Samsung washing machine is definitely best and famous for its ease of use and mental satisfaction to wash your dirty laundry.

We know that you definitely want the dirty laundry to come out clean, soft, stainless, and damage-free. And all this should be in your budget having low maintenance costs and low energy bills.

So here we are, the world-renowned brand Samsung has some of the best and top reliable washing machines for you. Based on our broad research we have maintained a list of Top of the line best 10 Samsung washing machines, best suitable for homes and apartments.

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How To Select Best Washer In 2022 

Before buying the washing machine, you need to take some smart decisions and make sure it will be the best choice for your home.

We are featuring you with a list of the best Samsung washers of 2022 to buy and get yourself familiar with their key features, pros, and cons. We have a list of a few questions that will help you to consider the machine that best matches your criteria.

  • What type of machine do you require? (Top load / front load)
  • Is it a budget-friendly machine?
  • Is it according to your family size?
  • Will it be a fit for the space you have?
  • Does it have a child lock feature? If you have small kids at home
  • Is there an electricity connection, water supply, and draining facility near the space?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • Does the machine have an air sanitizing function?
  • Does the machine is noiseless?

Types Of Washing Machines

There are various types of washing machines; old-fashioned and traditional top-loading, front load washing machines, machines with huge capacity, some are stackable and others are smaller. Some machines have delayed time starters which you can program as you need while some have smart care and Wi-Fi connectivity for touch-less use.

1. Best Overall Samsung Washer In 2022 – Samsung FlexWash WV55M9600AV

Key Specifications: Capacity: 5.5 cu. Ft | Type: Front loader  | Energy consumption: 105 (kwh/year) | Washers: 2 Washers | Stackable: Non-stackable  | Size: 27×46.9×34 (inches) | Number of Wash Cycles: 12  | Features: super speed, steam function, power foam | Energy efficiency tier rating: Tier 3 | Smart home protocol: Wi-Fi

Samsung-Flexwash Wv55m9600AVThis is one of the best washers to buy in 2022. Its speed wash feature is 45% faster which reduces washing time to 30 minutes on a full load with absolute clean performance. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also remotely control the scheduled cycle.

Samsung flex wash is energy certified washer so you can save money by saving energy and water without compromising performance and functionality.

Does your washer make much noise and create vibrations due to the imbalance of a load during the spin mode?  Is it bothering you that you are unable to do the laundry because the laundry room is just beside the room where someone is sleeping? If this is true, the VRT PLUS feature is exactly what you want.

This special feature is developed by Samsung to reduce RPM vibrations and noises. It has a specially designed tub and sensor to keep the load in balance even at super spin speed. Now you can easily do your laundry anywhere anytime without disturbance.

Washer Capacity: 2 In 1 Washer

Samsung flex wash is a high-efficiency front load washer with two separate washers that can be used to wash different types of laundry at the same time.

The larger one at the bottom is for extra-large loads while the smaller upper washer is designed for smaller and delicate loads, so you can do more laundry, fewer washes, and consumes less time.

The larger one has a capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. and the smaller one has 1 Cu. Ft. which is perfect for large families.

Amazon Dash Replenishment

Do you ever run out of your detergent, and the detergent automatically comes to you? Isn’t it a weird question? What if it would happen to you?

Now Samsung comes up with an amazingly unique technology in which the SmartThinq mobile app through the wireless network keeps track of the use of detergent pods and automatically allows your printer to re-order detergent pods from Amazon when you are running low.

Steam Function

Generally, non-steam washers use a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for a wash cycle, which is good for day-to-day laundry but does not work for stubborn stains.

Samsung-Flex Wash WV55M9600AV comes with a steam function, which is the reason it is our best Samsung washing machine in 2022. In this function, water along with the steam thoroughly soaks all the loaded items. The steam then raises the temperature of the tub during the wash. The rise in temperature activates the dissolved detergent to perform more effectively.

After the wash, steam tends to increase the temperature as high as 153 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it starts to sterilize the clothes. Sterilization not only kills 99% of germs and bacteria but also eliminates allergens.

Smart Care

When some error occurs and your washing machine is not working properly; you don’t know what to do. Either you will call the company’s customer service, or you will take it for the repairing service.

Samsung has resolved the issue with the smart-care technology where the digital display of the washing machine shows error codes when something goes wrong. Every possible fault in a washer has a code.

All you need to do is install a specially designed Samsung smart washer application. Now, when an error code appears on the washer display, use the app camera to scan the code on the washer/dryer and the App will translate that code and provide a solution to the problem.

Diamond Drum

When you wash your garments in a normal washer, it could snag, tear, or fade your clothes even in a delicate wash cycle. Your garment could be damaged or the washer could shorten the longevity of your garment. Garments with zipper, hook, or Velcro can scratch the drum too.

This tends you to wash your laundry with hands which is messy, time-consuming, and exhausted for you.

Samsung introduces a uniquely designed Diamond drum that has diamond-shaped soft curls that gently clean the fabrics and the small water exit holes within the drum protect clothes from snagging or sticking to the walls of the washer tub.

