10 Best Pressure Washer For Garage Floors – Buyers Guide

Garage floors are messy, oily, greasy, and blah blah blah. But this condition can come to an end if you have a good pressure washer for garage floors

Pressure washing the concrete garage floor is much more convenient than washing it with a bucket and a brush.

There is no doubt a pressure washer can remove oil stains, grease, sticky mess, and tough dirt from the surface of the garage floor within no time. All you need is a good pressure washer and a concrete cleaner. And sometimes an attachment to give it an even more refreshing look by scrubbing.

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Coldwater Pressure Washer Or Hot Water Pressure Washer:

Coldwater pressure washers are the traditional machines that are being used for residential and light commercial cleaning purposes. Whereas hot water pressure washers are expensive, heavy machines that work with hot water.

Hot water washers have a specialized system to raise the temperature of water to make it hot before pressure washing. The heating system makes them expensive but powerful enough to blast away any type of tough stains of oil and grease from the surfaces.

These hot water pressure washers are called power washers. The main difference between a pressure washer and a power washer is the hot water mechanics within the machine.

However, a good cold water pressure washer with optimum PSI and GPM can wash the dirty and messy garage floor easily. The techniques and procedures of cleaning this mess also play an important role which we have discussed at the end of the article.

Best Pressure Washer For Garage Floors – 10 Best Picks

There are many options available for garage floor cleaning but as we know, this task requires a reliable and powerful machine to tackle oil and grease from the garage surface.

Following are the 10 best pressure washers for garage floors according to experts with their days-long research and testing. These electric and gas-powered pressure washers are also best to clean cars, siding, sidewalks, and driveways.

1. Generac 7122 SpeedWash, 3200 PSI – Best Pressure washer for Garages

Generac speedwash 7122

Powered by an efficient Generac 196cc OHV maintenance-free engine, this gas-powered pressure washer has enough capability to remove rust, oil, and grease stains from concrete.

A high-quality brass-head axial cam pump present in the machine ensures the longevity and great performance of the washer.

It has a maximum pressure of 3200PSI and 2.7 GPM water flow so it is a powerful tool to clean your garage, sideways, vehicles, driveways, and patio furniture.

High-Quality Accessories To Pressure Washer Garage Floor

Generac Speedwash 3200 PSI pressure washer comes with a turbo nozzle to give you faster cleaning results if you have a big garage.

Its ergonomic spray gun has a stylish power dial that allows choosing between 4 different types of pressures. These include cars, wood, concrete, and soap.

The turbo nozzle and power adjuster of Generac Speedwash make it easier to clean your garage floor without much effort. However, 4 quick connect nozzles including a soap nozzle are also available to choose from according to the cleaning task.generac power broom

This Generic 3200PSI gasoline pressure washer has much more to offer you other than its power and efficiency to clean your garage.

It has a power broom with a surface area of 12 inches to clean big surfaces 4x faster than an ordinary nozzle. The high pressure in the power broom makes it easy to clean large garage floors within no time.

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Moreover, it has a high-pressure soap blaster which is far better than ordinary soap cannons to make high foaming suds.

There is so much in this pressure washer but words are limited so, in brief, it also has a 25 feet non-marring and kink-free hose that is flexible enough to control and manage.

There is a built-in detergent tank onboard, two big wheels for easy maneuverability, and a durable frame for its long life.

All in all, Generac Speedwash 3200 PSI is a perfect tool with all the powerful accessories to wash your garage floor. No doubt, this is a perfect alternative for your money. No other pressure washer gives you that much liberty.

  • Power broom to clean faster
  • 3200 psi at 2.7 GPM
  • Heavy-duty rugged frame
  • Turbo nozzle included
  • 25 feet long pressure hose
  • Slightly noisier operation

2. Westinghouse outdoor power equipment WPX 3400 – Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer For Garage Floor

Westinghouse Outdoor Pressure Washer For Garage

Number 2 on our list is a CARB compliant 3400 PSI gas-powered pressure washer. Equipped with a 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine, this heavy-duty pressure washer has enough power to blast away dirt, mold, mildew, tough oil stains, and grease from your garage floors.

It has a powerful axial cam pump that provides 2.6 gallons of water flow per minute. The combination of 3400psi and 2.6 GPM of powerful water flow is also best to clean your cars, sidings, decks, and patio furniture.

