10 Best Deck Cleaners For Pressure Washer – Buying Guide 2023

Discover the secret to a spotless deck! Find out the best deck cleaner for your pressure washer and say goodbye to dirt and grime today!

Best Deck Cleaner For Pressure Washer

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home’s appearance and the deck is no exception. It’s where you relax, entertain guests, and enjoy summer barbecues.

But after years of exposure to the different weather conditions, your deck can start to look weathered and worn. This not only detracts from the aesthetic of your home, but can also be dangerous for your family and guests.

Therefore, keeping it up to mark is one of the high-priority tasks for homeowners.

We suggest, pressure washing your deck is a quick and easy way to revive the glory of your deck back. However, it needs a helping agent to penetrate the surface and bring out the build-up dirt and stains more easily.

This helping agent is deck cleaner for a pressure washer.

Choosing the right deck cleaner will do the magic making your deck like a newly installed one. That’s why it’s crucial to have the best deck cleaner for your pressure washer at your disposal.

The only problem is that there are too many solutions available so how to know which one will suit you the most? Don’t worry. We are here for you.

Why Us?

At WashWith, we understand that trust is earned and not given. That’s why we have always taken great care to ensure that our every recommendation must base on personal experience, solid research and expert opinions.

Our team has vast experience in pressure washing and has been in the industry for many years. We used many deck cleaners in our years long pressure washing journey. Today we have included best of them in our this blog post for you.

We have also had numerous discussions with experts in the field frequently to know about their insights. Moreover, we’ve also conducted extensive research on the general public’s reviews and experiences with various deck cleaners. Because we believe that real-life experiences and testimonials are just as important as expert opinions in making informed recommendations.

By combining all of these factors, we’re able to provide you with this comprehensive and trustworthy guide to the best deck cleaners for your pressure washer.

You can be confident that you’re getting the best advice from a team that truly knows the ins and outs of pressure washing and related products. We have done the research and the legwork, so you don’t have to. Let us help you bring your deck back to its former glory!

This article is written by our expert writer Flinn Milan after consulting with other team members.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pressure Washer Deck Cleaner:

Deck cleaners of different categories are available in the market. When you are going to buy deck cleaner you must be aware of:

  • Which type of deck you are going to clean?
  • How are you going to use it on the surface?
  • Is it safe to use pressure washers or not?
  • Is it economical and environmentally friendly?
  • Will it protect the surface from extreme weather effects and UV rays?

Types Of Deck Cleaners

    1. All-Purpose deck cleaners: as obvious by the name they can be used on multiple surfaces including natural exterior wood to treated wood too. And is available as well as the diluted solution to use right away on the surface or in the concentrated form needs to dilute with water before applying on the surface. 
    2. Gentle All-purpose deck cleaners: Painted wood surfaces can be damaged with highly concentrated solutions, therefore, should be treated with gentle ammonia-free cleaners. These deck cleaners are best suited to such situations. High-pressure washing should be avoided in such areas.
    3. Healing deck cleaners: these cleaners are best suited when you are looking to retreat the strained deck or before applying a new stain on it. these cleaners help to lighten the dark areas to dim out the flaws.
    4. Composite deck cleaners: they are specifically made for composite decks; other cleaners are too harsh for such surfaces and can dull the wood. While composite deck cleaners impose a thin layer on wood to protect it from any damage. 
    5. Vinyl deck cleaners: although vinyl surfaces can withstand all-purpose deck cleaners, sometimes they leave behind a thin layer on the wood which over time dulls the wood. therefore, multiple options are available in the market specially formulated for vinyl decking. 
    6. Mildew deck cleaners: they treat the mold and mildew welly from the wooden decks. Such cleaners do not usually require rinsing off instead liquid cleaners are allowed to penetrate the wood to kill any rot or fungi developing inside the deck surface.
    7. 2 in-1 deck cleaners with sealers: such cleaners are not working as cleaning detergent but also seals the wood with a thin layer of sealers that protects the wood against dust and grime for upcoming weeks as well as act as water repellent.  
    8. Eco-friendly deck cleaners: most deck cleaners are proven toxic for plants and pets nearby; these eco-friendly cleaners clean the wood without damaging the surroundings. They are composed of nontoxic ingredients such as soda and vinegar that brightens or treat the strained wood naturally. These cleaners produce the best result when used with pressure washers. Use them with protective wear. 

