Top 10 Best Stackable Washer Dryer Sets In 2023

With the best stackable washer dryer combo, it’s time to remain tension-free about limited space issues in apartments and small homes. 


Nowadays, laundry setups must take as little space as possible which is why the best stackable washer and dryer sets are becoming very popular. People usually don’t want to dedicate more than a vertical column of their laundry space to these two machines.

Having a set of stackable front-loading washers and dryers can make your life easy – literally. It is all about choosing the right specifications for the product. Not all dryers go well with all washers.

Doing separate research for both products can lead you to choose two machines that are not compatible. That is why we have created a list of the top 10 best stackable washer and dryer sets in 2022 to help you.

It has all the right machines paired to give you the best washing experience. You can choose among these according to your preferred qualities. No matter which specialty you want the machines to have, the rest of the quality will also be up to par.

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1. LG WKEX200HWA – Best LG Washer Dryer Set


What makes a washer and dryer stackable? There are many important considerations you need to have with respect to stackable machines. LG designed this combo to solve many of those specific problems, needs, and demands from the market.

Stellar Dimensions

The dimensions of a stackable washer and dryer matter the most. If you have relatively lesser space, you will need one of the more compact machines – but that compromises capacity. LG WKEX200WA is one of those machines which come in full size. As the dimensions of stackable machines go, it measures:

  • 27 inches in width (the best size for a stackable setup if your laundry column is not too narrow)
  • 30 inches of depth to accommodate most if not all of your laundry in a single load
  • 74 inches of height to make sure all the clothes get the required space and care

4.5 Cubic Feet of Capacious Loading

Even if you have little space to accommodate your machine, your machine has lots of space inside to accommodate your laundry. Just because it is stackable, it does not mean that you will have to deal with lesser capacity!

6 Wash Temperatures and Speeds, 19 Wash/Dry Programs

Yes, unbelievably feature-loaded. It is not costly, but it literally has this truckload of functionalities to appease buyers. You will not be lacking anything – be it an internal heater to give you steam cycles or allergy-free, sanitized clothing.

  • 27 x 30 x 74 inches – full-size dimensions even for a stackable washer and dryer
  • Ideal height for easy controlling in the customized, preset WashTower
  • 4.5 cubic feet of single load capacity for more laundry in lesser time
  • Allergiene Wash Cycle, Sanitary Cycle, and Steam Cycle
  • Artificial Intelligence Sensors for Water Quantity according to Load, Drying, and SenseClean in the washer
  • Supports LG ThinQ for remote controlling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart monitoring
  • A good investment but not a cheaper option
  • Not as compact as you might like if you have a narrow space

2. Miele MIWADREL3 – Best Stackable Kit With Pull Out Tray


Miele boasts those honeycomb drums along with many other unique features in its washers. It is the ideal stackable washer and dryer for people who don’t want the full size.

What is included in the set?

  • Miele Front Load Washer WWH860WCS
  • Miele Heat Pump Dryer TWI180WP
  • Stacking Kit WTV512

Compact Design

Miele offers this stackable pair in a compact design with a 24-inch width. That width is the standard small size dimension for stackable washer and dryer sets. It will take the least space and offer the most features – seriously.

TwinDos – Two Dispensers for Detergent and Softener

A smart dispenser lets you add and spread a detergent thoroughly. You can add both the detergent and softener at the same time with TwinDos. No need to supervise your laundry.

18 Wash Cycles to Make Sure You Have Your Options

SoftSteam and Handwash cycles for delicate fabrics will help you wash and dry your delicate fabrics gently. You also can choose from a wide array of options with better scrubbing for tough stains.

Automatic Load Control

No matter how many clothes you toss in, you can trust your smart washer to adjust to the change. It has load sensors to help it decide how much water is required. This is the peak of intelligence that proved this washer to be in our list of best washer dryer combo set.

  • 18 Wash Cycles
  • Wrinkle Free and SoftSteam options for your fabrics
  • Quick Rinse and Honeycomb Washer Drum
  • TwinDos to dispense detergent and softener
  • Cares well for delicate fabrics
  • A bit costly
  • No vent or agitator in the dryer
  • Price is high

3. GE GEWADRGW5503 – Best Stacked Washer & Dryer Set For Large Family


GE offers this stackable washer and dryer combo which maximizes size and capacity. Its 28-inch width is one of the largest sizes available in stackable washer and dryer sets.