Westinghouse WPX3400 comes in a beautiful blue and black color. A beautiful trolley design with large wheels enhance its stability while pressure washing your garage.

It comes with a soap detergent tank, four spray nozzles, and 25 feet long pressure hose to tackle different jobs.

This 63 pounds reliable machine has a powerful engine with an easy start feature and has no extra maintenance required.

The machine is a little noisier due to its powerful gasoline engine, so always take care of your neighbors before starting the task.

  • Stable trolly design
  • 3400 psi at 2.6 GPM
  • Strong 212cc OHV engine
  • Maintenance-free axial cam pump
  • CARB compliant garage pressure washer
  • Heavier than some competitors

3. Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S Megashot – Best Pressure Washer For Oily Garage

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S Megashot


Combining a massive 3100 PSI of pressure and 2.4 GPM, the Simpson gas pressure washer is one of the most efficient machines to remove oil stains from your garage floor.

The Kohler RH265 engine provides a flawless, reliable, and smooth power source to this machine.

This gasoline-powered Simpson pressure washer operates with the extremely minimum noise of the engine.

Thus reducing the noise pollution and a relief for you that your neighbors are not being disturbed.

The high-quality OEM axial cam pump with thermal relief provides maintenance-free working throughout its life. Clean your surfaces without fear of overheating the pump.

Its Morflex 25 feet pressure hose allows you to reach wherever you want while washing your garage floor. You can use this Kohler-powered pressure washer with its various different-angled nozzles to wash your messy and grimy floor properly.

You can switch between zero degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40-degree nozzles as and when required.

Moreover, don’t worry about the durability and stability of this Simpson pressure washer. It has a rugged steel frame with good quality paint to protect it from rusting and corrosion.

Not only is its engine power, but its structure is also reliable. 10-inch pneumatic wheels move this heavy machine on any terrain without any difficulty.

This cleaning machine has a great ergonomic steel pressure gun to remove tough stains and dirt from the surfaces with easy handling.

There is a little downside of this pressure washer that it does not have an onboard hose reel to properly store the pressure hose and there is also a lack of a detergent tank on the body.

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4. A-iPower APW2700 – 2700PSI and 2.3GPM – Best Power Washer For Oil Stains

A-iPower APW2700C Gas Powered Pressure Washer

If you want a pressure washer with extra safety features then A-iPower must be your first choice.

The whole process of restoring your garage floor wants something from your machine. The OHV 196cc over-the-head valve engine of A-iPower is easy to start and has a low oil shutdown feature to protect it from damage.

Moreover, to produce 2.3 GPM of water flow it has a strong and reliable axial cam pump that helps to clean your oil floor in less time.

So both the pump and engine are efficient enough to produce a massive 2700 PSI of pressure to remove tough stains and grease from your garage floors.

This beast of pressure comes with 25 feet pressure hose and 3 different quick connect nozzles for different tasks.

Its 0-degree and 25° nozzle are sharp enough to blast away the toughest stains and slimy materials from your floor’s surfaces.

Weighing just around 57 pounds, the A-iPower APW2700 gasoline pressure washer is easy to move on rough terrain and smooth floors. Two 8-inch wheels allow it to move easily on your wet and oily garage floor.

Moreover, the A-iPower gas pressure washer has brass connectors to ensure easy and strong connections with no water leakage issues.

The APW2700 machine is an affordable option for pressure washing your garage floor as compared to many other rivals in the market due to its low price.

5. Sun Joe Spx3000 2030PSI – Best Electric Pressure Washer For Garage Floor

Sun Joe SPX2500 Electric Pressure Washer

If your garage floor is a little bit oily or greasy and is not years old and grease-stricken then it is good to go with an electric machine.

Many people believe that electric pressure washers do not perform well at oil and grease stains but it is right up to a certain extent. A good pressure washer with  2000 PSI is good to use on light oily and greasy garage floors.

Sun Joe SPX 3000 PSI has 2030 per square inch of pressure and 1.76 GPM of water flow to break the oil and grease molecules from the floor.

Coming with just 31 pounds of weight it is highly affordable yet powerful with its 14.5 amperes universal motor.

20 feet long pressure hose allows you to move freely without moving your pressure washer with you.

With the in-line GFCI 34-inch power cable and a TSS system, it saves the pump and pressure washer from heating. The TSS system saves the pump by disengaging the motor when the trigger is not engaged.