Best Deck Cleaner For Pressure Washer

1. STAR BRITE Non-Skid Cleaner – Overall Best Pool Deck Cleaner & Protectant For Pressure Washer

best used on: painted wooden decks, fiberglass wooden decks

form: diluted 

material feature: biodegradable

Star Brite Non-Skid is a 2-in-1 cleaner, it claims to clean the surface from stains and other debris with its non-caustic ingredients and then claims to leave a thin layer of protectant/sealer.

When we tested this cleaner on our painted deck. We were a bit anxious that the cleaner may strip off the paint from the wood so we tested on a small testing patch. After letting the cleaner stay on the wood for a few minutes it softens the stains.

Grime and muddy stains come off easily without stripping the paint. But as the manufacturer claims to be a sealer as well, we didn’t notice any slickness on the surface. But we were impressed by the cleaner performance without even an inch of damage.

  • Easy to apply and use
  • Already diluted no extra mixing required
  • Safely remove dirt without any damage to the paint


  • Didn’t impose protectant layering 

2. Krud Kutter HS01 – Best Deck Cleaner Compatible For Pressure Washers

best used on: multiple surfaces: vinyl, aluminum, stones, and pavers

form: concentrated

material feature: biodegradable

This Krud Kutter cleaner works perfectly with pressure washers and can also be used with any deck brush after diluting it with water. We tested it with a pressure washer and sprayed it generously through the soap nozzle.

After a while rinsed it off through a pressure washer and voila stain free deck was out shining. On testing, we also figured that the cleaner lightens the board to cover the weathered wood splints. For the price, this solution covers a pretty large area when diluted it can easily clean up to 2000 sq ft.  


  • Cover a large area 
  • Works with a pressure washer, as well as manually with deck brushes 
  • Remove stain and grease perfectly


  • Covers weathered wood. 

3. DEFY Wood Brightener – Best Brightener After Pressure Washing

best used on: wooden deck

form: concentrated

This Defy wood brightener should be used when you have to re-stain or treat the wood afterward. Its formula penetrates the wood and helps you to treat the weathered wood by lighting the stains. However, it raises the fiber and gives a rough surface.

After getting rid of stains, you have to seal or sand the wood for shiny, even finishing. The best part of this cleaner is it suits almost all types of wood after diluting it at a 1:4 ratio as per the recommendations of the brand itself. 


  • Treats the weathered wood stains
  • Easy to dilute. 
  • Workable in pressure washers


  • Have to sand or seal the wood after cleaning

4. KARCHER Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution – Best Concrete and Pool Deck Cleaner For Pressure Washer

best used on: multi-surfaces

form: concentrated

feature: biodegradable

One of the best cleaning solutions in this pick list, powerful cleaner; compatible to use with pressure washers, and able to remove tougher stains within no time. Works perfectly not only on wood but also on fences, siding to hard concrete surfaces. Therefore, named a multipurpose cleaner. The dilution ratio given by the manufacturer is 1:20. 

This solution is pretty strong and should be used with protective wearing otherwise you may face skin irritation issues. If you face such an issue treat your skin as soon as possible before it evaluates further. 


  • Quicker and effective
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Economical 


  • May cause skin irritation, if not wearing safety gloves. 

5. WET and FORGET cleaning solution

Best used on: multiple surfaces

Form: concentrated

Wet and Forget cleaning solution is also a versatile cleaner that can deal with multiple surfaces. You don’t have to put too much workforce to get rid of mold and heavy embedded stains. As it is a concentrated solution you can dilute it according to your deck stains. Although the recommended ratio of water solution is 1:5. 

One issue that got us perplexed was manufacturer’s instructions are not clear, we have to debate before testing whether we can use it with a pressure washer or not. Instead of direct application on deck, we tested it on a test patch having mold.

