 15” wide area coverage to a high-quality bristle skirt to the powerful 3300 PSI max pressure, this unit has got it all.

You will never walk away from a wash thinking you needed more as this machine’s cleaning potential ranks among the best in the market.

  • Great Maneuverability

This unit feels great to move around with a solid construction consisting of the plastic housing and metal innards. Everything is built to perfection without any loosely aligned or squeaky parts to ruin your wash. You can be mobile with this machine without having to worry about breaking it, as the build quality here is great.

  • Easy To Use

Speaking of mobility, for the amount of power and robustness it has, this is a surprisingly lightweight model, making it relatively easy to use. Add to that the fact that this requires no assembly and is ready to go out of the box. Simple yet potent.

11. EDOU 15-Inch Surface Cleaner with 2 Pressure Washer Extension Wand Attachment

The second EDOU unit on our list, this one is quite similar to its predecessor. With an amazing build quality and attention to detail, along with exceptional power, this surface cleaner is the perfect option for those who demand a little more from their cleaning equipment.

EDOU 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

  • Built Like A Tank

This unit is the perfect embodiment of the phrase “built like a tank”. All brass and stainless steel inside is housed with a durable composite shroud that makes it feel indestructible. In our testing, we put this cleaner through rigorous weathering, yet it stood in the face of all conditions successfully. The body of this cleaner is sure to meet even the most persistent users’ demands.

  • Professional Power

The EDOU 15-inch isn’t just a superficial marvel, it’s a technical beauty too. It can handle up to 4000 PSI of pressure divided between the two rotary nozzles to provide 2000 PSI each. That’s more power in a single nozzle than some pressure washers! With this kind of performance, this unit is suitable for households and commercial jobs as well.

  • Strengthened Bearings

Many surface cleaners cheap out by having no real bearing to support the arm or having no shielding around the bearing to protect it from water but not this unit. You get genuine metal bearings in this surface cleaner protected by a brass shield for further strengthening and longevity.

12. Briggs & Stratton 6328 Surface Cleaner For Wide Area

This unit’s vast coverage area, combined with a domed construction that prevents water from leaking out the disk, makes it an ideal option for heavy-duty operations. We recommend it for its outstanding feature-set and surprisingly lightweight construction.

Briggs & Stratton Surface Cleaner

  • No Streaking

Pressure washers can often leave visible streaks on your concrete. This happens because the stream coming from it is just too powerful and focused. Here, surface cleaners come in and save the day!

The Briggs & Stratton 6328 completely eradicates streaking by giving you an even wash that cleans everything in its way. Thanks to the fast-spinning nozzles inside, the surface gets thoroughly cleaned, which leaves behind no streaks whatsoever.

  • Eliminates Overspray

Briggs & Stratton goes one step ahead of just including a simple skirt; the whole surface cleaner is built in a domed shape. This dramatically reduces overspray that can come out the sides of the cleaner and damage your garden or grass. The domed construction combined with the skirt eliminates any splashing or overspray.

  • Plug-and-Play

This surface cleaner works with most 2200 PSI – 3400 PSI pressure washers. All you have to do is connect the cleaner to your pressure washer with the quick connect tip, and you’re good to go! You don’t need to set anything up beforehand to ensure this works, just connect the hose to the included wand and get to washing.

13. Hourleey 15″ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 1/4″ Quick Connector

If you want a surface cleaner that does it all without breaking the bank, look no further! Remarkable customer service mixes with a solid-performing machine to provide a consistent clean that won’t leave anyone dissatisfied. Oh, and the freebies are nice too.

Hourleey 15 Pressure Washer Surface cleaner

  • Excellent customer support

On their Amazon page, Hourleey mentions that if the product doesn’t meet your standards, you can demand a replacement or even a full refund, and they’ll follow through. We decided to put this claim to the test and made a call regarding this.

Much to our surprise, the rep agreed to give a full refund without much back and forth. Of course, our unit wasn’t actually defective, but if it were, it’s good to know that their customer service is there to help you out accordingly.

  • Free Extras

Out of the box, you not only get the surface cleaner itself but two extension wands that measure 15 inches each. Many companies don’t even include one of these in the box for free.

These wands can give you up to 30” of extra height, making it easier to maneuver around the cleaner while simultaneously allowing you to clean hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

  • Comfortable Clean

The quick connect tip of the wands makes it so that you can quickly and easily connect or disconnect the wands whenever you want without it being much of a hassle. On top of that, the 3100 PSI max pressure ensures that whatever surface you’re cleaning gets the proper treatment, and no stains get left behind.

14. Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner – Best For Karcher Electric Pressure Washers

A necessity accessory if you have a Karcher pressure washer, the T300 offers robust cleaning performance with more than one trick up its sleeve. The adjustable pressure, along with the lightweight nature of this unit, make it a desirable choice for everyone.

Karcher T300-best-Surface-Cleaner

  • Variable Pressure Dial

This is one unique selling point that no one else has on this list, a variable pressure dial. Since this surface cleaner is made to work mainly with Karcher pressure washers, it takes full advantage of said combination and includes a pressure dial right on the cleaner itself. You can change the pressure by rotating the dial clockwise (higher) or anti-clockwise (lower).

  • Hovercraft Effect

Due to its lightweight nature and primarily plastic build, this cleaner moves like butter on any given surface. So much so that it feels like it’s hovering ever so slightly above the ground.