Sun Joe electric pressure washer has dual detergent tanks at the upper side of the body for using different soap solutions simultaneously.

With all these powerful features this is one of the best seller pressure washers in the United States of America. You will never get a pressure washer so powerful, noiseless, durable yet affordable to clean your garage floor.

6. Blubery 3500PSI – Best Gas Pressure Washer For Grease Stains

BLUBERY 3500PSI garage Pressure Washer

A pressure washer with a large hose increases your reach of work in your garage. But almost all pressure washers in the market come equipped with no more than 25 feet-long hoses other than Blubery 3500 PSI gas pressure washers. This powerful machine comes with a 50 feet long hose to give you a wider span of work.

Now, don’t worry about the pressure. It has a 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine to produce 3500PSI of pressure with a quick and easy start every time.

The Blubery horizontal shaft engine is fuel economy and produces low emissions. However, it produces a little bit more noise than a Honda or a Kohler engine.

A great quality Axial cam pump gives a head up to 2.6 GPM of water flow to wash your surfaces.

Talking of build quality this gas pressure washer will never disappoint you in the quality of its well-designed structure.

All-steel frame in the black color is rust-resistant and corrosion-free to give your pressure washer a long life. 13-inch rubber tires give it great look and help to move easily on any type of rough and smooth surface without any friction.

There are 2 rubber pads at its base to prevent vibrations while pressure washing your oil-stricken garage.

Blubery 3500 PSI gas pressure washer comes with 5 quick connect nozzles to cater to your various washing needs. Choose between them easily by adjusting them on its ergonomic pressure washer gun connector.

For pressure washing your garage floor in detail, a soap tank of 3L is also available on the machine. All in all, this gasoline pressure washer can be a nice addition to your power tools to blast away dirt, mold, and mildew.

7. WHOLESUN 3000 PSI – Powerful Electric Pressure Washer For Garage

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Power Washer

This is another electric pressure washer having a solid 3000 PSI of pressure to clean your garage without any noise from a gasoline engine.

Wholesun 3000PSI can throw water at the rate of 2.4 GPM with its 1600-watts powerful motor. This machine is thus a great option to clean your concrete garage floor, driveways, sidewalks, vinyl siding, cars, and patio furniture.

You are also provided with a foam cannon of 250ml with the package. You can easily spray your garage floor with soap suds to clean it more thoroughly.

Wholesun 3000 PSI electric pressure washer comes with a 20 feet-long pressure hose, 33 feet-long power cord and 4 quick connect nozzles. The power cord has inline GFCI integrated into it to save you and your equipment in case of a short circuit.

Moreover, this machine has also a TSS system to protect the pump from overheating in case of without-water operation.

If you have a big garage and you are worried about moving the pressure washer again and again then stop worrying.

Weighing just 18 pounds, this is an extremely lightweight electric pressure washer with two wheels. Therefore, it is easy to move and carry around with you in your big garage.

Moreover, Wholesun gives a 2-year warranty on its product to give you peace of mind for your investment.

So now, who doesn’t want to get a pressure washer with huge power, easy handling, and that too without any noise?

8. AgiiMan 3380PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review – Best For Dirty Garage


Are you looking for an all-purpose electric pressure washer that can perform equally well on your garage floor? Or do you need a pressure washer that’s versatile, noise-less compact, and easy to use without any dangerous fumes or gas?

If so, you might want to consider the AgiiMan 3380PSI Electric Pressure Washer.

It’s the perfect machine for your needs, whether it be cleaning up your concrete garage floor, car, driveway, patio, or even your patio furniture.

Agiilman Pressure Washer is a powerful handy machine that comes with a strong 1800w motor to provide you with an efficient cleaning solution every time you start it.

It can easily handle any pressure washing job with its 3380 PSI of pressure and 2.0 GPM water flow. Moreover, it’s not loud like other electric pressure washers let aside gas models.

With a maximum water flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute and 3380PSI worth of pressure, this model is ideal for cleaning large areas quickly.

The 3380PSI is one of the best models available in the market that has a two-stage filter system, allowing for greater efficiency and less clogging.

Ideal Electric Pressure Washer 

The Agiilman 3380PSI  is the ideal machine for all kinds of cleaning needs. It comes with a high-quality durable and convenient 16-feet long hose.

