Top 10 Best Foam Cannons for Cars in 2023

The best foam cannon for cars is a small but handy piece of car washing and detailing equipment that gives you superb ease and scratch-free washing. It gives the perfect blend of car wash soap, water, and air to generate suds of unmatched quality.

A foam cannon works like a pressure washer attachment to shoot the thick foamy car washing soap all over your car and speed up the process of cleaning and washing.

Best Foam Cannons for Cars
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Using a foam canon means using the right amount of soap you need for your task instead of draining excess amounts through the traditional bucket method. Moreover, if properly used, it will keep the car paint in healthier condition by avoiding scratches and damage during washing.

It is very handy and easy to assemble extension of pressure washers; no additional tools are required for its attachment. Simply attach the foam cannon to your pressure washer, fill the bottle with soap, regulate the spray pattern according to your task and you are ready to go.

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Benefits of Foam Cannons

Foam canons are very basic pressure washer attachments to get straight to washing by blanketing your car with a thick nice layer of soapy foam. Following are some benefits you can fetch from a foam cannon.


No doubt car washing and outdoor cleaning activities are laborious and time-devouring tasks. But foam canons can help you save your time by utilizing the full potential of your pressure washer.

When the power of pressurized water is combined with soap, you would get the suds instantaneously. These suds then speed up the process of washing by making a uniform layer of foamy soap on the car surface. The setup process is also not time-consuming at all.

Scratch Free Cleaning

Highly foamed soft thick suds of car washing soap will resist running off your car paint. The added lubrication helps to reduce the chances of getting swirl marks in your paint from scrubbing. To avoid this, just make sure that the soap has fully dissolved in the bottle.


Using the foam canons also implies utilizing the right amount of soap you need for the cleaning or washing task. You don’t have to constantly put your hand back into your bucket for more soap. The contractors or professional detailers find foam cannons very economical and beneficial for their business.

Environment Friendly

A foam cannon will use a very minimum amount of soap and water to make soft thick suds. By saving water and detergent, don’t just have the budget in mind. It is great for the environment too. The people who wash their cars on lawns know how problematic all that detergent can be for lawn grass. Foam canons can be helpful very if your yard doesn’t have a convenient drain.

Multi-Purpose Utility

The versatility of foam cannon is beyond your imagination. The power of a pressure washer+cannon is not limited to car washing only.  You can use this amazing combination to wash all sorts of heavy-duty machinery, driveways, parkways, grills, and RVs. A lot of contractors and workshop owners utilize this pressure pasher+ foam canon combination to cope up with semi-annual clean-up of their setups.

Best Quality Top 10 Foam Cannon Reviews

If you’re willing to buy a foam cannon but don’t have any know-how about the best foam cannons available online or in the market, then this article will be going to help you a lot. Because we have tried our best to cover every aspect, such as the best foam canons for pressure washers, their benefits, which foam cannon is best for cars, etc…

Below are our reviews of the top 10 best high-rated foam cannons for cars for electric and gas pressure washers.

1. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Adjustable Snow Cannon –  Best Foam Cannon For Car Wash

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

Brand: Dusichin | Product ID: SFL-001 | Capacity: 1 Litre | Product weight: 1 Lb
Required Water Flow: 1.2GPM | Required Pressure: 1000PSI
Maximum Water Flow: 5.3GPM | Maximum Pressure: 3000PSI
Material: Brass, Stainless Steel & Plastic | Exterior Finish: Brass
Inlet Connector: 1/4″ quick connect| Dimensions: 8.58 x 4.61 x 3.9 inches

The Dusichin foam cannon is efficient enough to deserve the top position in our review list of the 10 best foam cannons for pressure washers. It is recommended to use it with pressure washers having the capacity of over 1000 PSI and 1.2 GPM. But at the same time, it is powerful enough to handle a maximum ceiling of 3000 PSI and 5.3 GPM.

High-Quality Brass and Plastic Components

The DUSICHIN snow cannon is a durable product because the main body and core are made up of high-grade plastic and brass. While the foam maker core is of stainless-steel material. This high-quality material ensures that foam cannon can take bruises without any damage and lasts for a long.

Easy to hold Design

The MATCC cannon offers indentations in the bottle for an easy-to-use and easy-to-hold experience. The bottle with dimensions 8.27× 5.12× 3.15 is larger enough to store 1-liter detergent. The bottle is wider at the base, which helps in convenient storage and cleanup.

Adjustable Spray Pattern

The ultimate feature of this foam cannon is its adjustability which allows you to dial in the sprayer for multiple applications. You can switch between the fan and cylindrical spray pattern. Moreover, you can choose how much water and soap to mix for desired foam spray. Both spray pattern and water to foam ratio are adjustable.

