Best Affordable Washing Machine To Buy In 2022. From the different types and styles of washing machines out there in the market, we have done extensive research to present you with the best affordable washing machine to buy in 2022.

8 out of 10 women say that doing laundry is boring yet routine work for them. And those visiting public laundries or Laundromats go one step further because they have even tough schedules to follow.

Best Affordable Washing Machine

Buying the best washing machine for a home can solve all these issues at once. They clean your clothes efficiently, are very easy to operate, reduce your utility bills, and provide peace of mind as they are not public but just in your use.

Most people are skeptical and hesitant while buying a perfect washing machine for their clothes and other delicate stuff. After all, no one has enough time and money to waste again and again on these magical boxes for their clothes. So it’s a one-time decision for many and we are here for help.

  1. How well a washing machine cleans out the junk in your clothes.
  2. Capacity to remove hard stains.
  3. How much they are efficient in energy consumption
  4. How much they are capable of reduced utilization of water
  5. What are after-effects of the fabrics?
  6. How they affect allergy sufferers
  7. Ease of use
  8. Last but not least, reliability and durability factor.

Brief History

The history of washing machines goes back to 1767 when Jacob Christian Schaffer first introduced the wooden boxed washers operated by levers. People say he gifted this invention to his wife on her birthday. Imagine! What a present that was for a housewife at that time. In 1904 the first electric washer was introduced in the USA while changing the concept of old washing machines.

These days a variety of washing machines can be found in the markets, all thanks to technological advancements. We will discuss all types of washers one by one and show you what is best for you and why. Because buying what is best for you and your fabrics is not a simple task one may think. We got indulge ourselves in hours of hours in research for the best washing machines just for you.

Buying the Best Affordable Washing Machine for Home:

If you are here for a new washing machine or just want to know which washing machine best suits you, you are hitting two targets with one arrow. From thousands of overwhelming options in the market, we will try our best to help you in choosing the best washing machine for your laundry problems.

While choosing the right model and right capacity washing machine, you have to ask yourself certain questions:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is your family size and average load of clothes?
  3. How much space you have to adjust a washing machine?
  4. How frequently you need to wash?

Types of Washing Machines:

Typically there are just two types of washers, Residential washers, and commercial washers. Both have the same basic function of washing your clothes but are different in many ways. Our major focus will be on residential washers here and we will break down the further in the below lines.

Residential Washers:

As the name shows, these washers are for home-based users. People who can’t afford to use Laundromats or Public laundries rely on these easy-to-use washers in their relaxing homes.

Residential washers are built in different washing capacities ranging from 1 cubic foot to a maximum of 6.2 cubic feet so far.

The increasing influence of technology has also played a major role in the advancements and varieties of washing machines. However, the core function of all the washers is the same, but their features and options vary so much that it becomes difficult for a layman to be specific about his needs.

These washers come in different sizes, different operating systems, different load capacities, different washing techniques, and so on. We will here discuss all the major types of washing machines for the best results in homes.

Residential washers can be further classified into:

Front Load Washers:

Did you know that 25% of the water in the United States is used by washing machines?
According to the United States Department of Energy, front load washers are capable of cutting down water usage up to 40%.
Front-load washers are so far the most result-oriented washers in known history. They consume less water and detergent as compared to traditional top load washing machines.
They work on different grounds as top load washers so they manage to save you a lot in utility bills. But this extra care for you makes them costly from traditional washing machines.
The relationship between washer and fabric is intense. But front-load washers also take an edge over top load washers in this capacity. They are gentler and delicate with the fabrics increasing their shine and life many-folds.

Capacity And Features

Front-load or horizontal axis washers have usually a larger load capacity than top load washers. Their energy-efficient technology and noise-less operation keep them at par with their predecessors.

Many other extended features like steam wash mode are gaining popularity as the technology is growing.


These types of washers work on filling the washtub with a little amount of water. The whole inner tub is then rotated by a powerful motor that moves the clothes along with it.

Gravity plays an important role in this type of cleaning process. Clothes are lifted in and out of the water with the help of side paddles located on the inner side of the tub.

This mechanical movement helps in cleaning the clothes and removing tough stains without using much water as in top load washers. As the water usage is low so you should use less detergent.

