10 Best Portable Washers For Apartments In 2022

Do you live in a small space and are worried about a limited laundry area? Don’t worry! Now you can do laundry with the best portable washing machine for your apartment, small home, or RV, and wash away space-related issues along with your clothes.

Living in a small apartment is a tough life for most of us, especially housewives. They have to manage in small and compact spaces but hats off to these ladies, they do it perfectly and efficiently.

Washing clothes in small homes more specifically in small apartments is also a hectic chore for many of you. Therefore, everyone needs a reliable portable washer for their easy laundry setup in that small space. We are happy to simplify it for you.

Why Portable And Compact Washer for Apartment Is Necessary:

Washing is one of those necessary tasks at home being done regularly. For that periodic work in apartments, there are limited options for you i.e, buy a washing machine that fits in your small home or apartment or does laundry in a public laundry.

But hey wait! Going to public Laundry or Laundromat is not always great. We knew someone who routinely washed their horse blankets in a public laundry, without thinking about how others might feel if they knew or if there was horsehair on their clothes. You never know what others are washing in the same Laundromat where you do your laundry. So if you are practicing this earlier, stop now.

Going with the only option left, we might help you in buying a perfect washing machine along with solving several questions in your mind. There is no need to wash away hundreds of dollars in the public laundry that too on high health risks.

Why Us?

Finding the best portable washer for small apartments isn’t as easy as someone thinks. Here at washwith we test and review a large number of washing machines, pressure washers, and dishwashers every month from a large number of brands.

We have tested many washing machines for this purpose and reviewed the 10 best washing machines for apartments of different brands in this article. Each in the list is no doubt the best portable washer for an apartment or small home in its own capacity.

10 Best Portable Washing Machines For Apartments

After 100+ hours of research, we have chosen the 10 best small washing machines for apartments that are small in size, easy to move around, and have enough capacity for small and medium families. As a bonus, we have selected some of the best portable washer and dryer sets too here.

1. Kuppet 10lbs Compact Mini Washer – Best Small Washing Machine for Apartment


  • Total capacity: 10lbs. (Washer 5.5 lbs. & Dryer 4.5 lbs.)
  • Overall dimensions: 21.5 x 13.6 x 23.2inches. (LxWxH)
  • Power supply: 110v/60Hz
  • Rated wash input power: 240w,
  • Rated spin input power: 120w
  • Total power: 360w.

best small Washer for small apartmentsRemarkably Best Compact Washer:

Compactness is the most important factor for apartment residents due to space-related issues. Kuppet Compact mini washer plus dryer is a great and reliable solution for small apartments, dorms, motor homes, hostel rooms, and many more.

Light-weight and quality material:

The Kuppet mini washer weighs just around 22 pounds. Along with the lighter weight, its compact shapes provide flexibility which makes it easy to move around the apartment.

The high-quality material gives you mental satisfaction while moving the machine from one place to another which makes it the most reliable portable washer in 2022.

Perfect drum space for small families:

For small families residing in apartments, Kuppet Washer is the most reliable washing machine. Having a capacity of 10lbs it’s perfect for small loads of T-shirts, underwear, trousers, towels, etc… this is the best washer for clothes in apartments.

Powerful motor:

The motor used in this small capacity is more powerful and saves you a lot of time and energy which also results in better cleaning and washing without twisting your clothes with its new technology.

Easy control panel:

With 4 types of timers, you can set the desired washing time depending upon the condition of your load. Its beautifully designed control knobs are very easy to operate. The same is the case for the dryer.

Easy to use dryer:

The dryer side of this washing machine is a lot more amazing. Kuppet Compact mini washer and dryer have a superb spin speed for the fast drying process.  Just drop in wet washed clothes and after a few minutes, it will surprise you with its magic.

So Kuppet Compact small Washer for apartment has

  • Compact and Classic Design
  • Timer Control for efficient cleaning
  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • User-Friendly Motor

  • Kuppet mini washing machine is very quiet when it’s running.
  • Long drain tube for draining dirty residual.
  • Power cable is not long enough.
  • The dryer makes some noise while drying clothes.

2. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine – Best Portable Washer And Dryer Machine:


  • Total capacity: 17.6lbs. (Washer 11lbs. & Dryer 6.6lbs.)
  • Overall dimensions: 24.8 x 15x 28.35 inches. (LxWxH)
  • Net Weight: 29.3 Lbs.
  • Maximum Spin: Speed 1300 RPM
  • Power supply: 110v/60Hz
  • Rated wash input power: 190w
  • Rated spin input power: 110w
  • Maximum water temperature: 54° C
  • Available in 2 colors White and Blue
  • Transparent Lid included

Suitable for small apartments:Best Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine for small homes

Relieve yourself from hand washing or going to a Laundromat for your dirty laundry. Giantex Portable Mini Compact is a Twin Tub Washing Machine perfect for doing laundry in a compact environment. As for a portable washing machine, this washing machine is ideal for small apartments and medium apartments.

Convenient for bulky loads:

With its great flexible design and adorable appearance, this washer features a total of 17.6lbs of convenient space for your laundry. This space is further split into 11 pounds load capacity for washing and 6.6 pounds for dryer, which saves water and electricity with perfection. It’s an easy and handy solution for your small loads of clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc…

Extra cleaning with “Dirt filter” :

Here is a bonus for you. It has a specialized dirt filter net on one side of the washing tub. It stores very small particles of dirt from your clothes and prevents it from damaging the pulsator board of your washing machine while others don’t.

This will make you not complain that the washing machine is not spinning properly. This feature of Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer makes it reach our list of top 10 best mini washers for apartments.

Long inlet and drainage pipes for easy movement:

43 inches of water inlet pipe provides you the freedom to move the washing machine at the desired place in your apartment. Whereas it has a 26-inch drain pipe having a diameter of 1.18 in. (30 mm) for leftover dirty water.

So we can say that Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine has:

  • Convenient Usage
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Energy Saving Specifications
  • Environmental Friendly Mechanism

  • Giantex Mini Washer has average Energy Consumption is 0.3 kWh/year which makes it very energy efficient.
  • Ideal for a small load and delicate fabrics.
  • Top of the line raw material used for the perfect build.
  • Balancing the washing machine is sometimes difficult due to constant vibrations.

3. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 21lbs


  • Overall Dimensions: 24.8*15*28.5 inches
  • Washing Capacity: 14.4 lbs.
  • Spin Capacity: 6.6 lbs.
  • Rated wash input power: 260 W
  • Rated spin input power: 140 W
  • Wash Timer: Up to 15 minutes
  • Spin Timer: Up to 5 minutes
  • Drain System: Build-In Drain Pump
  • Colors Available: White & Black

Best of the best:Best Twin Tub Washer for small homes

Living in an apartment without a washer and dryer is a witch hunt between you and the Laundromat. If you are a mom with school-going children, you suffer a lot wasting your time and money again and again. KUPPET’s compact twin tub mini washer is a relief for you in these tough circumstances.

Huge washing and drying capacity:

Kuppet twin tub mini washing machine having 21lbs. capacity is a fresh model in the KUPPET family. This semi-automatic unit contains 13lbs. of washing drum capacity and is on its side, it has a dryer of 8lbs. capacity for washing the clothes of the entire family at once.

Heavy-duty motor for cleaning:

Copper-wired heavy-duty motor installed in this machine has enough capacity to wash small to medium-sized loads with perfection. Washing and spinning are done on this 1300RPM quality motor working on a maximum frequency of 60Hz for better cleaning of your clothes.

360-degree rotation:

With its 360 degrees rotation, it causes water to tumble in such a way that it not only separates the attached and twisted clothes but also cleans them efficiently. That saves you a lot of time and water by not washing your clothes in the second cycle.

More washing space doesn’t mean it’s heavy:

KUPPET portable mini washer having a weight of 21 pounds is a compact washing machine that can be moved around in the apartment with comfort. Being a washer with a dryer saves you a lot of space-related issues in small or congested apartments, dorms, and RVs.