  • When you turn the knob to “+” there will be more water with less soap so low foam bubbles will come out.
  • When you turn the knob to “-” there will be more soap with less water so more high concentrations of foam bubbles will come out.

Warranty Coverage

The product also offers a one-year warranty along with a 24-hour customer service turnaround for any issue. The one-year warranty coverage is considered ideal to win the customers’ trust in terms of durability and longevity of the product.

  • Easy adjustable knobs for volume of soap and spray angles
  • 1/4″ quick connect fitting
  • Best for small and light-duty pressure washers with 1000PSI and 1.2GPM water flow requirement
  • High-grade manufacturing for a long life of the foam cannon
  • Extremely light-weight
  • No separate nozzles

2. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster with 6 Foam Wash Gun – Best Foam Gun For Car Detailing

Cleaning your car brings peace of mind and happiness if you are passionate about cars. It is fast, easy, and a fun way to clean your car with the Torq foam blaster 6 foam wash gun. This foam blaster connects easily to any type of garden hose. As a result, there is no need for any additional equipment or machinery to generate heavy suds of foam.

Chemical Guys foam gun is best when it comes to performance because it is manufactured by the top-rated automotive care brand. This is a high-quality foam gun and can be utilized to do commercial-grade cleaning activities.

Chemical Guys ACC 326 Torq Foam Blaster

Corrosion Free Internal Components

All the internal components are specifically designed to remain corrosion-free, which allows the canon to last for a long time. The product is reliable with high-end quality brass and aluminum body parts. This foam gun has got 6 foam blasters that let the users customize their foam level according to their washing needs.

Light Weight

The product weighs only 1.35 pounds and it implies that it is super easy to use with a squeeze handle. Even with dimensions (l× w× h) 9.09× 5.51× 5.39, it is fairly lightweight as compared to other foam applicators available in the market.

Ideal Foam Bubble bath

Over 95% of car swirls and scratches come from improper car washing and drying techniques. This is a small but handy tool for professional detailers to a scratch-free car wash. It magically turns a car washing spot into a foam bubble bath.

Top-ratedAutomotive Care Brand

Professionals choose chemical guys not only for their refined automotive care products but World-class customer support service. You Feel free to go for it because of its guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Easily Adjustable dial to control the ration of water and soap for perfect foaming
  • Ergonomic trigger handle for ease of use
  • 32oz solution bottle for more foam
  • No requirement of a pressure washer
  • High quality plastic and brass used
  • Takes a little bit more time to complete task than a foam cannon

3. Chemical Guys EQP-310 – Best foam Cannon for Gas pressure Washers

Chemical Guys EQP-310 is considered the professional-grade superior surface cleanser with advanced foaming technology. Like a pro, it can remove dirt, grime and build in very little to no time.

Chemical Guys EQP 310 Torq Foam Cannon

Advanced Air-Injection Technology

It is specifically designed by using the advanced air injection technology with which it can quickly cover any vehicle surface with thick foam. We have used this foam cannon with Sunjoe SPX3000 electric pressure washer to wash our car. Just in a matter of time, the whole car was covered in a white foamy layer of soap.

Highest Quality Material

The Torq foam cannon is constructed with high-quality material so it can be used as an attachment with high-graded professional gas pressure washers. It reduces both time and effort associated with manual washing and allows you to show some productivity instead of wasting too much time in manual car washing activity.

Large 32 Ounce Fluid Tank

This innovative foam Cannon has got a large 32-ounce fluid tank that is fully adjustable to blanket the entire surface of the vehicle regardless of its size. You can achieve scratch-free professional-grade car washing at home.

Unique Thread Lock Insulation Sleeve

The presence of a unique thread lock insulation sleeve on the brass canon threads protects the soap bottle from wear and tear. It would be like a safety airtight seal between the Torq body and 32oz soap canister. With this foam cannon, you would get the perfect blend of air pressure, soap, water inside the bottle, and foam generation chamber to deliver the thickest and richest foam car washing soap.

4. TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car Wash Soap Kit – Best Set For Auto Detailing

TriNova’s premium foam canon ensures to make your rides squeaky clean by blanketing your car with thick soapy suds. It is a far better and reliable attachment than most cheaper but fragile options that tend to wear out very soon.

TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon

Adjustable Knob for Fan Width

TriNova has an adjustable knob that helps you regulate fan width and the amount of foam produced. This feature lets professional automobile detailers use this foam cannon for washing trucks or SUVs.

Wide Connect Neck

It has got a wide-neck design for less potential failure and to mitigate common cracking problems. Its lower thresholds can work great even with less expensive and less powerful electric pressure washers. For best results, it is recommended to use it with a minimum of 1000 PSI.