Rest assured about the cleaning process because the impeller in these washers is made to clean with less water and less detergent.

Best Affordable Front-load Washing Machine in 2022: Electrolux EFLS627UTT 27 Inch 

Best Washing Machine From a large variety of front-load washers in the market, we have chosen Electrolux EFLS627UTT, the best for all-purpose front load washers.

With its SmartBoost System and LuxCare technology, it remains at the top position for the best front load washer for a large family and also the best stackable washer in 2022.

World’s first brand to introduce a special place in the washer’s drawer called Adaptive Dispenser.

The Adaptive Dispenser is designed to specifically accept detergent pods including all other detergent forms, which pre-mixes the water and the detergent before the cycle begins. Thus making the detergent spread evenly in the cycle and maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent.

This Electrolux front load washer has a stainless steel inner tub with a lifetime warranty. And a massive 10 years warranty for the powerful motor for your peace of mind. These warranties are a perfect reason to say that you will make a safe investment in a front load washer for your home.

Electrolux EFLS627UTT is a washing beast full of excited and very useful cleaning features. We will discuss some of the most important and powerful features here to save time.

Stain soak:

This feature allows you to select the type of stain from the control panel then it optimizes the wash program based on your stain selection. It pre-mixes water, detergent, and stain remover before the cycle begins to create a gentle cleaning solution.

Once activated, the washer reheats and recirculates the detergent to give extra treatment to your fabric, so that the task of two cycles is completed in one cycle.

Perfect Steam:

The Perfect Steam feature rinses your delicate clothes from the bottom and removes dirt and stains gently from the fabrics without any hard pushing.

Extended Refresh:

Good news for those having too busy schedules. If you can’t reach your wet laundry when the washing cycle is done, after some time the wet laundry gets musty and leave an odor.

The Extended Refresh feature shows its grave importance here, it tumbles wet let laundry time and again for 12 hours keeping them fresh and odorless.


99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens got killed with the maximum temperature reaching 152°F during the sanitize cycle.

People with sensitive skin and the parents who use cloth diapers for their babies also find this feature a healthy one.

Reversible doors:

This advanced feature lets you install the front door on your choice according to your space needs. It means you can open it to the right or open it to the left, it’s completely your choice.

Shortest wash time:

As you all know, time is money. With 15 minutes of fast wash time, it’s leading in the industry with such speed. It washes your favorite clothes with special attention, making them clean and tidy once again in such a short period.

Adaptive dispenser:

Ultimate clean fabric is the result of an Adaptive Dispenser. You can use whichever detergent type you want, be it a detergent PODS, adaptive dispenser premixes water or detergent before the cycle begins. Finally releases this mixture in the washing tub with such intelligence that every fabric gets its share in the detergent, unlike other washers.


The Electrolux EFLS627UTT is definitely the most effective front load stain remover washer with the world’s first Adaptive Dispenser technology. With its stain-soak feature, it fights stains like no other.

It has a fast speed cycle when you are in a hurry and an Extended Refresh feature when you are busy. It can equally distribute detergent in a washing cycle for gentle and smooth cleaning. Perfect steam and Sanitize are the features that make you and your fabrics healthy. And health is wealth!

Top Load Washers:

Almost every one of you or your parents has used traditional top load washing machines. A few years back markets of the United States were selling just these types of machines. These are vertically oriented washers with an opening at the top which allow you to put water, detergent, and your clothes.

Top load washing machines are easier to use, ergonomically engineered, and much cheaper than front load washers. However, it is a fact that front load washers leap energy efficiency and much less water usage than their top-load counterparts.

However, some people and experts think that top load washers are tough on fabrics gradually and slowly damaging fabrics.

Capacity and features:

Top load washers have less capacity than front load washers. Their shape, size and working mechanism restrict them to wash heavier loads to a certain extent.

Top load washers come in both stainless steel and plastic bodies which also makes them easy to move at a suitable or desired place in your home.

These washing machines have fewer features and functions as compared to front-load washers but that doesn’t mean they lack perfect cleaning capacity. They have different water level features, a variety of wash cycles, and different wash timers for different fabric categories.


These traditional washers are still famous among people for their easy handling and easy-to-use features. They don’t have complicated touchpads unlike front load washers however, some new variants come with more features but are still easy to understand.