Dry in just five minutes:

More interesting is the fact that the spin cycle side does a good job of getting the clothes almost dry in just 5 minutes of rotation or even less. To let them completely dry, you have to hang them for very little time. The spinner side is also supported with a stylish transparent lid.

Stylish and Easy To Use Panel:

This KUPPET compact mini washer and dryer have a stylish and powerful control panel operated by beautiful knobs. From here you can choose the wash timer, wash selector, and spin timer. Its 43.3 inches long drain tube drains water with the help of a built-in drain pump.

Less Shaking Fewer Noises:

For your extra comfort, it comes with an accurate suspension system that makes it un-shakeable. So no more jumping, no walking, no out-of-balance spins, no noises in your washing place, all with the help of its suspension adjusters.

Here is a conclusion about this best portable compact mini washer and dryer. It has:

  • Heavy Duty Powerful Motor
  • Suspension Adjustors
  • Large Washing Tub for Medium-Sized Families
  • Compact and Simple Design

  • Perfect return on your hard-earned investment in this machine.
  • Easy operation design.
  • Additional stainless steel snap rings can adapt to different sizes of faucets.
  • Perfect suspension and leveling
  • None

4. Giantex Full-Automatic Compact 1.34 Cu ft. – Automatic Portable Washer Dryer For Apartment


  • 8 water levels: 23L, 26L, 29L, 33L, 36L, 39L, 42L, and 46L
  • Dimension: 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″(L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 51Lbs
  • Form factor: Top-loading
  • Inner Tub Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cabinet Material: PP Plastic
  • Color: gray
  • Rated voltage and frequency: 110V/60Hz
  • Rated wash/spin capacity: 9.92Lbs
  • Length of inlet pipe: 39.4″
  • Length of drainpipe: 78.8″
  • Air dry: YES

best-portable-washer-for-apartment-Giantex-Full-AutomaticIf you think filling up the washing machine with water takes too much of your time then Giantex Full Automatic Compact Washer is made for you. So no more standing beside the washing machine and waiting to fill it with a bucket or with inlet pipes. We say it, an ultimate solution for your wastage of time, energy, and money but at a cost of a one-time good investment.

Compact Washer with Eco-Friendly & Efficient Design:

Fully automatic Giantex 1.34 Cu ft. Compact Washer & Spinner comes with fully electronic controls and functions. Just push a button and see the rest of the magic it does. With its eco-friendly and efficient design, it uses less water and of course, less detergent, which directly puts a healthy effect on your pocket.

Stylish Control Panel

Furnished with a variety of quality features, it also includes a control panel with an elegant LED display. No more tick tick sound from old-fashioned knobs at the control panel. Just touch the panel and perform your desired washing action.

Next Level Functions Along With 8 Water Levels:

Giantex Full Automatic Compact Washer and Spinner give you the opportunity to fill the tub with its pre-installed 8 water levels according to your need. Its control panel lists all other necessary functions including water level/spin, program/delay time, child lock, etc…on the display.

Best Automatic Compact Washer For Apartments:

Being a compact washing machine and spinner it is perfect for small apartments and for people who love new technology in their homes. Drop off your dirty load in the washing tub, select the desired water level, select the time for the washer and spinner, and done. You see how easy and simple it is with Giantex Full Automatic washer.

With a maximum weight capacity of 9.92lbs, it is best suitable for small and medium loads of clothes, towels, curtains, uniforms, etc… After washing is done, it automatically drains out dirty water with its built-in 78.8 inches long drain pipe.

Built-in Automatic Imbalance Adjuster:

Here is another plus of this washing machine, if the machine starts to vibrate with an un-equal load, its imbalance adjustment function starts automatically and keeps the machine at the best possible balanced level.

Moreover, it also has bottom feet to adjust according to your ease.