What is included in the set?

  • GE Front Load Washer GFW550SSNWW
  • GE Electric Dryer GFD55GSSNWW
  • Stacking Kit GFA28KITN

Highest Capacity for a Stackable Washer – 5 Cubic Feet

4.8 cubic feet of capacity are almost the highest we have ever seen in stackable sets. 5 cubic feet is the highest overall. This set will keep you happy and well-provisioned – no matter how much laundry you have piled up.

A Combination of UltraFresh and OdorBlock

GE GEWADRGW5503 is one of the first stackable washer and dryer combos to introduce such an upgraded vent. The vent is not only highly functional due to UltraFresh technology, it also has OdorBlock technology. It will keep your clothes fresh and ready for use.

10 Wash Cycles including Self-Clean

You can have a tremendous number of different settings for different types of laundry from this GE washer. It also has a self-clean system to make sure that you don’t have to go through much hassle.

Stellar Quick Wash Cycle

The quick wash cycle takes only 20 minutes to do your laundry. Your laundry will never hold you back from any kind of duty or leisure!

  • 10 Wash Cycles
  • Smart Dispenser and Antimicrobial Settings
  • A blazing 10-year warranty!
  • 1300 rotations per minute – amazing speed.
  • Highest capacity in a stackable design
  • Full size dimensions
  • Costly
  • Not very compact as stackable washer and dryer sets go

4. Miele MIWADREL19 – Best Front Load Washer With Stacked Dryer

Miele has a knack for offering the best stackable designs. This setup is ideal in terms of dimensions for people who want stackable sets that take up lesser space. It is very compact and has one of the best functionalities among the stackable machines in the market.

What is included in the set?

  • Miele Front Load Washer WWF060WCS
  • Miele Heat Pump Dryer TWI180WP
  • Stacking Kit WTV502

Pre-Ironing to Lighten the Workload for you

Miele MIWADREL19 will take 50% of the ironing time off your schedule. The last cycle after washing makes the clothes free of wrinkles with its Pre-ironing feature.

Honeycomb Drum

The honeycomb drums that protect the fibers of your fabric are the specialty of Miele washers. It is just about the best washer you can possibly entrust your fabrics too.

Highly Compact Design

No need to worry about a narrower laundry space or column. It will fit in the space perfectly and still give you enough room to walk around. Miele offers a clutter-free, compact, and perfectly stackable design in MIWADREL19.

Scheduled Laundry and Countdown

Need to go somewhere? Just schedule the washing and leave. The kids won’t have to lift a finger. The laundry will happen on time and stop by itself. That’s the super smart functionality that this machine can offer you.

  • Soak Setting and Interior Light
  • Feature-loaded Dispenser with Cap-loading options
  • 1600 rotations per minute – matchless speed, literally.
  • Cap-dosing to dispense the detergent at the optimum time
  • Eco feedback to let you know your energy expenditure.
  • Relatively low on capacity – best for the needs of two to three people
  • Expensive

5. LG LGWADREW13882 – Best Washer & Dryer Set 

The most feature-loaded machines usually come from LG – as a rule. This one is another example with an amazing array of wash programs or cycles plus various temperature settings.

What is included in the set?

  • LG Front Load Washer WM1388HW
  • LG Electric Dryer DLEC888W

14 Wash Programs

You can wash many different types of clothes in several different settings. This machine will never disappoint you in terms of options with regard to laundry.

Quiet Operation

LoDecibel technology by LG is always a great perk in its stackable designs. While vibrations can cause issues in other stackable washer and dryer sets, LG promises vibration control and quiet running.

Smart, 4-Tray Dispenser

LG LGWADREW13882 helps you dispense everything from bleach to detergent. It has four trays in its smart dispenser to help you add fabric softener and fragrance too.

Five Temperature Settings

Decide how hot or cold the water should be with these smart temperature settings. Avoid color fading with cold washing and get sticky stains off with hot washing.