Now you don’t need to wash your clothes by hand. You can wash even delicate ones in a Samsung-Flex Wash WV55M9600AV without any fear of tearing, sticking, or color fading of your clothes.

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Usually, we notice from our daily life that our appliances get specks of our hands. These fingerprints especially on washing machines look so untidy.

Samsung has developed washers with specially designed finishing in such a way that it prevents those smudges that give it a dirty look.

  • Large size
  • Super speed wash
  • Noiseless wash
  • Remotely controllable
  • Expensive from other competitors

2. Best High-Efficiency Top-Loader Washer: Samsung WA50R5400AV

Key Specifications: Capacity: 5 cu.ft | Type : top-load | Size: 27.5 x 44.6 x 29.4 | Energy consumption (kwh/year): 120 | Number of wash cycle: 12 | Steam function: no | App-controlled: no

Samsung WA50R5400AV is a high-efficiency top-load washer with a large 5.0 Cu. Ft. capacity. Its super-speed cleanse fully loaded laundry in 36 minutes without compromising on its performance. It consists of two washing nozzles, 1st nozzle sprays a foam detergent and warm water mixture and the 2nd one throws water to wash away the detergent.

Its smart care feature provides stepwise solutions to the problem where an error code appears on the washer and dryer’s display. The Samsung App camera is used to scan the code and the App then translates the code to provide the best solution.

Washer Capacity

Samsung WA50R5400AV is a high-efficiency top-load washer with a large 5.0 Cu. Ft. capacity. It is perfect for families of 5-6 members.

Active Water Jet

Does your washing machine remove tough and stubborn stains? If not, then you have to do the pretreatment of your clothes. You soak the clothes in a tub with water and detergent for a while. Then hand washes them in water followed by putting them back in the washer for a proper wash.

Samsung frees you from the routine by introducing a built-in active water jet faucet. You can now pre-treat your clothes with just a press of a button, and water with high pressure comes out.

Put your clothes from the laundry bag to the washer, pre-treat them, and put it on the normal wash. You don’t need extra laundry space to pretreat your soiled laundry. It saves your time and energy too.

EZ Access Tub

It is very common that people with back problems either have difficulty in bending or cannot bend at all. After the washing cycle ends, it is difficult to take clothes out of the washer.

Samsung WA50R5400AV comes up with EZ ACCESS TUB, a new tub design that is convenient for you.  It is designed in a way that you have effortless access to the tub. It has a reachable and shallow tub but with enough load capacity.

Now you can conveniently take out your clothes without any trouble or backache.

Vibration Reduction Technology Plus

Generally, washers at high spin speed make noise due to the imbalance of the heavily loaded drum. Vibrational sounds make it unbearable for the kids to sleep, work, or study in the room next to the laundry place.

You either have to wait for the kids and the husband to wake up or go to their school and workplace.

Now Samsung with its Vibration Reduction technology puts an end to your wait. The unique design of the tub uses sensors to keep the balance of the loaded drum in position even at a high spinning mode.

Now anyone can sleep or do anything anytime. You don’t need to wait for them to wake up or go somewhere for your laundry to be done.

Swirl+ Drum

It is our common observation that the fabrics lose their color or get stuck in the drum. It could be a small tear but the garment’s long life would be reduced. Garments with zipper, hook, and Velcro may harm your washer by scratching the wall of the drum too.

Samsung introduces an innovative swirl+ drum just for you.  It is an improved tub with soft swirl patterns on the wall to extract more water during the rinsing cycle that gently cleans and protects your clothes from tearing, snagging, or any other damage.

Easy Accessibility For Everyone

In case, you have some disabilities like hearing or visual impairment. You don’t want to be a burden on anyone. You want to wash your laundry, but your washing machine is not for people with disabilities.

Samsung has come with a feature that makes it easy for those people who has some disabilities. Now your washer and dryer come with hearing and visual aiding features like audio assistance with different sounds for each option and braille option just beside the key control panel buttons.

  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Its large capacity will be perfect for large families
  • Unique effortlessly reachable washer tub
  • Quiet laundry time
  • Easy error diagnosing and troubleshooting
  • It cannot be controlled remotely
  • It has some cycles that are longer than usual
  • Laundry remains wet after a cycle

3. Best Budget-Friendly Samsung Washing Machine: Samsung WF45R6300Aw

Key Specifications: Capacity : 4.5 cu.ft | Type: front loader | Size: 27 x 31.4 x 38.75 | Energy consumption (kwh/year): 80 | Number of wash cycle: 12 | Steam function: steam | Energy efficiency tier rating: tier 2 | Wi-fi connectivity: yes | Vrt plus technology: yes | Stackable: non-stackable

Samsung Wf45r6300awSAMSUNG WF45R6300AW is one of the best budget-friendly smart front load washers to buy in 2022. It has a good capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. with its super speed feature you can wash fully loaded laundry in just 30 minutes without sacrificing performance.