Just put water or select water level (if automatic washer-it will fetch water from the faucet itself) put some detergent and your dirty laundry. Select wash cycles and then washing timer and rest assured that your cloth will come out clean.

Top load washing machines have an agitator in the lower end of the washtub which performs the major function of tumbling the clothes. The 360-degree rotation rubs your fabrics with the sidewalls of the tub to remove tough stains and make them tidy.

Best Affordable Top Load Washer To Buy in 2022:

If you are interested to buy a top load washing machine for your home, we suggest you do no other than Whirlpool WTW7500GC. Being a 4.8 cubic feet and 28 inches top load washer, it has a couple of features you will not find anywhere else.

It has a specialized built-in interior faucet that helps to pre-wash clothes for the removal of tough stains. Intuitive touch controls give you a better understanding of What to Wash and How to Wash options.

Whirlpool 7500 top loader washer has Adaptive Wash Technology with an Active Bloom system. This Active Bloom system automatically pumps water from the bottom to ensure every cloth gets rinsed equally and evenly.

This top load washer is a pack of many wonderful options and functions. But we will dig some top-of-the-line features of the Whirlpool WTW7500 washing machine.

Built-in sink and faucet:

This whirlpool top load washing machine has a built-in internal sink that gives you easy access to the instant water stream to easily pre-wash your fabrics for the removal of tough stains.

This stream of water runs for just 10 minutes afterward it shutdowns automatically. This built-in faucet can also be used for handwashing after completing your laundry.

Intuitive touch controls:

When you first look at the touch control panel there is a chance you may feel surprised but the next moment you will realize it is as easy as ABC.

On the left side of the panel, you have “What to Wash” options where you can select the type of clothing you want to put in the tub. You can also select colors, darks, whites, towels or beddings/bulky from here.

On the right side of the control panel, you have “How to Wash” where you can guide the washer to wash your dirty laundry in Normal, Quick, Delicate, or Heavy Duty cycles.

However, Whirlpool WTW7500 allows you to customize up to 26 wash cycles to get the right type of fabric care for whatever you’re washing.

Adaptive wash technology with active bloom™ action:

This Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom Action senses the size of each load and adapts wash actions and water levels for better and gentler cleaning.

This intelligent feature chooses perfect washing operations if you don’t want to customize your own wash cycle.

Moreover, Active Bloom pumps water from the bottom of the washing tub when it senses there is less water than required (when some of the fabrics absorb too much water) according to the load.

This helps in equal and excellent rinsing of each fabric for awesome cleaning results.


This feature lets you soak your clothes in the washing machine instead of manually soaking outside of the washer. You have to select the Pre-soak option for it in the washer before the cycle starts. The wash cycle will start automatically after the completion of this 30-minute function.

Colorlast™ cycle:

This interesting function protects your colorful laundry from overwashing and helps in maintaining its colors.

This technology uses a precise combination of gentle wash action, temperatures, and time. Hence keeping your garments vibrant and shining like before.


A top-loading washing machine is a good choice if you are looking for a relatively cheap and traditional configuration. They are still energy efficient having more cleaning capacity in newer models and designs.

Even though they use more water than front loaders they are capable of washing extra-large loads quite easily in their large drums.

Portable and Compact Washers:

As you already know, laundry is a boring yet must-do task. But what aggravates the problem is the availability of a small place or area for doing laundry.

Portable and compact washers are the oldest from the washing machine family because of their make and structuring but are ideal for small places.

Portable washers are small and less powerful as compared to high-end traditional washers. But that’s a compliment as they are lesser in weight and easily moveable from one place to another.

Compact washers are considered perfect for small apartments and small families.

Mostly they are manufactured in top loading style with perfect small and medium-size washing load capacity.

Portable washers come in both fully automatic and semi-automatic modes for ease of use. They mostly work the same as the top loader and front load washers.

Portable and compact washers are not only perfect for small apartments but they are good enough for college rooms, Dorms, and RVs at the same time.

Many extra features like drain hose, inlet water hose, adjustable suspensions are added in the most reliable portable and compact washers in 2022.

Best Affordable Portable and Compact Washer: Giantex Portable Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing MachineIf you are here in search of the most reliable portable and compact washer, Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is the ultimate result.