Lowest Working PSI and GPM Requirement

The TriNova is one of the best foam cannons for cars for as little as 800 PSI and 1.4 GPM or as high as 3000PSI and 5.3GPM. This low working profile makes it useable with various light-duty pressure washers for best washing results.

100% Customer Satisfaction

TriNova guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and strives to make every single customer happy. Their response rate is very high and fast and they quickly reach out to you if you encounter any issue with their products. 

5. Amazon Basics Car Foam Blaster and Sprayer – Best Foam Cannon for Electric Pressure Washers

Amazon Basics Car Foam Blasters and sprayer is a simple, durable, and affordable complement to your pressure washers to maximize cleaning output.

Amazon Basics Car Foam Blaster

6 Dilution ratios for accurate mixing

It offers 6 dilution ratios for accurate mixing and creating the desired level of foam. You can also change the spray pattern (wider or narrower) by twisting the spray nozzle. The product is backed by Amazon Basics’ 1-year limited warranty.

Durable ABS Plastic

It is made up of high-quality ABS (acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with corrosion-resistant brass connectors. The connector is of 1/4-inch quick connection fitting to provide a perfect hold during washing activity.

High-Quality Material

The cannon is solidly constructed and the nozzle can take a beating while remaining in the spray position. It is efficient enough to cast a uniform soapy foam layer on the exterior of your car.

6. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster  6 – Best Foam Gun Without Pressure Washer

Chemical Guys ACC_326 Torq Foam Blaster 6 is an inexpensive foam cannon that can efficiently work even without any pressure washer. You can easily use this foam cannon for car washing with any garden hose. Just give it a try, it would make you an admirer customer. With this tool, you can get glowing results with very little effort and time.

Chemical Guys ACC326 – Torq Foam Blaster


Worthy Internal Parts

Torq Foam Blaster 6 gun is crafted for high-performance washing results. This is the reason it is made from worthy and quality parts. High-grade brass and plastic are used to make it last for a long.

Multiple and proficiency tasking Foam Cannon For Car

This foam cannon has the simplest assembly and is trouble-free because the predefined shaft easily fits with any usual hose. Additionally, don’t need any pressurizer. You have to set the knob to get the desired foam level to use it as a car washer and other household tasks.

Dual filtrate

It comprises two separate filters, one filter at the end of the foam gun for water and the second at take up for soap. This dual filter system gives a fine and purifier foam spray that as a result protects your car’s surface from any potential damage.

Firmly sealed connector

The presence of a top-quality blade plug ensures that the cleansing weapon is firm and the nozzle is un-leaked. The gauge is a latex sealable loop within the mixture that ensures a firm grip and no leaks.

7. Chemical Guys TORQ EQP323 Snow Foam Blaster R1 – Best Foam Cannon For Garden Hose

Torq EPQ323 foam cannon provides decent and fine foam for a damage-free car washing experience. A true timesaver product that just plugs, and plays. And the results would exceed your expectations. Pay a little and get an extra benefit, a magnificent cleansing kit having a one-year warranty.

Chemical Guys TORQ EQP323 Snow Foam Blaster


Durable and Ergonomic Foam Cannon For Car

The Torq EPQ323 R1 foam cannon has a long history of durability due to its heavy-duty diecast body. It is a favorite of professionals and enthusiasts alike for its ease of use and durability. The ergonomic grip of the TORQ R1 is designed for anyone. You can maintain a firm grip on the foam gun thanks to the rubberized comfort grip handle.

Deep Cleansing With No Pressure Washer Required

The Torq R1 foam cannon delivers a perfect blend of soap, air, and water to create thick & velvety flowing foam that gently cleans any car.

There are two pieces to the TORQ Foam Blaster Foam Gun. Its rugged nozzle easily removes dirt, grime, tough stains, and debris from cars. The high-quality brass nozzle is suitable for any standard garden hose and provides a constant stream of foam when squeezed a little

Best Foam Suds Without Any Pressure Washer

There is no knob for pressure adjustment in the Torq R1 foam cannon. But as a matter of fact, I was satisfied by the amount of soap it produced without the knob all the time.

However, it comes with 3 interchangeable water nozzles to give versatility to spray patterns. These nozzles help to adjust the spray sequence from wide to narrow. You can easily adjust the pressure settings to create silky, frothy suds by changing these water pressure tips.

8. Tool Daily Foam Cannon – Best Foam Cannon For RVs

Are you being tired of washing and spraying? This Tool Daily Foam Cannon with 1/4 Inch Quick Connector is one of the targeted and efficient tools for reducing cleanup fatigue with your pressure washer. Tool Daily Foam Cannon is a phenomenal attachment that is also ranked as the #1 best seller product on amazon.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon

Valuable Purchase

This foam cannon is a valuable purchase having a high-pressure range of 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI to work along with a large variety of pressure washers. Its easy installation makes it more worthy with ¼ inch quick connector. Moreover, it is labor-saving and time-saving with1-liter of a container, and durable material, all these amazing features in this one tool only.

