Best Washing Machine Under $400 In 2023

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best washing machine under $400, you can still expect phenomenal cleaning, impressive features, and portability without sacrificing quality.

Best washing machine under $400
Best Budget Washing Machines Under $400

Quality is always a top priority when choosing a washing machine. However, the budget also plays a big part in deciding which one to buy. It can be difficult to find a cheap washing machine under 400 that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Because many manufacturers will promise washing machines for under $400, but they often come with compromised quality.

Therefore, it can be hard to find a washing machine that is both affordable and high-quality, but it is possible with some research and we are here for that.

Best Washing Machine Under $400

So if you’re looking for a quality washing machine but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’re in right place. However, it is difficult to find one but there are some great washing machines available for under $400.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the best washing machines under $400, based on our findings from our personal experiences, expert reviews, and consumer feedback. We’ll also give you a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a great washing machine.

This guide helps you choose the best washing machine for your needs and budget by narrowing down the options to 10 models that are both cheap and effective.

Our list comprises sleek, portable, and unique designs with a list of functionalities that make your laundry life easier.

So, without further ado, here are the best washing machines under $400:

1. Costway Portable Twin Tub Best Washing Machine Under 400

COSTWAY Twin Tub 26lbs Washing Machine

26lbs Capacity Portable Washer with Spin Dryer

Looking for a washing machine that won’t take up a lot of space and won’t break the bank? The Costway twin tub washer might be just what you’re looking for.

This washing machine can hold up to 26 lbs of dirty clothes, making it a great option for larger families. Plus, it’s priced at under $400, making it a budget-friendly choice.

The washer comes with an energy-efficient spin dryer that dries your clothes after washing, as well as an integrated drainage pump that gently drains water after your wash is complete.

This washing machine has two different spin speeds, so you can choose how dry your clothes will be when they come out. Moreover, you can easily clean this washing machine with vinegar after 6 to 8 months to keep it odor-free and tidy.

Big Capacity Compact Washing Machine For Large Family

It is small enough to fit in any room but it won’t have trouble cleaning anything you throw at it! This compact portable washing machine is perfect for bringing on trips so you can do laundry anywhere you want! It has a huge 18 pounds capacity which makes it ideal for large loads of clothes.

Save some space in the kitchen and get this one of the best cheap washing machines for under $300.

Easy and User-friendly Operation

You can choose from three different wash cycles depending on what type of load you are running – delicates, quick wash, and normal wash. Since this Costway portable washing machine uses less water per load than most others out there on the market, you can save on your utility bills while still getting perfectly clean clothes.

Strong Build To Last Long

Unlike most other machines out there, this one has high-quality ABS plastic inner drums which means it will be more durable than others. The technology used in making them makes sure your clothes are spun dry quickly with less water, consuming less energy.

Best Price to Feature Ratio

It is Energy Star certified which means you can be sure that it will save you money on utility bills. You won’t have to worry about using lots of electricity when using this machine!

The price tag might seem a bit steep but if durability and efficiency are what you need then the Costway twin tub 26lbs washing machine is definitely worth the investment. Rest assured that his washer-dryer combo is better than many top-load fully automatic washers in many ways.

  • Extremely lightweight washing machine under 400
  • Automatic drainage system
  • 18 lbs washing capacity
  • Great twin tub design
  • Quiet operation
  • Sometimes lose balance

2. COMFEE’ Fully-Automatic– Best Washing Machine On A Budget Under 400

COMFEE Portable Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Space Saving Washing Machine

This space-saving washer is fully automatic for under $400. Consisting of five wash programs and three water levels it allows you to customize your washing program, select load size, wash time, rinse time, and spin time.

The Comfee top load washing machine has a see-through lid designed to keep in check the washing condition. Its beautiful LED display shows how much time is left in a wash cycle, which helped us manage our other tasks quickly.

This mini fully automatic washing machine has a rust-resistant stainless steel inner tub, lint filter, water inlet, and a drain pump. Moreover, the machine is extremely easy to install and is almost ready to go. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you are all good to go.