It justifies its name in a true sense: Wet and Forget solution because it is pretty slow as compared to the above picks and takes more time to remove the stains.

However, we must say once you have gotten rid of stains the mold didn’t grow back for a long time. The cleaning results last longer than we expected.


  • Kills mold perfectly
  • Long-lasting results
  • Biodegradable 


  • Takes more time to clean the stains

6. Oil eater cleaner and degreaser

Best Used For oil stains on multiple surfaces

form: concentrated liquid 

Oil eater cleaner and greaser, as apparent by its name claims to remove the tougher greasy stains from multiple surfaces like decks, concrete driveways, sidings, vinyl fencing, and much more.

Grease and oil stains are the toughest to get rid of so their claim is quite big. However, we tested the degreaser with a doubtful start. But the product does its job. We tested it on a grease stain about a year old, on the first try, there were still tiny sights of stain left on the surface. But after the second try, all of it vanishes like it never existed on the said surface. 

The dilution instructions vary from situation to situation. For tougher stains, keep the ratio 1:1 between water and greases, for milder stains you can use 1:5, and for soft stains you can use a 1:20 ratio.

Ultimately, you cannot estimate how much area the cleaner will be able to cover as it varies from stain to stain. 


  • Can be diluted according to the surface situation
  • Removes tough grease stains
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces in multiple ways.


  • Takes multiple tries to completely vanish stains.

7. Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor pressure washer cleaner 

Best used for: wood, vinyl, masonry, metal, automobiles

form: concentrated liquid 

special feature: nontoxic, biodegradable 

EPA’s “Safer Choice” winner brand is an eco-friendly cleaner that only helps to get rid of stains but also keeps the surroundings safe. It can cover up to 6400 sq ft. of surface area. When it comes to eco-friendly cleaners, they usually do not produce effective results in cleaning. But this cleaner does its job.  

It worked well on a wooden deck once tested. Then we put it on test on concrete and masonry surfaces too, and no traces of stains were recorded.

The best feature of this pressure washer deck cleaner is it you won’t have to be cautious about damaging nearby plants, pets, or children. The only shortcoming is it doesn’t smell good. 


  • Approved and awarded by EPA
  • Eco-friendly 
  • General purpose


  • Not a pleasant odor. 

8. ZEP all-in-1 pressure wash cleaner – Best For Decks

Best Used For: for all types of deck

form: concentrated liquid 

special feature: pressure washing compatible 

Zep all-in-1 cleaner is the best choice for pressure washer owners. This cleaner is workable on all types of decks and so many other surfaces. Hence a worth buying product to use on multiple surfaces in multiple ways. It is a concentrated solution and needs to be diluted before use. 

On testing it with a pressure washer, this cleaner passed our test of removing tough stains of algae, rot, and mildew. No trace of grown stains was found after pressure washing. But you have to be careful while pressure washing.

Since it has toxic chemicals in it and is not an eco-friendly product. If you have plants nearby do not forget to cover them or wrap them. Also, make sure to wear proper safety clothing spills of cleaner may cause skin irritation. 


  • Perfect for a tight budget, low-cost cleaner
  • Do the job perfectly, removes stain traces as per the advertisement 
  • Convenient to use with pressure washers
  • Works on multiple surfaces 


  • Not environment-friendly cleaner
  • If not careful can cause skin issues. 

9. Mold Armor FG51264 E-Z – Best Deck Cleaner For Pressure Washer With Hose End Adaptor

Best used for PVC, wood deck

form: concentrated liquid 

Mold armor is the knight against mold growth. When dealing with decks non arguably mold is the most annoying stain to counter. Mold stains can turn off your relaxing mood and won’t let you enjoy cozy gatherings as it’s attention to themselves. With this armor, you can stand a war against mold and growing fungus.

As the main focus of this deck cleaner is to tackle mold. Not only does it remove the stains but also prevents them to regrow back on the surface. This cleaner is quite flexible and can be used on fences, composite decks, and PVCs. 

However, it comes in a spraying bottle and is not compatible to use with power tools. Therefore, take more time to clean the whole surface. It contains toxic chemicals so does not try to spray them on plants. 