With a washing capacity of 11 pounds, it has a spinning capacity of 6.6 pounds for drying your clothes in a few minutes. This is surely a superb washer for small washing loads.

The days are over when you have to go to Laundromats or public laundry because you don’t have enough space for traditional front load and top load washers in your place. Giantex Portable washer has twin tubs hitting two targets with one arrow.

Working on a simple principle, you just have to add water in the washtub with the water inlet hose, add some detergent, and put your dirty laundry. Select the wash timer according to the condition of the laundry and it will make your clothes fresh again.

If this washer doesn’t fall in your washing load requirement, please read the top 10 best portable and compact washers to buy in 2022.

Compact Size and Portability:

Crafted with high quality and environment-friendly material Giantex Portable washer has overall dimensions of 24.8 x 15x 28.35 inches. With that excellent sizing, you can wash dirty laundry as well as dry it fast in just no time.

Weighing just 29 pounds it can be easily moved by a teenager from one place to another in your apartment as and when required.

Washing Functions and Options:

Ease of usage is kept in mind while making this compact washer. You can choose a suitable time for your laundry from the 15-minute wash timer and spin time from the 5-minute spin timer. This is much easier than newly designed washing machines with pre-programmed settings which are often difficult to understand by a common man.

Convenient Use:

Giantex portable mini compact washer has many added features making laundry much easier. There is a filter net on the inner side of the washing tub to catch extra dirt from the clothes and fabrics. Thus the water in the wash cycle remains less dirty and clean throughout the cycle.

Provided with a long water inlet pipe you have the authority to place the washer where you want. Just connect it to a water source and fill the washing tub. For dirty water, there is a 43-inch long drain hose for better disposal.

The transparent lid on the spinner restricts clothes from throwing away due to its fast speed. With a 1300RPM heavy-duty motor the spinner dries out clothes very efficiently, so it takes very little for clothes to dry out completely when you hang them.


Compact washers are an excellent choice when you lack proper space for a well-off top load or a front load washing machine. They are small in size but that doesn’t mean they are less efficient in any way as compared to their large counterparts. They use less energy because they are made for small and medium washing loads. And last but not least they are very affordable and easy on your pocket.

High-efficiency Top Loading Washing Machines:

There is an ever-increasing demand for high-efficiency top-loading washing machines in recent years because they save time and water when compared to front-load washing machines.

Unlike their other top-load counterparts, they use a special rotating mechanism called an impeller at the bottom of the washing tub for better cleaning. These high-efficiency washers are more expensive than agitator washers but at the same time compensate you for saving a lot in utility bills.

Besides saving you in utility bills these washers have other advantages too. They have the capability to wash a load in 60 to 85 minutes instead of 75 to 120 minutes, time is taken by front load washers.

Technological advancements are also adapted by these high-efficiency cloth cleaning machines. Perfect manufacturing engineering restricts their vibration during washing heavy loads and spinning cycles.

They are equipped with several powerful features and functions like front load washers that make less use of water, less use of detergent, and combinations that suit your delicate laundry while washing is exceptional.

Best Affordable High-efficiency Top Load Washer:

Your days are over when you have to go to public laundries or pay extra utility bills for your in-efficient old washer. It feels awkward when you pay so much for your washer and still someone from your circle points out the stain on your shirt.

Buying an efficient washer for your home is a priority when you need excellent cleaning results along with reduced power and water bills. The market is filled with many, but we are here with a classic one, the Whirlpool WTW5000DW high-efficiency top load washer.

Click here for an extensive look at the top 10 best high-efficiency top load washers.

Whirlpool WTW5000DW washer comes with a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, suitable for a larger washing load. This extra space makes this washer a must for large families where the washing load is relatively larger.

Having a large capacity is not a single perk. The whirlpool washer is officially recognized as a high-efficiency top load washer by the Department of Energy (DOE).

Quick wash cycle:

Whirlpool WTW5000 washer cleans out dirt and soil in small loads with a quick wash cycle in a few minutes. It means that after putting dirty laundry in the washtub you start a quick wash cycle, you will have enough time to wash a few plates and a set of cups before the alarm of the washer rings.

