Best Front Load Washers In 2022 – Top 10 Pciks

Choosing a washing machine that suits your needs best can be one of the most important decisions you will make for your laundry setup. With the introduction of front-load washers in the 1990s, the laundry standards have undergone a great change. Front-load washers are being popular for their energy efficiency as well as more capacity for larger loads along with saving money in the long run.

Top load washers are still chosen for their traditional and average washing quality. However, a front load washer is tougher on stains and gentle on fabric most of the time. It also reduces electricity and water consumption. Therefore, a front load washer can give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right type of washer that allows for environment-friendly, “green” laundry.

Front-load washing machines are able to drain out much of the water from the fabric and allow for easy drying. Not only that but it takes up less space as compared to traditional counterparts. It can be accommodated in a traditional vertical column for laundry below a dryer which becomes a stackable washer and dryer set.

10 Best Front Load Washers In 2022

All these advantages lead to front load washers being a very popular choice for modern households. Let us help you choose which product will be the best suitable for you from among the top 10 best front load washers in 2022.

1. Maytag MHW6630HC 4.8 cu. ft. Best High-Efficiency Front-load Washer with Extra Power

Maytag Front Load WasherWhen choosing a washer, most people are looking for a rather good scrubbing for their clothes. Maytag offers them a power-loaded scrubbing setup in Maytag MHW6630HC. It can be the ideal solution for clothes like jeans and casual wear that are subjected to a lot of staining and wear & tear.

Extra Power

You can trust the machine to work its way through the toughest, most stubborn stains on your clothes. Even so, the obvious demerit that comes with great power in the machine is a bit of pressure on the fabric. Your clothes will get a great rinsing and scrubbing which will free them of all the dirt, dust, and bacteria but be a bit straining for their fabric.

Efficient Cleaning

The level of cleaning that Maytag MHW6630HC offers is matchless. It has an above-average performance with respect to scrubbing. Therefore, it will certainly not disappoint anybody who is looking for a more powerful rinse and clean for their day-to-day wear.

Sleek Design

When it is a home appliance that you are purchasing, you would obviously want it to look cool and have a sleek touch. Maytag MHW6630HC can offer you just that with its black polished metal which is as unique as it is glamorous.

  • You will get all the stains off – for sure.
  • Best front load washer to sanitize your clothes.
  • It will expose your clothes to both hot and cold water plus air – an internal heater, an internal fan, and 16 amazing washing cycles.
  • It will deep-fill itself to clean itself completely – no molding.

  • Not the best option for delicate fabrics requiring gentle washing cycles.
  • The quick washing cycle is not as powerful as the slower ones.

2. Electrolux EFLS527UTT – 4.3 Cu.ft. – Titanium – Best Budget Front Load Washer

Electrolux EFLS527UTT Front Load WasherThis spectacular machine is one of those high-end technologies you can purchase to add a lot of ease and comfort to your laundry. It costs a bit more but certainly offers the right value for your money.

SmartBoost – Detergent and Water Mixing

Electrolux EFLS527UTT is one of the very few machines which will mix your detergent in water before exposing your clothes to it. SmartBoost technology by Electrolux adds a lot of efficiency to the washing process.

Revolutionary Detergent Drawer In a Best Front Load Washer

Another unique feature – this machine offers detergent pods that actually work. It has a modernized and smart detergent drawer that can dispense detergents and softeners to your clothes quickly and easily.

Efficient Stain Removal plus Gentle Washing

This washer does not hurt your delicate fabrics with any excessive power. Although it will cost you a bit more than other washers that put in more power.

A Compact and Stackable Design

Its compact and stackable design makes it an ideal choice for limited laundry spaces. This machine can match well with your dryer in a vertical column.

  • Detergent pods that actually work
  • Delicate fabrics receive more care with gentle washing
  • Cleans itself well
  • Has more than 9 cycles that will sanitize your clothes, make them free of allergy, and protect their color and fabric.

  • A bit costly
  • No Smart Connectivity or Application

3. Samsung WF42H5000AW – Best Front-Load Washer For Energy Saving

Samsung WF42H5000AW Energy StarA machine that is as affordable as it is simple. If you are looking for a washer that does the job well but does not exhaust your budget, this article will serve you well.

All About Simplicity

The control panel has good functionality and is very simple. No need to frown at complex control panels and deal with excessive options that you don’t need in your washer. Most people never use more than 2-3 options, the rest is usually just a useless type of glamour.

Admirable Heavy-Duty Cycle

Samsung WF42H5000AW will clean your clothes well and make sure that the primary purpose of stain removal is met. No compromise on cleaning.