Compact Size and Lightweight Machine

The Comfee compact washing machine comes in 18.1 inches in width, 17.7 inches in depth, and 31.5 inches in height. Weighing just about 44.1 pounds it is extremely easy to move around your apartment wherever you want to start your laundry setup.

This little machine works very well. It can load up to 10-15 clothes at a time, perfect for 4-5 members because it has a capacity of 0.9 Cu. Ft. Comfee 0.9 Cu. ft is on top of our list of 10 best washing machines under 400 because it has enough capacity and power to wash everything from queen-size sheets to socks or baby laundry.

AUD System

Are the unbalanced movements of your washing machine making it dance on the floor? We know these vibrations may get even worse. It may unleash from the inlet hose. The horrible shaking noise and water leakage will create a mess and will disturb everyone at home.

Comfee washer comes to you with an AUD system. It is known as an Auto Unbalancing Detection system. The machine detects the issue and solves it by allowing more water to add in. However, the machine will give an alert signal to the user if it is unable to fix it.

Energy Saving Washing Machine Under $400

All electronic appliances, including washing machines, consume lots of energy and water. Are you worried about the high electricity and water bills? Do you want a budget-friendly washing machine? Do you want the best wash from a cheap washer?

If yes then Comfee CLV09N1AMG is here for you as a portable, compact, and cheapest washing machine that is under the 400 price tag. It is water efficient and certified by the DOE (Department of Energy). It shows how much energy should consume, and saves as much energy as 87.5% compared to other models.

Easy To Relocate 

Are you looking for a compact, easy-to-port, and cheap washing machine? It is a common perception that a fully automatic portable washing machine should be expensive. But it’s not always like that. You can get portable washing machines on your budget.

This Comfee model is a lightweight, space-saving, well-performing, and pocket-friendly washing machine. It is easy to store and easy to relocate. This portable washer comes with 2built-in wheels and handles, so no need to lift it. You can move it anywhere it needs to be.

  • 5 washing and 3 water levels
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Lightweight washing machine with just 44lbs
  • Space-saving design
  • Easily portable washer
  • Electric cord is short

3. COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft  – Best Budget Washing Machine Automatic


Comfee CLV16N2AMG is a small, fully automatic portable washer that gives a powerful wash to your laundry at an extremely decent price. That is why we have put this washer on our list of the best automatic washing machine under 400.

You just have to select one of the six programs. Select load size, and then set a water temperature according to your laundry type. You may also add Extra Rinse time if needed.

It has a transparent lid that helped us keep an eye on washing laundry to add or increase something if needed. Making it classic and stylish, it contains an electronic one-touch control with an LED display.

This compact and fully automatic washer has a simple installation. It comes with a hose to hook up to a faucet and a drainage hose to drain water in the sink. You need to plug it in, and you are ready to go.

Portability is the most demanded thing in every appliance. Therefore, it has two built-in wheels that make it easy to relocate anywhere you want. Its compact size can fit in rooms, cabinets, RVs, and dorms. Comfee 1.6 Cu.ft washing machine is energy-efficient and water-efficient. Moreover, it is certified by the DOE(Department of Energy).

Capacity, Weight, And Dimensions

This portable, space-saving automatic washing machine has a large capacity of 1.6 Cu.ft. It may look smaller in size because of its beautiful, slim, and sleek design but it is made for a large family and cleans loads of laundry very efficiently.

Comfee 1. Cu.ft washer weighs about 70.5 pounds with a size of about 20.7 inches in width, 20.3 inches in-depth, and 36.6 inches in height. It can load up to 11 pounds of clothes that may include a queen-size bed sheet and towels. This size is suitable for a family of 5-6 members.

Child Lock

This budget-friendly washing machine has innovative features that one can think about in any expensive model. Comfee washer comes up with a Child lock feature for your kids and safety.

You can freeze the control panel by pressing the “temperature” and “program” buttons together. And after completing the washing cycle you can unfreeze by repeating the process.

Delay Start for Convenient Usage

This little monster has so much more than you can think. The washer has made our life better so it can make yours too. This washer comes with a delay start feature. This features deals with the bad and foul odor of clothes.