  • 14 Wash Programs Cycles
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Energy STAR qualified
  • Wrinkle Care (Dryer)
  • TurboSteam, Reduce Static, and Energy Saver Programs (Dryer)
  • No steam cycle
  • No reversible door

6. Whirlpool WPWADREW86204 – Best Washer Dryer Combo

We thought 4.5 cubic feet was a good capacity for a stackable washer – until we met Whirlpool WPWADREW86204. This machine literally gives you 5 cubic feet of capacity in a stackable form!

What is included in the set?

  • Whirlpool Front Load Washer WFW8620HW
  • Whirlpool Electric Dryer WED8620HW
  • Stacking Kit W10869845

Sanitize and Steam Refresh your Fabrics

You can make sure that your clothes are free of microbes and allergens due to sanitizing, steam, and Allergiene cycles. All of these features will help you enjoy better washing.

5 Cubic Feet of Capacity – the Highest in Stackable Design

This is an unbelievable quantity of space to have in a stackable washer and dryer set. Whirlpool offers the record-breaking capacity to lessen the number of loads for family laundry.

12 Hours of FanFresh Cycle After Washing

Your clothes will remain fresh even 12 hours after they have been washed. The FanFresh option is our favorite. No need to worry about taking out laundry in time.

Superb Quick Wash in Only 15 Minutes

Another feature that is too amazing to handle – 15 minutes required for quick washing. This can’t possibly get any better than that.

  • Presoak to avoid soaking before dumping into the washer
  • Sanitary and Steam Cycles
  • Affresh to Self-clean the machine
  • Superb Quick Wash in 15 Minutes
  • 5 Cubic Feet – highest capacity witnessed in stackable washer
  • No internal heater for water

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7. Samsung SAWADREW61003 – Best Stackable Washer Dryer Combo For Apartments

This combination of stackable washer and dryer models offered by Samsung is one of the most cost-effective options in our list. It will offer you great value for money with the best quality.

What is included in the set?

  • Samsung Front Load Washer WF45R6100AW
  • Samsung Electric Dryer DVE45R6100W
  • Stacking Kit SKK8K

Sanitize, Steam, and Allergiene Cycles

This machine will clean your clothes of dust, pet dander, and other types of allergens in its allergy cycle. It will also sanitize your clothes and treat them with steam due to its internal heater.

4.5 Cubic Feet of Exceptional Capacity

Samsung SAWADREW61003with its 4.5 cubic feet can support large laundry loads. It will give you a quicker experience doing laundry for your whole family.

VRT Plus Technology for the Quietest Running

Vibration reducing technology from Samsung is one of its most prized features. In stackable designs, low vibration is a must if you want to make sure the machines are supported well.

10 Wash Cycles and 7 Wash Options

Many options and cycles help you pick from among a variety of wash settings. You can choose different settings when you are washing delicate nightwear, casual wear, or bedding.

  • Internal water heater
  • Soak settings to lighten your workload
  • 10 washing cycles in total
  • Allergy, sanitization, and steam cycles included
  • Large capacity of 4.5 cubic feet
  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity

8. GE GEWADREWD14832 – Best Washer Dryer Combo For Homes

A highly cost-effective machine with great functionality and lots of features. GE GEWADREWD14832 has a compact and super stackable design that can fit anywhere.

What is included in the set?

  • GE Front Load Washer GFW148SSMWW
  • GE Electric Dryer GFT14ESSMWW
  • Stacking Kit GFA24KITL

Internal Water Heater

An internal water heater is the best thing you can have in your washer if you want allergy-free clothes. It will also sanitize your clothes and make them free of microbes.

1400 RPM Spin Speed

It has one of the highest rotation speeds we have seen. Do you know what that means? That means that even the average wash cycle will be quicker than that of many other machines.

Quick Wash Cycle for Lightly Soiled Fabric

You can avoid being late for any important occasion and still have freshly washed clothes. GE offers a quick wash option in this stackable washer and dryer setup.

Energy Star Certification

GE GEWADREWD14832 has one of the least energy-consuming designs. It can work well while draining way lesser energy and help you cut down on your electricity bills.