This pressure washer comes with 4 different spray nozzles, which makes it possible for you to control the spray from gentle to hard according to your needs.

The AgiiMan 3380PSI electric pressure washer is designed to provide maximum performance and convenience for cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, cement, asphalt, wood, metal, and tile.

With its compact design and lightweight, easy-to-use features, this is the most powerful and affordable pressure washer available today.

9. Generac 6924 3600 PSI 2.6 GPM 212cc Gas Powered Pressure Washer For Garage

Generac 6924 3600 PSI 2.6 GPM

The machine that you want to use to clean your garage floor will have a lot to do with the overall outcome.

If you want something that can produce good results without taking up too much of your time then Generac 6924 3600 PSI 2.6 GPM 212cc Gas Powered Pressure Washer is a great option because it is powerful and efficient at once.

The Generac 6924 is a gas-powered pressure washer that is designed for big garages and heavy pressure washing tasks.

This power tool is impressive because of its power. It has a 212cc OHV Generac engine and produces up to 3600 PSI of pressure, making it perfect for cleaning the garage floor or driveway.

The Generac 3600 PSI delivers a powerful stream of water that cleans even the dirtiest and grimiest items easily. It has a 2.6 GPM flow rate, which means that it can handle large cleaning tasks quickly.

The 6924 also comes with a 30-foot high-pressure hose, detergent tank, and onboard storage for the nozzles and wand.

Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer Overall

You can throw everything at this gas-powered pressure washer – from a weather-worn deck and a dirt-crusted, moldy driveway to a grimy old grill and a mud-encrusted Car, it will always handle the job, no matter how tough it is.

The prominent things we liked about this machine are its quality and durability. It features a heavy-duty welded steel frame and a 30 feet hose that is resistant to kink and abrasion.

Moreover, all of its fittings are made of brass that won’t rust or crack in the long run. The power wand has a brass fitting with a quick-release mechanism so you can quickly switch nozzles.

It has 10-inch pneumatic wheels to keep it easy to move on rough terrains as well as provide a great balance during pressure washing.

The sheer power and stability of the Generac 3600 PSI pressure washer have no match for the best cleaning results on your cement garage floor.

10. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Powered by Honda GX200

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

The SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot is a professional tool powered by Honda GX200 and equipped with a low oil shutdown feature. This oil alert feature allows it to give a powerful performance for many years without any engine malfunctioning.

Simpson PS3228 is a high-duty pressure washer that is ideal for cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces including garage and decks. Its Honda GX200 engine provides plenty of power to clean even the toughest dirt and grime.

It features a durable AAA triplex pump with a pressure relief valve, which helps to prevent damage to the pump. With its powerful Honda GX200 engine and PowerBoost AAA pump, it is able to deliver 3300 PSI of pressure with 2.5 GPM of flow.

Durable Structure and Features

Simpson always impressed us with its durable build structure. This Simpson 3300 PSI pressure washer is made with a welded steel frame that can withstand every weather condition for years to come.

This model also comes with a 25′ pressure hose, a detergent injection system, and a QC wand with 5 quick-connect nozzles. Its 10-inch large pneumatic wheels allowed us to easily maneuver it in our oily and messed up garage quite easily.

All in all Simpson 3100 psi gas power washer is a great tool to clean garages, driveways, decks, graffiti removal, and all other professional services.

  • Powerful Honda GX200 engine
  • Low oil alert feature to protect the engine
  • AAA industrial triplex plunger pump for the best pressure to clean garage floors
  • 3300 psi at 2.5 GPM
  • 10-inch wheels for any terrain
  • 25 feet long kink-free non-marring pressure hose
  • No detergent tank on board

Should You Pressure Wash Concrete Garage Floors? 

Yes, you should pressure wash concrete garage floors whenever there is a need to. You can easily clean your dirt-stricken and grease-caked garage floor with a good pressure washer using different nozzles for different steps.

What PSI Should be Used to Pressure Wash Garage Floors?

Use a minimum of 3000 PSI(Pounds per Square Inch) of pressure to properly and thoroughly pressure wash garage floors. Gas Pressure washers can be a good option to blast away tough oil stains, grease, and dirt from the surfaces.

Should Concrete Garage Floors Be Sealed After Pressure Washing Them?

Yes, you should seal the concrete garage floors after pressure washing because it helps to retain the originality of concrete.