There will be no issue of wet clothes generating a bad odor if you use this feature properly. Just throw your clothes in the washer, and set the time after how long you want it to start. These exciting and greatly helpful features are the reason this washing machine is on our list of the top 10 best cheap washing machines under $400.


Sometimes you wash your laundry. In a moment, you realized that there is a pair of socks left or baby clothes that you forgot to add to the washer.

You don’t need to get worried about it. You do need to wait for the cycle to complete. Press a “pause” button. Add clothes and resume the wash.

4. Giantex 9.92 Lbs – Best Washer Under 400 Dollars

Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Compact Washing Machine

Product Overview:

GIANTEX EP23113 is one of the best top load washing machines under the budget of $400. It’s a fully automatic washer with easy to operate control panel.  There are ten wash programs and eight water levels. You can customize your setting according to your laundry type. Set the load size and water level.

You can add more water when required during the wash. Press the water level until it comes to your desired level. Now un-press the button to resume. You can opt for delay time and child-lock too if needed.

A clear see-through lid allows you to monitor the washing condition of your laundry. It comes with an error alarm that keeps ringing, and the machine stops running if the washer lid is open. The washer has an electronic control LED panel.

The installation of our Giantex washer is way too easy. It has a built-in water hose and a drain pipe. Connect the water hose to the faucet and put the drain pipe to the sink. Power on the machine, select the program, and press the start button. When you come back, your laundry will be clean and the water will be drained.


The Giantex washer is a compact portable washer with a large capacity of 1.34 Cu. Ft. It has stainless steel honeycomb-shaped inner tub that can load up to 9.92 pounds at a time, suitable for 3 to 4 members. The washer weighs about 51 pounds. It has the dimension 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″(L x W x H).

Delay Time Option:

Sometimes it happens that you need to delay your wash after putting your laundry in the washer. But you have to wait to come back and start your wash.

GIANTEX EP23113 washer featuring a delay time function. Throw your laundry and set the time for after how much time it should start.

Automatic Imbalance Adjustment

Spinning causes unbalanced movements due to the unequal distribution of laundry in the washer. It makes the machine too noisy. At this time, the Giantex washer has a function that adjusts the imbalance situation of the washer.

Child Lock

This space-saving portable washer has an innovative feature for your kid’s safety. Once you set the child-lock function, all buttons in the control panel will freeze.

  • Easy to use
  • Best space-saving and compact washing machine
  • Extremely lightweight to carry around
  • Best fully automatic compact portable washer for RVs and camping
  • Fully automatic water intake and drainage
  • 10 washing programs
  • Automatic imbalance adjustment system
  • Noise-less operation
  • Delay start to protect against the foul odor problem
  • 8 water levels
  • Long hose to reach the sink
  • Little heavy weight

5. Panda PAN638MH1 12lbs Capacity – Best Compact Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Under 400 Dollars

Panda PAN6360W Compact Portable Washer

Product Overview:

The Panda PAN6360W washer is a portable compact automatic machine. A cheap top-load washer with a multifunctional control panel. It has eight wash programs and four water levels. Turn on the Power, select a wash program, and set the water level according to your laundry.

You can pre-wash soak your laundry by putting them into the soak function separately. It has an air-dry option so that your laundry comes out almost dry after washing.

The washer has an electronic control panel with an LED display. It has stainless steel with a rust-resistant drum.

Easy To Install:

The washer is easy to install. You can directly connect the washer to the faucet, including a quick-connect adapter kit and hoses.


Panda PAN6360W washer is a compact top load washer with a large capacity of 1.54 Cu. Ft. The machine weighs about 55 pounds.

It has 20 inches of width, 19.5 inches of depth, and 35 inches of height. You can load up to 11 to 12 pounds of load at a time. Perfect for 3-4 people for the daily wash.

Easy To Port/ Easy To Store

The Panda washer is a compact, portable washer that can fit in a room, RV, dorms. You can relocate the washer anywhere, whenever you want.