So we can say that Giantex 1.34 Cu ft. Compact Washer & Spinner is:

  • Fully-Automatic Washer And Spinner
  • Ecofriendly & Time-Saving Machine
  • Extremely Easy To Operate
  • Very Compact Model

  • Child lock available.
  • A see-through lid for keeping an eye on the operations.
  • Excellent suspension adjustment.
  • A little bit expensive.

5. SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine – Best Laundry Machine For Apartment


  • Overall Dimensions: 23” x 13.5”x 26” (LxWxH)
  • Net weight: 26.5Lbs
  • Washer Capacity: 8 lbs.
  • Spinner Capacity: 5 lbs.
  • Color: White

best-portable-washer-for-apartment-SUPER DEALSUPER DEAL compact mini twin tub washing machine with spinner is another multi-tasking and top-ranking best portable washing machine in our list for its compactness. Made for small apartments, dorms, RVs, etc… it is a perfect washer for small loads of your clothes and accessories.

Save Energy with SuperDeal Washer and Dryer

With its twin tubs, you can wash and dry your clothes at the same time that are powered by a heavy-duty 1300RPM motor. That dual usage of machines at the same time saves you a lot of time and your hard-earned money. Plus you get clean, tidy, and dry clothes.

Perfect Quality Material

A lightweight built structure does not always mean low quality, we can say after testing this small portable washing machine. The material used in the Super Deal compact washer makes it very handy to move around as and when needed.

Best Washer and Dryer For Small and Medium Family

With it, 8lbs. washing capacity, the SuperDeal washer, and dryer set are suitable for small and medium loads. You can wash a set of shirts, 2 or 3 pairs of trousers, a ton of socks, and a few under-wears at once. On the other hand, with a spin capacity of 5lbs. it can dry your clothes to the extent that it takes very little time to completely dry while hanging.

Large Wave Pulsates For Perfect Cleaning Results

With its simple timer functions, you can select a timer for washing for up to 15 min and spinning time for up to 5 min. Having large wave pulsates it washes your clothes without turning or twisting them that’s why it is the best portable washer for soft clothes.

No Rusting and Damage

Due to its plastic body never think rust will engulf your investment. And finally, it has a small body, small noise, and small power usage. What else do you need in your small home?

The SUPER DEAL compact washer has:

  • Robust And Beautiful Structure
  • Transparent Body Kit
  • Less Noisy Operation
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Best portable washer and dryer set for small home and apartments
  • Efficient cleaning results
  • Low energy consumption by washer and dryer
  • No auto-balance adjuster.

6. SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Spinner Combo Mini Compact – Twin Tub Washing Machine For Small Apartment


  • Overall Dimensions: 27.6” x 22.4” x 14.2” (LxWxH)
  • Net Weight: 24.2 lbs.
  • Washing Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Spinning Capacity: 6.6 lbs.
  • Inlet Hose: 78.8”
  • Drain Hose: 35”
  • Power Cord: 66”
  • Power supply: 110v/60Hz
  • Rated wash input power: 190w
  • Rated spin input power: 110w
  • Maximum water temperature: 54° C

best-portable-washer-for-apartment-SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Mini Compact Twin TubSuper Deal 2 in 1 mini compact twin tub washing machine is manufactured to save you precious time and money. With its efficient and extremely powerful performance, this washing machine has enough capability to amaze you. Its two built-in units, one for washing clothes and the other one for spinning out excess water from them are devised for multi-tasking and saving space.

Small and Compact Washer Dryer Set For Apartments

Super Deal 2 in 1 mini compact washer and dryer may seem a little bit small but is highly effective to wash your clothes with extra care and softness. It is a highly reliable and powerful motor with 1300RPM that cleans and dries your clothes with ease. Not only for an apartment, but you can also use this mini washer dryer combo for your RVs.

Easy Washing Options

This super deal twin tub washer is a true space-saving and time-saving machine. It is specially designed with a separate timer control setting for washing and spinner operations. With up to a 15-minute wash timer, you can select the desired time according to your load of clothes and simultaneously use the spinner with a 5-minute timer to save time.