Its Sleek and smart design gives your home a modern look. It’s easy to use for everyone. The washer design also enables people with some disabilities like hearing loss and visual impairment to use the machine with ease with features like braille and voice assistance.

It comes with VRT Plus Technology that lessens the noise and vibrations during wash so you can silently do your laundry any time.

Washer Capacity

SAMSUNG WF45R6300AW is a top load smart washer with a capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. in which almost 20 pounds of laundry can be fitted. The washer is suitable for medium-sized families of 4-5 members.

Bixby Enabled Wi-Fi Connectivity

Imagine you loaded your washer but forgot to start and got yourselves busy with other house chores. In a while, you have to go out for groceries, visit some family friends, or somewhere else.

Only when you are out it came to your mind that you were about to start washing the machine and forgot. It would be too late and in the end, it would be in your next day’s chores.

Samsung has given the solution for your forgetfulness. Its Bixby enabled Wi-Fi connectivity to take care of your laundry when you are out. It allows you to start, stop, or resume your washer cycle. You will even receive the end-of-cycle notification remotely.

Steam Function

Generally, we have washing machines in which washing temperature rises to 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is good for day-to-day washing. But if we talk about laundry with heavy and tough stain. It does not work properly.

SAMSUNG WF45R6300AW now came up with an innovative function that not only cleans but also sanitizes your clothes. Its steam functions release steam from the bottom and gradually rises the temperature inside the drum. Your laundry gets thoroughly soaked in the steam, detergent-water mixture.

The steam then absorbs into each item, optimizes the detergent to give an effective performance during the wash, and efficiently breaks up the heavy dirt and stubborn stains from the fabric without giving any pretreatment.

After the wash cycle, it not only sanitizes your clothes with temperature up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit but also hot wash keeps your clothes softer and wrinkle-free just as the warm water relaxes and opens up your skin pores and keep your skin softer. 


Does your washing machine have a drum cleaning cycle? Or do you wash your washer drum by yourselves?

If you have a washer which you have to clean by yourself, chances are you either forgot to clean or you feel lazy to clean it because it consumes lots of time and energy.

Then Samsung comes with a washer that has a chemical-free self-cleaning and self-sanitizing ability. It’s a long wash cycle that uses hot water to clean the inside of a tub and kills bacteria. It is recommended to do a self-cleaning wash cycle at night.

The washer keeps you updating about self-cleaning after every 40 wash cycles.

Easy To Use For Everyone

If you have someone in the family with some special needs and that person cannot walk and completely on wheelchair support. You want to possess all electronic appliances which assist a disability, and that makes him/her life a little bit easier.

Samsung introduces a unique feature in which its washer and dryer are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is abbreviated as ADA. It serves the disabilities and makes it easy to load and unload the laundry.

It also has audio assistance, which plays different tunes for each option, and a braille feature for people with visual and hearing impairment.

  • Sleek design and shallow depth
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Steam wash
  • Quiet laundry anytime
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Cost is the only disadvantage of the steam washer.
  • It consumes so much water and electricity as its cycles are too long.
  • Its control panel is hard to read because options are too cluttered.

4. Samsung WF42H5000AW – Best Samsung Washing Machine For Large Family in 2022

Key Specifications: Capacity (cu. Ft) : 4.2 | Type: front loader | Size: 27 x 38.75 x 33 | Energy consumption (kwh/year): 94 | Number of wash cycle: 8 pre-set wash cycles | Wash temperatures settings: hot, warm, eco warm, cold | Spin settings: high, medium, low, no spin | Soil settings: heavy, normal, light. | Energy efficiency tier rating: tier 3 | Vrt plus technology: yes | Child lock: yes | Smart care: yes | Stackable: stackable | Steam function: no steam

best-samsung-washing-machine-in-2021-WF42H5000AWThis is also one of the best budget-friendly washers to buy in 2022 is Samsung WF42H5000AW. A highly efficient front load and stackable unit with a big size washer giving you a capacity of 4.2 Cu. Ft. It means you will have fewer loads, and you can save your time for doing other chores.


You can do more of your laundry in 1200 RPMs of spin speed. It means the Samsung washer’s drum can revolve around 1200 times in a minute. You can say faster the spin speed, the faster will be the water removal, and takes less time to complete the spin.

Its chemical-free Self-cleaning of a drum makes it fresh, clean and sanitized. The diamond drum is a specially designed tub to gently protect fabrics by its soft curls where its small water exit holes to keep your clothes from any damage.

If your washer has got some problem and is not working properly. You are worried about what to do now. Left behind the repairing service shop and the customer service Centre and move ahead with special Samsung technology.

You can now troubleshoot any issue by scanning the error code displayed on the washer and dryer through a smartphone camera.

The smart care washer app translates the code and immediately diagnosed the problem and provides step-by-step solutions that will be displayed on your mobile.

Its 8 preset wash cycles adequately clean all the laundry. Its high affordability gives uniqueness to the machine. If you want to buy a great washer on a low budget, it will be one of the best options.