  • Super quiet operaion.
  • Space-saving washing machine
  • Air dry
  • It does not have a separate rinse cycle
  • The water level on level 4 is low

6Panda PAN56MGP3 Full-Automatic – Best Top Load Washing Machine Under $400

Panda PAN56MGP3

Product Overview:

PANDA PAN56MGP3 is a compact, portable, and cheap top-load washing machine that comes under $400 in price. It comes with electronic control LED display with a specially designed purple foldable lid. The washer has a durable stainless steel drum with rust-resistant features.

The machine is easy to install. It has one water inlet hose to connect directly to the standard faucet. The washing machine automatically fills with water and stops filling up to the required limit. Adding water manually to the washer is not allowed.

Wash Programs And Water-Level

The fully automatic washing machine has ten wash programs and five water levels. You can set a wash program for your laundry with just a touch of a button. Set water level as needed for load size.

You have a pre-wash soak option too. After washing, you can air-dry your laundry. You will get your laundry almost dry. The air-dry function is best for winter, especially when you are living in a small apartment. You don’t have an outdoor space to put your laundry to dry.


This portable, space-saving washer has a unique and sturdy design. It has a large capacity of 1.34 Cu. Ft. and weighs about 51 pounds. The washer is 20 inches wide, 19 inches in depth, and 34 inches high. It can load up to 10 pounds of clothes at a time. The machine is suitable for 3-5 people. Perfect for the daily wash.

Safety For Your Child

The panda compact washer comes with an innovative function to protect your child from any harm. Press the “water-level” button and “program” together. Set the child lock and freeze your control panel.

7. Panda PAN50SWF2 1.60cu.ft – Best Automatic Washing Machine On A Budget

Panda PAN50SWF2 Compact Washer

Product Overview:

Panda PAN50SWF2 is a high-end automatic compact washer for under $400. It has an electronic LED display and control panel. Excellent fabric care with multiple functions. Extra rinsing options, preset time, and delay starting as well as child lock for the child’s safety.

Wash Program/ Water Level

This portable washer is a fully automatic machine that has six wash programs and three water levels. Turn on the power button, select the wash program, and set the load size and water level according to your laundry. Press the start button, and here we go.

The Panda PAN50SWF2 washer has an ‘extra rinse’ option if required.

Easy Installation

Panda PAN50SWF2 consists of two water inlets, one is for cold, and the other is for hot water.

Do you want to join the washing machine to the faucet? Block the ‘hot water inlet, and attach the inlet hose to the cold water inlet. And choose the ‘cold’ function on the machine. You can adjust the water temperature on the faucet.


The top load washing machine is a space-saving washer with a large 1.6 Cu. Ft. capacity. It can load up to the 11pounds of clothes in one go. This compact washer is 20 inches in width, 21 inches in depth, and 37 inches in height. Just perfect for 3-5 people.

Control Lock

Control lock is an innovative feature for your child’s safety. Set the control lock feature. Press the ‘temperature’ button and the ‘program’ button together. It will lock your control panel and secure your child from any harm.

8. Think Gizmos TG23 – Best Washer Dryer Under 400 

Portable Washing Machine TG23

Product Overview:

Think Gizmos TG23 is another top load, twin tub washing machine under a $400 budget. One is a washtub, and the other one is a spin tub. The wash cycle runs for up to 15mins, while the spin cycle runs for 5 mins.


The compact and lightweight washer has twin tubs. The washtub has a small capacity of 7.9 pounds, while the spin tub has a volume capacity of 4.4 pounds. The weight of this machine is about 24.2 pounds. It has a size dimension of 23.62 x 14.96 x 27.17 inches.

Easy To Use

This little thing has so much more than one can imagine for other expensive and larger washing machines. The washer is easy to use as well as easy to store. Press the power button, add clothes, water, and detergent, and set the machine to wash. After done with the wash, transfer the clothes to the spin tub to spin and rinse.

Free Lint Filter

Think Gizmos TG23 washer comes with a Lint filter. It is a filter when placed in a wash section, floats on the water and collects lint or strings.