In our testing, we were able to feel this “hovercraft effect”, as described by Kärcher themselves, on a smooth plain concrete patio that had been built just recently. This fluidity of movement really impressed us, and we found it helped with maneuverability to some extent.

  • Easy Storage

If those two features didn’t already blow your mind, then there’s one more trick under the T300’s belt, the 32” lance. There are two proprietary 16” lances provided in the box that connect to form a gigantic 32” inch high lance. This lance helps with reachability and prevents bending down to clean some areas.

15. AgiiMan 3000 Psi – Best Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 

Our list’s last option is characterized by reliable performance matched with a great build quality that rivals the best options out there. With the included pressure washer gun and 15” diameter, the AgiiMan is a fantastic all-rounder.

AgiiMan Surface Cleaner

  • Wand Trigger Control

This surface cleaner comes with a pressure washer gun included in the box. The gun attaches to the wand and provides a trigger that you can press to control water flow. It’s great seeing such an instrumental accessory is included for free with the cleaner.

Most units just give you an extra lance or two, and you’re stuck with the pressure washer’s trigger control, so the gun’s inclusion is greatly welcomed here.

  •  Strong Performance

Pressure washers with up to 3600 PSI of maximum pressure can be used with this surface cleaner ensuring optimal performance suited for cleaning any surface you want. With two nozzles instead of one rotating simultaneously, providing up to 1800 PSI per nozzle, this unit’s cleaning power is no joke.

  • Commendable Build

Much like other surface cleaners on our list, this one comes with a plastic body that has stainless steel nozzles to prevent corrosion, along with a brass bearing shield to increase endurance. What really differentiates this unit from the others is the value proposition it offers. You get this robust and sturdy construction at a price that is hard to beat or pass up.

Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Buying Guide

Buying a surface cleaner might seem like an easy task. A simple trip to the market or ordering online from amazon is all it takes. Yet, the only way to make it easy and profitable for you is to know completely about it well.

On the other hand, if you don’t know the exact information about the product, you may suffer a lot and ruin your investment in the end. Follow the below key points to buy the best surface cleaner for your home and your pressure washer.

Dimensions And Size Of the Surface Cleaner

In most cases, buyers do not pay attention to the dimensions of surface cleaners, however, they should be carefully considered. Obviously, a larger surface cleaner should be able to cover more ground area. However, a large model may not be suitable if you need to reach narrow areas.

But the larger model will be heavier due to its performing capabilities and this will increase the cost. Therefore, in cases where the surface to be cleaned is wider, a large model will be more appropriate. On the other hand, a comparatively smaller unit will do justice when it comes to a small surface area.

Compatibility With Your Pressure Washer

Therefore, you must choose a surface cleaner that matches your cleaning needs and compatibility with your pressure washer. you will never achieve the best result if you buy a surface cleaner that is too small or too large to be handled by your power washer.

Weight Of The Surface Cleaner

Weight and dimensions are closely related to each other. If you have a large surface area to clean, you don’t want the cleaner to drag you down with its heavyweight. In these scenarios, users often lose interest in using the product altogether due to its weight.

Moreover, if you plan to use the cleaner anywhere other than a flat surface (like a wall), you may even have trouble lifting it if the cleaner is incredibly heavy. Pressure washing with this type of surface cleaner will make you feel like you’re lifting weight in a gym and that is not a joke.


Pounds per square inch is referred to as PSI. A water jet’s strength is determined by the PSI when it exits the cleaner. Water jets with higher pressures are capable of handling more difficult and tough stains.


While PSI indicates the strength of a water stream, GPM (gallons per minute) indicates how much water comes out of the surface cleaner. The more the water comes out of the cleaner the more crazy results you will get.

In other words, if you have a choice between two surface cleaners, choose the one with a higher GPM. So if you have a cleaner with a higher GPM, you will get more water from it.

Cleaning Power

A surface cleaner’s cleaning power is the most important factor for users. The Cleaning Power of the surface cleaner is calculated by multiplying the PSI and the GPM. For instance, the CP will be 9600 if the PSI and GPM of your surface cleaner are 3200 and 3 respectively.

From this, you can understand those surface cleaners that have a high CP rating are more effective. Thus, you should choose a cleaner with a higher CPM while satisfying the other factors.

Keep in mind that your power washer and surface cleaner should have the same GPM. If there is a mismatch in GPM or PSI, it may create poor water flow and can eventually damage the surface.

Surface Cleaner With Wheels Or Without Wheels

It’s a complicated question that is hard to answer. In short, we can tell that, depending on your situation, both can be good. Usually, the surface cleaners don’t use wheels as they float, utilizing the water pressure that comes out through its nozzles.

The wheels sometimes make it difficult to control and might trip you up. But, while using a vacuum hose, it is easier to control a surface cleaner with wheels.


Can I Use Hot Water with a Power Washer Surface Cleaner?

Coldwater is usually the only option when using surface cleaners with a pressure washer. Having said that, if you purchase a pressure washer with a temperature control option, ensure that the surface cleaner is workable with hot water.


No matter which surface you’re trying to clean or however dirty it is, the best surface cleaner for an electric pressure washer is sure to do a much better job than good old scrubbing. It’ll make your life considerably easier by saving you both time and effort.

The list above includes some of the very best units that you can get your hands on today. We have tested each unit thoroughly to ensure it fell under an intense user’s standards, ultimately ensuring longevity and peace of mind.

Do a bit of research and consider the various factors discussed above before making a purchase. Regardless of your decision, all of the options mentioned above are great picks, recommended by us.


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