  • Quick Wash Cycle
  • Internal heater
  • Dual Thermistors and Dry Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Steam Wash Cycle
  • Comparatively less capacity

9. Electrolux EXWADRGT6273 – Best Overall Stackable Washer and Dryer 

Electrolux offers the best features in its dryer included in this stackable set. It is the only dryer we have seen with this many cycles and even a Luxcare and Predictive dry option.

What is included in the set?

  • Electrolux Front Load Washer EFLS627UTT
  • Electrolux Gas Dryer EFMG627UTT
  • Stacking Kit STACKIT7X

Five Temperature Settings

You can wash your clothes at five different temperatures to make sure they get the right care. It has temperature settings comparable to sets that are more expensive.

9 Wash Cycles

9 different wash cycles can help you select how you want to get your clothes washed. It can help you meet the need of the hour efficiently.

It also mixes water and detergent with its SmartBoost technology before exposing your fabrics to it. That is a unique Electrolux feature.

15-minute Quick Wash Option

You can get your clothes washed quickly if you’re running late but that is not it. It will wash your clothes in only 15 minutes – the shortest time possible.

Steam Cycle and Great Capacity

The 4.4 cubic feet capacity can easily support your family’s laundry requirements in fewer loads. It also has a steam and Allergiene cycle to sanitize your clothes.

  • Steam Option
  • 4.4 cubic capacity
  • 15-minute Quick Wash Option
  • SmartBoost to premix water and detergent
  • Soak settings and sanitization
  • 9 Wash Cycles
  • A bit costly

10. Maytag MAWADREW86303 – Best Stackable Washer Dryer Set

Maytag MAWADREW86303 will hold your clothes in its 24-hour cycle of tumbling after washing them. It will even support many different home apps like high-end machines!

What is included in the set?

  • Maytag Front Load Washer MHW8630HW
  • Maytag Gas Dryer MGD8630HW
  • Stacking Kit W10869845

24-hour Longest Fresh Hold

No need to supervise your laundry within 24 hours of the span, if you have another important task to do. Get it fresh and smell free whenever you need it during this time. Your clothes will remain fresh and odorless due to the 24-hour long fresh hold option.

Extra Power Option for the Washer

Got tougher stains to deal with? No worries. Maytag has a lot to offer you in the form of its PowerWash cycle. Get your clothes scrubbed nicely.

Self-clean and Steam Cycles

It will clean itself and also steam your clothes to rid them of any microbes. Now that is some really carefree and hygienic laundry.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa Connectivity

This stackable washer and dryer can connect to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. That is a really cool feature that we have not witnessed elsewhere.

  • Tub sterilization supported
  • Extra Power Wash setting
  • 24-hour longest fresh hold experienced ever
  • Smart Connectivity with many applications
  • Steam Powered Cycles
  • Not Gentle with Delicate Fabrics

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Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a stackable set of washer and dryer, it means that “space” matters to you. That’s completely understandable because not all of us have a wide laundry space to accommodate top-loaders side-by-side.

There are many mechanical factors you must consider when you are planning to stack your washer and dryer atop each other. The most important of these factors are discussed below.


The dimensions of your stackable washer and dryer decide a lot about it. The most important part is the width of the stackable washer and dryer. It must be compatible with the width of the vertical laundry column that you have.

There are two different sizes of washer and dryer sets according to width. 24 or under 24 inches classifies as compact or small size. 27 or above 27 inches of width means that your stackable machines are full size.

For Wider Space

Full-size machines rarely stray much from the limit of 27 inches which is the standard. Machines such as Number 3 – GE GEWADRGW5503do have a width of 28 inches. That is the maximum width and size available in the top-notch stackable washer and dryer sets.

If you have a wider vertical column in which you can adjust your stackable machines, you can choose this machine for its larger size and hence more capacity.

For a Narrower Space

A smaller, 23 to 24-inch compact machine set like Number 2 – Miele WWH860WCS & TWI180WPcan help you if you have a narrower space. It is the best compact stackable washer and dryer set available in the market according to our testing.


This dimension always matters. The reason is that you need to reach the control panels of both the machines after having them stacked. If they are too high for you, you will certainly not have a great time operating those machines.

Thankfully, some compact designs like Samsung SAWADREW61003 can serve you well if you need machines that are not too high to reach.