Long-Lasting Portable Washing Machine For Apartments

Save your investment in the washing machine, as this machine is constructed with high-grade plastic material to serve you for years and years to come. At the same time, it is extra lightweight to easily move from one place to another in your apartment or small home according to your needs. That is surely a compact washer for an apartment.

Long Inlet Hose For Ease Of Use

A 78.8-inch long flexible inlet hose is included in the package, which is very useful if the water source is away from the machine. Moreover, a separate drainpipe comes with the machine which drains out dirty water effortlessly.

Perfect Suspension System And Dirt Filter

Its newly upgraded design ensures that it stands still while washing and drying clothes all thanks to its good suspension. Also equipped with a filter net on the side of the washing tub to catch and store extra dirt from your clothes, which can be easily removed after washing is done.

So we can say this washer:

  • Offers Simple And Reliable Cleaning
  • Supports Multi-Tasking With Twin Tubs
  • Durable Structure
  • Smooth Water Flow

  • Very Economical Washer
  • Durable and Reliable Product
  • Excellent suspension adjustment.
  • Limited Controlling Functions

7. HomeLabs LED Display Portable Washer – Best Washer For Small Apartment


  • Overall Dimensions: 17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 (LxWxH)
  • Net Weight: 44.1lbs.
  • Washing Capacity: 6 lbs.
  • Spinning Capacity: 6 lbs.
  • Noise: 72 dB
  • Power supply: 120v/60Hz
  •  Wattage: 200 watts
  • Color: White
  • Dryer Power Source: Electric

automatic portable washer dryer for apartmentsHomeLabs is a brand with the slogan “for peace of mind that’s a piece of cake”. This super-compact washing machine is purely peace of mind for residents of small apartments having minimal loads. It surely outclasses its rivals in almost all sectors, be it compactness, washing, rinsing or you name it.

Clean Your Clothes With Zero Wear and Tear

HomeLab’s top load fully automatic washer and spinner relieve you from washing manually or wasting your money in Laundromats.

Most automatic washing machines in the market are very tough on clothes which results in damage to the fabric. But HomeLab’s technology is tougher on stains and protects your clothing’s fabrics. With its 1.0 cubic feet capacity and fully automated washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles you can clean your clothes with extra protection, even the most delicate ones.

Best Automatic Portable Washer For Small Families And RVs

Weighing just 44.1 pounds along with two roller wheels it is easily movable at the desired spot from one place to another. For perfect cleaning and safety of your clothes, it is assembled with a durable rust-resistant stainless steel drum. HomeLabs compact automatic washer has the capacity to wash and clean a load of 6 pounds, perfect for small families and RVs.

5 Washing Programs – 5 Cleaning Strategies

The high-power motor runs efficiently on 200 watts of input power with quiet operation while washing and spinning. HomeLabs automatic washer and spinner works on 5 different pre-installed washing programs i.e. Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid, and Soak. Choose according to your needs for the best cleaning results.

Best Water Saving Washing Machine in 2022

While water consumption is a major cause of concern for apartment owners. They have to pay heavy bills for water, therefore, they think twice about using just as little water.

Therefore we have tested its 3 water levels to ensure water savings. They are definitely water-saving options. You can also select the load size and timer of your choice according to the condition of your clothes. All these functions and selections are provided in a beautifully crafted LED-lit Control Panel for ease of use.

Best Value Portable Automatic Washer

HomeLab 6lbs. washing machine proves to be a good return on your investment with a variety of its convenience features. It has a transparent viewing lid for checking water condition, adjustable legs for balancing machine, carry handles, water inlet hose, lint filter, and drain pump which allows easy drainage of dirty water.