The spin speeds are also increased during the quick wash cycle letting your clothes dry faster. The quick wash cycle makes whirlpool prominent in the huge list of top loaders in the market.

Presoak & deep water wash option:

Some hard and tough stains are difficult to remove in normal washers. Stains like blood, coffee, and chocolate cause your soft hands to ache.  Whirlpool WTW5000DW is equipped with a kind of special presoak option for your hands and of course, your clothes.

The presoak option lets you soak your delicate clothes in the washing tub for a specific time before the washing cycle starts. This feature makes your fabric stay in a good shape for a long, as now the washer can easily remove stains after presoak.

Moreover, the Deep Water Wash cycle takes on the stains with an extra addition of water to break down the soil and stain in the fabrics.

Automatic water levels:

Washers are not intelligent but Whirlpool WTW5000DW is. How?

The WTW5000DW uses an automatic water level function based on the weight and type of the load. This feature regulates water whenever it senses a low water level according to the ongoing washing load. The balance of water level and washing load is essential for better cleaning and high efficiency.

Smooth wave washtub:

The smooth wave stainless steel washtub gently guides clothes without any extra twisting and turning of clothes. These smooth water currents help fabrics to look shiner, last longer, and away from fraying and snagging.

Bulky items/sheets cycle:

Large sheets, heavy curtains, or comforters are usually thought to be the most difficult items to wash. The Whirlpool WTW5000DW high-efficiency top load washer is equipped with Bulky items/Sheet Cycles to cater your this problem.

Unique low profile impeller:

If you have a small space for laundry it gets boring and less fun. The same is the case with washers. Impellers usually occupy more space in the washing tub resulting in a low frequency of water reaching clothes during wash cycles. So the result you get is unclean and dirty laundry.

But this Whirlpool washer has a unique low-profile impeller giving more space for perfect cleaning. It is equipped with specially designed fins to move cloth towards the center of the washtub, where the deepest and finest cleaning happens.


If you love your mother’s old top load washing machine and also want to reduce utility bills then you must head for a high-efficiency top load washer. These top loaders are the best washers for saving you a lot in power and water consumption and are much cheaper than front load washers.

They have some extra features other than traditional top load washing machines for perfect cleaning and care for your laundry. For more facts and figures about the best high-efficiency top load washers in 2022, click here.

Washer And Dryer Combo Or 2 In 1 Washer

Small places always tend to create difficulty in performing various tasks. Washing is one of them when you have less space in your apartment. It feels very bad when there is space for the washing machine but not for the dryer or space for the dryer is available but the washer is difficult to fit in.

Here you are left with only two options available, a washer and dryer combo for your small apartment or a stackable washer. The stackable washer will cost you an arm and a leg so the washer and dryer combo is the perfect solution for small spaces.

So you are about to hit two targets with one arrow. This is because the washer dryer combo comprises of a front load washer and a cloth dryer into a single appliance. The size of this combo unit is almost the same as that of a single stand-alone washer or dryer.

This 2 in 1 unit typically bears all the specialized features, options and programs for perfect washing and drying experience. But all with half the footprint, so you may not remain short on space issues anymore.

For more accurate information, these combos are best for washing purposes but have a major drawback in drying. They use a staggering amount of water for drying other than washing. They can cost you a lot in water bills if you use them frequently for drying purposes.

Working science:

Many of you have a question in mind what is the washer and dryer combo is or how do the washer and dryer combo work? We will explain it here briefly.

The washer and dryer combo has a single tub used for both washing and drying clothes. The washing experience is almost the same as a conventional stand-alone washing machine. You just have to add some detergent, water and put your dirty laundry in the tub and you will have almost the same result as a single washing machine.

When washing is done, you don’t have to waste your time picking up the cloth and put in a separate dryer. The dryer automatically starts its due process at the end of the washing cycle.

Surprisingly these combos are very interesting and complicated at the same time on the drying side because drying has to be done in the same tub used for washing. A lot of plumbing and water inlets are present in the tub for washing purposes so one can ask how it dries the clothes.

Condenser Dryers

Dryers in washer dryer combos are condenser dryers, unlike traditional vented dryer which pumps hot wet air directly into your laundry. These condenser dryers capture the moisture from your wet laundry by pushing warm dry air into it.