Sealing the concrete after pressure washing reduces its wear and tear and stops oil and grease stains from getting into the pores of the concrete.

Are There Hazards In Pressure Washing Your Garage Floor? 

Yes, there are certain hazards when you are washing your garage floor with a pressure washer. Proper care should be taken when using a pressure washer so it may not damage you or your property.

While pressure washing the floor, always take care of the pressure you are using on the concrete.

If the pressure is higher than the required amount it can damage and wear off the concrete from its place.

Pressure Washing A Garage Floor – A Step By Step Guide With Video

YouTube video


After choosing the right pressure washer for the garage floor, it’s time to give the concrete floor a refreshing look again. Always follow precautions while using a pressure washer. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pressure wash a garage floor.

  • Wetting down the garage floor first is a good idea for fantastic cleaning results. The little spray of water will help to avoid streaking and watermarks when the job is completed.
  • If there are heavy oil stains and grease marks then it is recommended to use a degreaser or concrete cleaners.  Mix the degreaser and water(according to the degreaser’s label) to form a perfect cleaning solution. Now spray it with the soap nozzle or a form canon.
  • Let the degreaser stay for a few minutes to extract all the grease and oil stains from the floor.
  • For more thorough cleaning, you can use a pressure washer scrubbing brush or a surface cleaner. Attach the surface cleaner or scrubbing brush with your pressure gun and rub the surface of your garage floor slowly moving forward.
  • Now rinse off with clean water using a high-pressure nozzle of your pressure washer.
  • Always start this step from the closed side of your garage floor to push the water outside with the same pressure.

Safety Measures To Take Before Pressure Washing Garage Floor

best pressure washer for garage floor

You may think that it is easy to clean a garage floor with a pressure washer but it is not that simple and easy for many.

First of all, knowing how to use a pressure washer safely is important for you if you are new to pressure washing.

Then it is also important to take certain precautions and safety measures before washing your concrete garage floor.

Precautions For Pressure Washing Garage Floors

Here is a short list of some precautionary measures:

  • Always remove the objects from your garage that are prone to high-pressure water
  • If there are any large pieces of debris on the floor, such as leaves or branches, get rid of them before starting to pressure wash. This will help to avoid spreading the debris around and make your job a little easier and risk-free.
  • Clean or sweep your garage floor while it is dry so that small objects cant damage you or your property while pressure washing. (Pressure washers have huge water pressure. When small objects come in contact with the pressurized water, they can fly away extremely fast in opposite directions thus creating a chance to damage you or your property.
  • Make sure to use protective gear like gloves and steel-toed shoes
  • If you are using a gas-powered pressure washer to clean your enclosed garage, always make sure there is an open space for carbon monoxide to move out. If there is no space inside, it is best to place it just outside the garage so that harmful fumes cant reach you. (Do you know why is it extremely dangerous to run a gasoline engine in an enclosed area? Or How dangerous is it to run a gas-powered pressure washer in an enclosed building? This is because gas engines emit high concentrations of carbon monoxide. If the building is enclosed, the concentration of CO reaches levels that can kill a man. And this happens so suddenly that you don’t even have time to think that what it is.)
  • Do not use wet hands while starting and using an electric pressure washer.
  • Always point the nozzle downwards. Do not point it directly at someone or your own feet. It can rip your skin apart.
  • Do not replace the nozzles without shutting down the water completely.
  • Never run a gasoline engine with low oil unless you want to buy a new one.

Tips To Clean Your Garage Floor With A Pressure Washer

Concrete garages can be difficult to clean. Not only is the concrete itself difficult to clean, but the oil and grease that often accumulates on garage floors can be tough to remove as well. In order to clean your cemented garage floor with a pressure washer, follow these tips:

Good Pressure Washer For Garage Floor Is the Key

Always use a good pressure washer for your garage floor. The PSI and GPM are important things that can make a difference in cleaning results. Therefore, choose wisely for pressure-washing cement floors so that they can shine like before.

Avoid Pressure washing Sealed Floors

Do not use a pressure washer on the painted or sealed garage floor because high water pressure can rip off the paint. However, you can wash epoxy-coated floors without any fear of damage.

Clean the Washing Area and Remove Extra Objects

Declutter your garage. Before starting pressure washing remove everything from the ground. Things that are prone to water or high pressured water must not be there on the ground.