Homelab 6 pounds fully automatic washer is:

  • Easily Moveable
  • Designed With Premium Features
  • Clear And Simple
  • Compact But Capable Of The Tasks

  • High price to features ratio
  • Durable and Reliable Product
  • Excellent suspension adjustment.
  • Almost Noise-less operations
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Elegant Design
  • Pricier than semi-automatic washers

8. Panda PAN6320W Compact Top Load – Best Portable Washing Machine For Apartment 


  • Overall Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 34 (LxWxH)
  • Net Weight: 51 lbs.
  • Total Capacity: 10 lbs.
  • Noise: 74 dB
  • Power supply: 110v/60Hz
  • Color: Light Grey & Purple
  • Max Speed: 800RPM
  • Dryer Power Source: Electric

best-portable-washer-for-apartment-Panda PAN6320WPanda’s portable fully automatic washing machine will literally blow away your mind with its specs and features. It has so compelling design, is so easy to connect, is so simple to operate, and of course so effortless to maneuver due to its compact assembling. PAN56MGP3 1.34 Cu. Ft. portable washing machine is a fairly un-matched cost-efficient product as compared to its competitors.

Compact and Space-Saving Compact Automatic Washer For Small Apartments

With its stylish and space-saving design, it is super perfect for small apartments where style and fashion are the first choices after efficiency. This washer will make your laundry easy and simple with its electronic controls system. Its LED display panel bears 10 washing programs and 5 water levels for cleaning your laundry with love.

Large Sized Washing and Drying Capacity

Panda PAN6320W top-load automatic portable washing machine accommodates up to 10 pounds of laundry in its durable and rust-free stainless-steel drum. After washing your clothes, the same tub will dry out your stuff if you have selected that function.

Easy Setup Without Extra Efforts

For its easy operation, just connect the lightweight Panda washer directly to your faucet with the included quick connect adapter kit and hoses, put the dirty load, select water level and washing programs according to your requirements, and now take a rest. The machine will clean and dry your clothes automatically.

Auto Water Filling Machine

The machine will automatically fill water from the faucet when you select the desired water level function and stop filling water after the level is reached. So the machine must be connected to the faucet using the inlet hose and quick adapter.

So we can say that Panda portable Automatic washing machine has:

  • Easy And Simple Use
  • Innovative And Compact Design
  • Rust Free And Chipping Proof Washing Tub
  • Noise-Less Operations

  • Beautiful and artistic design
  • High return on your investment
  • Durable and Reliable Product
  • Noise-less operations
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Imbalance Adjustments
  • Pricier than semi-automatic washers
  • A little bit heavier than competitors

9. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine – Best Washer For RVs


  • Overall Dimensions: 22.6” x 22” x 14.7” (LxWxH)
  • Net Weight: 51 lbs.
  • Washing Capacity: 5.5 lbs.
  • Spinning Capacity: 4.4 lbs.
  • Power supply: 110v/60 Hz
  • Color: Grey & BLUE
  • Rated wash input power: 240 W
  • Rated spin input power: 120 W
  • Max Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Length of inlet pipe: 78.7 inches
  • Length of drainpipe: 19.7 inches

Small Washing Machine For ApartmentSuper light-weight and beautiful in design, you are going to read about this Super Deal portable and compact twin tub translucent washing machine and spinner which is equally perfect for small apartments, dorms, and RVs. It’s also great for people who would prefer to wash certain things separately.

Durable Make for Small Apartments

Built with high-strength plastic but transparent in nature, soothes your eyes and helps you in washing your small loads of clothes and other delicate stuff. Its twin tubs facilitate you with a washing capacity of up to 5.5 pounds and a spinning capacity of up to 4.4 pounds. Working at the same time this double tub feature allows you to save a lot of time as you can wash and dry your clothes side by side.

True Rinse Technology

True rinse technology in SUPER DEAL portable washer delivers the best rinsing results ever, without wasting water. This washing machine includes 2 deep rinses on all cycles to ensure clean and tidy results. So it goes ahead of its competitors in terms of perfect rinsing and cleaning.

1300RPM Heavy-Duty Motor

With this Best Portable Washing Machine For Apartments energy-efficient, durable and powerful motor you can save your precious time and hard-earned money, previously spent at expensive Laundromats. With its new water flow technology and 1300RPM heavy-duty motor, it produces large wave pulsates enabling it to super clean your laundry with ease.

5 Different Washing Timers And 2 Modes

Super Deal compact mini washer is designed with separate timer control settings for washer and spinner operations. With its new stylish control panel, you can select 5 different washing times along with 2 different washing modes Standard and Soft on your choice.