9Farberware FCW10BSCWHA – Best Affordable Washing Machine Under $400 

Product Overview:

Farberware FCW10BSCWHA is a top-loading, portable washer that has digital controls with an LED display. Sleek and elegant looks with a soft, see-through closing lid. You can keep monitoring the washing condition through the transparent cover.

A stainless steel interior drum provides durable operation. You will get water extraction with the powerful 800RPM maximum spin speed.

Good Capacity For A Small Family

The compact, lightweight washer has a capacity of 1.0 Cu. Ft. It can load up to 7 pounds of laundry. The washer weighs only 17 pounds with dimensions 18.4 x 19.8 x 31 inches. The machine is perfect for a small family of 2-3 people.

6 Wash Programs

A fully automatic top-load washer has six wash programs. Load the wash, Turn on the power button, select the program, set the water, and press the start button. There is an option to extra rinse your laundry.

Child-Lock For Your Family’s Safety

If you have kids and you can’t do your laundry in their presence. You have to wait for them to sleep or go to play.

Farberware takes care of you and your family. This great little washer comes with a child’s safety option. You have to press the ‘water level’ button and the ‘additional rinse’ button together. The child-lock option will activate and freezes the control panel.

Overflow Tube

The washer comes with an overflow tube. If the water filling exceeds the max fill line inside the drum, the water will move to that overflow tube.

If this happens, drain the overflow tube properly. And do not overload your washer with more than 7 pounds of clothes.

10. Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine: Best Cheap Washing Machine Under $400

Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine

This washing machine is a pure example of beauty with brains. You can see its super sleek design with black and white contrast looks great to the eye. At first, we just picked up this amazing washer for tests and our reviews just due to its astonishing looks but after that, we were amazed at its great results and quality.

Its decent features, great washing capacity, and extremely lightweight body provide several good reasons for its perfect price. These are the reasons that forced us to include this washing machine in the best washing machines below $400.

Here are some of its exciting features.

Compact yet Large Capacity

Whenever the word compact washing machine hits your mind, you think of a tiny machine but the Nictemaw portable washer has a large capacity besides its compactness.

You can easily wash 15.6lb or 7kg of laundry in a single load, be it your clothes, bedsheets, or towels. In the same way, you can also dry your clothes weighing 15.6lb in a single go.

2 in 1 Function

The automatic and compact washing machine provides you with its 2 in 1 washing feature. Now you don’t have to buy a separate dryer for drawing your laundry urgently. Just wash your dirty laundry in its 1.73cu ft. washing drum and after completion, put your wet laundry in the same tub to dehydrate in a few minutes.

Easy to Use:

This brand knows that every user of the washing machine is not so technical. Therefore, the user interface of this best-budget washing machine is kept simple and easy. You can easily select your desired washing action from its easy-to-understand LED control panel.

Multi-washing program options:

Nictemaw 1.73cu ft portable washer has 10 washing programs and 8 water level options for your different laundry needs. These washing programs intelligently clean your laundry upon selection.

You can select a standard washing option for day-to-day washing items, a soft washing option for your delicate laundry, and the heavy-duty option for tough stain removal.

Water levels also play important role in the washing process. You can choose your desired water level or depend upon the washer’s own water level selection, which it deems fit for the washing program.

Special Protection with Rat Guard

This is another level of protection that others never care for it. Rats can damage the wiring of your washing machine which never falls under a warranty, so you have to bear the expense of repair. A special rat guard is fixed at the bottom to safeguard this machine from rats and save you from potential loss.

11. Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer: Best Washer Under 400 Dollars Budget

Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

Are you looking for a portable washer for your apartment under the $400 budget line? Or do you just want to replace your old-fashioned washing machine with a compact and modern washing machine?

If this sounds like you, then the BLACK+DECKER Portable Washer might be the best solution for your laundry needs. Spare some time and have a look at some of its great features.

Small and Portable washer

Black+Decker BPWM09W washing machine is also one of our contenders for the best portable washers for apartments. The reason behind this is its sleek and compact body having a weight of 44.1 pounds and a dimension of 17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 in.

You can easily stash it in your kitchen or a small bathroom in your apartment. It can easily be connected with sink faucets or ordinary taps for water inlets.