Vrt Plus Technology

Does your washer make so much noise and shakes due to the fully-loaded drum is imbalanced during spinning?

If yes then you are facing difficulty in laundry time. You don’t have your laundry time at any time. Either someone will be sleeping or someone is studying or doing some work at the time you want to wash.

Samsung has resolved this issue by introducing vibrational reduction technology. The technology has sensors that keep the fully loaded drum in balance even at high spin speed. Its VRT plus technology reduces 40% more noises and vibrations than any other VRT.


If you are changing your apartment and the new apartment has a compact area for the washing machine and your washing machine is larger. You don’t know what to do now.

Samsung has a solution to your worries. Samsung comes with a stackable washer-dryer in which the dryer stands on the washer, rather than being next to the washer. It will be a good option for your home because it has all full-service laundry capabilities and can be fixed in your compact space.

Washer Capacity

Samsung WF42H5000AW is a high-efficiency front load stackable washer-dryer giving you a capacity of 4.2 Cu. Ft. It means you will have fewer loads and you can save your time for other chores.

Direct Drive Motor

If you have a belt-driven motor washing machine that has a belt connected through the motor to drive the washing drum. You are worried about the friction in Belt driven washer consumes more energy.

You can’t wash your laundry any time because when your washer is loaded fully, it starts to make loud noises, and their vibrational effects make it jolting.

Samsung introduces a unique feature direct drive motor that will make your life easy.

In a direct drive washer, there is no belt type of thing and the motor is directly driving the washing drum.

A motor uses magnets to lessen the frictional effect. It has sensors to detect the load on the drum, determines accordingly how much optimum speed will be required at which the machine should run.

Reduced friction gives quieter, smoother, energy-efficient, and reliable performance. 

Child Lock

If you have toddlers or you are living in a joint family system with lots of kids around there, you have to be cautious about the washing machine. Because kids are naturally so curious especially about the things which have buttons, sounds, and lights. Sometimes it would be difficult for you to control them.

Samsung WF42H5000AW has resolved your problem. It comes with a child lock feature, specially designed for the family with small kids. Its safety feature allows you to lock all washer buttons and make your programmed cycle unaltered.

Ada Compliant

If someone met with an accident and he/she is unable to move without wheelchair support and is dependent on others for easy house chores. Life has become difficult for them.

Samsung WF42H5000AW comes up to somewhat ease your challenges and aiding washing machines with features that compliant with ADA. Its design makes it accessible for people with disabilities to load and unload the clothes from the washer.

A stackable dryer is ADA compliant when it installs on the floor and it is not ADA compliant when it is on the top of the washer.

  • It is stackable and saves maximum space
  • It is thrifty and easy on the budget.
  • Excellent stain-removing washer
  • Easy to use
  • Good enough for just plain cleaning

5. Best Samsung Washing Machine for Apartment – Samsung WW90J6410CX

Key Specifications: Capacity (kg): 9 | Type: front loader | Size: 600 x 850 x 550 | Energy consumption (kwh/year): 130 | Additional cycle: super speed | Energy efficiency class: a+++ | Ecobubble: yes | Smart care: yes | Smart control: no | Vrt plus technology: no

best-samsung-washing-machine-in-2021-WW90J6410CXSamsung WW90J6410CX front load washer could be the best option to buy in 2022 because it is a dream washer with affordability and all the features that one can imagine. It has a washer with a capacity of 9kg and a super spin speed of 1400 RPMs.

The washer will spin your clothes at 1400 RPMs, with a noise level of 74dB on a spin and 53dB during a wash. It has a child lock feature that locks all buttons of the washer and gives safety measures for kids.

If you wash your clothes and they come out with rips and tears or they get snagged with the drum or the drum get scratched by clothes that have hook, Velcro, or zipper on them.

Samsung comes up with an innovatively designed tub that has diamond-shaped soft and smooth curls on a wall that remains gentle on fabric during the wash and small water exit holes keep your clothes away from any damage without any compromise on cleaning performance.

Washer Capacity

Buying a washing machine mainly depends upon the number of family members or what type of items you load in a routine or how much space do you have for laundry.  Because you have to decide what capacity of washer-dryer do you want, which is suitable for your family.

Samsung ww90j6410cx is a front load washer with a capacity of 9 kg. It can load about 45 T-shirts or a medium king-sized comforter. It will be the best option for large families.

Eco Bubble Technology

If your washer is featured with a hot water wash. It performs well in a way that cleanses and sanitizes your clothes but in another way, it can shrink your clothes or your bright-colored clothes may fade away in hot water.

And a lot of energy consumption is required to wash loads of laundry.

Samsung introduces something unique, an Eco bubble technology that efficiently washes loads of laundry at low temperatures. In this technology, the washer drum uses water that gets mixed with the detergent along with the specially generated bubbles, soaks the laundry thoroughly.