Cost-Effective Front Load Washer

If you are on a budget, this machine will give you the best you can possibly get in its price range. In short, it offers great value for money.

  • Strictly not costly
  • Gets the stains off
  • Steam cycle and internal heater included
  • Is simple to use
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Not very smart – doesn’t have some high-end technology. (Even though most users never end up using the shiny stuff.)

4. Best  Front-load Washer and Dryer Combo – LG WM3488HW – 2.3 cu. ft.

LG WM3488HW Washer Dryer ComboThis one is smarter than smart – seriously. It is compatible with a smartphone application and can be managed very easily. It even has downloadable cycles and a very quiet functioning – peace of mind for the user in every way.

Economical Energy Consumption

LG WM3488HV is a great investment because your electricity bills will not face a surge due to it. That means that it will pay off the money you invested in it by giving you a discount on your electricity bills.

Application Compatibility

Control it with a smartphone application and see what is going on in the washing process at the moment – exceptionally smart.

Downloadable Cycles

Download a new washing cycle if you think the old ones aren’t good enough. It is as customizable as possible.

Quiet Running 

No noise at all. It will not vibrate a lot and cause a lot of mayhem like the old, traditional washers. It is specifically designed to offer quieter running.

  • Remote control your machine with the smartphone application
  • Get a discount on your electricity bills – energy efficiency
  • Found a new washing cycle that you like? Download it and enjoy
  • No noise to disturb your peaceful environment.
  • Costs more than most (even though it will pay that off by reducing your electricity bills)

5. LG WM3998HBA – 4.5 cu. ft. – Best Overall Front-Load Washer & Dryer Combo

LG WM3998HBA Front Load WasherLG has a knack for making front load washers that are satisfactory. This one can clean your clothes in only 17 minutes in its quick cycle – with good stain removal.

Quick yet Powerful Cleaning

This machine removes more than most stains in its quick cycle too, unlike many other machines that we have tested and reviewed. That is a major perk if you want an additional facility and have a tight schedule.

Customization Options

LG WM3900H can be customized according to your needs because it has all types of cycles included from hot to cold washing. It can remove dust and pet dander from your clothes very efficiently in its anti-allergy cycle and also sanitize your clothes readily.

Big Enough for your Family

Its 4.5 cubic feet are spacious enough to let you wash all your family’s clothes in fewer loads and not have to waste a lot of time on laundry.

Less Work for your Dryer

LG WM3998HBA will drain enough water from your clothes to reduce the energy and time that your dryer has to consume. That is why it has doubled energy efficiency.

  • Quick cleaning
  • Powerful stain removal
  • Spacious enough for your family’s clothes
  • Sanitizes clothes and makes them free of allergens
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduces workload for dryer
  • Complex control panel

6. LG WM3499HVA – 2.3 cu. ft – Best Smart & Compact Front-load Washing Machine/Dryer

LG WM3499HVA ALL-IN-ONE WASHERDRYERThis is one of the most powerful washers we have come across in terms of stain removal. Not only that, but it cares quite a lot for your fabrics – to the extent that it can prevent odor, allergy, color fading, fabric threading, and infection.

Fresh Care Feature

LG WM3499HVA will not let your clothes get excessively wrinkled or odorful by letting the drum continue to tumble for up to 19 hours after a cycle has finished. You don’t need to remain alert and ready to take them out and care for them.

Cold Washing Option for Everything Except Whites

Cold washing allows you to retain fabric quality and avoid color fading. It also consumes less energy, and it is a green method of laundry. It offers cold washing for everything except whites.

75% Stain Removal in Normal Cycle – One of the Highest

The stain removal power is exceptional. It beats at least 75% of the machines we have tested and reviewed till now. It can remove the most stubborn stains with its turbo cycle.

Voice control with Google Assistant

This washer can literally be controlled by your voice commands. It is very easy to operate and smart too. It supports Google Assistant for voice control.

  • Cost effective – offers great value for money
  • Lots of features in a price range that does not normally include feature-loaded washers
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fresh care feature for your clothes
  • Top range stain removal technology
  • Cold washing feature is robust
  • No internal heater
  • No sanitization cycle or anti-allergy cycle

7. GE GFW850SSNWW – 5.0 Cu. Ft. Best Front-load Washer for High Capacity

GE Sapphire Blue Smart Front Load Energy Star Steam WasherGE GFW850SSNWW is one of the most spacious washers in our list which can handle more workload than most. It has 12 cycles which are above average and a smart dispenser to top it off.

Sanitize, Steam, and Allergy Cycles

This machine will clean your clothes of dust, pet dander and other types of allergens in its allergy cycle. It will also sanitize your clothes and treat them with steam due to its internal heater.