This compact and portable washer is also suitable for camping, RVs, and dorms. The washer with this quality and price is worth using.

Energy Efficient Washing Machine Below 400

This machine is made for HE (high-efficiency) washing powders for far-reaching cleaning results. Do you know what the advantage of using High-Efficiency washing powder is?

According to a well-known lifestyle website, high-efficiency detergents create fewer suds, so eventually, the washing machine uses less water for cleaning your laundry. As a result, you save some bucks on water and power bills.

You can also see the best high-efficiency top-load washing machines here.

5 Different Wash Cycles For Different Clothes

BPWM09W washer is laced with 5 different washing cycles for your convenience. You can choose from Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid, and Soak cycles to meet your laundry needs as required.

Along with this, there are 3 water settings for Wash, Rinse, and Spin. This can be selected with just the touch of a button. It also provides you with an option to adjust the water level according to load size.

Automatic unbalance detection

When laundry in a single load is not distributed equally, it creates vibration due to an imbalance in the washing tub. These vibrations ultimately lead to annoying vibrating sounds and make the washing machine move from its place.

Black + Decker washing machine has an automatic unbalance detection system. That helps to correct the imbalance in the tub automatically. Thus giving the washer a long life.

Delayed Starter For Ease Of Use

This portable and compact washer is equipped with a delayed starter option of up to 24 hours for your ease of use. So it is now more feasible for you to start the laundry at a specific time, you want.

Extra Features Of The Best Cheap Washing Machine Under $400

Packed with other useful features, this washer is one of the best washers on our list under the $400 price range.

It has a special child lock feature for the extra safety of your children and washing machine.

A beautiful glass door or lid makes it easier to look inside the washer for ongoing operations.

A stylish LED display and touch button control panel makes it more glorious and easy to operate.

12. Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

Giantex Portable 17.6lbs Washer Spinner 

17.6lbs Capacity Portable Spain Spinner Washer

If you’re looking for a quality twin tub washing machine that will last you many years then this Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine is definitely worth considering.

This is a small appliance that you can use anywhere in your home in just your budget. It features stylish knob controls, which are large and easy to use. moreover, it has an ergonomic handle design for simple transport throughout the house. Giantex portable washer/spinner combo is so simple to understand that if there is a need you can repair it yourself at home. 

Durable Twin Tub Washing Machine

This machine has two separate tubs — one for washing clothes and another for spinning them dry. These tubs are made from high-density ABS material that is rust-resistant and durable, allowing you to use this unit time after time without worrying about wear or tear on the components.

Eco Friendly with less water and detergent use

This unit has a high capacity to wash up to 11 lbs of clothing at once. This means you can wash your clothes in one go rather than having to do two loads separately if you are a small family. Additionally, it uses less water and detergent than other washing machines which is great for the environment as well as your pockets!

Great Washing Performance

This machine is built to last, with a durable exterior and components that help give it great washing performance. It has a powerful motor for quickly spinning the clothes after the wash is complete. Moreover, it features easy controls that allow you to control the spinning speed and water levels.

Best washing machine under $400 – Things To Consider Before Buying

It is no secret that washing machines are a necessary household appliance. They keep our clothes clean and free of dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles. However, with such a wide range of washing machines on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for your specific needs.

Below, we will outline 12 important factors you should consider when purchasing a washing machine for under 400 dollars. By taking these factors into account, you can be sure to find the best machine for your needs and budget.

1. Size

The machine’s loading capacity is an important consideration to make before purchasing a washing machine under $400.

If you have a small home or live in a tight space, you will want to purchase a washer with a smaller footprint. Conversely, if you have a large home with ample storage space, you may want to purchase a washer with a larger capacity.

So, choose the one that meets your requirements of capacity.

2. Portability

How heavy and large is the machine? Can you move it around on your own, or will you need help?

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a washing machine under $400 is its portability.

If you plan on moving your machine frequently, or if you do not have a lot of storage space available, you will want to choose a model that is lightweight and easy to transport.