Bubbles then optimize the detergent to perform effectively and penetrate all the items even at 15 ̊C. Its powerful spray rinses the clothes, and a fast speedy spin completes its cycle in just 59 minutes, giving you results without any compromise on cleaning and performance.

It is not only a simple Bubble but it is an energy-saving Bubble.

Smart Care

If something goes wrong with your washing machine. Maybe the washer drum has some issue or water is not filling/draining properly, it could be anything. You get upset. You don’t have any idea what should you do?

If you call the customer service center, and they do not receive your call. Or If you don’t have anyone so that you can take the washing machine to the nearby repairing service shop.

Don’t get upset. Samsung cares for you, and that is why it comes up with a smart care feature. It is an error detecting system that diagnoses the problem by using the smart-care washer application through a smartphone camera that translates the code displayed on the washer/dryer and immediately notifying you with step-by-step solutions to the problem.

Crystal Gloss Door

Samsung WW90J6410CX comes with a sleek designed washer with an elegant crystal blue door that gives aesthetical look to your home. The door has a metal hinge that allows it to open fully at 170 degrees. Its handle is 45 degrees high that makes it easier to open.

Its specially designed door and elegant interior design with high performance enable washer to protect your laundry from any wear and tear.

  • Efficient, easy to use, and relevantly quiet
  • Remove stubborn stains using Bubble soak technology.
  • 15min super speed wash
  • Wash using a low temperature and saves energy
  • Chemical-free self-sanitizing.
  • No remotely control
  • Noisy laundry time

6. Best Smart Samsung Washing Machine – WW50R5200AW Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet

Key Specifications: Capacity (cu. Ft): 5 | Type: top load | Size: 27 x 38.75 x 34 | Energy consumption (kWh/year): 100 | Number of wash cycle: 10 wash | 3 tray dispensers: Main wash, Softener, and Bleach | Special features: Active water jet, EZ access, Smart care | Energy efficiency tier rating: tier ll | Vrt plus technology: Yes | Steam function: No | Stackable: Non-stackable | Sanitizing cycle: No | Wi-fi connectivity: No

Another easy on the pocket among the best washers to buy in 2022. Samsung WA50R5200AW top load washer with a large capacity of 5.0 Cu. Ft. that can fit more in a single load, you can save time for other house chores.

If your washer makes so much noise and when you fully loaded your washer it will be out of balance and makes a loud vibrational sound during the spin cycle. That will become unbearable for the person sleeping next to the laundry room.

Samsung’s unique Vibration Reduction Technology has specially designed sensors that keep fully loaded washers in balance even at high speedy spin and now you can wash your laundry quietly without disturbing anyone.

It is considered that VRT plus technology reduces 40% more vibrations than other VRT.

Washer Capacity

Samsung WA50R5200AW top load washer with a large capacity of 5.0 Cu. Ft. that can fit around 20 pounds of the loads in a single wash cycle. By loading more at once, you can save time for other house chores.

Child Lock

If you have small kids. And you want to keep them away from any electronic devices. But kids are kids. If you restrict them, it will be mandatory for them to go nearby and keep trying to touch them.

If you talk about a washing machine that is placed anywhere reachable for children. And they remain curious and attracted to the buttons, lights, and sounds produced by your washing machine. Then it is a matter to be worried about.

Samsung introduces a safety feature in its washers. Child Lock feature locks up all the washer buttons once you programmed the cycle. In this way, a child lock keeps your washer undisturbed.

Active Water Jet

If you have a washer that cannot remove tough stains properly. You have to pretreat those clothes. You will soak those clothes or dirty parts of the clothes with water and detergent in a tub. And then wash them in tap water.

It will become energy-consuming, messy, and time-consuming.

Samsung introduces a unique feature to reduce your tiresome. An active water jet is a built-in water faucet that helps in easy pretreat removal of soil and stubborn stains from clothes.

Samsung cares for you, and that’s why it makes it easy for you to just pick a laundry from the washer and scrub. No tub/sink or any other washing area needed.

Ez Access Tub

Generally, washing machines have a deep washing tub. If you have some back problem that you cannot bend to take out your clothes or if you have a big washer with a deep tub and your height is small as compared to the size of the washer. You have to stand on the stool to take out your clothes.

Now you don’t have to stand on the stool. Samsung has resolved your problem by featuring an innovative tub that has a smart shallow EZ Access tub that enables you to easily reach the items and take out your clothes after the cycle is finished.

Smart Care

If your washer is not working properly. You are calling the customer service Centre but no one is responding or you want to take your machine to the repairing service shop but there is no shop nearby. All these things are bothering you.

Samsung has a smart care feature that keeps in check the status of your washing machine. It means that when something goes wrong with your washing machine. It will show an error code on its washer and dryer. You need to install the Samsung smart care washer app. On your mobile.

The smart care app then scans the code through a smartphone camera. App immediately responds and detects the actual problem and gives its step-by-step solution.