This dry air becomes humid and warm in a few cycles and ultimately condensed in a heat exchanger, from where it is collected in a tank and drained off. The air becomes dry and is reheated again for the repeating cycle.

Here you have a valid question: where is the use of water in it? As many of you know that water is the most efficient conductor for heat. In these condenser dryers, heat exchangers have small metal capillaries where cool water flows to extract heat from the warm air.

After a few cycles water becomes warm in the heat exchanger and is drained out. Fresh cool water is drawn in from the tap again and the cycle continues until your clothes are dry.

Best Affordable 2 in 1 Washing Machine: LG WM3488HW 24″ Washer/Dryer Combo 2.3 cu. ft.

LG WM3488HW 24 Combo Washer DryerLG is the most reliable brand that makes regular washers and dryers along with some best vent-less condenser dryers according to Yale Appliance and J.D. Power. We all know that LG takes good care of its consumers. Therefore, LG WM3488HW is a perfect pick for the best and most reliable washer dryer combo.

LG has a huge portfolio in the washing and drying line. Follow this link to read about the top 10 best washer dryer combos.

It has some top-of-the-line features and is more reliable than its piers. This combo unit can easily facilitate a washing load capacity of 2.3 cubic feet with a whooping dryer speed of 1400RPM, more than its competitors.

Combined with 14 different wash programs and 5 wash temperatures it delivers excellent washing results. No need to worry about water levels, they are automatically adjusted according to the size of the load in each cycle.

For best drying results this combo unit has 4 drying levels, More Dry, Normal Dry, Damp Dry, and Low Temp Dry. These drying levels work along with 4 different spin speeds according to your requirements.

6motion™ technology:

Washers generally use one-way or two-way motion inside the washtub for cleaning the laundry. Constant washing in the same routine may damage the fabric in the long run.

LG WM3488HW washer dryer combo has a unique 6Motion™ Technology. It uses up to 6 different wash motions for better cleaning results. This smart technology also helps the washer to remain gentle on clothes throughout the wash cycle.

Smart diagnosis™:

Water level adjustment and load management are the two most important things to consider before washing your laundry for optimal results. However many of you neglect the importance of balancing water levels according to your washing load.

Low water level according to washing load always gives poor cleaning results. On the other hand, a high water level is a waste of nature’s gift along with the increase in bills.

LG WM3488HW washer dryer combo’s Smart Diagnosis wash technology keeps a check on the weight and size of the washing load. It automatically sets the water level and washing time for the most favorable results.

Tubclean cycle:

Residue and detergent buildups are the major concerns for the maintenance of the washers. If not cleaned regularly, it may shorten the life of your washer.

But as you know this is LG. And when you pay for LG products you rest assured of the reliability and safety for years and years on.

This combo washing machine and dryer have a specialized TUBCLEAN Cycle for periodic maintenance to keep it clean and fresh.

Water jets and high temperature is used to scrub the accumulated residue and to sterilize the tub. Tub Clean Cycle ultimately keeps it in high-performing working conditions for the best results.

Ventless drying:

Every electric dryer must have an external venting through which it expels warm and moist air. And that air is typically loaded with lint which may cause serious health hazards.

LG WM3488 combo is really the best affordable washing machine that relieves you to have an external venting. The dryer uses vent-less condensing to dry your laundry without the need for external venting and at the same time saving you from various health problems.

Truebalance™ anti-vibration system:

If you have a car, you have noticed that when the suspension system of the car becomes out of order for a few days it may severely damage the engine with it. Ultimately results in inefficient performance with a huge loss of amount.

The same is the case with washers, if they go out of balance for any reason, their washing and drying performance is reduced noticeably. And many washers in the market fall prey to their vibrations and lose their efficiency after some time.

LG WM3488 washer dryer combo has hit the nail on the head with its TRUEBALANCEanti-vibration system. This system automatically adjusts the washer after every spin cycle so its balance remains in position for superb cleaning results throughout.


We recommend this washer for many reasons; it is perfect for a small apartment where space is short for a separate washer and dryer. It is also best where proper external venting is not possible or not available because its dryer uses a condensing system to dry your laundry. Its best supported by a variety of washing options and washing timers according to your clothes requirements.