Stacking Kit

Washers and dryers are sold in stores in three different ways. The first option you have is to purchase both separately. The second option is to purchase a two-piece set (washer and dryer included). It is the ideal option for you IF you want to purchase top loaders to place side by side.

However, if that is not what you’re looking for, do NOT choose a two-piece set. Only a three-piece set with a stacking kit included with a stackable washer and dryer can help you. A stacking kit is very important for you if you need to stack your machines.

Why do we need a stacking kit?

The reason is that these are heavy-duty machines which will create some vibration if not more. When they vibrate, they will easily slip over each other and come crashing down. The result? Loss of money and convenience.

A three-piece set does give off the impression that it may have three different machines included. But that is not true. You will generally get two compatible, stackable machines along with a stacking kit.

Examples are

  • LG LGWADREW13882
  • Miele MIWADREL19

If not, you will have to purchase a stacking kit separately for installation. Please also note that there are two different names for the machines included in the set, but there is a common name for the entire set too. The common name is usually longer.

We have listed the common names of individual sets in addition to separate washer and dryer names for each set – in parenthesis. Therefore, you can research or note both before making your purchase.

Compact or Full-Size?

We have already discussed how dimensions affect width and height and why those things should be taken into consideration. However, there is another aspect of the size that can affect your laundry.

You would need to consider how much laundry you need to do at the same time. If you usually have to tend to the laundry for a family of 4-5, you will need to purchase a machine with more capacity.

More Capacity

More capacity means lesser loads and more laundry in lesser time. To avoid wasting too much time doing laundry, you can choose a machine with maximum capacity. In the world of stackable washers and dryers, it is rare to see a stellar capacity of 5 cubic feet.

Stackable machines are usually designed to be compact. However, machines like Number 6 – Whirlpool WPWADREW86204and Number 3 – GE GEWADRGW5503have the maximum capacity possible.

Number 6 even comes with a 15-minute shortest quick wash for lightly soiled clothes. What can possibly be better than being able to wash your whole family’s clothes in a single load in 15 minutes?

Average Capacity

If you have 3-4 people at home, maybe you can go for average capacity. For that purpose, you can choose a machine that has a capacity ranging from 4 to 4.5 cubic feet. Examples are:

  • Electrolux EXWADRGT6273
  • Samsung SAWADREW61003

Compact Machines with Small Capacity

However, if you have a small family of two to three people at most, you can choose a compact machine. There are high-end, compact machines with lots of functionality but less capacity on our list. They will take up lesser space and serve your small family well.

Examples include:

  • Miele MIWADREL19
  • Miele WWH860WCS & TWI180WP

Control Panel

When you hope to be able to use your machines in a vertically stacked formation, you need to check where the control panels are. Ideally, companies design stackable sets with control panels in front for ease of access.

They also take care not to make the stacked formation too high for the consumer to reach the control panels. However, it is something you must note if you check the specifications of your machines.

A control panel around the back will only create inconvenience. It may also create a chance that the machines come crashing down on yourself or other things.

Vibration Control – Quiet Running

With stackable washer and dryer sets, it is very important that you take care to choose quieter setups. Stackable sets like Samsung SAWADREW61003 have famous VRT technology.

VRT is short for Vibration Reducing Technology. It is Samsung’s hallmark which makes Samsung machines some of the quietest, least vibrating machines available. If your stackable machines vibrate too much, they will create a lot of mayhem.

Both their vibrations will be damaging for the stacking setup. In addition to this, they will also interfere among themselves and the resulting effect will be a lot of disturbance.

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your house, you can choose one of our sets with vibration and noise control like Samsung SAWADREW61003 and ElectroluxEXWADRGT6273.

Final Verdict

We have tested tens of machines and then found the best-performing stackable washer and dryer set among those for you. However, we also know that each machine will not suit every household. That is why it is important for us to clarify which one is best for which type of requirement.

For people who need a cost-effective option with average functionality, Samsung SAWADREW61003 can do the job neatly.

For those who need the most functionality at reasonable pricing, LG WKEX200HWA is the absolute winner. It has the most functionality that money can possibly buy.

If you want a machine that has a stellar warranty to feel financially secure, GE GEWADRGW5503 will be the best option for you. It has a 10-year warranty – the longest we have seen.

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