Accessible For Everyone

If someone has suffered from severe illness and that results in some disabilities like hearing or vision problems. And it has become difficult for you to do even your daily house chores. You are now dependent on others. You need something that helps you to cope up with such a situation.

Samsung is there for you to bring you out from the hardest phase of your life. Samsung introduces a feature that enables you to operate home appliances such as washing machines. It has a sound assisting feature that plays a specific tune for each option and a braille system for visual and hearing impairment.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient, Large Capacity, Performance
  • Noiseless washing
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No sanitizing cycles
  • It’s difficult for a short heightened person to reach the bottom of the washer

7. Samsung WF45K6500AV – Best High-Efficiency Samsung Front Load Washer

Key Specifications: Capacity (Cu. Ft): 4.5 | Type: front load | Size : 27 x 38.75 x 34 | Energy consumption (kWh/year) : 100 | Number of wash cycle: 14 | Steam function: Steam | Energy efficiency tier rating: tier 2 | Wi-fi connectivity: yes | Vrt plus technology: yes | Stackable: stackable

Samsung WF45K6500AV front load washer comes with the best features among the washing machines. The washer has a good capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. with its super speed feature gently washes fully loaded washer in 36 minutes. The self-clean feature keeps the washer clean and fresh.

Wi-Fi connectivity of the washer makes it easy to remotely control the schedule of the washing cycle. It has a child lock that restricts you to change the cycle setting. Diamond Drum has a diamond-shaped soft curl design and water exits small holes, protecting the clothes from damage.

Washer Capacity

Capacity is the number of items a machine can carry. It can be measured in cubic feet or Kilograms. Samsung has a range of washing machines of different sizes and capacities.

Samsung WF45K6500AV front load washer has a capacity of 4.5 Cu. Ft. It can wash 16-20 pounds of loads. It is a washer with a really good capacity and suitable for a medium-sized family.

Stackable Washer

If you want to buy a washing machine. But the problem is that you don’t have free space. You have limited space. So you have to buy a washer-dryer but the space given is confusing you.

Samsung comes with a stackable washer dryer. It means that the front load dryer can stand on the front load washer. Stackable machines are ideal for small apartments, fits perfectly into closets and maximum saves your space

Steam Function

Normally washers wash laundry at up to the temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit which gives good cleaning for day-to-day laundry but not as good to remove heavy stains from clothes.

Samsung’s steam power technology releases steam from the bottom of the tub. Steam and water along with the detergent soak the laundry thoroughly.

The steam then increases the washer temperature that optimizes the detergent to perform effectively and penetrates efficiently every item in the laundry. It loosens the stains/dirt, lifts the dirt, and wash away from the laundry without giving pretreatment.

After the wash, steam raises the temperature higher up to the temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit when it starts to sanitize your laundry. It not only kills 99% of the germs and bacteria but also eliminates allergens.

Vrt Plus Technology

Generally, washers make noise and they produce vibrational sounds because when the drum is fully loaded, the washer will be out of balance during the spinning mode. The noises and vibrational sounds enable your house members to sleep, study, or work with concentration.

Samsung has resolved your problem with its unique VRT technology to reduce RPM vibrations, in which the washer has sensors that keep the fully loaded drum in balance even at high spin speed.

VRT Plus Technology reduces the noise by 40%, more than any other vibration reduction technology so that you can easily and quietly wash your laundry.

Direct Drive Motor

If you have a traditional washer with a belt driving motor then you are facing noisy belt driving sound and jolting washer due to the heavy load that disturbs the balance during the spinning mode.

Samsung’s Direct Drive motor moves the drum by directly connecting to the drum shaft, instead of connecting via the belt or gear. It saves energy and keeps the washing quieter because it doesn’t have a belt driving sound.


In general when you are washing your laundry. You often forgot to add some more laundry to add in the washer like it could be a piece of socks, or someone’s vest, baby’s pajama, or anything else. But the problem is that the door is not opening during the wash.

It is something frustrating to walk away with your stray sock because the door of the washer is locked for the rest of the cycle.

Samsung is here with an innovative featured AddWash washer with a small door within the main washer door that enables you to add extra/forgotten laundry during the wash, you just have to pause before adding in.

You don’t need to be frustrated. Now you can easily add your forgotten stray sock to the washer.

Fingerprint Resistant

Usually, washers get stains on the body, even by a slight touch of hands. Fingerprints on the rough finishing look so untidy.

Samsung comes with a new soft and silky finishing washer that doesn’t get any smudges of handprints on its body. So, your washing machine always looks tidy and shiny.

  • Add-Wash feature
  • Energy efficient
  • Steam wash
  • Remote control
  • You can Silently wash without any disturbance
  • Heavy machine

8. Best Compact Samsung Washer – WW22K6800AW

Key Specification: Capacity (Cu. Ft): 2.2 | Type: front loader | Size: 23.6 x 33.5 x 26.6 | Energy consumption (kWh/year): 90Number of wash cycle: 12 | Steam function: steam | Vrt plus technology: yes | Stackable: stackable | Wi-fi connectivity: no | Energy efficiency tier rating: not rated

SAMSUNG WW22K6800AW, the best washer to buy in 2022 for a small house. This compact washer has 1400 RPMs of super spin speed that allows you to get the laundry done faster. The Samsung washer gives a powerful wash on full load in just 30 minutes. The steam releases from the bottom of the tub, get the load saturated and deep cleansed without giving pretreatment.