Massive Capacity for your Family

GE GFW850SSNWW with its 5 cubic feet can accommodate the heaviest laundry loads and give you a quicker experience doing laundry for your whole family.

Smart Dispenser

This washer can dispense detergent, fabric softener, and anything else you would want to add with its smart dispenser efficiently.

Odor Block

GE GFW850SSNWW is one of the few washing machines that have a very strong odor block system. It will keep your clothes fresh, soft, and good as new.

  • Can dispense detergent and comforter etcetera evenly
  • Efficient stain removal
  • 12 washing cycles in total
  • Allergy, sanitization, and steam cycles included
  • Large capacity
  • Stackable
  • Not very quick

8. Samsung WW22k6800AW 2.6 Cu. ft. – Best Portable Front-Load Washer

This washer is one of the most high-end machines in terms of technology. It employs a lot of different smart technologies that Samsung has designed and introduced in the domain of washers.

VRT Technology for Quiet Running

Samsung WW22K6800AW is one of the least noisy options in the list due to its dedicated VRT technology. Samsung has focused on making this machine as quiet as possible. No extra rumbling or vibration.

SuperSpeed for Quick Washing

This feature-loaded machine also has a great speed in quick washing. It can also get most of the stains off easily even in the quick wash cycle.

Diamond Drum Technology Gentle on Fabrics

Samsung WW22K6800AW is the ideal option for comparatively delicate clothing that requires gentle washing. Its drum is specially designed with Diamond Drum technology that will not subject your clothing to a lot of wear and tear.

Smart Technology and Connectivity

In the age of technological advancements, Samsung can never be at the back foot. It has introduced a smart technology that can control and operate the WW22K6800 washing machine with a smartphone application. Many other smart options are also added by Samsung to reduce the trouble involved in the laundry.

  • Self-clean option that keeps the interior safe from molding
  • Internal heater
  • No noise
  • Delicate fabrics can be washed safely
  • Excellent stain removal in all cycles
  • Steam Wash Cycle
  • Comparatively less capacity

9. Maytag MHW5630HW

This is the cheapest washer you can get with this many features and efficiency. It is also a green and environmentally friendly front-load washing machine because of its energy efficiency.

High Affordability and Great Value

Maytag MHW5630HWis as affordable as a top-notch washer can get. It also offers great value for money due to its feature-loaded technology.

Great Warranty – 10 Years on Motor and Basket

This machine has one of the best warranties available in the market for a washer. It promises ten years of flawless washing equipment and technology for you.

Low Energy Costs

It consumes way less energy than most of the other washers you will see in the market. It will also help you cut down on your electricity bills and keep your laundry environment friendly.

Steam Cycle and Good Capacity

The capacity can easily support your family’s laundry requirements in fewer loads. It also has a steam cycle to sanitize your clothes.

  • Highly affordable
  • Removes stains efficiently
  • 10 years of warranty – the longest
  • Lowers your electricity bill
  • Extra power
  • Sanitizes and steams your clothes
  • Stackable
  • No smart connectivity

10. LG WM3700HWA

This washer has everything smart that you can possibly expect from a washer. It is also one of the quickest we have reviewed.

Smart Door Stopper for Drying of Interior

LG WM3700HWA can quickly get rid of moisture from its interior due to its smart door stopper. That makes it one of the most odor-free and hygienic options because it does not let mold develop at all.

Add More Garments OR More Water

It has an Add More system that actually works. You can pause the cycle to add any garment you forgot to add or just pause/resume to add extra water.

18 Minute Quick Wash

This washing machine is quicker than most of the washers we have come across with an 18-minute quick cycle for lightly soiled clothing.

Steam Cycle for Allergies

LG WM3700HWA also has a steam cycle that efficiently removes allergens like dust and pet dander from clothing. That is supported by its internal heater.

  • Tub sterilization supported
  • Simple to use
  • Pedestal Compatibility so you can add a smaller twin washer from LG
  • Allows for gentle washing
  • Great stain removal
  • More work for your dryer with delicate fabrics

Step Buyers’ Guide

If you are confused and overwhelmed by the variety of options and features stacked against each other, let us help you. Every buyer has different needs and different priorities when shopping for home appliances. They are crucial to the comfort and ease that you can possibly enjoy when doing chores like laundry and cooking.

In terms of washers, there are a few key points or features that must be considered before purchase. Those factors certainly will influence your experience of doing laundry. That is why they are the ones that you should look at before you choose an article.

Making a list of your priorities like:

What I need first of all is power, second is speed, and third are features – this will help you a lot too.