It has just one drawback, It uses a large amount of water for drying purposes when compared to stand-alone dryers. Otherwise, it’s the best possible option for many.

Stackable Washers and Dryer:

These are another yet little bit expensive solution for space-related issues. If you are living in a small apartment or condo and can spend some extra bucks, the stackable washer and dryer might be the best option for you.

A front-load washer and a front load dryer of matching size and shape are stacked up vertically with the help of a stacking kit. This helps in saving a lot of space because one of them acquires vertical space above the other instead of the floor. However, you can use them by placing them side by side if you can afford enough space.

Generally, the front load washer is placed on the ground and the dryer is stacked above it for better performance. A washer is usually heavier than a dryer when it has water in it, so it is technically best for the washer to stay on the floor.

They are generally available in 2 sizes, 24 inches, and 27 inches. The most commonly available size is 27 inches for normal users while 24 inches is a compact size for relatively smaller places and apartments.


Stackable washers and dryers consist of a front load washer and a front load dryer. Front-load washers as we discussed earlier, are more efficient more reliable washers as compared to top load washing machines.

They use an impeller system for excellent cleaning results without damaging the fabric of your clothes. Several useful options and functions are available for an easy and enjoyable washing experience.

Front-load washers are more water and power-efficient than top load washers. They utilize less water for washing cycles without comprising the quality of cleaning.

On the other side, front load dryers work on the principle of electric heating or gas combustion. The dry warm air is pumped inside the drum which extracts the moisture from the wet swinging clothes. The dry air becomes humid in a few cycles and is ready to be thrown out.

This humid air is then expelled out of the dryer through a vent at the back of the dryer. This vent must be connected to an exterior vent to through this humid air out of the house. The warm wet air is not suitable to be thrown into the house because it has lint in it which can cause fire easily and is hazardous for health.

Best Affordable stackable washer and dryer in 2022:

Finding the best stackable washer and dryer according to your washing needs and available space is a cumbersome task. It’s up to you if you choose a compact set or a standard washer and dryer set for you. Here is a complete list of the top 10 best stackable washer and dryer sets in 2022.

But here we have found the best overall pair of stackable washers and dryers from the whole bunch of washers and dryers in the market. LG WM3700HVA washer and LG DLEX3700V dryer prove to be a perfect set of stackable washer and dryer set to deliver thorough and efficient cleaning results.

Have a look at both of them one by one,

Lg Wm3700hva

This LG washer provides a massive 4.5 cubic feet washing capacity for larger loads. But here is something more interesting about it, it supports TWIN Wash System.

With this system available, you can attach the ingenious LG SideKick pedestal washer with LG WM3700HVA. This way you can handle both large and small loads side by side at the same time.

Its huge stainless steel washing tub can handle heavy and bulky loads in just a few loads saving you a lot of time and energy. This washer is equipped with the Allergiene cycle that deeply penetrates steam into fabrics to remove over 95% of pet dander allergens.

It delivers excellent cleaning results with its COLDWASH technology. This feature uses cold water and specialized washing motions to deeply penetrate fabrics for the best results.

Here are some other fantastic features of this washer:

Smartthinq Technology

Enabled with SMARTTHINQ technology LG WM3700HVA washer changes your lifestyle in a true sense. You will have alerts on your mobile phone when the wash cycle completes and you can manage various functions just from the touch of your device.

Just download the free app onto your Android or iOS device and manage this washer from anywhere. You can also direct the washer with your voice command for more ease.

Senseclean System

Gone are the days wasting a lot of water for the perfect wash cycle, however you never knew what the exact quantity of water to use is.

LG’s SenseClean system automatically adjusts the water level in the washtub according to the weight of the load.

For more powerful washing results this system also adjusts wash time for that load to come clean.

Direct Drive Motor

When you pay a hefty amount for just washing your laundry, you are betting on many things. Reliability is one of them but the top priority for many of you. And no one cares about reliability better than LG.

WM3700 washer has a direct drive motor because it uses minimal moving parts providing more efficiency. That’s a fair reason LG is so confident in giving a 10-year limited warranty for this motor.