This compact washer has Vibration Reduction Technology plus that has a unique sensor that keeps the load balanced even at super spin speed and gives you noiseless laundry time


If you are living alone or two persons are living in a house. You should have a washing machine with a small size and less capacity but performs fully and smartly.

Then you don’t have a better option than SAMSUNG WW22K6800AW, it is a compact front load washer with a capacity of 2.2 Cu. Ft. it will be perfect for one or two persons.

Stackable Washer-Dryer

If you are newly shifted to a new apartment, your confusion is obvious because there is a very small washing machine area in small apartments and you didn’t notice it before shifting. But don’t worry.

Now Samsung comes up with the compact front-loaded and stackable washer which will be perfect for your small apartment and can be perfectly fitted into the closet.

Stackable washing machines have a front-loaded dryer that can stand on a front-loaded washer.

Smart Care

What do you do if your washer does not work properly? You will either call the company’s customer service center, and they do not respond properly or take your washer to the repairing service shop.

Samsung comes with Smart care that helps analyze the problem. Any error on the washing machine displays a code on the washer and dryer. The smart care washer app scans and translates the error code. It diagnoses immediately, troubleshoots the problem, and provides stepwise solutions on your mobile.

Diamond Drum

If you are washing laundry, your clothes get snagged to the drum or its color may fade away due to the rough surface of the tub. Then it is time to change your washing machine.

Samsung comes with an innovative feature of a diamond drum that is specially designed tub with its diamond-shaped ridges that have soft curls and small water exit holes that keep your fabrics protected from sticking and being damaged without any compromise on cleaning performance.

Self – Clean+

It is in our common observations that after several wash cycles you need to clean the drum. But it is something time and energy-consuming while laziness is another issue.

Samsung comes with a feature of Self-cleaning+ that keeps the drum fresh and clean with a powerful water jet and high spin speed to clean and sanitize the drum.

Direct Drive Motor

If you have a traditional belt-driven washer then you will be experiencing loud noises and vibrational sound during the spin cycle because of the imbalanced position of the fully-loaded drum. In addition to the noise and jolting effect of the washer, you may be experiencing high energy costs due to friction.

Samsung introduces a specially designed direct-drive motor that connects the shaft to drive/rotate the drum without using a belt. It has sensors that make the washer energy-efficient, quiet, and more durable.

  • Bright display
  • Durable Samsung washing machine in budget
  • Inexpensive for the features
  • Quiet and efficient functioning
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No interior light

9. Most Flexible Samsung Washing MAchine – Samsung WW90M645OPO

Key Specifications: Capacity (kg) : 9 | Type: front loader | Size : 600 x 850 x 600mm | Energy consumption (kwh/year: 130 | 15’quick wash: yes | Additional cycle : super speed | Addwash: yes | Energy efficiency class: a+++ | Ecobubble: Yes | Smart check: yes | Smart control: yes | Vrt plus technology: No

SAMSUNG QUICK DRIVE WW90M645OPO, the most flexible and smart washer to buy in 2022. It optimizes the use of water, energy, and detergent with no compromise on cleanliness.

The front-load washer with a capacity of 9kg with a super speed spin of 1400 RPMs. Once you have programmed your washer, set the child lock to avoid changes to the setting by the little ones.

It is now possible to smartly control the washing cycle. You can program the washer as per your requirements i.e. type of laundry, the color of garments, soil level, etc.

SMART care stands for “Self-monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology” it is used to check the status of the washing machine.

Samsung washer has a smart check / smart care option in which you can scan the error code on your washer and dryer through the smart care app that immediately diagnosis the problem and gives a solution to the problem.

Washer Capacity

If you want to buy a new washing machine, firstly, you should keep in mind the number of family members, the space you have for the washing area, and the average number of items required for a routine wash.

Samsung comes up with a variety of ranges for sizes and capacities. If you have a big family and you want no compromises in performance. Then you are right here because SAMSUNG QUICKDRIVE ww90m645opo front load washer comes up with the most flexibility and with a large capacity of 9 Kg. It will be a perfect washer for your large family.

Quick Drive Technology

Generally, the conventional type of washing machines in which washer takes a lot of time in washing. In the end, the cleaning is not that satisfactory. Sometimes it even got snagged to the drum.

Now you don’t need to be worried about any damage. Samsung comes up with its unique feature QuickDrive technology which reduces the wash time by 50%. It has a special fabric care drum with pulsators that optimizes the detergent to go deep into the fabric and give it a thorough wash in less time.


If you are washing laundry and after a while, you remember something more to add to the washer. But you can’t just open the door and put them inside. You have to wait for the whole cycle to complete.