  • Quick results within no time.
  • Simple application method, spray on the concerned area and rinse it off. 
  • Best for mold and fungus
  • Brightens and enhances wood color. 


  • Takes time to cover a big area. 
  •  No plant friendly

10. Wash Safe Industries WS-SC-1G Pressure Washer Deck Cleaner

best used for composite deck

form: concentrated liquid 

prominent feature: for organic stains like mold and fungus

Composite deck cleaner by Wash safe industries is specifically formulated for composite decking. To reduce your workforce, this solution contains 5% of chlorine bleach in it. dilution ratio depends on the condition of your decking. If it is worsened you can use it without dilution too. But preferably use it in diluted form as bleach eliminates shine from wood.

We tested it on a wide area of pool decking and didn’t need to scrub much. The cleaner itself did the job on our behalf. Although it is not entirely environmentally friendly, due to the low percentage of bleach you can use it near plants and pets still avoid doing so as much as possible.

One more thing as per the manufacturer’s recommendation doesn’t apply the cleaner in direct sunlight. Keep the solution away from sunlight. 


  • Best against organic stains.
  • Easy to use
  • Do not require an extra workforce for scrubbing. 
  • Versatile in dilution ratio
  • Not a hazard for grass and plants 


  • If using too much-concentrated solution leaves white residue on the decking
  • Not clean every sort of stain. 


Can we use bleach as a deck cleaner?

Yes, bleach can be used as deck cleaner after diluting it. almost all the cleaning solutions available in the market are composed of bleach. But we won’t recommend using straight away bleach on the decking. Instead, you can use it after dilution properly.

The bleach ratio should not exceed 7% of the solution. Otherwise, it may leave a white residue behind on the surface. And also, won’t have a good impact on your gardening area nearby. 

Can vinegar be used as deck cleaner?

Yes, vinegar can be safely used on the deck. Vinegar is best known as a universal DIY agent for homeowners. It works with almost every homemade remedy. In-deck cleaning, vinegar helps to remove mildew or stains.

The plus point of using vinegar is that it would be an eco-friendly ingredient rather than bleach. For better results mix the vinegar with water in 1 on 1 ratio. 

How to clean the deck without using any toxic chemical cleaner?

There are multiple products available in the market that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Some of which are also mentioned in our pick list. Other than this you can use pressure washers to clean the deck without any cleaning detergent. Using vinegar is also a non-toxic solution. 

How to make homemade deck cleaner?

There are multiple ways to make homemade deck cleaner. We’ve detailed article on the said topic. One of them is explained here using simple, non-toxic ingredients. 

1) hot water- 2 gallon

2) powdered oxygen bleach- 2 cups

3) ammonia-free dishwasher- ¼ cups

Combine and mix them all in a bowl till formed a non-lumpy solution. Then use it with a pressure washer or brush as you wish. 

How long to wait for the deck cleaner to set on deck?

Ideally, after spreading the deck cleaner on the deck, let it wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes. The timing may vary with your deck condition. If the stains are too stiff to remove wait for some more time. For better effective results, before applying cleaner on the surface, pre-wet the area so the cleaner soaks in it and activates sooner. After you observe the stains are removed easily, rinse the cleaner off the surface with a garden hose or pressure washer.


Here, in this article, I have shared different best deck cleaners for pressure washers to tackle different types of stains. 

Restoring the deck to its back glory is an unavoidable task. In a busy schedule, you can’t do the job frequently. Hence cleaning it deeply for long-lasting results is important. Pressure washing is quicker and easier way to clean the deck area but there come situations where alone pressure washers won’t be enough to do it single handily.

A good deck cleaner for a pressure washer give supporting hand. We have shared a diverse pick list to be adaptable in almost every possible situation. Now give it a thorough reading and choose the best one for you. Happy cleaning from our side!

Flinn Milan

Flinn Milan is the content director at Washwith. He is responsible for developing helpful content in collaboration with other hard-working team members. Over several years, his content strategy is mainly focused on describing and highlighting every product with its positive and negative points

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