3. Fully automatic or Semi-Automatic

A fully-automatic washing machine is more expensive but it is more convenient because you do not have to spend time loading or unloading the machine.

A semi-automatic machine is less expensive but you have to spend time loading and unloading the machine.

This is a good consideration if you want to invest less than this budget of 400 dollars.

4. Versatility

Check if the machine is versatile in the sense it has drying capacity along with washing or not.

If it doesn’t have a dryer then you will need to get a separate dryer machine or an extra standalone drying rack. And if it has a dryer then it becomes a space-saving option.

Therefore, always make a decision for a budget washing machine keeping in mind this important factor.

5. Number Of Wash Programs

A washing machine with more wash programs gives you more flexibility in what you can wash and how you can wash it. For example, some machines have a special program for washing woolen, while others have a cycle for removing stains.

If you have specific needs or wants in a washing machine, consider the number of wash programs offered as an important factor when deciding which one to in under your budget.

6. Water Levels 

When it comes to buying a washing machine, people usually consider two factors; the size of the machine and the features it offers.

However, many people do not take into account the water levels of the machine, which can be a crucial factor in deciding which washing machine to buy.

Some washing machines allow you to adjust the water level, while others do not. If you have a large load of laundry, you may want to consider a machine with adjustable water levels so you don’t waste the water. Conversely, if you have a small load of laundry, you may not need adjustable water levels.

7. Noise Level

Along with many other factors that you need to consider before buying a washing machine, one of the most important factors is noise level.

For example, if you have a baby or if you are a light sleeper, then you should definitely consider the noise level of the washing machine before making your purchase.

However, it is also right that too much noise can be annoying and disruptive, while too little noise may mean that you can’t hear it when it’s running, leading to missed laundry cycles and potential damage to your clothes.

So always choose the best washing under $400 after your required noise level.

There are several things you can do to determine the noise level of a washing machine before you buy it.

  1. First, read reviews from other customers to get an idea of how loud the machine is.
  2. You can also visit a store to see if you can test the machine out for yourself.
  3. Finally, look for the decibel rating of the machine. This rating will tell you how loud the machine is on a scale from 0 to 100.

8. Balance Of The Washing Machine

If you are considering buying a washing machine under 400, it is a good idea to consider its balance while in operation.

Washing machines that are not balanced properly while washing clothes can cause vibration and noise. This can be annoying and make it difficult to do other tasks in your home while the machine is running.

Additionally, an unbalanced machine can wear down its parts more quickly.

9. Installation Difficulty

Installation difficulty is an important factor to consider before buying a washing machine under $400 because it can affect the ease of use.

Some machines are easier to install than others, so it is important to choose one that is relatively simple to put together.

10. Price To Feature Ratio

Price to feature ratio is an important aspect to consider when buying a washing machine because it determines how much value you are getting for your money.

A high price-to-feature ratio means you are getting more features for your money, while a low price-to-feature ratio means you are getting fewer features.

Consider which features are most important to you and then compare washing machines with different price-to-feature ratios to find the best value.

11. Tub Material 

Different tub materials have different pros and cons. For example, stainless steel is durable but can be expensive, while plastic is less durable but more affordable. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing the best washing machine under $400.

12. Design

The design of the washing machine is important because it can affect how easy it is to use. For example, if the washing machine has a large door, it will be easier to put laundry in and take it out.

Moreover, check its electric cord and hose length to make sure they are long enough for your needs.

Final Verdict

We know everyone wants the best out of the best in their limited budget. Most of the time quality comes with the price but that is not always right. You can get what you want at low prices but after proper and thorough research.

Here, we have done the job for you in finding the best washing machines under 400.

If you want a fully automatic washing machine with the highest capacity for your big laundry loads under a $400 budget, our best option is the Number 3 Giantex 9.92 Lbs Capacity Portable Washing Machine having 9.92 Cu ft. of drum capacity.

You can wash 9.92 lbs of laundry in a single load with other value-added options. Get it for a happy Laundry!

I hope you like will like this article on the best washing machine under $400. If you have any queries regarding the washing machines then feel free to ask.

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