Asthma and allergy-free:

10 out of 1 person get allergic to laundry products in the United States says a study……website…. LG WM3700HVA washer is manufactured with eco-friendly materials and is certified as asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Lg LoDecibel operation and true balance system:

Some washers operate just to annoy you with their freaking sounds while running wash cycles. But this front load washer has a unique LoDecibel operation which ensures the soundless functioning of the washer throughout the wash cycle. You can hardly tell that it is running.

LG has another important feature in its washer, the TrueBalance system. This system helps in maintaining the balance of your washing machine during the wash cycle and keeps the environment of your laundry place peaceful.

Moreover, this system also ensures the vibration-free operation of the washer providing reliability to your precious product.

Lg’s Speedwash Cycle

Emergency washing may become a frightening experience for many of you. An urgent washing process often means low cleaning quality that too consumes so much of your time without giving satisfaction.

LG WM3700 is enabled with SpeedWash Cycle for your emergency washing needs. This function allows you to get small loads clean and fresh in just 15 minutes making your life easier.

Lg Dlex3700v

Nothing describes beauty with brains more than the LG DLEX3700V Dryer in the field of washing and drying lines. Handling a large capacity of 7.4 cubic feet must need an efficient and intelligent controlling system, LG has it.

Its beautiful and easy-to-use electronic controls with a dual-LED display let you dry your laundry according to your needs. Its SmartThinQ technology enables you to control the dryer remotely with your mobile device through a Wi-Fi network.

This dryer is packed with several useful features that make it a top pair for a stackable washer and dryer. However, no other washer in this price range delivers like LG DLEX3700V so it’s a waste of time to compare apples and oranges.

Let’s have a look at some of its vibrant features.

Turbosteam Technology

Steam is the new feature that every second dryer in the market is being proud of. But LG DLEX3700V has a revolutionary TURBOSTEAM technology that produces some real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors.

Turbo Steam reduces wrinkles in some fabrics to the extent that you don’t have to iron them practically.

Reduced Utility Bills

When efficiency comes with reliability and saving only one name appears on the screen of the mind, LG. This dryer uses 20 % less energy hence reducing your power bills without compromising the quality of operation.

Sensor Dry System

Nothing is more embarrassing than pulling out (still) moist and damp clothes after a complete spin cycle when you are in hurry. But not this time, LG has a solution for your every problem regarding washing and drying of clothes.

It has a SENSOR DRY system in its DLEX3700V dryer which ensures you get dry laundry all the time. It senses the moisture levels in the clothes and automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature without your intervention.

Lg’s Speeddry Cycle

Like LG washer’s SPEED WASH cycle its dryer also has a SPEEDDRY cycle for speedy dry cycles. With this feature, you can get your wet clothes dry in just 15 minutes.

Flowsense duct clogging indicator:

All vented dryers work with a proper external venting system for the best drying results. They have various pipes or ducts for exhausting warm moist air and lint within them. This lint may gradually stick in the ducts causing blockages which can result in low drying performance, and you don’t even know about the problem.

It may feel bad in winters or rainy days when it takes too much time for drying warm garments when you need them the most.

LG’s FLOWSENSE DUCT CLOGGING INDICATOR automatically signals you that it is time to clean the ducts from lint and stuff. This timely cleaning enhances the durability of the motor as well as the drying results remarkably.

Steamsanitary cycle:

Non-washable items like throw pillows, children’s toys, or some type of shoes can be cleaned easily in its specially designed STEAMSANITARY CYCLE. LG DLEX3700V dryer sanitizes these non-washable items and gets them free from germs and bacteria.

Steamfresh cycle:

Everything revolves around time and time is money. STEAMFRESH cycle saves your time; you can get wrinkle-free refreshed garments in just 20 minutes so they don’t need ironing.  This cycle works extremely great with 5 garments at a time.

Wrinkle Care Option

Here is another exciting and working feature of this washer. Torn clothes with so many wrinkles and creases on them are difficult to iron. DLEX3700V dryer has a WRINKLE CARE option. It lets you put dry clothes in the dryer and it will noticeably reduce wrinkles for you.

Commercial washers:

Commercial washers are a lot bigger than residential washers. They are specifically made for the bigger load that is why they have a large capacity. These are mostly used in public laundries, Laundromats, Restaurants, Hostels, hospitals, etc...


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