Samsung always cares for you and makes your life easy by introducing another additional feature that enables you to add in extra/forgotten or hand-washed laundry in the middle of the wash cycle through the AddWash door.

You just have to pause first and then add extra items.

Eco Bubble Technology

We commonly have washing machines that use hot water for washing. The use of hot water is no doubt very helpful for killing germs and bacteria. But you cannot use hot water for all types of fabrics. Certain types of fabrics or delicate ones should be washed in cold water.

Samsung introduces a unique eco Bubble technology in which the washer uses a bubbles generator that dissolves the detergent in cold water and injects air that makes a soft and smooth soap-rich bubble cushion.

It soaks all items in a bubble cushion thoroughly that efficiently penetrates the clothes in the drum. The bubbles loosen the stubborn stains and wash them away with no sacrifice on performance.

Digital Inverter Motor

If you are using a belt-driven washer which probably makes lots of noise and has jolting effects caused by an imbalance of a drum during the spinning mode. Its high friction increases the energy cost.

Samsung comes up with an innovative and smooth drum-driving inverter motor in which the motor uses the magnet to lessen the frictional effect.

Inverter technology has sensors to detect the load on the drum, which determines accordingly how much optimum speed will be required at which the machine should run. Reduced friction gives quieter, smoother, energy-efficient, and reliable performance.

Self Cleaning Eco Drum

If you have a washer that needs to be clean and being lazy and busy at the same time you cannot clean. And cleaning takes a lot of time and energy.

So here is the solution for you. Samsung comes with Eco Drum Clean that gives chemical-free cleaning and sanitization of the interior of your drum and rubber seal. It also reminds you after every 40 cycles.

  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use
  • You add in forgotten laundry during the wash
  • You can remotely control the washer
  • Speedy wash and smart functionality
  • It’s heavy and deep
  • Its automatic end-of-cycle tune might be a little annoying.

10. Best Large Samsung Washing Machine – Samsung WA54R7600AW

Key specifications: Capacity (Cu. Ft): 5.4 | Type: Top loader | Size: 27.56 x 44.56 x 27.56 | Energy consumption (kWh/year): 20 | Number of wash cycle:12 | Special features: Active water jet, EZ access | Energy efficiency tier rating: Tier 2 | Wi-fi connectivity: yes | Smart care: yes | Vrt plus technology: yes | Steam function: yes

Samsung WA54R7600AW is a large-sized top load washer, best to buy for a large family in 2020. Its super-speed function completes the wash in 36 minutes without compromising cleaning performance.

It has a built-in water faucet jet to pretreat the stained laundry. Its smart care feature enables you to easily troubleshoot any problem through smartphone connectivity. Its Self-cleaning feature is to keep the tub fresh clean and sanitized without using any chemical.

It is considered that hot water works well for washing laundry because it sanitizes the clothes. But hot water may damage your delicate clothes.

Normally we have washers that rise their temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is good for routine washing but not for sanitizing. The temperature required for sanitizing clothes is 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

What if your washer temperature kills all germs and bacteria but shrinks or fades away the bright-colored dress?

We have so many questions that create more confusion. Samsung has all the answers in one solution which is its steam washing feature. In steam function washer releases the steam from the bottom rises the temperature of the tub.

Steam along with the water detergent mixture soaks the laundry thoroughly. The rise in temperature optimizes the detergent to efficiently penetrate the laundry. And steam wash remains gentle on the fabrics without any compromise in performance.

After the wash cycle more steam releases and increases the temperature up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit for sanitization. Steam not only sanitizes, but it also keeps your fabric softer and less wrinkled.

Washer Capacity

Washer capacity is the amount of load, a washer can carry in one washing. It is measured either in cubic feet or in kilograms, specifies the weight of the load, a washer can hold.

Samsung comes with a variety of ranges for sizes and capacities. Samsung WA547600AW washer has a large capacity of 5.4 Cu. Ft. which is perfect for the big family of 6-8 members.

Vrt Plus Technology

Some washers make so much noise and have jolting effects because their washer has become imbalanced during high spinning due to the heavily loaded laundry.

Those noises become unbearable for the person trying to sleep or someone trying to concentrate on study in the room beside the laundry area.

Samsung gives you the quietest ever laundry time, a new vibrational reduction technology plus in which a sensor is used to keep the heavily loaded drum in position during the high spinning mode.

Samsung’s VRT plus technology reduces much more noises and vibrations than any other standard VRT.


Samsung comes up with a new or useful technology by which even people with some disabilities like hearing loss and visual impairment can also use it easily. It has AUI, BRAILLE accessibility making it easy to use for everyone.

  • Large capacity
  • Steam cleaning
  • Super speed Motor
  • Pretreating stain with water faucet jet
  • Saves electricity bill
  • So quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • It is a little hard to reach the bottom of the drum to take out the laundry.
  • You should be careful with the bedding wash.
  • Clothes get twisted after cycle is completed.


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