It will help you understand what you need compared to an average buyer. Listed below are a few factors that have been noticed to influence the buyers’ experience with washing machines most of all.

1.    Scrubbing Power

The maximum amount of power that washing can invest in its scrubbing and washing is very crucial. The range of different levels of power in its different cycles is important. Scrubbing power decides stain removal efficiency but it also has a great impact on care for your clothes.

For example, in number 1 among our top 10 front load washers in 2020Maytag MHW6630HC is an extra power washer. Being loaded with power means that it will remove more stains than most in its regular cycle.

However, that is not the only side of the matter to consider when you are shopping for a washer. The extra power also means that it will scrub the denim clean but may hurt the linen. Therefore, you must decide whether you are prioritizing power over fabric care or need a compromise between both.

For a balance in stain removal and fabric care, our top front load washer number 2 – Electrolux EFLS627UTT may be a better choice. That is why setting your priorities in accordance with scrubbing power and stain removal is so important.

2.    Cost-Effectiveness

Most of the time, when we are buying an appliance that will cost us a significant sum of money, we want the purchase to be as economical and cost-effective as possible. That is the only thing that can justify all the pressure on our wallets.

Nobody wants an appliance that drains the wallet but does not help the laundry nearly as much as it cost. That is why cost-effectiveness is another option you can consider. While some people may feel better with a plethora of features in their machine – most of which they will never use, frankly – most wanna pay for only what they need.

Therefore, if you only wanna pay for the basic functionality, you can go for a cost-effective option like Maytag MHW5630HW or Samsung WF42H5000AW. Number 10 offers only basic functionality that 90 to 95 percent of users use almost all the time. However, number 3 will add quite a LOT of stuff to the stack but still be worth the sum it costs you.

3.    Washing Cycles

Different machines come with different types and numbers of cycles. Even the best ones that we have mentioned above in our top 10 front load washers in 2022 may lack a particular cycle or the other in some cases.

Therefore, you need to see what type of cycles you normally use and which new ones you would like to add to the stack. The major types of cycles include Hot and Cold Water, Sanitizing, Anti-allergy, and Steam cycles.

Some machines like LG WM3499HVA have an additional cycle to add at the end of the real washing cycles. That fresh care cycle of up to 19 hours is supported to keep your clothes fresh and odor-free.

That takes the pain of having to take the clothes out on time, away from you. It also has more cold washing options than most which are as energy-efficient as they are safer for your clothes.

However, the same machine – number 6 – does not offer anti-allergy or sanitization cycles because it does not have an internal heater. Therefore, if you want those cycles too, you will want to choose a washer that does have an internal heater.

Examples include  Maytag MHW6630HC with full functionality and 16 cycles or Maytag MHW5630HWwhich is on the more affordable side but does have the necessary heater.

4.    User Friendliness – Connectivity, Smart Tools

Complex control panels don’t work for some users – no matter how smart or feature-loaded the machine is. Not only that but some people don’t even feel the need to have smart tools or smart connectivity in their washer.

If you are comfortable with dedicating some time to your laundry, and if you don’t want to get a highly complex set of features, the solution is simple. You can choose a machine that is as simple and user-friendly as it is affordable – like Samsung WF42H5000AW.

Going for number 1 or number 9 wouldn’t be a bad idea either if you want simplicity with some additional perks like superb cost-effectiveness.

5.    Capacity and Design

The importance of capacity can’t be over-emphasized. You could be doing laundry for just you and your spouse or tending to all the clothes of a family of five. Therefore, you will have to decide how much space you need your washer to consume and how much clothes you should be able to put in it in one load.

GE GFW850SSNWW is one of those machines that have the highest capacity possible – 5 cubic feet. It is best for you if you want to do laundry less often or have a larger family. It can help you finish the job in lesser loads and hence lesser time.

However, more space inside usually means bigger size. Choosing a more compact design like the one in Samsung WW22K6800AW with 2.2 cubic feet will be the best for fewer people in the household. It will not take up much space and be stackable with your dryer.

The amount of space you have for laundry also counts and should be considered when choosing the capacity and design.

Final Verdict

Different buyers’ have different priorities and different things that they idealize in their washer. However, for people who want a balance in everything with all the necessary options but nothing too fancy, they can go for Samsung WF42H5000AW.

It has every type of functionality that an average user will ever need, but it is also affordable and simple. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay more but want a plethora of options and functionalities, you would do well to go for LG WM3488HW.

It is just about the smartest machine that money can buy and also a great investment. If you have the required investment, you can confidently choose number 4.

For those who are looking for a cool yet cheap option, they can go for Maytag MHW5630HW. It is the most simple, affordable, and cost-effective machine in our list.

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