Dense Foaming

Thick foaming is one of the highlighted features of this foam cannon. It received the most positive reviews about the dense foaming at such a cheaper rate than many other expensive options,

Versatile Functioning

Foam Cannon is not just for washing your vehicles, it has also got versatility in its applications. It ideally works for washing walls, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, and other areas of your choice like watering plants and flowers.

Bumper Nozzle Tips package

There is the availability of a retractable nozzle for precise mixing and foam production. There is a plus point for having these five tips of various angles (0, 15, 25, 40, 65 degrees). So, what are you waiting for? Just choose the right nozzle for your actual requirement and leave the rest on the foam cannon.

9. Twinkle Star Foam Cannon – Best foam Cannon for Home Use

The Twinkle Star foam cannon offers excellent spray angle control with five nozzle tips and a 1/4-inch quick disconnect fitting. These nozzles serve to regulate spray patterns from a jet stream to a wide fan pattern.

Twinkle Star Foam Cannon 1 L Bottle

Recommended PSI and GPM

It acts as a perfect complement to the pressure washers having 2.0 GPM and over 1000 PSI. It implies that it would give its maximum output without creating any technical issues.

Sturdy with Brass Core

Its heavy-duty brass core helps to prevent leakage issues. All of its connectors are corrosion-free because of the perfect quality brass material. The wider mouth bottle is easy to fill and the wide base allows the bottle to stand upright even when we attached the heavier metal parts with it.

Heavier with I litter Container

With a 33 oz. (1 Liter) container, it may fatigue your hands while you are using it. Although the bottle is sturdy, sometimes it tends to leak from the top. Moreover, the container doesn’t have any measurement levels.

10. DUSICHIN DUS-018 Foam Cannon Lance Pressure Washer

DUSICHIN foam cannon is a strong and durable product. Its easy usage, mostly with rapid changing configuration, enables it to be enjoyable to clean and a flexible tool in your cleansing inventory.

DUSICHIN DUS-018 Foam Cannon

Brand: Dusichin | Product ID: DUS-018 | Capacity: 1 Litre | Product weight: 2.2 Lbs
Required Water Flow: 1.2GPM | Required Pressure: 1000PSI
Maximum Water Flow: 5.3GPM | Maximum Pressure: 3000PSI
Material: Brass, Stainless Steel & Plastic | Exterior Finish: Brass
Inlet Connector: 1/4″ quick connect| Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches

Easy-breezy Installation

This stylish foam cannon is having an effortless assembly. It is a quick and easy-to-install foam cannon, just fill it with warm water and soap to form a thick foam. Twist the knob and nozzle to regulate spray control. And at the same time, it has also got fast disconnection fitting. 

Duplex spray mode

With DUSICHIN foam cannon for cars, you can get multiple spray patterns by using its five various nozzles. Following your choice and task peculiarity, it supplies the spray at different angles. You can also adjust the nozzle to get two different modes of water spray. Its Fan mode offers a rain spray pattern and jet mode to get a column pattern.

Adjustable foam thickness

You can easily adjust the mixing of water with the help of a knob to get the desired and precise density of the foam. The density of foam can be accustomed by twisting the knob to (+) and (-), altering the entry, and mixing water with soap.

Robust Pressure Range

DUSICHINDUS-018 is a better value for money. This brass-fitting pressure water gun can bear a powerful pressure of 3000Psi to clean every bit of dust from your chosen area.


Is a foam cannon necessary?

Foam cannons are only uneconomical due to the wastage of soap. If you will benefit from using it, so it will be merely a trade-off. On the other hand, if you don’t use the foam cannon, you’re definitely pouring soap or detergent in the drain. In order to get thick, foamy suds with a foam cannon, you’ll need quite a bit of soap. In case you are foaming your car frequently, you will use up your soap bottle much faster.

Final Verdict

Foam cannon is a special extension to enhance the versatility and efficiency of pressure washers. Mostly foam Cannons are used to wash cars and trucks, but you can also use them for your outdoor cleaning activities to freshen up your outdoor furniture, sidewalks, or home sidings.

Before buying a foam cannon, it is great to check the pound per square inch or gallons per minute of your pressure washer. Always choose the compatible attachment for worry-free usage. All in all the truth is, this pressure washer attachment is amazingly beneficial, affordable, and above all fun to use.

Finally, if you are eager to know our choice, our top pick for the best foam cannon for cars from the above-listed products is Chemical Guys ACC – 326, Torq Foam Blaster. This is our first choice due to its versatility and enhanced capabilities.

No matter what you choose, we guarantee that you’ll have fun while using it.

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