Select Appropriate Nozzle

Always choose and use nozzle tips wisely when washing concrete garages. The green one is for light cleaning, while the red and yellow tips put more pressure on a small area and can blast the top layer of concrete off.

Therefore, use them with extreme care to save the floor.

Wash at a Non-damaging Angle

Always aim the pressure washer at a 45-degree angle when starting. You can adjust the angle according to the required floor conditions.

Avoid Streaking by Washing In A Proper Pattern

Pressure washing can leave behind visible lines and streaks, often near the end of the garage. This is often due to human error, as you may get tired and don’t focus as much as you started.

A turbo nozzle is a be the best solution for cleaning larger areas. It rotates the water and cleans better than a regular nozzle, without leaving lines.

Use An Approved Concrete Cleaner

If your garage is heavily stained with dirt, mold or mildew, oil, grease, or any other substance, use a concrete cleaner to take care of the problem.

Cleaners work by pulling the dirt out of the pores of the surface and leaving it open so that you can get a good epoxy coating or seal if you decide to use an epoxy coating or concrete sealer later on.

Remove Sealers With Care

Pressure washing is not an effective way to remove sealers or coatings from concrete. When the water is concentrated in one area, it can blast the top layer of concrete off and leave various etch marks.

As the strength of the concrete is mostly in the top layer, so once that’s gone, your concrete is more likely to deteriorate and prone to damage.

Seal The Concrete In The End

Seal the concrete if possible. Concrete sealing is a process that can help keep dirt particles, oil, and grease stains from entering your concrete’s pores.

This will help in keeping your concrete garage cleaner for a longer time, and it will be easier to clean and pressure wash it.

Factors to Consider While Buying A pressure washer For Garage Floor

When looking for a pressure washer to clean your garage floor, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Electric Or Gasoline Powered

The first question you need to ask yourself is if you would prefer an electric or gasoline-powered pressure washer. Electric pressure washers are corded and typically have a shorter range than gasoline-powered pressure washers.

However, electric pressure washers are generally quieter and produce fewer fumes than gasoline-powered pressure washers. Gasoline-powered pressure washers are powerful and can reach a further distance, but they tend to be louder and produce more fumes than electric pressure washers.

Water Pressure – PSI

Another factor you need to consider is the water pressure of the machine. This will determine how powerful the machine is and how effective it will be at cleaning your garage floor.

A pressure washer with higher water pressure will be able to remove tougher dirt and stains from your floor than one with lower water pressure.

Water Volume – GPM

You also need to consider the water output of the pressure washer for garage floor cleaning. This will determine how much water the machine can dispense in a given time period.

A machine with a higher water volume will be able to clean your garage floor more quickly than one with a lower water volume.

FAQs About Pressure Washers For Garages

Is it OK to pressure wash a garage floor?

Pressure washing is a great way to clean an unusually dirty and oily garage floor. The high pressure from the washer blasts away any stubborn oil stains, grease and rust. Moreover, unlike traditional methods, it requires less work than scrubbing or using a chemical cleaner.

Can you damage concrete by power washing?

Yes. Power washing can definitely damage a concrete surface. You can see the effects of water pressure at even low levels. So if you’re not careful, you could cause some serious damage to your concrete garage, driveway or patio

How do you pressure wash a garage floor without getting the walls wet?

If you want to protect walls from getting wet, for example, finished drywall or walls having electrical outlets, seal them off with plastic drop cloths and tape. Wet the floor down with a garden hose and pretreat any oil or grease stains with a strong degreaser.

Should I seal the concrete after pressure washing?

Yes, you should seal the concrete after pressure washing because it’s important to take care of your driveway or garage from wear and tear. Applying a concrete sealant can help to stop stains from becoming stubborn.


The best pressure washer for the garage floors is the one that can handle the tough cleaning job of removing hard oil stains, stubborn grease stains, and rust from the floor.

In this article, we have compared and contrasted some of the best models on the market to help you make the best decision for you.

In our opinion, Craftsman 7122 Speedwash Gas Pressure Washer is the best contender with all the required accessories to pressure wash your garage.

For more best results follow our simple tips and tricks to get the job done quickly, easily, and safely.

We hope you have found this information helpful! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments.

We would be happy to help you buy the best pressure washer for your concrete garage floor.

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