While on the other hand, you can select 5 different timers for your spinning needs. After completing the laundry, drain out dirty water with a pre-attached flexible drainage tube.

Get Rid of Washing Machine Imbalances

The accurate balancing system of the washing machine keeps it standstill during washing and spinning operations. That means no jumping and no more imbalances.

That is another quality of this Super Deal washer qualifying for best washer and dryer for apartments and small places.

So we can conclude that Super Deal Portable Compact Washer and Spinner is:

  • Perfect For Small Apartments And Small Families
  • Durable And Has Stylish Design In Little Amount
  • Powered By Heavy-Duty Motor And Gives Best Result
  • Easy To Operate And A Smart Washer

  • Easily moveable from one place to another
  • High price-to-quality ratio
  • Durable and Reliable Product
  • Built-in drain tube available
  • Easy and simple washing and spinning operations
  • Makes a little bit of noise while spinning
  • A small length of the power cable

10. Portable Washing Machine TG23 – Best Twin Tub Washer Machine For Apartment


  • Net Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.6 x 15 x 27.2 inches
  • Color: Black & White
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Material Used: High strength Plastic

portable washer dryer for apartmentsThink Gizmos TG23, an incredibly beautiful designed compact washing machine with a Spin dryer is for everyone who is short of space and money. You don’t have to pay extra for an automatic washing machine now.

Just fill it with water, and some detergent and put on your clothes, and turn it on. So there is no need to pay extra for this little work done by the automatic washer.

Good Capacity for Small Family

TG23 Twin tub portable washing machine contains a washing tub and spins tub side by side. You have the freedom to use both of them at once or one by one. For small and medium loads it has a washing capacity of 3.6kg or 8 pounds meanwhile dryer capacity is 2kg.

Reliable Build Quality and Light-Weight Washer

Built with premium quality material, it comes in black and white contrast that looks great to the eyes. Think Gizmos TG23 twin tub washing machine just weighs 24 pounds, hence easy to move around in your place or take it away with you for camping sites.

No Extra Requirements for Setup

The little weight, compactness, and mind-blowing design of the portable TG23 washing machine helped us to place this washer on our list of the best portable washers in 2022. Its mechanism is simple enough that you don’t require a plumber, it just requires a power supply, water access, and a drain area for dirty water.

Select washing options from Beautiful Control Panel

Elegant knobs at the control panel over the top of the washing machine give you the opportunity to control what function you require.

You can select 5 wash timers ranging up to 15 minutes and can also select the type of wash i.e. normal wash or soft wash. The spin cycle can run from 1 to 5 minutes according to your requirement.

Sound-less Operation Of the Best Portable Washer

Efficiency at its peak. Thanks to its efficient motor for performing washing and drying functions simultaneously. And all this is done with sound-less operations as compared to other washing machines in the market.

Think Gizmos TG23 is fairly the best portable washer for small loads and clothes because:

  • It Has a Washing Capacity Of 8 Pounds
  • Perfect Compact Body Kit
  • It Is Very Lightweight And Reliable
  • Variety Of Washing And Spinning Timer Selection

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Free lint filter for extra cleanliness
  • Lightweight but durable quality
  • Vibrates slightly while spinning

Final Verdict

We have tested all these portable and compact washing machines and found them best for apartments, small homes, and other limited spaces. They are all suitable to fall in the category of the best portable washer for an apartment in 2022 but we also know that not everyone can buy every item.

Therefore, from our point of view, NO.10 TG23 is the best economical portable washer for the apartment of its price and features. Those on a tight budget can surely buy this washing machine that will wash well without any noise.

Those seeking a small portable washing machine on a limited budget can go for the No.9 Super Deal Portable Washer. This washer is a pure gem for its price and its cleaning power.

No.8 Panda PAN6320W is our sincere suggestion for the best fully automatic compact washer for the apartment. You can never get better than this at this price. Go grab this machine and enjoy washing with fun.

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